The 10 Best WordPress Hosting Services for Businesses

Hostgator is an excellent option for businesses that want a fully WordPress hosting-optimized solution.
Bluehost grows with your website. Enjoy unmetered traffic as your WordPress websites get bigger.
Hostinger is ideal for security and has some of the best developer-focused tools for better WordPress customization.
DreamHost provides managed WordPress-hosting plans. It takes a hands-off approach and has a UI/UX-friendly dashboard where you can make adjustments.
IONOS hosting plans start at just $1 monthly with freebies like a domain, SSL, and five email addresses with its Grow plan.

What are the 10 Best WordPress Hosting Services?

Here are the ten best WordPress hosting companies.

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Omar's Take

HostGator’s WordPress-specific hosting comes with multiple WordPress themes, letting you avoid building your website from the ground up.

Best For:
Unlimited emails
Starts at $17.99 monthly
Annual Billing:
$7.95 monthly
You can save up to 54.20% for the 36-month payment plan for as low as $5.95 monthly

What makes Hostgator one of the best WordPress hosting providers is its email solutions, unlimited aliases, autoresponders, and mail forwarders. It also offers 25 mailing lists with all tiers for businesses with different departments.

Unlike other web hosts, HostGator automatically comes with SpamAssassin to help you filter out emails that count and those taking up your inbox space.

HostGator’s tiers have unlimited email accounts (POP3) and IMAP capabilities, letting you get emails via phone.



Here are HostGator’s features.

Unlimited Storage

No matter your plan, HostGator gives you unlimited WordPress hosting space. You can upgrade your website with however many plugins and customizations you want.

45-Day Money Back Guarantee

Among the best WordPress hosting solutions, HostGator gives you up to 45 days to decide whether to continue your subscription or choose a different one.

Training Material

If you’re still learning to use WordPress, HostGator offers extensive tutorials on how to build your website to maintain and scale it.


HostGator’s customer service comes in tiers. You won’t receive priority if you have the basic plan.

The first-tier support isn’t that knowledgeable in technical aspects. To get premium support, you need to upgrade your plan.

The hosting solution’s cPanel dashboard is also confusing for beginners unless you take the time to watch HostGator’s tutorial videos.


hostgator pricing plans

Here are HostGator’s pricing plans.

  • Starter – $5.95 monthly (billed for 36 months)
  • Standard – $7.95 monthly (billed for 36 months)
  • Business – $9.95 monthly (billed for 36 months)
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Omar's Take

Bluehost is the perfect web hosting provider for WordPress websites designed to scale. The web hosting company’s unmetered traffic doesn’t cap your bandwidth no matter how many users you get.

Best For:
Scaling WordPress websites
Starts at $2.95 monthly (billed annually; no option for single-month billing)
Annual Billing:
$12.95 monthly
Up to 72% off with the Choice Plus annual billing option (Starts at $5.45 monthly)

As one of the best WordPress web hosting companies, Bluehost is one that officially recommends to its users. Aside from easy WordPress installation, it also offers a free domain and free SSL for a year.

On top of scaling one site, the WordPress hosting provider can host unlimited websites with its Plus, Choice Plus, and Pro plans. It also has custom themes if you want to spend less time designing your WordPress sites.



Here are Bluehost’s features.

Customer Support

This WordPress hosting provider offers 24/7 customer support with tutorials, videos, and guides to teach businesses how to manage how to set up their site or handle any issues along the way.

Automatic WordPress Installation

As a WordPress web hosting company, Bluehost offers automatic WordPress installations. This feature makes it easier for first-time users that don’t know how to upload their website manually.

Automatic WordPress Updates

The WordPress hosting provider ensures your WordPress sites are up to date with security features and update tools.


Although Bluehost has a 30-day money-back guarantee, this only covers the hosting.

Bluehost will charge $15.99 if you use its free domain. The service also offers no cancellations or refunds after 30 days or has no single-month subscriptions.

If you want to use Bluehost, you can only choose from a 12-month minimum or 36-month plan. After the first year, the prices will revert to their regular cost, which exceeds $10.


bluehost pricing plan

Here are Bluehost’s pricing plans.

  • Basic – $4.95 monthly (billed annually)
  • Plus – $5.45 monthly (billed annually)
  • Choice Plus – $5.45 monthly (billed annually)
  • Pro – $13.95 monthly (billed annually)
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Omar's Take

Hostinger is the best WordPress hosting company in terms of security with its free Cloudflare-protected nameservers designed to fend off DDoS attacks and malware scanners.

