How To Become A Fortune Cookie Writer

how to become a fortune cookie writer

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Are you a good writer with a knack for thinking up words of wisdom? If you do, you could earn good money by being a fortune cookie writer.

Are you wondering how to become a fortune cookie writer?

Well, you’ve come to the right place.

My guide will walk you through how to become a fortune cookie writer. I’ll also discuss how you can find a job as a fortune cookie writer.

After reading my guide, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a successful fortune cookie writer.

Let’s begin.

What Does a Fortune Cookie Writer Do?

how to become a fortune cookie writer

A fortune cookie writer creates the short and often mysterious statements you find in the thin slips of paper when you open fortune cookies.

Fortune cookie companies dictate the creative messages that go into fortune cookies. Some companies have specific themes, while others focus on Chinese proverbs or sayings.

The fortune cookie company dictates the messages that go into fortune cookies. Some companies use particular themes, while others only focus on Chinese proverbs or sayings.

Sometimes, a company will ask a fortune cookie writer to write fortunes for custom fortune cookies. These can be messages for weddings and birthday parties. People can also request custom messages for anniversaries and other special occasions.

Writing fortune cookies may seem like a job anyone can do. But veteran fortune cookie writers will tell you it isn’t.

It’s a job that requires sharp wit, a mountain of creativity, and exceptional writing skills. If you have these qualities, you could try and become a fortune cookie writer.

If you don’t want fortune cookie writing as your full-time employment, you can do it as a side hustle. Being a fortune cookie writer may not sound like a dream job, but it would be an excellent source of surplus income if you enjoy writing.

The Origin of the Fortune Cookie

You’ve likely opened a fortune cookie or two if you’re a big fan of Chinese food. Your favorite Chinese restaurant always includes a fortune cookie in your order.

Since fortune cookies come with your Chinese food order, it’s natural to think they originate in China.

This staple of Asian-American food culture does trace its roots to China, where Chinese monks used to exchange messages stuffed in mooncakes with rebels.

They did this to provide warnings for invasions or instructions for attacks.

However, the modern fortune cookie you’ve come to know has a somewhat contentious origin story.

Here are some theories regarding the origin of the fortune cookie.

David Jung

Some say that David Jung invented this treat in 1918 and was the first fortune cookie writer.

He was an immigrant who moved from China to Los Angeles and started the Hong Kong Noodle Company. His fortune cookies contained bible scriptures to help inspire poor people.

Kay Heong Noodle Factory

According to another theory, the Kay Heong Noodle Factory in San Francisco made the first fortune cookie.

The factory’s fortune cookies contained Chinese quotes of wisdom. The Kay Heong Noodle Factory hoped the fortune cookies would pique the interest of tourists visiting San Francisco’s Chinatown.

Makoto Hagiwara

The officially acknowledged origin story of the fortune cookie credits Makoto Hagiwara.

The San Francisco Court of Historical Review states Mr. Hagiwara served fortune cookies in 1914. He served the cookies with tea in Golden Gate Park’s Japanese Tea Garden.

How to Write Fortune Cookies

word image 51634 3

How do fortune cookie writers create their fortune cookie sayings? Well, there are a few things to remember.

First, the fortune must be a creative and impactful message with a positive tone.

Second, the message must contain only a few words. There’s no specific word count, but they must be short enough to fit on a tiny sliver of paper.

Third, the fortune cookie message you write must fit into one of these categories.


Your messages must impart wisdom to the reader.

These can be motivational quotes encouraging readers to live better lives. Remember to cite the author if your message is a quote from an actual person.


These laconic phrases are often clever and thoughtful. An aphorism is one of the best sayings you can find in a fortune cookie.

Example: “Pride comes before a fall.”


These are self-evident and rhetorical truths.

Example: “You can observe a lot just by watching.”


Fortune cookie writers often use vague sentences when writing predictions for fortune cookies. Doing so leaves the messages open to interpretation.

Examples include “Prepare for a surprise” and “You’re on your way to a fresh start.”


These statements encourage readers to do something to achieve a positive result. An excellent example of a call-to-action is “Keep trying, and success will soon be yours.”


Messages in fortune cookies can be funny, silly, and witty one-liners. You have to be careful when writing jokes for fortune cookies because what you think is funny may not be so to others.

Some fortune cookie companies put fortune cookie mottos on the slips of paper. Others add lucky numbers and short poetry.

