The 9 Best Hosting for Resellers: Complete Guide (Ranked & Reviewed)

Are you looking for the best hosting for resellers?

You’ve come to the right place if you’ve tried different web hosting services that don’t offer reseller hosting plans.

In this post, I ranked and reviewed the best reseller hosting options.

I’ll rank each web-hosting service to give you the ideal reseller hosting service for your specific business needs.

Here are my top five picks.


HostGator gives flexible resource allocation between client accounts within your reseller hosting. You can shift power left and right to the clients who need it most.

a2 hosting

A2 Hosting is the best reseller hosting in terms of speed. The web host uses NVMe instead of the typical SSDs for faster data transfers with added Turbo options for an additional boost.



This reseller hosting provider gives you powerful tools to manage your clients. Through its WHMCS, you can easily bill, manage, upgrade, or add new clients.

siteground logo

SiteGround takes an ecommerce-first approach with support for WordPress auto-updates and free WooCommerce installation.

inmotion hosting

InMotion Hosting offers extensive customization options, including cPanel branding and custom nameservers. Add a personal touch to your reselling service with your name and logo.

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The Best Hosting for Resellers

Here are my top choices for web hosting for resellers.

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Omar's Take

HostGator hosting plans gives you flexibility if your reseller account needs more resources. You get unlimited databases with all its hosting plans, which you can use for multiple client accounts.

Each of its reseller plans also offers unlimited domains, subdomains, email accounts, FTP accounts, and MySQL databases. HostGator also promises a 30-day money-back guarantee (does not apply to domain registration fees).

Each of its reseller plans lets you create unique branding based on unlimited domains and servers.

HostGator allows you to shift resources around your reseller service to allocate more power as necessary. You also get a WHM control panel and developer tools with each reseller account.

  • Best For Businesses that want to shift resources around.
  • Price Starts at $29.95 monthly.
  • Annual Billing Starts at $24.95 monthly.
  • Promotion You get domain registration free for one year on selected yearly plans.

As a new Amazon seller, getting your business running smoothly can be an overwhelming task. You need to find the best Amazon seller tools to help you fine-tune every aspect of your e-commerce business.

In this guide, I have reviewed and ranked the best free and paid top Amazon seller tools available today in multiple categories and chosen over 100 of the best amazon FBA tools to help you find the hidden gem that will help you grow your business.

So if you’re not sure which Amazon third party tools you need, this complete list of the best Amazon seller tools will make it uber easy for you to choose the right Amazon seller tools for your online business, whether you’re a beginner or well-established Amazon seller.

Let’s begin. Here are the essentials at a glance:

The reseller service places no boundaries on how many client accounts or websites you want to create. It also offers the latest WHM Control Panel in different languages if you are dealing with clients or developers that are less fluent in English.

HostGator lets you take customization to the next level with all reseller plans allowing you to add your company logo to your client’s cPanel accounts. Aside from web hosting, you will also get a free domain reseller account.


Here are HostGator’s features.

Unlimited cPanel Accounts

Unlike other web hosting reselling businesses, HostGator gives you unlimited cPanel accounts for unlimited websites. You can package client accounts with a cPanel account of their own without revealing HostGator.

Good Uptime

HostGator maintains a good uptime at 99.9% to ensure your site’s availability. Although 100% uptime is almost impossible, the service comes close with a 0.1% difference.

24/7 Customer Support

HostGator maintains customer support through live chat, phone, and email. Its customer support personnel can handle simple and technical questions regarding your reseller plans.


The problem with HostGator is that all of its reseller plans come with limited disk space and no unlimited bandwidth. If you host multiple websites and cap your bandwidth, your visitors will experience trouble accessing your content.

Another problem is that only reseller hosts can access customer support while your client doesn’t. If your clients have multiple queries, you’ll have to manually go back and forth with HostGator’s customer support.


Here are HostGator’s pricing plans.

  • Aluminum Plan – Starts at $19.95 monthly (billed for three years)
  • Copper Plan – Starts at $24.96 monthly (billed for three years)
  • Silver Plan – Starts at $24.95 monthly (billed for three years)
out of 10

Omar's Take

A2 Hosting is one of the best reseller hosting choices available because it uses NVMe storage instead of SSD to offer faster speeds. This reseller hosting business promises 20 times faster speeds than the competition.

