The 5 Best VTuber Software for Virtual YouTubers

Live3D is a complete VTubing software that caters to newbies and pro VTubers who want to enjoy advanced features and an intuitive interface
VTube Studio is an excellent software for 2D avatars. It uses powerful face-tracking technology to give your avatar smooth and natural expressions.
If you only need to show your avatar’s upper body and face, Animaze is an excellent tool with its pre-built character designs and user-friendly interface.
If you’re serious about becoming a pro VTuber, Restream might be a worthwhile investment because it’s packed with unique and powerful tools you won’t find anywhere else.
Wakaru is perfect for newbies who don’t want to invest in VR sets and additional gadgets. It’s also great for beginners because of its user-friendly interface.

What Is VTuber Software?

A VTuber maker software is a graphics-based creator that lets you make virtual avatars or anime characters in either 2D or 3D digital graphic videos.

Some people think a VTuber avatar is purely an AI technology and don’t realize that behind it is a human who uses AI-powered tools to create anime characters with realistic facial expressions and gestures.

These VTubers, or virtual YouTubers, use powerful computer graphics, motion-tracking technology, and VR systems to capture human movements and facial expressions.

So many VTuber programs are available.

Selecting the one that suits your needs and budget can be confusing.

To help you decide, I’ve created a list of the five best VTuber software.

Here are my top picks.

The 5 Best VTuber Software (Free & Paid Programs)

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Omar's Take

Live3D is a complete VTuber maker catering to newbies and pro streamers looking for extensive tools and features, intuitive interface, and real-time gesture-tracking technology.

Starts at $3.90/mo
Annual Billing:
Paid plans start at $36
25% off for annual subscriptions

This program offers an extensive collection of tools, special effects, and features to let you create a stunning VTuber model. However, you need to pay a one-time fee to upload a custom character.

Live3D ranks number one on my list of the best VTuber software because it’s a complete solution that lets you create avatars with natural facial expressions and gestures, thanks to its powerful face and hand tracking technology.

It also has an external store called VTuber Studio where you can commission custom-made avatars.



Here are some notable features of Live3D.

Anime Character Poses

You can choose from over 40 anime poses (e.g., hero pose and crouching position) to give your avatar more personality.

Natural Movements and Expressions

Live3D has impressive motion tracking capabilities, giving your avatar human-like expressions and natural upper body and hand movements. It also comes with lip sync capabilities for better facial control.

Live Streaming

You can create a virtual camera and live stream your content on YouTube, Facebook Live, Twitch, and other video-sharing sites.


You must pay a $69 one-time fee to upload a custom character.


Live3D’s monthly pricing plans

Here are Live3D’s monthly pricing plans.

  • Free Plan
  • Lite Suite – $3.90
  • Plus Suite – $8.90 (Limited time offer)
  • Pro Suite – $99.90
out of 10

Omar's Take

VTube Studio is probably the best program to bring your 2D avatar to life. However, I suggest you try its free plan before paying the $14.99 one-time fee to remove the watermark.

Face tracking software for 2D avatars
$14.99 one-time fee to remove watermark
Annual Billing:
Free plan

The VTube Studio mobile app requires some high-performance features like Google ARCore on Android or Apple A12. It comes with powerful webcam movement-tracking technology.

What does an incredible webcam movement tracker do? It makes your avatar look natural and smooth, especially the face and upper body movement.

vtube studio


Here are some notable features of VTube Studio.

Excellent Facial Expressions

Its webcam movement tracking gives you great facial control (ex., natural eye movements like winking) and accurate mouth positions.

Intuitive Interface

You can attach and import props into your 2D VTuber model in just a few clicks. Your images and animations have their own assigned and tracking hotkeys for quicker and easier itemization.

Hand Tracking

To complement audio-based lip sync and natural facial expressions, VTube Studio also has an impressive hand-tracking capability.


While the Android and iOS apps are quite powerful, you still need a desktop or laptop to create custom 2D avatars.


  • Free Plan
  • Remove watermark – $14.99 (one-time payment)
out of 10

Omar's Take

Animaze only focuses on your face. So if this isn’t a deal breaker for you, you’ll love this affordable VTuber software that works great even without using expensive VR sets.

