How Much Does Skillshare Cost? The Ultimate Guide

how much does skillshare cost

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A skillshare premium membership is an excellent way to get unlimited access to online courses.

Many people take Skillshare classes to boost their careers, learn something productive, or have fun learning a new skill.

However, some people get the wrong Skillshare premium membership or pass on the active free trial.

If you’re reading this, you might be asking the following questions.

  • How much does Skillshare cost per month?

  • What type of Skillshare membership should I get?

Skillshare classes cost $168 annually.

However, my article will discuss more than the Skillshare membership cost. I’ll also talk about how you can get a Skillshare free trial and enjoy 30 days of Skillshare classes free.

How Much Does Skillshare Cost?

how much does skillshare cost

The pricing model of the Skillshare platform is straightforward and has two options: 1) Skillshare annual and Skillshare Teams annually, and teams.

Skillshare used to offer a monthly membership to access its online courses, but it’s no longer the case.

Skillshare pricing depends on whether you choose an annual premium membership or the Skillshare teams plan.

I’ll explain the different Skillshare price plans.

Annual Skillshare Premium Plan

The annual subscription for a Skillshare account is ideal if you want to learn a discipline and not just an easy skill.

The annual Skillshare membership costs $168 per year for unlimited access.

Skillshare offers no monthly subscriptions.

An annual skillshare account lets you take advantage of the online learning platform. You can take multiple Skillshare courses worth hundreds of hours if you want.

With an annual subscription, you can cancel Skillshare and request a refund within seven days of using the online learning platform.

The annual option also gives you a 30-day free trial to access free classes within the online learning community.

Skillshare offers no option to pause your annual membership.

Skillshare Teams Annual Membership Plan

Skillshare Teams Annual Membership Plan

Skillshare Teams are annual memberships with additional perks. If you want to take online courses with others, Skillshare offers the Teams option that lets you and your team subscribe to one account.

The Skillshare pricing for teams starts at $159 per person annually for 2 to 19 members.

There’s also no Skillshare monthly membership for Teams.

The Skillshare premium cost increases depending on the number of members. With over 20 people, you can choose between the Enterprise or Revive plans.

Skillshare Teams premium subscription offers an Enterprise plan for businesses to help their staff level up.

You can also cancel the membership of an inactive team member or one who’s no longer part of your company.

The Enterprise plan also gives you a Customer Success Manager and analytics for the team administrator.

The Revive plan focuses on giving perks and curating wellness offerings. It’s also the same as Enterprise, where you can cancel the membership of people if you don’t want to pay for them.

Unlike the standard annual membership, you won’t get a free trial with Teams.

If you want to cancel your premium subscription, you can only do so within seven days.

Skillshare Free vs. Premium Options

You can get a Skillshare free trial with an annual membership.

Is Skillshare worth it?

The value of the Skillshare annual membership will depend on your budget and how many courses you can take in one year.

The Skillshare app lets you download courses for offline viewing.

Offering offline viewing for online courses is convenient because you can learn without internet access.

If you don’t want to pay for online classes, choose the annual Skillshare subscription and cancel your membership within seven days.

How Much Is Skillshare Premium Per Class?

Skillshare doesn’t have a monthly membership but offers unlimited classes. The more classes you take, the less it costs per class.

If you subscribe to an annual premium membership plan and only take one class, you pay $168 for that class.

However, if you take ten Skillshare workshops, you pay $16.80 for each class.

Here is a breakdown of how to maximize your Skillshare subscription cost savings.

How Much Is Skillshare Premium Per Class?

Your Skillshare fees per class shrink the more classes you take.

If you take 100 classes, your Skillshare price per class is just $1.68.

How To Drop Skillshare Cost (Student Discounts) By 50%

How To Drop Skillshare Cost (Student Discounts) By 50%

Skillshare offers a scholarship program allowing college and university students to subscribe with a 50% discount.

You can use the Skillshare app to apply as a student and get 50% off on online classes.

The Skillshare scholarship program also awards ten people a free membership for one year.

The learning platform gets a new batch of ten Skillshare scholarships every month.

Skillshare Pricing Compared To Other Online Learning Sites

Skillshare isn’t the only platform for learning. If you don’t want to join Skillshare, choose Skillshare alternatives.

Its most popular competitors include YouTube, MasterClass, and LinkedIn.

Let’s take a look at the differences between Skillshare and its competitors.

Skillshare vs. YouTube

Skillshare vs. YouTube

Is Skillshare worth it compared to YouTube?

The answer depends on the course you want.

YouTube is an excellent platform to learn without spending.

However, it can take longer for you to gain the necessary skills and knowledge because creators often stretch out free courses to make content.

Furthermore, the best teachers on YouTube don’t offer everything for free.

Skillshare teachers are professionals in their respective fields.

YouTube offers free advice, but just anyone can post on the platform. It would be best to vet your chosen YouTube teacher before taking their classes to verify their qualifications.

Vetting can be challenging if you know nothing about the course or skill you want to learn.

With Skillshare, you gain unlimited access to courses and the option to save classes for offline viewing.

Skillshare vs. MasterClass

Skillshare vs. MasterClass

MasterClass is another platform like Skillshare where you can learn from professionals.

Unlike the Skillshare community, MasterClass lets you learn from some of the biggest names in the world.

Here are some examples.

  • Gordon Ramsay

  • James Cameron

  • Margaret Atwood

However, comparing Skillshare and MasterClass is complicated since they cater to different fields.

While MasterClass lets you learn from some of the best in the world, Skillshare gives you access to a more extensive range of disciplines and skills.

If you want classes from famous people, go to MasterClass.

Join Skillshare to learn a specific skill.

The two don’t have to compete—you can use both simultaneously.

Skillshare is a fantastic place to start, and you can learn the basics before subscribing to MasterClass.

