What Is Tanker Endorsement? The Ultimate Guide

what is tanker endorsement

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What is tanker endorsement, and why do you need it?

You’ve come to the right place for answers.

I wrote this guide discussing everything you need to know about tanker endorsements and if there are differences in liquid or gaseous materials requirements.

I’ll also give you some tips on the tanker endorsement knowledge test and what it takes to become a tanker truck driver.

What Is Tanker Endorsement?

A tanker endorsement is also known as an N endorsement. It’s a tanker certification and a commercial driver’s license (CDL) showing that you can transport liquid and gas in bulk.

For liquid or gaseous freight, you need both endorsements to operate.

Having an N endorsement widens your tank vehicle options.

What About Other Tanker Endorsements?

Aside from the N endorsement, you can also apply for an X endorsement, considered a hazmat endorsement, which allows you to haul hazardous materials.

With the N and X tanker endorsements, you’re qualified for hauling liquids, gas, and hazardous materials combined.

What Is a CDL Tanker Endorsement?

A CDL endorsement is the most basic tank vehicle endorsement in the trucking industry. You need a tanker endorsement on top of your CDL truck driver license to earn more and drive tank vehicles with more versatile cargo.

The trucking industry requires specialized endorsements like hazmat for hazardous liquids and other specific deliveries. However, all tanker vehicles require you to have a CDL and go through proper training.

How To Get Tanker Endorsement

what is tanker endorsement

You must take and pass the tanker endorsement knowledge test for the N endorsement.

This test includes 25 multiple-choice questions, and it only allows five mistakes. You can buy a reviewer for the standard test.

This is not a free test; you must pay a test fee (depending on your state).

You must also take the endorsement knowledge test for the X endorsement. After that, take the hazmat knowledge test and pass the Transportation Safety Administration (TSA) background check.

Unlike the basic endorsement knowledge test, completing the additional requirements for the X endorsement takes up to six weeks.

You must take the Entry-Level Driver Training test in certain places like Escambia County, Florida. You’ll get 30 days to complete your background check and fingerprints if successful.

If you haven’t finished the requirements within 30 days of taking the hazmat endorsements exam, you need to take the written exam again.

What Are Tanker Endorsement Requirements?

The N and X endorsement certificates have the following requirements.

  • You must be at least 18 years old.

  • You must have a valid United States passport and a valid residential status.

  • You must pass the eye exam.

How Much Does a Tanker Endorsement Cost?

The prices of an N and X endorsement differ depending on State.

Here’s an estimate of how much it’ll cost (These estimates are based on Escambia County, Florida.).

  • CDL: $81.25

  • Endorsements: $7 each (You’ll need separate endorsements for a tanker, double triple, passenger, school bus, and motorcycle).

  • Background Check and Fingerprints: $91

Besides the written test and training fees, you must also consider the time and effort you spend studying.

If you need an endorsement and plan to transport liquids and other haul loads but can’t study alone, consider enrolling in truck driving schools.

Note: These schools know the standard endorsement requirements, but you must pay enrollment costs.

When Do You Need a Tanker Endorsement?

When Do You Need a Tanker Endorsement

Are there any tanker endorsement exceptions? If your total combined volume and weight don’t meet the requirements and you aren’t driving a commercial vehicle, you won’t need an endorsement.

Here are vehicles that require an endorsement.

  1. If the vehicles with liquid or gas within one or more tanks have a capacity of 119 gallons each.

  2. If a commercial motor vehicle has an attachment of liquid or gas of at least 1,000 gallons or more.

If you transport liquid loads, even water, that exceeds 1,000 gallons, you need an endorsement.

What Is the Difference Between a Hazmat and Tanker Endorsement?

What Is the Difference Between a Hazmat and Tanker Endorsement

The hazmat endorsement is a specialized endorsement needed for a driver hauling hazardous materials.

You should have an endorsement if you want to haul liquids or gas and if you’re hauling over 1,000 gallons and your vehicle freights have a capacity of over 119 gallons each.

How Tanker Endorsements Affect Shipping Prices

Besides the monetary investment, you’ll spend time and effort learning and preparing for the exams.

Truckers who possess tanker endorsements can charge more.

A truck driver without these endorsements can deliver basic goods that aren’t incredibly dangerous or in large quantities.

Some companies must get an endorsed truck driver depending on the freight’s requirements. If those drivers are rare, companies have no choice but to pay more for certified drivers.

Additional Info on Tanker Endorsements

How To Get a Truck Driving License

You need a CDL. After that, apply for an N endorsement by taking the endorsement test. Once you pass, you can also apply for an X endorsement.

How To Get a Tanker Endorsement on a CDL

If you already have a CDL, apply for an N endorsement (and an X endorsement later). If you pass the endorsement test, your CDL will indicate an N endorsement. You’ll also get the X endorsement if you pass the additional requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is CDL Required To Drive a Semi-Truck?

Is CDL Required To Drive a Semi-Truck

Yes. You need a commercial driver’s license to drive tractor-trailers, semi-trucks, dump trucks, trucks with intermediate bulk containers, and passenger buses.

Is There a Tanker Endorsement Dry Van Requirement?

No. You don’t need an endorsement for dry van loans with empty containers or kegs. However, depending on the dry goods you’re hauling, you may need an H, P, or T endorsement.

What Is a Tank Endorsement for Totes?

If transporting totes with liquid or gas, you need an N endorsement. If they contain hazardous materials, you’ll also need an X endorsement.

Can You Get a CDL Without Going to a School?

Yes. A CDL doesn’t require you to go to school. However, you can only get a CDL if you are 18, pass the eye exam and other tests, and have other valid documents.

Is It Hard To Maintain a Tanker Endorsement?

The good news is that your endorsement stays active as long as you have a valid CDL. You must repeat the process if your CDL expires and you fail to renew it.

Do You Need a Tanker Endorsement to Haul Water?

Yes. If you’re hauling over 1,000 gallons of water in containers with a capacity of over 119 gallons each, you need an endorsement.

When Is a Tanker Endorsement Required?

You need a tanker endorsement if you carry over 1,000 gallons or have one or more containers with a capacity of 119 gallons each.

Is It Hard To Drive a Tanker?

Yes. Driving a tanker is more difficult than a regular private vehicle because of its length and width.

Can You Get a CDL Without Driving Experience?

You need driving experience to pass your CDL requirements. Aside from a written test, you should know how to drive properly.

What Is a DOT Tanker Endorsement?

The Department of Transportation (DOT) endorsement certifies that you can drive tankers.

What Is a Tanker Endorsement Letter?

The letter on your CDL represents the type of endorsement you have. If you have an N endorsement, you’ll see the letter “N” and so on.

What Is a Class B Tanker Endorsement?

An endorsement requires a commercial Class A or Class B type license. You can take the endorsement test to get your N endorsement. You can take other tests to acquire an X endorsement as well.

Do Tanker-Endorsed Drivers Make More?

Yes. Drivers with tanker endorsements can demand more from employers. Also, most employers automatically pay more if you have specialized endorsements.

The Bottom Line

I hope my guide made it easier for you to understand tanker endorsements and how to get one.

Don’t hesitate to get a tanker endorsement to haul more specialized loads.

If you have a truck with a covered bed and want extra income, consider becoming an Amazon Flex driver.

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