Best For:
Businesses that prioritize security
Starts at $9.99 monthly
Annual Billing:
$2.99 monthly
Save $384 for the 48-month payment term and pay just $1.99 monthly

Hostinger prioritizes security, with its Business WordPress and WordPress Pro tiers offering daily backups for added safety. Its malware scanner also provides instant notifications when it spots security threats.

The WordPress hosting service also offers weekly backups with its cheap hosting plans. You also get a Command Line Interface (WP-CLI) to make configurations, update plugins, and more.

The hosting service doesn't offer unlimited email accounts but gives you up to 100 domain-based emails and unlimited free SSL certificates.



Here are Hostinger’s features.

In-House Developed Firewall

This WordPress host offers its proprietary in-house firewall application to prevent potential threats from penetrating your website. Hostinger adds detection for threats that its security experts deem harmful.

Global Customer Support

This WordPress host offers 24/7 customer support through live chat support with different tiers of agents. You can opt for basic customer support or ask for technical support if you’ve more complicated issues with your hosting plan.

Git Integration

Hostinger’s integration with Git makes it easier for developers to pull resources to further optimize, improve, design, and upgrade your website. If you’ve developers onboard, they can easily use their own repositories or open-sourced ones.


When you’ve WordPress installed, Hostinger also pushes different plugins you might not want without your control. Unlike other web hosting companies, some reports say it doesn’t update businesses when it has scheduled maintenance.

Hostinger is also not the most user-friendly solution, with some of its tools designed for developers and not the regular business owner.


hostinger pricing plan

Here are Hostinger’s pricing plans.

  • Single WordPress – $1.99 monthly (billed for 48 months)
  • WordPress Starter – $2.99 monthly (billed for 48 months)
  • Business WordPress – $3.99 monthly (billed for 48 months)
  • WordPress Pro – $9.99 monthly (billed for 48 months)
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Omar's Take

This hosting provider optimizes its managed WordPress hosting plans for businesses with timesaving features, including easy WordPress installation and an all-inclusive WordPress dashboard.

Best For:
Managed WordPress hosting
Starts at $19.99 monthly for DreamPress-managed WordPress hosting option
Annual Billing:
$16.95 monthly for the DreamPress-managed WordPress hosting option
Save 29% off with an annual plan.

DreamHost is one of the best WordPress hosting providers.

DreamHost offers three primary WordPress hosting plans: 1) standard web hosting services, managed WordPress hosting, and VPS(virtual private server)-powered WordPress hosting.

Its managed WordPress hosting plan offers unlimited bandwidth, a free domain name, free site migration, and pre-installed Jetpack.

This WordPress hosting company also has a one-click staging solution and WP Website Builder for developers. DreamHost also backs up your data daily with a one-click restore option in the event of a crash.



Here are DreamHost’s features.

Easy-to-navigate WordPress Hosting Dashboard

On top of managed hosting, the WordPress web hosting provider gives you an easy-to-navigate dashboard to make it easier to toggle settings and develop, stage, and edit your website.

One-Click WordPress Installation

DreamHost has a one-click WordPress installation feature that eliminates the need to install WordPress manually.

Free Site Migration

As the best WordPress hosting company for ease of use, DreamHost offers free migration to any of its WordPress hosting plans. You can also upgrade or downgrade your WordPress hosting plan if you lack or use too many resources.


DreamHost’s customer support doesn't provide any call solutions. You can only reach them through email or live chat support if you have an urgent issue.

The lack of customer support is problematic in critical times, especially when experiencing significant problems with the hosting services.

It also lacks Windows-based solutions, meaning you must adjust to its Linux servers unless you opt for its managed web host options.


dreamhost pricing plan

Here are DreamHost’s pricing plans for its managed hosting service.

  • DreamPress – $16.95 monthly (billed annually)
  • DreamPress Plus – $24.95 monthly (billed annually)
  • DreamPress Pro – $71.95 monthly (billed annually)
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Omar's Take

IONOS is one of the best WordPress hosting providers because it can cost as low as $1 monthly. It’s a cheap WordPress hosting service perfect for first-timers.

Best For:
Budget beginners and website experiments
Starts at $8 monthly
Annual Billing:
$1 monthly (renews to $8 after the first year)
IONOS’s Grow Plan offers five email addresses and free SSL and domain for a year.

