Fun With Feet Review: Is It Legit?

fun with feet review
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents

In this article, we’ll talk about the most important features of the website, but to start, here’s Fun With Feet at a glance:

Earning PotentialUser InterfaceCustomer SupportWebsite SecurityPricing
What I Like +What I Don’t Like –
✅Easy setup❌Subscription fees
✅Pays instantly❌High level of competition
✅Anonymity option❌No mobile app
✅No high investment

Fun With Feet (FunwithFeet) is a legitimate website that lets you sell feet pics or vids to its users.

Is it worth it to start a feet-selling side hustle on this site?

Keep reading to know if it’s the right platform for you. I deeply explored everything you need to know about Fun With Feet.

I analyzed its features, legitimacy, security, and alternatives to see if it’s as good as it claims. I also collected some insights from various users.

Let’s begin.

What Is Fun With Feet?

Fun With Feet is a feet website with a platform to buy or sell feet pics specifically. Although it lets you see other pictures the seller uploads, it focuses mainly on selling feet pics.

Although new to the industry, the website launched in early 2021 and already has a strong following and marketplace.

Raj Dosanjh co-founded Fun With Feet and founded Rentroud, a digital marketing agency that connects sellers and landlords to agents, especially in the UK. He also worked at Barclays as a wealth project manager and got his Computer Science and Business Management education at Aston University.

As of 2023, the company’s traffic and engagement increased from 1.2 million in March to 1.4 million in April.

How Does Fun With Feet Work?

Fun With Feet is a social media platform with e-commerce features. Here’s how it works:

fun with feet review
  1. You sign up for a subscription on Fun With Feet.
  2. You upload photos and videos and set a price.
  3. Buyers purchase your content.
  4. You withdraw your earnings.

Fun With Feet also has a chatting feature, which I’ll discuss in more detail later.

Can You Remain Anonymous?

Yes, Fun With Feet allows you to stay anonymous. You don’t have to disclose anything you’re not comfortable with sharing publicly.

However, many sellers here may prefer showing their faces, as many customers want to see a face to complete their fantasy. They instead use an alias to maintain some level of privacy.

How Much Does Fun With Feet Take?

Fun With Feet profits from subscriptions. It currently doesn’t deduct commissions from your earnings, which means you’ll get 100% of what your buyer pays for your content.

However, this doesn’t include any payment processing fees for withdrawing your funds.

How Do You Get Paid on Fun With Feet?

Once someone buys and downloads your content, you get 100% of their payment on your Fun With Feet wallet within 24 hours. You can then withdraw it through your preferred method.

The available payout methods depend on your location. PayPal is the most widely used method globally, although it has high charges and currency conversion fees.

Some other options are Segpay and Paxum.

Here Are My Thoughts and Opinions On FunWithFeet

This section is where I go all in and tackle the most important aspects of FunWithFeet individually.

Signing Up

You can complete the sign-up process in only a few minutes. You only need to provide some basic information, although you must have a profile picture and a description ready (you can change these later).

word image 72964 5

Note: all the information you put here will be available to the public, except for the email address. It will remain private, but you can create a new email just for feet-pic selling purposes to protect your privacy.

Other than these details, you don’t have to provide any more personal information.

The next step is choosing a subscription service and proceeding straight to payment to complete the registration process.

I didn’t like that you must pay immediately. Otherwise, you can’t complete registration.
There’s no free trial, so you must only sign up when you’re sure about selling feet pics on the platform.

Earning Potential

FunWithFeet provides a unique way to earn money online, and your earning potential on the platform directly depends on how you package yourself.

With the right promotional pictures and content quality, you can package yourself as one of the top creators on the platform and potentially earn passive income from every sale.

The platform gives you four ways to earn:

1- You can sell pictures and videos at your desired price.

word image 72964 6

2- Clients can pay to unlock your inbox and start chatting with you, which is a decent second stream of income.

word image 72964 7

3- Customers can give you tips, starting from $10, without expecting anything in return.

word image 72964 8

4- You can earn even if you’re not a creator through the Partner Program. It’s an affiliate program that gives you 20% of seller memberships and 5% of buyer purchases successfully made through your unique link.

word image 72964 9

Fun With Feet doesn’t limit how many posts or collections you can upload, so you can post more to earn more money.