Reseller hosting is a competitive industry. With NVMe storage, A2 Hosting offers read-write speeds of 3.5 GB/s in contrast to the 600 MB/s of conventional web host SSDs.

A2 Hosting advertises on its web hosting website that it helps improve SEO, get higher conversion rates, and perform with lower bounce rates. The web host also offers a free WHMCS license or Blesta to help automate, manage, and bill your clients.

  • Best For Resellers that want the fastest web hosting speeds.
  • Price Starts at $34.99 monthly.
  • Annual Billing Starts at $24.99 monthly.
  • Promotion You can get up to 50% off starting at just $18.99 for its 3-year billing option.

What makes A2 Hosting one of the best reseller hosting options is its commitment to environmentally friendly practices with its partnership with FutureServe. The web hosting provider contributes to to help further reforestation and renewable energy projects.

Aside from its fast reseller hosting services, A2 Hosting commits to using power-efficient technology to scale while remaining environmentally cautious. The web hosting business also commits to recycling its older web hosting tech.


Managed Server Options

A2 Hosting offers a managed reseller hosting option that lets you take a hands-off approach. The hosting company runs and maintains your web hosting servers, allowing you to focus on other reseller business activities like marketing, scaling, and onboarding new clients.

DDoS Protection

This reseller hosting service ensures its web hosting servers have DDoS protection to shield them from brute force attacks and other malicious activities.

As one of the best reseller hosting providers in the industry, A2 Hosting takes extra measures to ensure the security of its servers with free SSL certificates and more.

Automated Backups

As one of the best reseller hosting providers, A2 Hosting offers you an easy way to restore files or data through a few clicks through its Server Rewind backups. If you make a mistake on your web hosting, you can revert changes with this tool.


The problem with A2 Hosting is it charges extra for its Turbo reseller hosting choices, including NVMe storage. Otherwise, you will use the typical SSDs like other reseller hosting providers.

The web host locks other features like HTTP/2 and HTTP/3, Server Rewind Backups, LiteSpeed Web Server, and others behind its Turbo reseller hosting packages.


Regular Reseller Hosting

Turbo Reseller Hosting

Here are A2 Hosting’s pricing plans.

Regular Reseller Hosting

  • KICKSTART – $17.99 monthly (billed for three years)
  • LAUNCH – $22.99 monthly (billed for three years)
  • GROW – $29.99 monthly (billed for three years)
  • SCALE – $39.99 monthly (billed for three years)

Turbo Reseller Hosting

  • TURBO KICKSTART – $22.99 monthly (billed for three years)
  • TURBO LAUNCH – $29.99 monthly (billed for three years)
  • TURBO GROW – $39.99 monthly (billed for three years)
  • TURBO SCALE – $49.99 monthly (billed for three years)
out of 10

Omar's Take

ResellerClub is a reseller hosting provider promoted by nonother than Bluehost and comes with over 800 reseller hosting products.

It has a Web Hosting Manager Complete Solution (WHMCS), letting you bill, manage, or engage with clients of your reseller hosting plans.

If you want to start your own web hosting company, it allows you to white-label your services and hide your actual hosting provider. This Linux-only web hosting service provides unlimited websites and emails if your reseller hosting plans include building websites for clients.

  • Best For Flexibility.
  • Price Starts at $23.99 monthly.
  • Annual Billing $15.99/mo for its Essential package.
  • Promotion Up to 25% off for a three-year plan.

ResellerClub’s reseller hosting plans give you five cPanel accounts to manage your reseller hosting services.

With additional cPanel accounts, you can simplify website and server management and change how you organize files, manage domains, and more.

As one of the best reseller hosting provider choices, it also provides over 400 ready-to-install apps for features, security, graphics, functions, tools, and more. It also allows you to simply scale your resources when your web host plan maxes out.


Here are ResellerClub’s features.