IONOS is one of the oldest web hosting companies, starting in 1988. Although it costs just $1 monthly, it still gives you 100% SSD storage and caching capabilities through its free plugin.

The WordPress hosting company also hosts everything in a singular environment to optimize speeds and security. It also offers daily backups and free one-click restores with select plans.

IONOS is an excellent choice if you want to experiment with your first WordPress site.



Here are IONOS’s features.

Unlimited Bandwidth

Like Bluehost, IONOS offers unlimited bandwidth and doesn't cap your website can handle monthly. However, it has a recommended average number of visitors to ensure your site performs at peak speeds.


This feature helps with your SEO and other website performance metrics. You can view your website’s performance and adjust it as you grow.

Malware Scanning

Unlike other WordPress hosting providers, IONOS scans your site daily and gives you notifications whenever it finds malware or security threats.


If you’ve technical problems, customer support might not handle them well. Although IONOS offers hands-on customer service, they don’t always have the answer to complex hosting service problems.


ionos pricing plans

Here are IONOS’ pricing plans.

  • Start – $2 monthly (billed annually)
  • Grow – $1 monthly (billed annually)
  • Boost – $6 monthly (billed annually)
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Omar's Take

SiteGround is my top recommendation because it can host any WordPress site professionally. It has optimized WordPress solutions, easy-to-use tools, and options for managed WordPress hosting.

Starts at $19.99 monthly
Annual Billing:
$3.99 monthly
73% off when you pay annually.

As the best WordPress host service on my list, SiteGround’s web hosting servers are WordPress-optimized, meaning they function with WordPress websites in mind.

The managed WordPress hosting prices its services competitively for businesses that don’t want the hassle of taking care of their sites.

Its built-in WordPress installer makes the WordPress installation process much more manageable. It also offers other web hosting freebies like free SSL certificates but no free domain.

If you want SiteGrounds as your domain hosting provider, you must spend $17.99 for the first year.



Here are SiteGround’s features.

Staging Tool

SiteGround’s staging tool lets businesses preview the changes on their WordPress website before committing. If you work with developers, this feature will save time and energy when testing the UI/UX of your changes.

Daily Backups

SiteGrounds offers free daily backups included in its web hosting plans. Instead of manually backing up your files, you can access your website's last known save within 24 hours.

Collaboration Tools

The WordPress hosting provider makes working with a team of developers easy. Collaboration tools enable simultaneous editing by allowing people to work under the same web hosting platform.


The problem with SiteGround is it holds only 30 copies of your daily backups. If you’re looking for older versions of your WordPress website on the web hosting service, you can't look further than the last month.

Another problem with SiteGround is it offers no free domain, increasing your web hosting costs despite the 73% discount. You still need to register a domain to get the free SSL certificate.


siteground pricing plans

Here are SiteGround’s pricing plans.

  • StartUp – $3.99 monthly (billed annually)
  • GrowBig – $6.69 monthly (billed annually)
  • GoGeek – $10.69 monthly (billed annually)
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Omar's Take

InMotion Hosting is one of the best WordPress hosting companies because of its NVMe SSD storage. NVMe SSDs function up to 20 times faster than standard SSDs, making them ideal when loading files, pulling from databases, and accessing repositories.

Best For:
Faster storage speeds
Starts at $15 monthly
Annual Billing:
$150 annually
1-year plans include two months for free.

InMotion Hosting offers instant VPS WordPress hosting with optimized speeds from its servers, plus NVMe storage with dedicated resources across the server.

It also provides easy-to-reach 24/7 customer support with a number right on the upper right part of the website.

inmotion hosting


Here are InMotion Hosting’s features.

Redis Cache

InMotion Hosting takes caching to the next level with Redis Cache to reduce the server load and increase the speed of storage data access.

Over 10 PHP Workers

PHP workers refer to the number of uncached requests you can handle simultaneously and with at least ten for its basic tier and up to 40 for its most expensive WordPress hosting tier.

Free Dedicated IP

On top of its free SSL, InMotion Hosting gives you a dedicated IP to host your account without worrying that someone else will use it.


InMotion Hosting charges for some features that other web hosts offer for free, like backups or using cPanel. The WordPress hosting company is also not the most affordable option despite its free two months.

The WordPress hosting platform also lacks beginner-friendly tutorials and technically-equipped customer support. Sometimes you’ve to wait up to 15 minutes for chat support.



inmotion hosting pricing plans

Here are InMotion Hosting’s pricing plans.

