How Much Is Grammarly Premium? Everything You Need To Know

how much is grammarly premium

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The free version of Grammarly is good enough to catch basic grammatical and spelling mistakes.

However, you may need a Grammarly Premium subscription to create a well-crafted article, cover letter, or long-form content.

If you use Grammarly for free, you’ve probably asked, “How much is Grammarly Premium?”

The most straightforward answer is: It depends on your subscription, but the most popular plan (according to Grammarly) costs $144. This plan is annual, meaning Grammarly bills you once a year.

Don’t worry because I have more to discuss. I wrote this guide to explain Grammarly Premium in detail.

Let’s begin.

Grammarly Plans and Features

The cost of Grammarly Premium (Grammarly pricing) depends on the Grammarly packages you choose: Free, Premium, or Business.

If you’re wondering if there’s a Grammarly Lifetime plan, there isn’t.

how much is grammarly premium

Free Plan

The free version of Grammarly is excellent for students and professionals who want to fix their spelling, punctuation, and grammatical mistakes.

The downside of the Grammarly free version is the lack of advanced features to elevate your writing, including vocabulary suggestions and plagiarism checks.

Here are the free plan’s features.

  • Punctuation checker

  • Automated spell-checker

  • Basic AI-powered grammar checker

  • Tone detection report

The free app works on these platforms.

  • Microsoft Word

  • Microsoft Office

  • Google Docs

  • Android and iOS via the Grammarly keyboard

  • Web browsers, including Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Safari

Grammarly Premium

The Premium version includes a plagiarism checker, advanced reports to help you polish your writing further, and everything else in the free version. It’s popular among writers across industries and disciplines.

Here are the advanced features you can find on Grammarly Premium.

  • Readability reports

  • AI-powered writing assistant

  • Over 400 grammar checks

  • Plagiarism checker

  • Writing-style reports

  • Advanced collaboration features

  • Citation suggestions

Your Grammarly Premium price depends on whether you choose a monthly subscription ($30), a quarterly subscription ($60), or an annual plan ($144).

Choosing the annual subscription saves you money in the long run because you only pay a $12 Grammarly monthly cost instead of $30.

On the other hand, opting for the Grammarly monthly subscription allows you to spread out the payment. However, you’ll pay $360 annually for the month-to-month plan.

Grammarly Business Plan

Grammarly Business is excellent for teams of three users and more, allowing each member to produce high-quality content through complex spelling, punctuation, and grammar error corrections.

This version has all the features of Grammarly Premium plus these capabilities.

  • Advanced collaboration features

  • Support for multi-user accounts

  • Support for writing style guides

  • Enterprise-level encryption

Grammarly Business is available through monthly and annual subscription plans.

  • Monthly – $25 per seat

  • Annual plan (billed as one payment every year) – $180 per seat for three to nine team members, $174 per seat for 10-49 members, and $150 per seat for 50-149 members

Grammarly Cost per Year

If you want to save money in the long run when signing up for any of the two premium versions of Grammarly (Premium or Business), it’s best to choose the annual subscription.

How much is Grammarly a year?

Grammarly Premium costs $144 annually, while Grammarly Business yearly subscription costs $180, $174, or $150, depending on the number of team members.

Is the Grammarly Subscription Cost Worth It?

Is the Grammarly Subscription Cost Worth It?

Whether Grammarly Premium is worth its price depends on your needs.

The free app will suffice if you’re only looking for a way to spruce up your writing.

However, if you’re a professional writer or your job requires you to write high-quality content, investing in the premium version is necessary.

Based on my experience, Grammarly’s built-in checkers are considerably more accurate and can detect more issues than other writing tools.

My verdict is this: For someone who needs to produce error-free professional content, the $12 monthly Grammarly fee is reasonable, considering all the features you can access from this service.

What Are the Benefits of Grammarly Premium?

What Are the Benefits of Grammarly Premium?

Whether you’re a student, casual writer, or professional who needs to regularly produce high-quality content, Grammarly Premium can help improve your writing skills and learn more about grammar.

This AI-powered writing tool can speed up your writing and editing processes and help you create content according to your audience, brand, preferred tone, and formality level.

Note: Grammarly is relatively accurate but may sometimes misinterpret words. Thus, use your best judgment when considering its suggestions.

How Does the Grammarly Chrome Extension Work?

Grammarly foe Chrome

The Grammarly Chrome extension provides real-time writing suggestions on different platforms, including Google Docs, Gmail, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.

The writing tool also offers a browser extension for Safari, Firefox, and Edge. Thus, you can check your text whenever you write online.

If you’re using Grammarly for Mac or Windows, you must turn on the browser extension to use the service.

To check whether you’ve installed the Grammarly browser extension, view the top bar of your browser and look for this icon:

Grammarly browser extension

After installing the extension, you can see Grammarly’s writing suggestions while working on different websites and platforms.

What Are Grammarly Premium’s Features?

The premium version offers all the free plan’s features plus these capabilities.