Best VTube software for users without VR Sets

VTube software for users without VR Sets
Starts at $1.67/mo
Annual Billing:
Starts at $19.99
Free plan

You should only consider Animaze (previously Facerig) if you’re making videos showing only your avatar’s face and upper body.

On the upside, it has many impressive features that let you customize your avatars without VR sets.



Here are some notable features of Animaze.

User-Friendly Interface

Animaze’s user-friendly interface makes it ideal for beginners, including those who don’t consider themselves artsy. It also comes with a simple setup brush and stability drawing tools.

Supports Multiple Types of Virtual Videos

I highly recommend Animaze if you’re looking for a VTubing program that supports Live 2D Cubism, a technology that lets you create multiple types of virtual videos.

Pre-Built Character Designs

You can access thousands of character designs, backgrounds, special effects, recording sounds, and animated programs.


You can’t create full-body avatars with Animaze.


Here are Animaze’s pricing plans.

Individual Plans (Annual Subscription)

Animaze Individual Plans (Annual Subscription)

Business Plans (Annual Subscription)

Animaze Business Plans (Annual Subscription)

  • Basic – Free
  • Plus – $19.99
  • Pro – $99.99
  • Small Business – $499.99
  • Business Plus – $1,699.99
  • Enterprise – (You need to call their sales department for a custom price.)
out of 10

Omar's Take

Restream’s professional-grade streaming makes it arguably the best VTubing software for someone who wants to be a pro. But of course, its high-end features come with a high price tag.

Best For:
Pro VTubers
Starts at $16/mo billed annually
Annual Billing:
Starts at $190
Free plan, 20% off for annual subscriptions, 7-day money-back guarantee

If you’re serious about becoming a pro virtual YouTuber, Restream is probably the best VTubing software. It has advanced features, including multiple cameras, full HD capability, and split audio tracks.

This program lets you reach a wider audience, allowing you to stream to over 30 platforms simultaneously.



Here are some of Restream’s notable features.

Tools to Nurture Subscribers

You can respond to subscribers from multiple streaming platforms using only one screen because Restream aggregates all comments in a single feed.

Excellent Audio Quality

Restream offers high-resolution audio with 256 kbps to complement your stunning virtual avatar. This feature is available even on its free plan.

Analytics and Metrics

The software provides analytics and reports to help you track and improve your performance and virtual content.


Restream can be expensive, especially if you want the most advanced features.


restream pricing plan

Here are Restream’s pricing plans.

  • Basic Plan – Free forever
  • Standard – $16 monthly (billed annually)
  • Professional – $41 monthly (billed annually)
out of 10

Omar's Take

Although Wakaru’s movements are not as smooth as the other programs on my list, it’s still an excellent option for newbies who aren’t ready to make a significant investment.

Best For:
Annual Billing:

Wakaru is a popular free software in the gaming industry because it’s user-friendly and allows gamers to create their very own anime character.

You won’t need to spend on VR systems because its intuitive interface only requires a web camera on your PC. You can even substitute your computer camera with a smartphone cam.



Here are some of Wakaru’s notable features.

Complete with Basic Features

You don’t need additional gadgets or a VTuber Software suite because this free platform has basic features, including facial control, eye capturing, real-time gesture and hand tracking, mouth shape capturing, and head pose capturing.

Time-Saving Features

You can manage body control and real-time gesture without the need to import pre-recording motions. As a result, you can easily and quickly stream your live videos.

Advanced Features

Some of its advanced features include a brief video editor, multiple virtual presentations, and live performance capability.


The movements on its virtual reality videos don’t appear as smooth compared to the ones you can find in VR-powered software.



Other Notable VTuber Avatar Makers

I came up with my top 5 best VTuber software after days of comparing dozens of popular programs in the VTubing industry and anime community. Thus, I would also like to share other platforms that I deem noteworthy.

  • VRoid Studio – Best for 3D anime-style avatars
  • Luppet – Best overall user experience
  • VRChat – Best for chatting streams
  • VSeeFace – Best free 3D face tracking software

How To Become a VTuber

How To Become a VTuber

Here’s how to become a virtual YouTuber.