  • Server Level 3 – $150 annually
  • Server Level 4 – $200 annually
  • Server Level 5 – $300 annually
  • Server Level 6 – $600 annually
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Omar's Take

It is the best WordPress hosting solution for businesses that want to stay environmentally conscious with the hosting’s Green Energy Web solution that plants a tree with every hosting account.

Best For:
Environmentally-conscious businesses
Starts at $10.95 monthly
Annual Billing:
$2.95 monthly
Save $96 when you pay for the Lite plan annually.

GreenGeeks is for developers and takes an environmentally-friendly approach to web hosting.

With Its Pro and Premium plans, GreenGeeks gives you unlimited websites, emails, and web space.

The Lite plan gives you unmetered bandwidth, free migration, updates, SSL certificates, a domain name, backups, and a CDN.

Share your hosting with the team; this environmentally-conscious hosting provider gives unlimited databases with multi-user access.

Its most basic plan only gives you one website and 50 GB of storage.



Here are GreenGeek’s features.

300% Green Energy Match

GreenGeeks practices 300% Green Energy Match, meaning this provider matches the renewable energy they use three times over by supporting the Bonneville Environmental Foundation.

Auto WordPress Updates

This hosting solution ensures that your website remains up-to-date automatically, improving your security, giving you the latest features, and fixing existing bugs instantly with new updates.

Free Backups

The Pro and Premium WordPress hosting plan offers on-demand backups that let you quickly restore your data. All plans will get daily backups to ensure your data remains safe.


GreenGeeks doesn’t offer website staging, meaning you can’t preview changes you make on your website before saving it. Once you make adjustments to your website, this is final, and you need to re-customize your site if you want to revert it.

You can also ask for backups if you wish to revert the changes you make on the website, but this is a labor-intensive way to restore the older version of your website.


greengeeks pricing plans

Here are GreenGeek’s pricing plans.

  • Lite – $2.95 monthly (billed annually)
  • Pro – $4.95 monthly (billed annually)
  • Premium – $8.95 monthly (billed annually)
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Omar's Take

Kinsta offers a wide range of WordPress hosting options for you, with ten options differing in terms of specs, offerings, and capabilities.

Best For:
Scaling your hosting plan
Starts at $35 monthly
Annual Billing:
You get two free months with the annual subscription, saving you $70.

Kinsta’s Pro plans and up give you site cloning capabilities, making it the best WordPress hosting provider for businesses that need multiple WordPress sites. The provider exists on Google’s cloud hosting platforms, giving it scaling capabilities.

The hosting service runs on Google’s cloud-hosting C2 virtual machines. The service also comes with an in-house application monitoring tool (APM) to help spot bottlenecks in your website.

This hosting solution gives free CDN from 100 GB to 6,000 GB with one to five free premium migrations depending on your tier.



Here are Kinsta’s features.

Cloudflare Enterprise

Kinsta offers free CDN and DDoS protection, edge catching, and wildcard support for added security. Its all-in-one solution gives you security and scalability hand-in-hand.

Managed Hosting

Kinsta’s plans offer managed hosting services, meaning it takes off most of the workload for maintaining and running your website.

MyKinsta Dashboard

The MyKinsta dashboard lets you toggle between time-saving site tools in one place. You can view your analytics, collaborate with your developers, and do other admin tasks.


Kinsta is one of the most expensive WordPress hosts in the industry, making it impractical for beginners. If you’re just starting your WordPress site, other hosting companies like IONOS are much cheaper than this solution.

Due to security reasons, you can’t use just any WordPress plugins on Kinsta. Some of these plugins offer caching, backups, and optimization.


kinsta pricing plan

Here are Kinsta’s pricing plans.

  • Starter – $35 monthly
  • Pro – $70 monthly
  • Business 1 – $115 monthly
  • Business 2 – $225 monthly
  • Business 3 – $340 monthly
  • Business 4 – $450 monthly
  • Enterprise 1 – $675 monthly
  • Enterprise 2 – $1,000 monthly
  • Enterprise 3 – $1,350 monthly
  • Enterprise 4 – $1,650 monthly
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Omar's Take

WP Engine gives you an all-in-one solution where you can manage your clients, billing, and sites with the Flywheel Growth Suite.

