How To Turn Off Live Caption on Android, YouTube, and Chrome

how to turn off live caption
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Google introduced the Live Caption feature, which provides real-time captions for videos and audio on Android devices, YouTube, and Chrome.

This feature benefits people who are deaf or hard of hearing and those who prefer to read along while watching a video.

However, if you no longer need the Live Caption feature or find it distracting, you may want to turn it off.

I wrote this guide to teach you how to turn off Live Caption on your Android, YouTube, and Chrome so that you can enjoy your content without the distraction of captions.

Let’s start.

What Is Live Caption?

Real-time captions (or live captions) show when watching videos, listening to podcasts, receiving audio messages, or on calls. This feature is Live Caption on Google Chrome and Android 10 or later versions.

Live Caption works as the browser and OS’s speech-to-text feature. Unfortunately, it only supports English and is unsuitable for playing music or multi-party calls.

It might shorten the battery life of a smartphone.

Before, you could only use Live Caption on Google Pixel phones. The feature is now available on OnePlus and Samsung phones.

You can expand or move the live captions to a different screen area on these phones.

How to Turn Off Live Caption (Android)

Live Caption for Android is handy for those who need subtitles on practically anything they watch on their smartphone. Yet, the feature may only sometimes be necessary.

It’s pointless if the media already has crystal-clear audio, if you need an unblocked screen, or if the speech-to-text conversion needs to be more accurate.

Your phone occasionally turns on the feature, which might be irritating if you don’t need it. Knowing how to disable Live Caption in these circumstances is beneficial.

There are two ways to prevent live captions from appearing on your phone’s screen.

Disable Live Caption on Android Phone Through Volume Shortcuts

1 – Choose a volume button on your phone and press it to display the volume slider.

Choose a volume button on your phone

2 – Tap the volume level bar’s three dots. The bar is only briefly visible, meaning you should tap fast. If you didn’t complete this quickly, you must repeat step 1.

3 – Click on the Live Caption button or the horizontal card-like symbol.

Pressing the icon will darken it, indicating you’ve disabled Live Caption on Android.

You must click on the symbol again to use the feature.

The Live Caption icon can instantly appear if you hit the volume button on some Android phones, such as Google Pixel models. If the symbol contains a slash, you can tell it’s off.

Disable Live Captions Through Your Phone Accessibility Settings

1 – Tap the Settings icon.

2 – Scroll up to view the settings categories.

3 – Tap Accessibility.

4 – Check the Hearing Enhancements menu option.

5 – Tap Live Caption.

Tap Live Caption

6 – Slide the Use Live Caption slider to the left.

The option’s highlight switches from green to gray as you move the slider. It indicates that it is already off. You can reactivate the speech-to-text function by sliding the button to the right.

You can also toggle Live Caption on the same page in the volume control section. It will disable the feature’s icon from the list of volume shortcuts, which you would have seen if you had attempted the first way.

How To Turn Off Live Caption (YouTube)

YouTube’s famous Live Caption feature helps creators and viewers to enjoy videos with captions. Meanwhile, YouTube offers two ways to turn off live captioning.

Disable Live Caption for a Specific YouTube Video with the Live Caption Icon

You can easily disable the Live Caption while watching a YouTube video. You can disable the Live Caption by clicking the CC button at the bottom of the video.

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Disable Live Caption for All YouTube Videos

You can follow the instructions below to turn off the Live Caption feature for all YouTube videos.

1 – Access your account settings.

2 – Choose the settings icon from the drop-down menu by clicking the profile symbol at the top of the screen.

Disable Live Caption for All YouTube Videos

3 – Disable the Live Caption option.

There are two choices to turn off live captions in the Playback and performance section of the settings panel. Uncheck the Always show captions button to disable Live Caption.

How To Turn Off Live Caption (Chrome)

If Chrome plays a video, you can disable the Live Caption feature from the Chrome Settings page.

1 – Click the three dots in the top right corner of the Google Chrome browser. 

2 – A pop-up menu will appear. Select Settings.

5 3 10

3 – Select Advanced in the navigation bar on the left of the Settings page.

4 – Choose Accessibility under Advanced.

5 – Slide the button to the left to disable Live Caption on the Accessibility page.

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How To Disable Live Caption When a Video Is Playing

You may disable Live Caption when a video is playing in your Google Chrome browser without having to open Chrome Settings.

To disable Live Caption, click the Media icon in the toolbar, which looks like three horizontal lines and a musical note, and then slide the button to the left.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How To Turn Off Live Caption on Facebook?

Go to Settings on your Page to disable auto-generated subtitles for all your Facebook videos. Choose Auto-Generated Video Captions and Subtitles from the General menu.

Choose Don’t auto-generate subtitles or captions, then click Save changes.

How To Turn Off Live Caption on Tiktok?

Click the subtitles on the TikTok video you’re watching to disable captions. There will be a menu item to hide captions.

How To Turn Off Live Caption on Instagram?

To turn off captions for all videos on your Instagram feed, tap your profile at the lower right corner of the screen. Choose Settings from the hamburger menu in the top right corner of the screen. 

Toggle the Captions option off by going to Account > Captions.

If you want to enable live caption again, simply toggle the option back on.

The Bottom Line

Live Caption is a helpful feature that makes it easier to understand audio content on Android devices, YouTube, and Chrome. 

There will be instances when you want to turn off Live Caption, and I hope my guide has shown you how to turn live caption off easily and effectively.

Follow the outlined steps to easily disable Live Caption and enjoy your audio content without interference.

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