How to Become a Fortune Cookie Writer

Follow these steps to start writing fortune cookies.

Build Up Your Writing Skills.

Writing well is the core of becoming a successful fortune cookie writer.

You can always practice writing if you’re not good at it.

You can also enroll in a fortune cookie writing school if you want.

Another strategy to improve your writing skills and vocabulary is to read good books and magazines.

word image 51634 4

Writing courses that teach proper grammar and how to write short, imaginative lines and quirky one-liners are also options.

You can also try checking out existing fortune cookie sayings on the web. You can also search and read quotes, jokes, and greeting card messages online to get insight into what you need to master.

Become a Professional Writer.

You can hone your writing skills by applying for other writing jobs.

Apply for copywriting jobs, become a freelance writer for websites, or go into social media marketing. You can also try working as a content writer or creating your own blog.

Other writing jobs you can try include academic writing, e-book writing, and email marketing.

Working these jobs can teach you how to create the short but sweet messages people like to find in their fortune cookies.

Put Together a Comprehensive Portfolio.

Before becoming a professional fortune cookie writer, you must prove to potential employers you have the necessary chops. Put together a portfolio of various writing samples to highlight your writing skills to achieve this.

You should also add fortune-cookie message examples to show your creative writing prowess.

word image 51634 5

Once you’ve gathered enough material for your portfolio, upload it to a free online storage platform such as Google Drive. Doing so makes it easier to share samples with potential employers.

Write Your Résumé.

Write a résumé and add all your professional writing jobs to highlight your writing experience.

You should also write a cover letter stating your desire to become a fortune cookie writer. You can edit this letter to fit different companies.

Ensure you add your contact details on your resume and cover letter.

Apply as a Fortune Cookie Writer.

You can now apply as a fortune cookie writer. Search online for companies that manufacture fortune cookies or offer fortune cookie writing services.

List the companies you want to apply to and add the ones you like best at the top.

Start contacting companies and applying to each, ensuring you personalize your cover letter for every company.

Indicate whether you’re applying for a full-time job, a part-time job, or as one of their freelance fortune cookie writers.

Where to Find Fortune Cookie Writing Jobs

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Are you wondering where to find work as a fortune cookie writer? The internet is an excellent place to start.

Google “fortune cookie writing jobs” in Google and list the sites with job openings.

Go straight to the source to skip job sites like Glassdoor, Indeed, and Monster.

You can send your resume and portfolio link to your portfolio in your Google fortune cookie manufacturers.

Here’s a list of the businesses where you can become a fortune cookie writer.

You can also search for custom fortune cookie manufacturers looking for freelancers.

Here are examples of businesses that make customized fortune cookies.

You can also apply to Chinese restaurants and local establishments in your area that manufacture fortune.

Add your location (city and state) to your Google search query, and you’ll likely find a few businesses that need your fortune cookie writing services.

Other options exist if you still can’t find a fortune cookie writing job.

The first option is to build your own company offering fortune-cookie writing services.

Create a website that provides fortune cookie writing and custom quote writing services. Promote it on social media and send a link to your site to the companies listed above.

The second option involves a bit of baking know-how. Create your own business manufacturing fancy fortune cookies and become a fortune cookie writer this way.

You’ll be writing the fortunes for your cookies and running your own company. You get to be an entrepreneur and be your own boss.

How Much Do Fortune Cookie Writers Make?

word image 51634 7

The rates of fortune cookie writers vary by business.

According to Glassdoor, the average salary of fortune cookie writers annually is around $56,000. However, some fortune cookie writers make up to $81,000 a year.

Some sites list the salary info for fortune cooking writing as between $40,000 and $80,000. Some companies even offer benefits to full-time writers, including health insurance, annual vacations, and more.

Should You Become a Fortune Cookie Writer?

Is becoming a fortune cookie writer the right career path for you? The answer depends on several factors.

Aside from the writing skills necessary to become a fortune cookie writer, you must also possess the following:

  • Creative writing experience
  • Inherent motivation
  • Communication skills
  • Editing skills
  • Conciseness (the ability to write the short and imaginative lines required for fortune cookie writing)

You should also arm yourself with writing tools that help create grammatically correct statements.

The Bottom Line

Hopefully, my guide taught you how to become a fortune cookie writer.

You now know what to do, so don’t be afraid to start your fortune cookie writing journey.

You can also visit my blog for more business tips and strategies.

Written by: Omar Deryan

Founder of OJ Digital Solutions

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