  • Plagiarism detection

  • Tone adjustment

  • Word choice

  • Clarity-focused rewrites

  • Fluency

  • Additional advanced suggestions

Grammarly Free vs. Premium

Grammarly’s free version catches common spelling and punctuation errors and highlights them in red. The online tool offers some corrections and suggestions to polish your content, which it highlights in blue or green.

However, you must upgrade to the premium version for additional insights and features.

Remember, the biggest drawback of the free version is the lack of writing insights and reports. You need a premium subscription to elevate your writing and reduce editing time.

Grammarly free also lacks a plagiarism detector, a must-have tool for companies that need to cross-check the content of their writers.

How Do I Edit My Personal Dictionary on Grammarly Premium?

There are personal lexicons or unique words and phrases that won’t appear in the dictionary anytime soon. Thus, Grammarly allows users to create a Personal Dictionary.

When you add a word to this unique dictionary, Grammarly will stop flagging it as a misspelled or unknown term.

Here’s how to edit your Personal Dictionary.

  • Click Account on the left side of the screen.

  • Select Customize.

  • Click Manage your personal dictionary.

how to edit your Personal Dictionary

How Much Is Grammarly Premium for Students?

How Much Is Grammarly Premium for Students

Grammarly doesn’t offer a discounted price to students. They must pay the same price everyone else pays when they sign up for the Premium version.

Those who can’t afford the $30 monthly subscription or $144 annual plan of Grammarly Premium can use the free version with a Chrome extension.

Is There a Grammarly Family Plan?

Grammarly doesn’t offer family plans, one-time subscriptions, gift plans, or tax exemptions for users signing up for Grammarly Premium features.

However, the Grammarly Premium subscription allows users to access the writing tool on up to five devices.

How To Use Grammarly Premium

I recommend using the Grammarly desktop or web app to understand how it works before upgrading.

Here’s how to start using this writing and editing tool.

  • Go to the Grammarly website.

  • Create an account using your Google or Facebook credentials.

  • Download the desktop app for Windows or Mac.

  • Download an extension for your preferred browser.

  • If you’re using the browser plugin, Grammarly can scan your email, social media posts, and online documents in real-time.

  • If you’re using the desktop app, you must copy-paste your documents or upload them.

  • Review Grammarly suggestions before you accept or reject them.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Grammarly and How Does It Work?

Grammarly is a digital writing and editing tool that provides grammar and spell checks, sentence and word suggestions, and plagiarism detection. It can help improve your content’s clarity, style, tone, and vocabulary.

This online tool reviews any writing, including social media posts, emails, creative writing, and long-form content.

Will the Grammarly Free Version Suit My Needs?

It depends. The free plan can help you catch grammatical, punctuation, and spelling mistakes. If you need to churn out quality content regularly, you need the Premium subscription.

The free version lacks critical features, including plagiarism checks, tonal corrections, sentence rewrites, and word suggestions.

How Much Does Grammarly Premium Cost?

Here are Grammarly’s pricing plans.

  • Annual subscription plan – $144

  • Quarterly plan – $60

  • Monthly plan – $30

Is There a Grammarly Student Price?

No. There are no Grammarly rates, discounts, or a dedicated free version for students. However, they can use its free grammar checker with a browser extension.

Is Grammarly Premium Too Expensive?

It depends. If you’re a student or casual writer who occasionally needs a writing tool, the $30 monthly plan or $144 annual subscription may be steep.

However, Grammarly is worth its price if you’re a professional writer who frequently writes articles, announcements, and emails because it can spot most writing errors, ranging from stylistic issues to grammatical mistakes.

Is Grammarly Premium Worth Buying?

Yes. Grammarly Premium is worth its price if you frequently need to produce high-quality content. The free version should suffice if you only need to polish your writing occasionally.

Can I Save More With a Grammarly Annual Plan?

You can save more money in the long run if you choose Grammarly Premium’s annual subscription ($144) instead of its quarterly plan ($60) or monthly plan ($30).

When you choose the yearly subscription, you only pay $12 monthly.

You’ll pay a whopping $360 a year if you opt for a month-to-month plan or $240 annually when you choose the quarterly subscription.

Does Grammarly Offer a Trial?

Yes, but only periodically. Grammarly Premium is sometimes available for a 7-day free trial.

Whenever a free trial is available for individual subscribers, you’ll see the option to sign up on the Grammarly website before you can upgrade to the premium version.

What Is Grammarly Business?

Grammarly Business is another premium version of Grammarly.

Grammarly Business plans cater to small and big companies because it offers collaboration tools for teams (with three users and more).

The Bottom Line

A Grammarly Premium plan is a worthwhile investment to polish your writing skills and speed up your editing and publishing process.

While this online editing tool can take your content to the next level, being a good writer requires a blend of talent and acquired skills.

However, remember that you need more than a Grammarly Premium subscription to improve your writing.

You can learn to write better using the best tips and tricks.

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