ResellerClub Mobile App

This web hosting provider makes it easy to buy domains, renew orders, or track funds throughout your reseller hosting plans.

Although it doesn’t offer a free domain reseller account or unlimited domains, you can still easily purchase them through the mobile app.

Instructional Videos & Blogs

ResellerClub is among the best reseller hosting choices because its web-hosting service includes in-depth training videos and blogs. You can learn everything you need about the reseller web hosting business through informative videos, blogs, webinars, and other guides.

Multi-Channel Support

The web hosting business offers 24/7 support for its reseller hosting services through multiple channels. You can contact the web hosting business through emails, chats, tickets, calls, or even social media.


The problem with ResellerClub is it runs only on Linux. You must be willing to learn how to run a non-Windows reseller hosting service.

It also doesn’t offer its WHMCS tool to subscribers of its more affordable Essential plan.

If you’re handling multiple heavy websites on your reseller hosting servers, you only have 40 GB SSD disk space with its most affordable plan.

The web-hosting service only offers up to 200 GB SSD storage with its Ultimate plan. Otherwise, you have to ask for a custom reseller hosting plan.


Here are ResellerClub’s pricing plans.

  • ESSENTIAL – $15.99 monthly (billed for three years)
  • ADVANCE – $16.99 monthly (billed for three years)
  • PRO – $19.99 monthly (billed for three years)
  • ULTIMATE – $29.99 monthly (billed for three years)
out of 10

Omar's Take

SiteGround takes an ecommerce-first approach to its web hosting offerings. Its reseller web hosting services include free WooCommerce installation (other web hosts include installation charges).

The reseller business hosting plans help you create your own web hosting company with free private DNS, allowing you to assign a custom domain to your web hosting nameservers. With proper branding, your servers will look like they come from your web hosting company instead of a reseller business.

Aside from its ecommerce-oriented support with WordPress and free WooCommerce installation, it also offers over 30 developer tools to help improve your web hosting. These tools will help you manage and maintain your web hosting through a simple user interface.

  • Best For Ecommerce-focused reseller business models.
  • Price Starts at $29.99 monthly.
  • Annual Billing Starts at $6.69 monthly.
  • Promotion N/A

SiteGround includes its Cloud web hosting option in its reseller web hosting services, and although you can use cloud hosting, it is hard for beginners.

However, Cloud web hosting offers true scalability if you want your reseller web hosting services to instantly scale along with your needs.

The hosting service also provides staging capabilities for all web hosting plans, allowing the reseller host to check on changes made before publishing them.

SiteGround also offers excellent collaborator tools with all web hosting plans if you are working with developers.


Here are SiteGround’s features.

SuperCacher Technology

SiteGrounds offers unique caching technology compared to other web hosts and defaults NGIX-based static and dynamic cache to ensure the safety of hosting packages when you subscribe. Its web hosting packages also offer an option for Memcached.

Single Dashboard

Siteground’s web hosting packages include its Client Area, where you can access site tools to suspend, delete, or make changes to every site.

Web Hosting Tools

Siteground gives you access to many website building and managing tools, including PHP version manager, File Manager, FTP client, App installer, PHPMyAdmin, and more than 30 other options.


The limiting factor of this web hosting choice is that it offers limited web hosting space. If you are handling multiple client accounts, you need the right web hosting resources to run each website, especially with creative web designers that add unique features and functions.

If you want more disk space, you need to upgrade your reseller plans to its cloud hosting plans. SiteGounrds does not come with unlimited domains, a free domain reseller account, or a WHMCS license.


Here are SiteGround’s pricing plans.

  • GrowBig – $4.99 monthly (billed annually)
  • GoGeek – $7.99 monthly (billed annually)
  • Cloud – $100.00 monthly (billed annually)
out of 10

Omar's Take

InMotion Hosting caters to your reselling business needs with its white labeling package. You can insert your branding and message while letting the web host take care of your server management needs.

The service compares itself to other web hosts like Reseller Club, HostGator, and A2 Hosting with its 90-day money-back guarantee and three free dedicated IP. InMotion Hosting also offers up to 80 free customizable cPanel accounts and unlimited bandwidth.