Get the Right Equipment.

Not every VTuber software requires VR kits, although high-end programs typically need them to create professional-looking virtual reality videos.

Regardless of which VTubing software you’ll use, you’ll need the following tools.

  • Webcam or DSLR camera
  • External motion capture camera
  • Microphone
  • Computer with at least 8GB of RAM
  • Lighting
  • Green screen

Install the VTubing Software.

VTubing requires a program that tracks facial expressions (including eye movements) and gestures.

Create Your Own Avatar.

You can have your own animated avatar using your preferred VTubing program. You can also pay an artist to design it for you or buy a pre-made VTuber model.

Upload Your Virtual Avatar to the Live Stream.

There are two ways to show your avatar on Livestream: import it into streaming software or use a webcam.

If you want to use a webcam, you can do it with XSplit, OBS Studio, or other similar programs that offer excellent features for the live broadcast.

If you prefer importing your avatar, you need streaming software supporting MMD or VRM models (like LiveCaster).

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Are the Minimum PC Requirements To Create Your Own Vtuber Avatar?

You’ll need a decent PC system that supports live streaming, which takes up a lot of CPU resources and bandwidth. Your system must be powerful enough to run your virtual character in the background during the entire stream.

The good news is that most newer computers can support live streaming without any problems. However, you can check the minimum system requirements for VTuber maker software below:

  • RAM (memory): 8GB
  • Processor: Intel i5-4670
  • OS: Windows 7
  • Graphics card: Nvidia Geforce 960

What Gadgets Should I Invest in if I Want To Become a Pro VTuber?

While not every program requires expensive VR systems, investing in high-tech gadgets is essential for delivering high-quality VTubing content.

Many VTubers invest in these high-tech gadgets.

  • Visual expression device
  • Industry-standard visual tracker iPhone 10 (or newer models)
  • Ultraleap controller for full body motion capture
  • VTuber avatar rigging software
  • Mouth shape capture
  • Speech conversion software

How Do Virtual YouTubers Earn Money?

Like most content creators on YouTube, many VTubers earn money through donations, sponsorships, and affiliate links. Some also get paid by promoting products and services on their channel.

If you’re serious about becoming a pro, my advice is to focus on generating excellent VTubing content and growing your subscribers since your earnings will primarily depend on the number of your followers and views.

How Does VTubing Work?

VTubing captures and transmits your facial and body movements into a 2D or 3D model during a live stream.

To complement this software, you need multiple gadgets to capture your movements, such as a virtual camera with motion-sensing technology. Alternatively, you can use an iPhone with an Ultraleap controller and a Lidar sensor.

VTubing also involves speech conversion AIs and facial expressions technology for a professional-looking avatar.

You connect your virtual character to a broadcasting app or upload your recorded content on YouTube and other video-sharing websites.

How Is VTubing Different From Traditional Live Streaming?

One of the obvious differences is that VTubing gives you anonymity since a virtual avatar replaces you. This platform works perfectly for people wanting to become digital influencers without sacrificing privacy.

By contrast, the traditional live-streaming format doesn’t offer privacy, which might be challenging if you often face criticism (or even threats) because of your content’s nature or comments.

What Should I Look For in VTuber Software?

Make sure that your VTubing maker has all these features.

  • Pre-built VTuber models, characters, and templates
  • Customizable model editing studio
  • Advanced hand and face tracking
  • Interactive tools such as YouTube/Twitch stream overlays
  • Excellent customer support
  • Intuitive interface

Why Do I Need VTuber Software?

VTubing is a format dealing with a lot of moving parts, including trackers for mouth and eye movements, leap motion devices, and speech conversion. Manually doing all these things is not only time-consuming but also challenging.

VTuber software streamlines all the moving parts and connects with VTubing gadgets.

The Bottom Line

I hope my list of the best VTuber software helps makes it easier for you to decide on the right tool for your specific needs.

Don’t hesitate to use the information in this guide to start your journey as a virtual live streamer.

You should also take time to learn the best beginner-friendly animation software. These tools can help you create special effects, animated images, and virtual videos.

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