The variety of ways you can earn through the platform is a plus. You have unlimited earning potential if you put in the work and have a good niche.

User Interface

FunWithFeet provides a simple user interface, making it accessible for long-term usage. With simplified uploading processes, new users can create a platform and sell pics with just a few clicks.

The dashboard is intuitive and easy to navigate. Here, you can select from the following tabs on the sidebar menu:

  • About Me. This section allows you to link your social media accounts and edit your personal information.
  • Collections. In this tab, you can create collections and manage your uploaded content.
  • Earnings. You’ll see your history of earnings here, including your pending balance and available balance. This is where you can initiate the withdrawal process, as well.
  • Inbox. This is where you’ll see messages from clients who paid to unlock your inbox.
  • Settings. The settings tab lets you update your email address and password.
word image 72964 10

Your profile page looks basic without added frills, containing only the following information:

  • Your profile picture
  • Profile description
  • Your Collections
  • Tip button
  • Messaging button
  • Follow button

Its simplicity is its main appeal. It’s easy to use for both buyers and sellers, making transactions more straightforward for both sides.

It’s easy to navigate since there’s not much room for confusion. I appreciate that the tipping and messaging options are prominent, but it doesn’t have customization options that can improve user engagement.

Customer Support

FunWithFeet doesn’t offer direct calls; it provides specific email addresses for different topics:

You can also contact their customer service portal on the website.

word image 72964 11
Its customer service isn’t the best out there, but it’s relatively uncomplicated to reach them. Getting a response could take a while, though, as there’s no real-time communication options.

Website Security

Despite FunWithFeet allowing you to sell content online, it protects sellers and buyers should they wish to stay anonymous. The platform’s security fends off data breaches, protecting sensitive personal data from leakage.

I extensively researched FunWithFeet’s data breach history and found that it could fend off the brute force and sophisticated malware attacks. It’s maintained a stable history of protecting client information from hackers and bad actors.

Its anonymity option allows you to protect your identity and privacy. Its industry standard-compliant security features helps you get peace of mind that your data is safe.


As mentioned earlier, FunWithFeet charges a subscription fee for sellers, with only two options:

word image 72964 12

If you break it down to a monthly basis, a subscription can cost $3.33 or as low as $2.50 per month. If you choose six months, you can save $5.

Considering that an average feet pic sells for $5, one sale is enough to cover one or two months of your subscription.

You can unsubscribe anytime, but you won’t get any refund if you decide the website is not worth your time, no matter how many days, weeks, or months you’ve been using its services.

The lack of options can be a huge barrier for new feet pic sellers, especially as the lowest upfront cost is $9.99. Three months can be too long of a commitment, but it gives you enough time to recover the amount you paid for, at the least.

Is FunWithFeet Worth It? Pros and Cons

FunWithFeet has several earning opportunities, but it’s not perfect for everyone. If you’re looking to sell feet pics, ensure you know both the advantages and drawbacks of every site you come across before signing up.

Here, I’ll give you the unfiltered pros and cons of FunWithFeet.

Easy cancellationNo mobile app
Promotion optionsSubscription fees
Fast payoutHigh competition
Large user baseClunky website

Fun With Feet Pros

  • Easy Cancellation

If you find selling feet pictures online isn’t for you, the site allows you to cancel anytime without charging a hidden exit fee and keeping your personal information.

Since the site pays instantly, you can still get all your earnings even if you choose to leave FunWithFeet.

  • Advertising and Promotional Services

The site doesn’t leave new creators out to dry as it tries to find ways to promote new talent.

Even if you’ve never sold feet images, the website will promote your content to more potential buyers.

  • Fast Payout

What FunWithFeet sellers like most about the platform is the immediate release of funds. You can get your earnings within 48 to 72 hours of requesting a withdrawal.

  • Large User Base

FunWithFeet is one of the most popular platforms in this niche, attracting many buyers alike. It’s easier to reach your target audience here as long as you optimize your profile.

Fun With Feet Cons

  • No Mobile App

FunWithFeet only has a website and doesn’t offer an app you can use on your phone.