Each tier provides free SSLs to protect each client’s domain and website within your reselling plans. All plans offer fully managed hosting services, allowing you to take a hands-off approach while InMotion Hosting takes care of your server needs.

  • Best For Reselling with brand name, logo, and packages.
  • Price Starts at $36.99 monthly.
  • Annual Billing Starts at $22.99 monthly.
  • Promotion Save up to $936 for its two-year billing.

InMotion Hosting’s plans charge you depending on the resources you are using. Its most affordable option is $15.99, with 80 GB of SSD disk space and 1000 GB bandwidth.

You get unlimited emails, marketing tools like a website builder, and free advertising credits with all tiers. You also get additional security with DDoS protection enabled and free 2048-bit encryption SSLs.


Here are InMotion Hosting’s features.

Optional Reseller VPS Plan

InMotion offers reseller VPS hosting for you to get dedicated resources more affordably compared to a dedicated server. With a blocked chunk of a server, your reseller accounts get fixed resources that you can divide among multiple client websites.

U.S.-Based Support

The hosting solution prides itself on hiring top-tier talent in the U.S. with 24/7/365 support for local and international clients. You can contact InMotion Hosting through email, live support, or phone calls.

Custom Nameserver

InMotion lets you name everything, including your nameserver, allowing your custom brand to show whenever visitors make DNS requests for your domain.


The problem with InMotion Hosting is that it doesn’t give you root access unless you choose its Reseller VPS plan. The hosting’s website does not specify the RAM allocation for its first three R series plans.

Website transfer, server setup, and unlimited bandwidth are only free for R-3000S and Reseller VPS plans. Another disadvantage is that it only has Linux servers with no option for Windows.


Here are InMotion Hosting’s plans.

  • R-1000N – Starts at $15.99 monthly (billed for three years)
  • R-2000N – Starts at $24.99 monthly (billed for three years)
  • R-3000N– Starts at $42.99 monthly (billed for three years)
  • R-4000N – Starts at $50.99 monthly (billed for three years)
out of 10

Omar's Take

Hostwinds provides generous reseller hosting plans with each option offering unlimited disk space and bandwidth. You can even get unlimited domains with its Ultimate plan, including free SSL and unlimited subdomains.

Some of the features that Hostwinds provides are often add-ons for other reseller web hosting companies, like unlimited FTP accounts, unlimited emails, and automated backups.

  • Best For Businesses that need unlimited storage and bandwidth.
  • Price Starts at $6.74 monthly.
  • Annual Billing Starts at $5.24 monthly.
  • Promotion Save up to 58% when billed for three years.

Hostwinds offers almost all of its resources to each tier but increases its domain offerings as they progress. With little difference per tier, the web hosting provides seamless transitions if you want to upgrade your plan.

The service is also very accommodating when it comes to migration. A team of experts can work with you and help you move your hosting to Hostwinds.


Here are Hostwind’s features.

24/7 Website Monitoring

Hostwinds ensures that you can maintain your websites 24/7. When an issue occurs, technical support engineers will immediately receive a ticket to resolve the situation.


Softaculous is an auto-installer that lets you install hundreds of web applications with a single click, including WordPress, Joomla, and other apps.

Automated Backups

As mentioned earlier, Hostwinds offers nightly backups to ensure that your important files, data, and information are safe. You can quickly reboot your last backup to access your saved files and settings if there’s a crash.


The problem with Hostwinds is that it does not offer white-label reseller hosting right off the bat. There is a separate plan for white-label reseller hosting if you want to completely brand your service, but it costs a little bit more.

Although not as expensive as other hosting providers, its white-label hosting does not offer much flexibility with only one plan. This service doesn’t specify if you get dedicated IP or DDoS protection.


Here are Hostwind’s pricing plans

  • Basic – $5.24 monthly (billed annually)
  • Advanced – $6.74 monthly (billed annually)
  • Ultimate – $8.24 monthly (billed annually)
out of 10

Omar's Take

Liquid has a unique approach to reseller hosting with three options that vary in terms of CPU, RAM, storage, and other features. With this web hosting, you automatically get a dedicated server with resources allocated to you alone.

