How Much Is Spotify Premium Family? The Ultimate Guide

how much is spotify premium family

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How much is Spotify Premium Family?

The short answer is the Spotify Family Plan price costs $15.99 monthly.

However, the Spotify Family Plan offers more than just shared streaming for more users. I wrote this guide to discuss Spotify Family and its inclusions.

I’ll also answer these questions (and more) regarding the Spotify Premium family package.

  • How does Spotify Family Plan work?

  • How many people can be on a Spotify Family Plan?

Let’s start.

How Much Is Spotify Premium Family?

how much is spotify premium family

How much does the Spotify Premium Family Plan cost?

A Spotify Premium Family Plan costs $15.99 monthly and lets you share your premium account with up to six members.

The more family members you add to your premium account, the more you can save per family member.

How much is Spotify Family Plan? Here’s a breakdown depending on the family member count.

  • One user – $15.99 per user

  • Two users – approximately $8 per user

  • Three users – $5.33 per user

  • Four users – roughly $4 per user

  • Five users – roughly $3.20 per user

  • Six users – roughly $2.67 per user

The Spotify Family Plan also has more features than other premium accounts.

Here’s what you get with the Spotify Premium Family tier.

Spotify Family pricing Plan

What Is Spotify Family Plan?

What Is Spotify Family Plan?

The Spotify Premium Family package caters to more people than other plans.

By contrast, the Duo Spotify Premium plan only lets two people share an account.

Here are the features of Spotify Family Plans.

  • Ad-free music listening

  • Separate Spotify kids app with parental controls

  • Option for family members to block explicit music

  • Digital music downloads

  • On-demand playbacks

  • Family mix

The Premium Family plan offers the same features for all family members using the Spotify premium account tier.

features of Spotify Family Plans

How To Use Spotify Family Plan

Once you have a Spotify account, invite family members and adjust the settings for each user after.

If you have kids, they can access Spotify’s music streaming services through Spotify kids. This feature lets you manage their Spotify Premium accounts and saved music.

Let’s learn how to add someone to Spotify’s family plan.

How To Add Someone to Spotify Family

You must learn how to add people to your Spotify Family plan to utilize its six-premium-accounts limit.

Here’s how to add accounts to Spotify Family.

  1. Go to Account Overview.

  2. Click View Details or Premium for Family from your tabs on the left.

  3. You’ll see empty avatars if you don’t have any other Spotify accounts on your family subscription.

  4. Click on the avatar you want to fill.

  5. A new page will appear where you can add family members.

  6. Copy a link and send it to family members you want to add to your account or enter their email.

  7. The empty slot will update to Waiting and change when the person you invited accepts.

How To Remove Someone From Your Family Plans

You can remove members from your premium subscriptions as long as you’re the sole owner of the plan.

Here’s a step-by-step guide.

  1. Log in to your Spotify Family account

  2. Go to your Account Page

  3. Scroll down and select Manage your family accounts

  4. Choose to remove members

  5. Select the member you want to remove.

  6. Confirm your decision.

  7. Wait for confirmation.

How To Upgrade Spotify to Family Plan?

If you already have an account with the music streaming app, you can upgrade to the Family account whenever you want.

Here’s how to upgrade your account.

  1. Go to the Spotify Family page.

  2. Click UPGRADE to Spotify Family.

  3. Choose your deal and update your payment information.


  5. Wait for Spotify to confirm your upgrade.

Does the Spotify Upgrade to Family Require Users To Have the Same Address?

Yes. Spotify requires you to verify your address and use that same address to prove you’re part of a family.

Even if you’re sharing an account with friends, as long as you have the same address, you can split the membership into six accounts.

Is Spotify Premium Family Plan Worth It?

Is Spotify Premium Family Worth It?

The low Spotify Family Plan cost makes it the cheapest streaming service deal for six members.

Here are other reasons the Family Spotify plans are worth it.

  • Shared family playlist

    You can create new playlists and share them with other family members.

  • Parental guidance

    With Spotify kids, you can let your children use the app without worrying about them accessing explicit songs, podcasts, or content.

  • Family-tailored playlists

    Spotify can curate playlists for your whole family.

  • Savings for everyone

    With six people using Spotify’s premium plans, you’ll only spend less than $3 per month per member.

Yearly Cost (Family Plan Spotify Premium Option)

No. Spotify doesn’t offer an annual payment option for its Spotify plan. This means for a whole year, you’ll pay monthly and have to pay for all 12 months.

However, Spotify gives you a 30-day free trial when subscribing, meaning you’ll only pay for 11 months.

To make the most out of the free trial, if all participants are eligible to have an account, all six members can create a family plan for six months in total of trials.

Here’s the annual cost of Spotify Premium Family plans.

  • $191.99 a year for 12 months

  • $175.89 a year for 11 months (with the free trial included)

  • $95.94 a year for six months (with one month of free trial for all six members)

It’s important to note that Spotify bills your account right after your 30-day free trial ends. If you want to use the trial without paying, cancel your subscription before the billing date.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is There a Family Plan For Spotify?

Yes. Spotify offers the Family Plan for up to six members.

Is Apple Music Family Plan Cheaper Than Spotify Family Plan?

Apple Music’s Family Plan starts at $14.99, $1 less than Spotify’s.

What Is the Cheapest Spotify Plan?

Spotify Student costs $4.99 monthly, but the Family tier costs $15.99 monthly ($2.67 per member) for all six members.

Can I Pay for Spotify Family Yearly?

No. Spotify charges a monthly fee and doesn’t offer any yearly discounts.

Can I Share My Spotify Account?

Spotify cracks down on your address.

If you want to share your account, you need a Duo or Family plan. You can only share an account with people at the same address.

Will I Lose My Playlists if I Join Spotify Family?

No. Even if you upgrade your subscription plan, Spotify still keeps your playlists.

The Bottom Line

I hope my in-depth guide answered all your questions regarding Spotify’s Family plan.

Don’t hesitate to take advantage of the 30-day trial to decide if Spotify Family is worth it.

If you’ve tried Spotify and felt it’s not the best option, learn how to cancel your Spotify Premium.

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