This makes it difficult to upload content since you need to do so through the browser website version.

  • Subscription Fees

Even if you don’t make money, you must pay the FunWithFeet subscription fee. There’s also no sales guarantee; you’d have to recuperate that cost since you’ve spent.

Although the fees aren’t much, there’s still the risk of not making money on the platform despite already paying the subscription fee.

  • High Competition

The sellers outnumber the buyers on the platform, making it hard to stand out. Don’t worry, I’ll give you tips later in this post.

  • Clunky Website

The website isn’t the most aesthetic one out there, which might turn off both potential sellers and buyers. The backend has a lot of issues, too, as many users report long hours of inaccessibility and slow loading of pages.

How To Start Selling Feet Pics on Fun With Feet

1- Create a Fun With Feet Account.

To begin your FWF journey, go to FunWithFeet and click the Sell Now button.

word image 72964 13

Enter the necessary details, such as your age, country, gender, and ethnicity. You also have to provide the following:

  • Display Name
  • Profile Picture
  • Profile Description
word image 72964 14

Lastly, provide an email address and nominate your password. You’ll use these details to log into your account.

word image 72964 15

Check the I confirm I’m at least 18 years old checkbox, then click Continue.

2- Choose a Subscription Option.

Yes, you must choose your preferred subscription model right off the bat.

word image 72964 16

Once you’ve chosen one, you can click the Proceed to Payment button to complete the purchase.

3- Upload Your Feet Pics and Videos.

Now, you can start uploading and start earning money. Fun With Feet recommends at least three collections to start with, but you can publish more to increase your visibility.

word image 72964 17

Click the Create a Collection button, upload your content and give it a catchy title – something that accurately represents the album while compelling your audience to click it.

When uploading content, you can choose which ones visitors can view for free and which ones to lock. A free foot pic can act as a teaser for what buyers can expect from the rest of the album.

Use collections wisely – many sellers mix photos and videos to charge higher.

How Much Do Feet Pics Sell For?

FunWtihFeet sells in collections, not individual photos. It also allows you to upload two types of content in one album:

  • Static pictures
  • Videos, 30 seconds to 5 minutes

In general, pricing depends on a lot of factors, including:

  • Seller Popularity. Beginners usually price their collections on the low side to attract followers.
  • Content. Videos fetch higher prices, so a mix of media in one collection can be more expensive than an album with only photos.
  • Niche. If you cater to very specific niches, you can charge higher prices. Conversely, a highly-competitive category can limit your pricing strategy.

On average, feet pic prices range from $5 to $10. This is a good start for beginners looking to gain more followers.

The average price for videos on the platform is from $10 to $30.

How Much Do Sellers Make on FunWithFeet?

The website claims that the average seller with over six collections can sell 15 picture/video collections unlocked monthly.

The average price for those collections ranges from $10 to $30.

If we do the math, a seller with over six collections can earn an average of $150 to $450 monthly.

Some sellers can earn thousands of dollars per month.

However, you must set realistic expectations. You may not earn much in your beginnings, or you may not earn anything at all.

Your income would depend on:

  • The quality of your foot photos and videos
  • The demand in your niche
  • Your marketing strategy

It’s also important to remember that not everyone succeeds on this online venture. In some cases, those who try may decide this isn’t for them at all. Others might give up before seeing results.

Tips for Succeeding on Fun With Feet

If you want to pursue selling feet pics on this website, here are some tips to make your online business successful.

Explore Popular Categories on the Website.

word image 72964 18

If you don’t know where to start, FunWithFeet has many categories or things they’re known for. You don’t have to upload your bare feet pics if you don’t want to, and you might fit in the following categories.

  • BDSM
  • Boots
  • Dancer
  • High heels
  • Sandals
  • Tattoos
  • Others…

Try Different Poses and Use Props.

Get creative when taking pictures of your feet. Ensure your audience doesn’t get bored of your content by adding visual interest and showing off your feet in various situations.

Let’s start with the basics: the poses. The key is to show the curves and highlight certain features, like toes, tattoos, and soles.

word image 72964 19

You can also don jewelry, wear shoes, and use props to add varying levels of dimensions to your photos.