Its reseller packages typically differ in specs.

Its Bronze and Silver plans use quad-core CPUs, while its Gold plan uses 12-core. Each tier also gives you more RAM with its Gold offering DDR4. The first two plans use DDR3.

  • Best For Businesses needing a dedicated server.
  • Price Starts at $99 monthly
  • Annual Billing N/A
  • Promotion N/A

The benefit of dedicated hosting solutions is your resources are yours and yours alone.

You get root access and the power to customize what services your customers can control, like load balancers and more.

You can even divide your dedicated hosting resources to balance how much of your dedicated servers’ power you need per customer. You can make unique reseller packages with power-based tiers.


Here are Liquid Web’s features.

(Up to) 2 Gbps of DDoS Attack Protection

Liquid Web has special security measures with high-speed functions to protect your servers from DDoS attacks up to 2 Gbps. With fast speeds, it can detect and block brute-force attacks before they penetrate your servers.


The first two plans use DDR3. The Gold plan uses DDR4, which is significantly faster than the DDR2 RAM used by other services. For scale, the DDR2 clocks speeds of 3.2 Gbps while the DDR3 offers 6.4 Gbps.

Isolated Servers

You use a dedicated server, meaning your reseller packages differ from others. You get complete root access and improved security because you can vet each move.


Liquid Web is hard for beginners that don’t know much about computer specs. If you don’t know how much RAM, core power, or type of storage you need, you’ll end up with the wrong plan.

The hosting service gives no easy explanation of its services. You’ll have to discern which plan is right for your business. Furthermore, Liquid Web’s reseller options are expensive because they use a dedicated server.


Here are Liquid Web’s pricing plans.

  • Bronze – $99.00 monthly
  • Silver – $169.00 monthly
  • Gold – $259.00 monthly
out of 10

Omar's Take

GoDaddy is one of the most popular web hosting providers because of hosting plus domain approach. With its simple integration with WordPress, the hosting service makes building your first website super easy.

Its reseller program comes in two tiers, one limited to just 25 customers and one with unlimited customers. Unlike other providers, GoDaddy offers customer support for you and your clients.

GoDaddy promotes its reseller program alongside its affiliate program, another way for people to earn. The service includes its proprietary website builder for your customers and options for hundreds of new domains.

  • Best For Businesses that closely need customer support.
  • Price Starts at $107.88 monthly.
  • Annual Billing Starts at $107.88 monthly.
  • Promotion N/A

GoDaddy still offers its classic features to resellers, allowing them to create their storefronts. You are free to create unique bundles, price your plans, and switch up the design and branding of your reseller business.

The hosting company is well-known for its domain services. Because of the integration, you can easily add a new domain through GoDaddy whenever you get a new client.


Here are GoDaddy’s features.

Ecommerce Integration

GoDaddy makes reselling web hosting similar to building a basic ecommerce site. The service lets you create a storefront and provides all the tools you need to run your reselling business.

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

This web host gives you 30 days to try out its services and see if its reselling web hosting plans fit your needs.

Award-Winning Support

GoDaddy has excellent customer support that you can contact through chat, text, or call.


This service doesn’t give you a free WHMCS license because it has its own system. It collects customer payments through the storefront and pays you a commission at the end of the month.

Another problem with GoDaddy is that its cheapest reseller plan bills you for an entire year. Only the annual fee is refundable, and if you decide to cancel, you won’t get your Commission Payment.


Here are GoDaddy’s pricing plans.

  • Basic Reseller – $107.88 annually
  • Pro Reseller – $179.88 annually
out of 10

Omar's Take

AccuWeb offers Windows reseller hosting while some of the best reseller hosting services offer Linux reseller hosting only. You can enjoy the non-developer approach to your web-hosting brand with the user-friendly Windows operating system.

The web hosting solution gives you three options: standard Linux reseller hosting, Windows reseller hosting, and Windows VPS reseller hosting. Its VPS hosting for Windows option gives you the most user-friendly access to allocated resources.

Another massive advantage of AccuWeb is that it has 15 data centers worldwide for more extensive reach. You can easily connect to the data center closest to you to enjoy faster speeds.