Skillshare vs. LinkedIn

Skillshare vs. LinkedIn

Is Skillshare worth it against LinkedIn Learning?

Again, the answer depends on what you want to learn.

LinkedIn Learning courses are best if you want to expand your career within LinkedIn. However, they offer limited options, and most courses provide only general information.

LinkedIn also doesn’t have options for offline viewing—you need to learn everything within the platform itself.

If you want to take classes to improve your resume, choose LinkedIn.

Join Skillshare if you want to learn more than just the basics.

Skillshare vs. Udemy

Skillshare vs. Udemy

Udemy is another Skillshare alternative with a different pricing model. Instead of charging a monthly subscription, it charges you per class.

This pricing model is the most common for individual classes outside of Skillshare. The problem with Udemy is that it’s hard to ask for a refund on your course if you aren’t satisfied.

Skillshare offers what Udemy offers, including class discussions, on a subscription basis.

If you want to learn many new skills, Skillshare lets you jump from one class to another at no additional charge within your subscription.

While Udemy classes are often affordable, prices can increase if you want to take multiple courses.

Choose Udemy for classes (ex., writing classes) teaching a single skill.

If you’re an aspiring writer but don’t aren’t sure about spending money on courses just yet, learn more about writing to determine if it’s right for you.

You’ll need to spend more on another class if you aren’t satisfied with what you’ve learned.

Unless you need only one class, you’ll get more value when you join Skillshare and take as many classes as possible.

Skillshare vs. Coursera

Skillshare vs. Coursera

Coursera combines traditional and hybrid education. Coursera provides a virtual platform for you to take courses online.

You can get an MBA with Coursera from esteemed universities and colleges. If you want a degree, choose Coursera.

The reason to join Skillshare and not Coursera is if you want a quick skill and not an entire degree.

Another reason not to pick Coursera is that Skillshare costs only a fraction of some of the most expensive courses on Coursera.

Some Bachelor’s Degree courses on Coursera can cost tens of thousands of dollars. Skillshare only charges $168 per year for all its courses.

Coursera also offers official certificates from the university upon completion of its courses. Although Skillshare does the same, the certificates come from Skillshare and its teachers, not an institution or university.

Benefits of a Skillshare Premium Membership

Here are some of the advantages you can enjoy as a Skillshare member.

Access to Thousands of Courses

Benefits of a Skillshare Premium Membership

When you join Skillshare, you can access thousands of courses across different fields like business, science, and creative skills.

Skillshare also lets you choose which classes to take, check reviews on the classes, and see which courses are shorter or longer.

With thousands of courses, you can complete a new one every day for years and still not run out of new things to learn.

Convenient Learning

Convenient Learning

Skillshare members can access offline viewing, letting them take classes on many different topics.

While Skillshare users can access courses online, offline viewing lets them take classes on the go.

Offline viewing is helpful if you don’t always have access to the internet or want to learn on your phone without using data.

Video classes are convenient because you can download classes and delete them after viewing them.

Affordable Subscription Plan

Affordable Subscription Plan

Skillshare costs don’t exceed $168 for the annual subscription plan, and you can access all the courses on the platform.

If you cancel Skillshare within seven days, you get a full refund.

Engaging Learning Experience

Engaging Learning Experience

Aside from Skillshare videos, you can ask others questions about your course.

Your skillshare membership also includes access to Chroma Courses, which include live Q&As and access to exclusive content from an expert teacher.

You can also get personalized feedback on your assignments to determine whether you got the answers.

Skillshare Discount Codes

Skillshare Discount Codes

Use discount codes to avail of lower membership prices.

One Skillshare discount code to use is google30off. This code gives you access to Skillshare’s yearly plan at just $115.50. This plan includes offline viewing, unlimited content, and all premium features.

Another thing you can do is follow Skillshare on social media since they sometimes give codes for up to 50% off on annual subscriptions.

Skillshare Tips and Additional Info

Here are things you should know to maximize your Skillshare subscription.

How To Get Skillshare Gift Card

You can give corporate gift cards to employees, customers, or friends. You must buy at least 25 memberships.

How To Pay For Skillshare

You can pay for Skillshare with your credit or debit card. Using the mobile version, you can pay through the Google Play Store for Android or Apple Pay for iOS.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Much Is a Skillshare Membership?

A Skillshare membership costs $168 for an annual subscription. If you’re learning with others, you can choose the Skillshare Team option to pay $159 per person (minimum of 2).

Remember, Skillshare no longer offers a monthly subscription

How Much Is Skillshare After Free Trial?

Before you get a free trial, you need to subscribe to the yearly plan at $168 annually. If you don’t want to pay $168, request a Skillshare refund within seven days.

Do You Have To Pay for Skillshare?

Yes. Skillshare requires an annual subscription. The 30-day free trial is free for the yearly subscription.

Should You Choose Udemy or Skillshare?

Udemy is suitable if you’re looking for specific courses, while Skillshare is better for unlimited learning. Udemy has more users, courses, and categories.

Can You Put Skillshare on Your Resume?

Yes. You can place a Skillshare certificate on your resume. This lets recruiters know that you learned a particular skill.

Can Skillshare Get You A Job?

It depends. Skillshare can teach you the skills needed to land a job.

However, getting a job still depends on your interview, resume, and experience.

Can You Buy One Class on Skillshare?

No. You can’t buy an individual class on Skillshare. You need to subscribe to the annual plan to access classes.

The Bottom Line

I hope my guide gave you essential info on Skillshare, its prices, and how it competes with other learning platforms.

Don’t hesitate to subscribe to Skillshare’s annual plan for a free trial and ask for a refund within seven days if you aren’t satisfied.

Written by: Omar Deryan

Founder of OJ Digital Solutions

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