Best For:
Ecommerce websites
Starts at $24 monthly
Annual Billing:
$20 monthly
You get a 20% discount when you subscribe annually with the FREEDOMTOCREATE promo code

WP Engine offers three plans: 1) managed WordPress, 2) ecommerce Solutions for Woo, and 3) Advanced Solutions. Its ecommerce plan gives you faster speeds with EverCache and one-click theme creations for instant setups.

This hosting solution also gives you staging and backup options to help you test customizations for your website. It also offers development and production environments for a tri-tier website approval process.

WordPress hosting is also optimized for WooCommerce, making it an ideal ecommerce solution with flexibility, performance, and security in one place.

wp engine


Here are WP Engine’s features.

Page Performance Testing

You can test individual webpages to see how fast it runs and adjust code, plugins, and other features accordingly. This feature helps you boost speed based on quantitive data.

GIT and SFTP Connections

You can use your GIT and SFTP repositories or open-sourced materials for your website, allowing your developers to make adjustments from pre-saved codes and databases.

On-Demand Daily Backups

All plans get an on-demand daily backup option to restore the last saved backup in the previous 24 hours. This feature lets you easily rewind any mistakes made with additional codes or plugins.


It is not affordable enough for the average business, with its Advanced Solution option costing $600 monthly WP Engine also has a lot of add-ons and potential upcharges if you don’t read between the lines.

WP Engine also doesn’t have email solutions, so you need to find a workaround to use an official domain-registered email address. It also doesn’t offer DNS management.


wp engine pricing plan

Here are WP Engine’s pricing plans.

  • Managed WordPress – $20 monthly (billed annually)
  • eCommerce Solutions for Woo – $50 monthly (billed annually)
  • Advanced Solutions – $600 monthly (billed annually)

How To Choose From The Right WordPress Hosting Options

Know what to look for before subscribing to any recommended hosting for WordPress.

Here are the factors you must consider.


Before you subscribe to any of the WordPress hosting services mentioned above, research to search for each provider’s reputation.

Some services get an unfair rating from people who dislike the service because of bias. However, on average, more negative ratings mean less reliable service.

To know more about a service’s reliability, look at the platform’s uptime records and reviews on the different hosting companies. While most services claim a 99.99% uptime, research how long its scheduled maintenances take.

You can directly ask the hosting service how long their maintenance usually takes before subscribing. You can also check third-party user reviews on the service to find if its uptime lives up to its promises.


You should always prioritize security.

You can divide your choices into tiers, with your top options offering on-demand backups, firewalls, and sophisticated security measures. The lowest tier is services that don’t even provide a free SSL certificate.

You can choose dedicated, VPS, or cloud hosting with routine malware scanners for more secure solutions.

The best WordPress hosting platform for security offers everything, including checkups, firewalls, and next-level server security measures.

Shared WordPress hosting is often less secure since you share the server with other users, while dedicated hosting is a saver since you’ve your own dedicated server. The problem with the latter is it’s more expensive.


Few web hosts offer premium features to their WordPress starter plan.

Consider hosting companies’ other tiers according to elements like unlimited bandwidth, websites, uptime, and customer support.

Some hosting companies only provide quality customer service to higher tiers, meaning you will only get professional technical support if you pay more. Before choosing the lowest tier, ask whether it offers a different customer service for cheaper plans.

Other services don’t offer unlimited bandwidth and cap your website when it reaches certain traffic levels. A lack of bandwidth will become a problem if your website rapidly grows.


Make sure your hosting solution fits your budget. Aside from your WordPress hosting, you might still have to pay for your domain, backups, and other features.

While some services offer hosting at an upfront discount, always check the renewal rates and determine whether you plan to use the service for a second term. If there is a money-back guarantee, read the clause to learn which services are refundable.

If you want to try the service before committing to a longer-term payment plan, subscribe to one month and see if it is worth it.

Frequently Asked Questions (AQs)

What Are the Top WordPress Hosting Providers?

The best hosting providers for WordPress are SiteGround, Bluehost, IONOS, DreamHost, and Hostinger, among others. Each solution has advantages, with some better suited for particular business needs.

Can I Host My Own WordPress Site?

Yes. But the process is complicated since you need to create, manage, and maintain your own server to host your website. The materials alone cost a lot, and it is more efficient to subscribe to a hosting service.

The Bottom Line

I hope my list makes it easier for you to find the perfect WordPress hosting for your business.

Don’t hesitate to contact the hosting companies to ask about their services before subscribing.

If you think cloud technology is the best for your business, you should learn more about the best cloud hosting services.

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