  • Best For Windows web hosting.
  • Price Starts at $13.99 monthly (three months minimum).
  • Annual Billing Starts at $11.99 monthly.
  • Promotion N/A

AccuWeb’s Linux and Windows reseller hosting plans offer unlimited emails, FTP accounts, and subdomains. However, its Linux option has faster bandwidth limits at 1 TB compared to 600 GB for Windows.

Both options get automatic daily backups, but one key difference is that Linux has a website builder, and Windows doesn’t.

Since Windows uses Microsoft software and Linux uses custom software, you have more flexibility with the latter.


Here are AccuWeb Hosting’s features.

Distributed Server Architecture

AccuWeb has a unique way of separating servers for different purposes from each other for added security. Your Mail, Web, and database servers are all separate from each other to protect each department from full compromisation.

Plesk Panel

Windows reseller hosting has a version of a control panel (like cPanel) called Plesk. You can use Plesk to manage your different client hosting accounts.

Free Setup

AccuWeb offers a free setup for both Linux and Windows reseller options, helping you start selling your hosting services without the technical know-how.


AccuWeb offers too many hosting options, which can overwhelm newbies. Its Windows hosting plans also do not offer unlimited emails.

Another common problem is that its customer service is hard to reach and not always reliable. Although AccuWeb provides technical support, getting a hold of them is sometimes difficult.


Here are AccuWeb Hosting’s pricing plans.

Reseller Web Hosting

  • Bronze Plan – $11.99 monthly (billed annually)
  • Silver Plan – $29.99 monthly (billed annually)
  • Gold Plan – $49.99 monthly (billed annually)
  • Platinum Plan – $97.99 monthly (billed annually)


Windows Reseller Hosting

  • Silver Plan – $29.99 monthly (billed annually)
  • Gold Plan – $70.99 monthly (billed annually)


Windows VPS Reseller Hosting

  • Small Building VPS Reseller – $115.00 monthly (billed annually)
  • Tower VPS Reseller – $215.00 monthly (billed annually)

What To Look For in Reseller Hosting

Here are five qualities of a good reseller hosting service.


Looking for a reseller host with excellent customer support is essential.

A reseller hosting service’s support team must be able to respond to phone calls, emails, or chats with simple to complex questions.

Contact a provider to see how fast a representative gets back to you before subscribing. Ask technical questions to see how their technical staff responds.


A successful reseller hosting service should offer tested and proven uptime. While many services promise almost perfect uptime, try looking at user reviews to see if they live up to their promise.


Ensure your reseller hosting is not limited to small-time resells. If you scale your business to new heights, you want a service that scales with you.

You can learn about a service’s scalability by asking them to explain the tiers and the transition process. Ideally, you would want either unlimited or high bandwidth and storage if you plan to grow your business.


The ideal security powerhouse combines free SSL, DDoS protection, and automatic backups. If you find a hosting service that fits your needs but doesn’t provide automatic daily backups, you can do the backups manually.

Some services offer other security features like specialized cache procedures, advanced brute force, and malware blockers. You can choose dedicated hosting if you want to prioritize security above all else.


The web hosting has to fit your budget. Test out the service before paying year-long subscriptions.

Since you are reselling hosting, you should ensure your margins are big enough to make reselling worth your time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who Needs Reseller Hosting Suitable?

Reseller hosting is best for people who want to start their own web hosting business or add web hosting to their other services. These include web developers, designers, and freelancers.

What Type of Control Panel Do I Get With Reseller Hosting?

With Linux reseller hosting, you usually get cPanel. However, with Windows reseller hosting, it depends on the service.

Can I Host Multiple Websites With Reseller Hosting?

Yes. Some services limit the number of websites it supports, while others give you fixed resources for as many websites as fit.

The Bottom Line

I hope my list of the best reseller hosting options has made it easier for you to find the ideal one for your specific reselling needs.

Don’t hesitate to try out each service before committing to its annual plans to determine which is right for you.

If you work with several clients or get significant site traffic, you can improve the customer experience by taking advantage of the best chatbots for ecommerce.

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