How to Write Mind-Blowing Blog Titles


Omar Founder of OJ Digital Solutions

Table of Contents
Table of Contents

A good title reflects the essence of the article: the reader understands what to expect from the material, so they willingly click on the title and immediately jump to the content.

For example, in this article, most people will not read what you are reading right now but will immediately go for advice. In the article, we tell you how to write titles the same way.

You need to understand that writing a mind-blowing title is not the main problem. The most important thing is to be sure that your blog post is interesting to the reader.

If you do not know how to write interestingly about a particular topic, it is better to ask for help from special writing services online.

There are writers who are able to write interesting texts on various topics.

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Show benefit

If the reader immediately understands what they will get from the article, they will have more motivation to open it. Reflect the core value right in the title:

Tell a reader how to do better. Think about what the reader wants to change and show how to achieve it. It will be perfect if you describe in the title the additional benefits of your method: fast, safe, and reliable.

❌ Benefits are not obvious 

  • How to allocate time to tasks
  • What to include in a content plan
  • What to look for when buying a cooler

✅ Benefits are emphasized 

  • How to properly allocate time to tasks to earn more 
  • What to include in a content plan so that readers buy more often
  • What to look for when buying a cooler so that the PC is quite

Tell a reader how to avoid the problem. This is a special case of a title with benefits. Determine what difficulties the reader is facing, and put in the title the one that you can solve.

❌ The result is not clear 

  • How to choose a vacuum cleaner
  • What messenger to choose for a company
  • What to look for when choosing a chair

✅ We save you from the problem 

  • How to choose a vacuum cleaner so that there is no dirt on the carpet 
  • What messenger to choose for a company so that tasks are lost less often 
  • What to look for when choosing a chair so that your back does not hurt

Write about a familiar situation

❌ Strange

  • We tell you how to boil water correctly
  • How to wash off a picture from photo wallpaper
  • How to learn to draw

✅ Helpful

  • Is there a plaque on the teapot? We tell you how to boil water correctly
  • A child has scratched the walls: how to wash off a picture from photo wallpaper
  • How to learn to draw if you have never painted 

Intrigue the reader

Awaken the reader’s curiosity. Formulate the title so that the person wants to learn something new and unusual.

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Add an interesting fact. You can put it right in the title or just announce it and reveal it in the article.

✅ Chipboard furniture emits harmful phenol. How to choose eco-friendly analogs

✅ How the “Game of Thrones” is connected with John F. Kennedy and the First World War: let’s talk about board games

❌❌❌ Just one drop of this usual remedy, and my husband…

Destroy the myth. People don’t want to live in illusions. Invite them to let go of their delusion and become a little better.

✅ You have never had beriberi! We tell you how to drink vitamins in the fall

✅ A computer without a cover heats up less: we destroy this and other myths about PC cooling

✅ Do you drink antifreeze to keep warm? You are wrong! We tell you how to use it correctly

Offer to be chosen. The audience likes to feel unique. Show how your article will help the reader become a member of a closed community.

✅ 90% of people don’t know how to use forks. Explaining with examples

✅ 10 secrets of Google designers for spectacular presentations

✅ Elon Musk told why he is so rich. 3 football clubs that a millionaire bets on.

Share your experience

Readers trust practitioners more than theorists. Show that you have already encountered a similar problem. If you have solved the problem, you will be able to tell others what to do with it.

Describe the case in the title. Tell readers what problem you solved so that the reader becomes interested or wants the same.

✅ How we attracted orders for $600 000 to the client, having spent $25 000 on advertising

✅ We redesigned the dentistry website and increased the number of online applications by 10%. Let’s talk about how it happened

Write in the first person. People tend to trust other people more than companies. Share the experience of a particular person to build more trust. But try not to embellish – you may seem like a liar.

❌ It smacks of cheating

I retrained as a programmer at the age of 32 and started earning $200,000 from the first project. I’ll teach you how to do the same.

How I stopped drinking tea and started working 19 hours a day. I share the secret of productivity

✅ Cool story 

I retrained as a programmer at 32 and found a new job in two weeks. I’ll tell you how it happened 

How I stopped drinking tea and began to sleep better. I’ll talk about neurotransmitters and sleep

Write instructions. Suggest an algorithm of actions that will solve the reader’s problem. They will open your article to find the answer to a burning question.

✅ Guide: how to furnish a children’s room inexpensively

✅ How to choose a capsule wardrobe: instructions with examples

✅ How to make a commercial offer: we explain in 5 steps

Show the numbers

Titles that include numbers grab attention more often than other types of titles. Such headlines are in the first place according to the preference of users. Titles with numbers are preferred 15% more than titles with an appeal to the reader.

Here are a few examples:

✅ How changing the ad auction in the target helped reduce the cost of the application by 1.6 times

✅ 7 ways to maintain a content plan for a commercial blog

✅ How to sell designer mugs through marketplaces for 1.2 million per month

Determine the difficulty

Indicate in the title at which level the article is oriented. Thus, you can attract the necessary audience: those who want to learn the basics, or vice versa, those who want to understand the details.

✅ How to launch your first social media ad

✅ How to optimize advertising campaigns in social networks: instructions for advanced marketers

✅ What to read to a novice copywriter to find the first orders

✅ What to read for an experienced editor before launching brand media

Add circumstances

Help the reader understand the details of the article. Indicate for whom it is intended, in what format it is written, and how much time they will spend on it. This will help them decide whether to click on the material.

Note who the article is for. Write in the title what kind of reader you are waiting for. If they recognize themselves, they will click on the article.

✅ For copywriters and journalists: how to write catchy headlines

✅ What to do if the child is hysterical in the supermarket: instructions for young mothers

✅ How a designer works with customer’s edits

Define the format. Some people don’t like to read long articles, while others don’t like short ones. Tell the reader if the material is suitable for them.

✅ Case: how we reduced the advertising budget by 10%, but at the same time attracted 15% more requests to the client

✅ Selection: 8 ways to dig small holes

Set reading time. Help the reader to allocate time: mark how long they will read the article. Be careful if you have a voluminous article. If you indicate that the material will take a lot of time, this can alienate the reader.

✅ How to organize delivery in a company: we will explain in 7 minutes

✅ How to learn to distinguish baroque from rococo in 6 minutes

❌ We explain how to work with databases in Python. Reading time: 170 minutes

Avoid common mistakes

It happens that the author starts playing with titles and loses. Here are some mistakes to avoid.

Titles with puns. Sometimes they help draw attention with their wit, but writing such a title is difficult. It is better not to take risks if you are not sure that it will turn out well.

Clichés and hackneyed phrases. Try to avoid clichés in titles. If some popular phrase comes into your head, think again – the reader will be more attracted to an article with an original title.

Titles with no action. It happens that the authors put in the titles what they write about, without additional explanation – as a subject of research in the term paper. Because of this, it is not clear what the article will be about.

❌ As in a term paper

Good and bad titles

Furniture for a children’s room

 ✅ How it should be

 How to distinguish a good title from a bad one: 3 criteria 

How to choose inexpensive furniture for a children’s room

Too short a title. The title should reflect what the article will be about. Trying your best to keep the title short can lead to a loss of clarity. Then the reader will not be able to determine what the article is about and will not want to open it.

Bottom Line

I hope that this guide helped you understand how to write captivating titles.

I recommend using writing tools to help you speed up your writing output.

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