How Long Does StockX Take To Ship? A Complete Guide

how long does stockx take to ship

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Managing an online store means you have to anticipate delivery and shipping times. If you’re selling on StockX, you should also factor in the authentication times.

How long does StockX take to ship?

StockX ships from seven to 12 business days on average. However, there are many factors that affect the StockX shipping time.

I’ll discuss these factors, along with the following.

  • What counts as StockX business days?

  • How does StockX shipping work?

  • How many days does StockX take to ship compared to other alternatives?

Let’s start.

How Long Does StockX Take To Ship?

how long does stockx take to ship

How long is StockX shipping time?

As mentioned, StockX usually takes seven to 12 business days to ship – from when the seller ships the item to the moment the customers receive their order. I’ll talk about several factors in-between affecting the StockX shipping speed.

How Long Does It Take for a Seller To Ship an Item?

The first stage is shipping the item sold to one of StockX’s verification centers.

StockX allows sellers up to two business days to ship the purchase after a customer orders your product. You may get additional days if you’re shipping new releases.

If you receive the order in the morning, you can ship the purchase in the afternoon. If you receive the order in the second half of the day, you can send it to the StockX support verification centers the next morning.

You can use UPS if you’re in the US or another local shipping courier for regions outside the US.

How Long Do StockX Orders Take to Authenticate?

StockX takes up to two business days to authenticate orders. However, this also depends on your product’s condition and when you send it over.

The verification process takes longer if the product is in poor condition or if you deliver it late in the day. Some models, like a rarer T-force, might take longer to authenticate.

If it discovers it’s fake, the platform will ban your StockX account. If a buyer receives a fake product, they can claim a refund.

How Long Does It Take StockX to Ship After Authentication?

How fast does StockX ship after verification?

The platform ships the product to the customer as soon as StockX verifies the product.

How long does StockX take to deliver?

The StockX deliver time varies on location and logistics. Local and international delivery have different timeframes, with the latter taking longer.

However, this also depends on the location’s accessibility. Delivery times vary among different countries.

Even if within the same country, the shipment might take longer to get delivered. The carrier might lose your shipped items or encounter issues en route that’ll affect the shipping times.

Like in other online marketplaces, the logistics company handles the delivery and security of the StockX order. Customers can always track their shipped orders.

Where Does StockX Ship From?

The company is from Detroit, MI. However, this doesn’t mean StockX receives your products at its main headquarters.

You’ll have to send your quality clothing, shoes, or other products to the nearest authentication centers.

Here are the local US authentication centers.

  • Atlanta, GA

  • Detroit, MI

  • Tempe, AZ

  • West Caldwell, NJ

Here are the international authentication centers.

  • Berlin, DE

  • Eindhoven, NE

  • Hong Kong, CHN

  • London, ENG

  • Melbourne, AUST

  • Mexico City, MX

  • Seoul, KOR

  • Tokyo, JP

  • Toronto, CA

If you aren’t sure where to ship products, check out the nearest StockX drop-off location to you.

What Shipping Courier Does StockX Use?

The StockX shipping process uses UPS. However, buyers can use UPS My Choice to choose their delivery options.

Most customers can choose the following:

  • Time tracking

  • Changing the delivery date

Buyers must input their address and preferred delivery window. They also need to update their delivery information if they change addresses.

The delivery costs will vary depending on the origin and destination. Couriers may charge an additional cost for less accessible locations.

Although StockX has a giant network, it doesn’t offer fast shipping options yet, like next-day delivery. StockX takes time to authenticate the products before sending them to the buyer.

Does StockX Refund Orders?

StockX doesn’t offer a full refund once the Bid and Ask match. It also can’t offer refunds when the buyer orders the wrong size.

What if the seller doesn’t send the shipment?

StockX can offer to match your order with another seller without additional cost.

If they can’t find a matching seller, StockX makes a refund.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which Ships Faster, GOAT Or StockX?

GOAT has slightly faster shipping times – around seven to 10 business days for US addresses. A StockX shipment can take up to 12 business days.

GOAT also has expedited shipping for items labeled as Instant. Some are even eligible for delivery within the next business day.

This can be a better alternative if you’re looking to have your items shipped quickly. StockX, however, still provides a reasonable delivery timeframe.

Does StockX Use FedEx or Ups?

StockX uses UPS. However, customers may also choose FedEx as their delivery option.

How Long Does It Take StockX to Deliver Shoes?

Like with the other products, the StockX delivery time for shoes takes seven to 12 business days. However, certain types of shoes may take a bit longer to ship.

Sellers have additional days to ship new releases, especially for KAWS and Supreme products.

The Bottom Line

I talked about everything you need to know regarding StockX shipping.

In general, the shipping timeframe depends on the origin and the destination, but it takes seven to 12 business days on average. Once a customer places an order, StockX also provides an estimate and tracking information.

If you’re planning on selling on the platform, you can try and buy an item first to get an idea of how the marketplace works.

If you want to sell your extra clothes, find out our recommendations for the best apps to sell clothes online.

Written by: Omar Deryan

Founder of OJ Digital Solutions

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