Take Proper Care of Your Feet.

Ensure your feet always look their best. Picture-taking opportunities can arise in any situation.

Here are some tips I’ve found that other sellers use for maintaining well-groomed feet:

  • Use moisturizer every night.
  • Exfoliate regularly.
  • Keep them clean with soap and regular trimming.
  • Invest in pedicures and spa procedures.

Learn How To Take High-Quality Photos.

Many sellers start with just a high-end smartphone and their creativity. You only need to know the basics of taking good pictures.

  • Good Lighting

Natural lighting is the best lighting, and it’s free. However, if you want to take indoor photos, you might want to invest in proper lighting sources that can help you show off the curves and features of your feet.

  • Extra Equipment

When your business takes off, consider investing in better equipment, like a digital camera. It allows you to take pictures in higher resolution with better zoom capabilities.

You can also buy a tripod and other equipment for stabilized shots in any setting.

  • Angles and Perspectives

Experiment with close-ups, overhead shots, and other angles to add variety and increase engagement.

Engage With Your Audience.

People like supporting creators they have an emotional connection with. If you want to foster loyalty, ensure you engage with them in various ways.

Customer engagement is tricky on FunWithFeet, though. You can only reach your audience directly through messaging, which is only available to users who paid for it.

You can use external platforms, like social media, to engage better with your audience while earning on FWF.

Protect Your Privacy.

Even if you’re not anonymous, you must still protect your personal information from potential risks, such as:

  • Identity theft
  • Scams
  • Content piracy

Only transact within the platform, and don’t give out any information that might give out your identity.

You might also want to cover your tattoos and other identifying features. If you’re shooting in your home, ensure the background isn’t recognizable.

Promote Your Fun With Feet Account.

If you’re serious about your online venture, you must go beyond the platform and look for customers in other places.

For example, you can make an online presence in social media, forums, etc. and then direct your audience to your Fun with Feet account.

Is Fun With Feet Right for You?

The feet website is best for people that don’t mind selling their foot pics online for extra money, such as:

  • People that need a part-time source of income.
  • People that can’t commit to a part-time job but want to earn extra.
  • People that have presentable and desirable feet.
  • People that want to earn extra by selling feet pics while staying anonymous.

Unlike other websites, FunWithFeet lets you sell feet pics while remaining anonymous to the public. Since buyers pay directly to the website and not to you, they won’t know who you are.

The site also ensures processing your payment instantly, meaning you won’t have to wait a month selling feet pics to collect your earnings.

However, if you don’t plan to post pictures actively, you still have to pay the subscription fee for the site to sell your content.

If you think $9.99 for three months is too high, you can look for other sites to sell feet pictures online.

Fun With Feet Alternatives

Not sure if Fun With Feet is the best platform for you? I collected three similar websites you can check out.

However, ensure you consider the following factors when choosing a website for selling feet pics online:

  • Security

This is the biggest factor to consider, as you’ll be sharing some personal information with the platform. They’ll have your ID for verification and your bank account details for payment.

Ensure the website complies with the industry standards when it comes to protecting your data.

At the same time, check the website’s policies for protecting its users. Does it have safeguards in place to prevent hackers and scammers?

  • Costs

Compare how much you have to shell out when signing up on the platform. Some sites, like FunWithFeet, charge only a subscription fee.

Others may not have a subscription, instead taking a cut from all transactions on the site. Some platforms do a mix of both models.

  • Earning Potential

How much can you earn on the platform? What are the different methods to gain some income?

Check the features to see if they match your requirements.

  • User Base

Ideally, you want a platform with an existing customer base, making it easier to reach your audience. You must also consider its marketing efforts, whether it’s actively trying to attract new buyers or it’s just trying to earn from seller subscriptions.

Keep all these in mind while taking a look at these other feet pic websites:


word image 72964 20

FeetFinder is another popular platform that lets you sell feet photo or video content. However, you earn mainly by having feet lovers subscribe to your profile for a monthly fee.

The monthly subscription fee provides a more stable income, but you can also earn through other ways, like tips and custom content.

