How to Cancel Planet Fitness Membership (Full Guide)

how to cancel planet fitness membership

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Table of Contents
Table of Contents

Do you want to cancel your Planet Fitness membership?

If yes, you might be surprised to learn that while it is easy to join Planet Fitness, the cancellation process is a bit tricky.

Here, I’ll explain how to cancel Planet Fitness membership in two ways:

  • cancel in person

  • send a letter.

This step-by-step guide applies whatever membership you have.

Let’s begin.

Cancelling Planet Fitness Membership: Step-by-Step

1. Read and Prepare the Documentation. 

You must prepare the following information before canceling your membership.

  • Membership ID number

  • Keytag number

  • Personal information like SSN and driver’s license number

  • The contract you signed with Planet Fitness

Review the Planet Fitness Cancellation Policy.

Read the contract to know the exact rules and conditions of your membership and to know how long you are committed to the gym.

If you signed up for a yearly contract, it’s worth considering waiting a month or two if you only have a few months left before the contract ends. That way, you can avoid the cancellation fee.

When Are You Eligible To Cancel Your Planet Fitness Membership?

Planet Fitness waives the cancellation fee for these two reasons: 

  • If you have an injury or any medical condition that interferes with your ability to exercise, ask your doctor to write a letter proving you need to take a break.

  • If you’re moving to a new place farther than 25 miles (or 40 km) away from any Planet Fitness location, ask your employer to write you a relocation letter.

You can check Planet Fitness address through its web site to make sure you can use this excuse.

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If neither of these situations applies to you, paying the cancellation fee is almost inevitable. Nevertheless, you can still plead your case if you have other reasons that inhibit you from going to the gym. 

Make sure you have written proof of your situation.

2. Check Your Billing Cycle.

If you have signed a monthly contract, you must cancel on or before the 10th of the month since the company typically bills its customers on the 17th. Note that it takes a few days, sometimes even up to a week, to process your request.

If you wonder how much is it to cancel Planet Fitness, it all depends on how it billed you.

For example, you’ll pay the $58 buyout fee if you cancel your Planet Fitness membership prior to the end of the contract terms.

To avoid this penalty and stop the billing of next year’s fee, cancel your membership by the 25th of the month before the contract ends.  

Failure to cancel a Planet Fitness correctly and at the right time may lead to hefty fees.

In some cases, you may even have to pay the annual contract entirely, including the remaining time you’re not going to use the facilities and equipment.

3. Opt for the Most Convenient Cancellation Method.  

There are only two options to cancel Planet Fitness Memberships: in-person or via mail. Choose whatever is the most convenient for you.

Surprisingly, you cannot cancel your membership by sending them an email or going through your Planet Fitness account. Also, the popular gym chain does not allow cancellation requests made over the phone or through the web site.

Keep reading for the steps to cancel your membership.

How To Quit Planet Fitness In-Person

  1. Write down details like your membership identification number and other personal information such as your social security number, address, and driver’s license number.

  2. Visit your home club requesting to cancel. This is the location where you signed up. Planet Fitness requires that you go to your home gym rather than any other location.

  3. Ask the front desk for the cancellation form.

  4. Once you’ve completed cancellation form, give it to a representative.

  5. Arrange to cancel any future monthly payment, if applicable.

  6. Ask for the cancellation in writing, and ask an employee to sign it. The signature acts as proof that they successfully received your request.

  7. You may also request a copy of the cancellation form.

  8. Ask for the name and contact details of an appropriate contact person. If you encounter some issues, let’s say the gym continues to charge your card, at least you can immediately report it to a representative.

How To Cancel My Membership via Mail

  1. Write a letter stating your intent to cancel your gym membership. Make sure you request that they give you a notification or a follow-up phone call.

  2. Submit a certified letter to your home club. This must come with postage, which you can get from your local post office.

  3. Wait for confirmation.

  4. Contact the services department if you do not receive an update stating that Planet Fitness already cancelled your membership. You can also visit them in person to speak with a front desk staff.

4. Monitor Your Credit Card Statements 

Always check your credit card and bank statements to ensure the gym no longer charges you. If you find any issues with your bank account, inform them as soon as possible.

Something You Need To Be Aware Of

Don’t be surprised if Planet Fitness charged you for an additional month, which usually happens if someone cancels a membership close to the end of the billing cycle.

You cannot get refunds for the month you already paid for, but you can still access the gym facilities until the end of the billed month.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How To Cancel My Planet Fitness Membership?

Although the cancellation process may vary depending on the location, most gym clubs require you to visit your local club or send certified mail requesting cancellation. 

However, some members may cancel their contract online based on their membership type and home club location. 

How To Cancel Planet Fitness Membership on App?

For most locations, people cannot cancel their membership online. Fortunately, a way to work around it is to use the DoNotPay app.

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How To Cancel Planet Fitness Membership Online?

Planet Fitness does not allow membership cancellations online, but you can manage your accounts there. However, you may use the DoNotPay app to cancel a Planet Fitness form.

  1. Open the DoNotPay app.

  2. Click on Find Hidden Money. 

  3. Type in Planet Fitness to cancel your membership.

  4. Wait for the confirmation email stating that Planet Fitness has canceled your account.

Is There a Fee to Cancel Planet Fitness Membership?

Yes. Planet Fitness bills members every 17th of the month. Ideally, you need to inform them about your intent to cancel your membership at least a week earlier because it can take up to seven business days for billing changes to take effect.

If you have an annual membership, it means that you must complete the cancellation by the 25th of the month prior to the yearly fee date so the gym will not charge you for next year’s membership. 

Another fee you must remember is the $58 buyout fee, which applies to people who cancel their membership with a minimum term.

How To Change Home Gym Planet Fitness?

You’ll need your Planet Fitness Club Pass to transfer your membership online. In addition, you must meet the following requirements:

  • You must be a member for a minimum of 90 days.

  • You have a monthly membership (not annually) to change your home gym.

  • You don’t have any outstanding dues or fees at your current club.

How Do I Pause My Planet Fitness Membership?

Visit your local Planet Fitness gym in person or send them a certified mail. You can ask them to freeze your account for up to three months.

If you want to continue to enjoy the gym’s facilities, you can resume your membership. You’ll still have the same number of days left as before freezing it.

How To Upgrade or Downgrade My Planet Fitness Membership?

Upgrading or downgrading your membership is easier if you do it online. However, you can also go to your home club and request it.

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Does Planet Fitness Have a Cancellation Fee?

Yes. If someone needs to cancel a Planet Fitness contract before 12 months have passed, they must pay their gyms the $58 Planet Fitness cancellation fee.

How To Unsubscribe From Planet Fitness Black Card?

You can either downgrade your membership or cancel it entirely by visiting your club or sending them a certified letter.

Is There a Planet Fitness Black Card Cancellation Fee? If Yes, Does Planet Fitness Charge to Cancel Regardless of Your Membership?

Yes. However, the company may waive the cancellation fee if you can confirm that you have injuries that prevent you from exercising or you will move to a new location that is out of range of this popular gym chain.

In short, you can cancel your contract for free if you have physical restrictions.

Can I Cancel Planet Fitness Anytime?

Yes. However, check your billing cycle and contract to avoid cancellation fees.

The Bottom Line

A Planet Fitness membership is worth it if you need a low-cost gym to achieve your health goals without breaking the bank. But despite this, you may decide to cancel it if you have been injured or move to a new place with no nearby gyms.

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