It has a different pricing model than FunWithFeet, charging sellers a subscription fee on top of the 20% fee from every transaction.

You can read more in my Feetfinder Review, but here are the subscription options at a glance:



word image 72964 21

DollarFeet doesn’t act like Fun With Feet or FeetFinder because you don’t need to promote to sellers. Instead, the platform itself buys content from feet models.

However, you need to apply to become one of its verified foot models. Once you pass, you can sell videos to them directly for $10 per accepted video.

Note: Once you sell the video, you no longer have the rights to it.

It’s a good site for supplementing your selling business. It would be challenging to get a decent, monthly income from this site alone.


word image 72964 22 1024x418 1

If you want to get started for free, you can check out Feetify. Although its free account limits your uploads, you can test the waters and learn more about the market without investing.

Its main appeal is its activity community because it rewards those who engage with the site frequently.

If you want to gain access advanced features for promoting your content, you can become a premium member for $49 in cryptocurrency.

The cost is a little bit higher, but a premium membership can also increase your earning potential and give you the chance to earn cash rewards.

Fun With Feet Seller Reviews From Real Users

This section compiles Fun With Feet Reviews from different individuals regarding the platform’s validity. Here they are.

Victor (Trustpilot)

word image 72964 23

Drew Gardner (Trustpilot)

word image 72964 24

Zara (Trustpilot)

word image 72964 25

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why Do Some People Sell Foot Content Online?

Selling foot images can bring in extra dollars per month without considerable effort, making this an attractive option for many people looking for an online side hustle. You can stay anonymous, and you don’t necessarily have to post foot fetish content.

Who Buys Feet Pics?

Although feet photos are popular among people with a feet fetish, people buy feet pics for other purposes. Here are other examples:

  • Podiatrists and medical professionals
  • Business owners who sell feet jewelry
  • Print and TV media
  • Fashion and shoe brands

Is Selling Foot Content Worth It?

It can be a decent source of side income, considering you don’t have to invest much to get started. All you need is a good camera, your feet, and a working knowledge of the industry to get ahead of your competitors.

Is Selling Your Feet Pics Dangerous?

Like every other online venture, selling pictures on the internet has some risks. However, you can protect yourself by keeping in mind some general safety tips, such as:

  • Never share your personal information with anyone.
  • Trust your instincts.
  • Be cautious of scams and unsolicited offers.
  • Keep your social media profiles private.

Where Can I Sell Foot Images?

Aside from FunWithFeet, here are some other sites where you can sell feet content:

  • FeetFinder
  • DollarFeet
  • Feetify
  • OnlyFans
  • Stock Photo Sites
  • Social Media
  • Craigslist

What Types of Feet Content Can I Make?

Your imagination is the limit when thinking of settings, poses, and props to use in your content. It also depends on your chosen niche and what your audience likes. Here are some ideas:

  • Sexy feet pics
  • Feet selfies
  • Foot massage
  • Dirty feet

Do I Have To Pay Federal Taxes for My Fun With Feet Income?

Yes, when your income reaches the taxable threshold in your country. In the U.S., you must start paying taxes as a self-employed or independent contractor when you’re earning more than $600 annually. Check with your local laws or consult a legal professional to be on the safe side.

Is Fun With Feet Legit for Sellers?

Yes. Fun With Feet pays sellers instantly, so you don’t need to worry about the platform holding your money or not getting any pay once you make a sale. You can cater to several foot fetishes and make various kinds of content to target your audience.

Is Fun With Feet a Legit Website for Buyers?

Yes. Fun With Feet provides a wide variety of foot content for foot lovers. When buying feet pics, you can use filters to find exactly what you’re looking for and pay through several options, such as debit and credit cards.

The Bottom Line

In all honesty, I found FunWithFeet exactly how the title suggests, a fun way to capitalize on feet content. As long as you can make more than the monthly fee, you’ll have casually profited that month.

However, if you’re looking to make a lot from your part-time gig, you’ll have to try FunWithFeet out for a few months before assessing if the platform is really worth it.

FunWithFeet is an accessible way to make extra cash online by selling foot pictures. If you want to do this passively, you can upload multiple collections simultaneously and see whether they sell.

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