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We strive to deliver excellence and build long-lasting relationships as our way of sharing our expertise on Amazon SEO with our clients — our fellow online entrepreneurs.

Here are some of the brands that ordered our amazon listing translation service and our Amazon Listing Optimization service – You might even recognize some of them!

Ready to Get Up to 10x Your Conversions?

You’ve probably heard the saying, “A picture paints a thousand words”, right? The human brain processes visuals 60,000 times faster than text. And Amazon product images make no exception. In fact, research says that a whopping 75% of online shoppers decide what to buy based on the product’s images alone! Poorly designed Amazon images can result in:

And the list goes on and on…
With Amazon images, you need to think about it this way (especially if you are launching a new product)

You Either Pay Now or You Pay Later.

Either you invest in designing high converting images from the start and reap the rewards as you achieve a successful launch

Or you will pay later (probably a higher price tag) with low sales, high advertising costs, getting beaten by competitors, pressure to lower your prices to liquidate your inventory and so much more.

How We Do Things at OJDS?

The flow of your amazon images needs to answer the questions
At OJDS we have developed our unique image design process
optimized for conversion rates, also called the “Reverse Cone Method”.

The principle behind it is simple. Think of your amazon images like a reverse cone or a funnel. You want the images to take your customers one step closer to making the purchase as they browse through each one.

There Are Countless Benefits of Using the Reverse Cone Method for Your Amazon Product Images.


Group 192

A One-stop Shop for All EU Listings

Save yourself the hassle of hiring multiple people to translate your listing.

Training them on keyword research and optimization process plus making sure that they are doing it right and are delivering correct translations — all this is time better spent seeking improvements on other aspects of your business, right?

Think of us as a one-stop shop that will do all the work for you and give you peace of mind.

Group 189

Amazon Listing Specialists

We’re not like your regular translation agencies that offer to translate everything and anything.

We are an Amazon agency first and a translation service second.

And we’re not your typical Amazon agency that does everything Amazon from A to Z. We eat listings for breakfast and we are masters of our craft!We write and optimize Amazon product listings — that’s the only thing we do day in, day out (plus coffee breaks!)

Group 194

Direct-Response Content Experts

Our writers are expert Amazon specialists who know what makes buyers tick. They pull right at the heartstrings and then convert browsers into buyers.

You’ll see increased conversions on your pages with more people landing on your page, thanks to the right keywords. increased conversions will help you make money.

Group 190

100% Native Speakers

Our Spanish translator is from Spain. Our French translator is from France. Our Italian translator is from Italy— Okay, we think you get it.

Our translators are expertly vetted and cherrypicked, and they go through a rigorous training process to make them experts in Amazon optimization and keyword research.

Group 191

Full Support All the Way

You want everything fast. You want to be taken care of. This is what we’ll do for you. When you are an OJ customer, you are not just a number in our growing statistics — you are part of our family. Your success is our success!

We reply fast, we give free advice, we are here to provide full support so you can reach your goals faster. In short, we can be your best-est friends!

Group 197

Always Up-To-Date

We stay up to date with Amazon’s do’s and don’ts so you don’t have to.

We’ll create a TOS-compliant listing that doesn’t get flagged by Amazon so you don’t wait for ages just to get back online. No stress, no time or money wasted.And, in the veeery rare case that it does, we will help you solve it ASAP.

Group 193

Does Not Cost An Arm And Leg!

Our mission is to help Amazon sellers in their journey to success, from beginners to eight-figure sellers. Consider us part of your team no matter how big or small it is.

Group 196

Plug Us Into Your Processes

Does your team use Asana? Slack? Notion? Do you use specific templates?

Do you want your listings done in a certain way? Consider us an extension of your e-commerce team.

Group 195

More Reviews Than Any Amazon Listing Provider on the Market

Not to brag, but… our team has successfully optimized 8000+ Amazon listings over the past four years. Do you know how many cups of coffee, weekends, and all-nighters we’ve had?

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Still Not Convinced? Testimonials

Jeffrey Steinberg
Jeffrey Steinberg
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“I am so happy with the results I have achieved by using the services of OJ Digital Solutions! Prior to working with OJ Digital Solutions, I was having a hard time getting my basic pocket chart to rank on the top 20 pages on Amazon. This is a very competitive market, with 40,000 listings, and not many differences between one pocket chart after the next. After working with Jessica to enhance my copy with keyword rich content, I immediately ranked on the first page on Amazon, selling 2 units in the first hour after posting the revised copy into my listing. After 24 hours, I had sold 10% of my entire inventory. Thank you so much for all of your help!!! I will certainly be using your services time and time again!!!”
Thomas Metzler
Thomas Metzler
Read More
“Working with OJ Digital Solutions was a pleasure in all means! Not only that the communication goes flawless and quickly also they are one of the only Amazon Listing Agencies out there with sufficient Amazon SEO knowledge, which are updated along the newest best practices. Would definitely recommend if you’re thinking about improving / translating your Amazon listings!”

Why Optimize Your Listing?

OJ Digital Sale1

Increase Organic Traffic

How can you maximize your sales if you barely get any traffic on your product page? We mean… the copy can’t work its magic if no one sees it, right?

Conducting an extensive keyword research, and selecting the most strategic ones ensures you are ranked higher in the search results.

Digital Sales I

Boost Conversions

People are visiting your product page – it’s not over yet! Now, we need to convert these visitors into customers.

By utilizing benefit-driven copy that targets the customers’ pain points, you can persuade them to buy from your product and not that of your competitor.With Killer Copy, Come Killer Results!

OJ Digital Sale

Increase Sales

More visitors = More conversions = More money.
A professional listing will make you money 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year. It’s a worthwhile investment!

Invest once and reap the full benefits of your product launch, PPC campaigns, and other promotional activities to drive traffic and sales to your Amazon listing!

Frequently Asked Questions

This is just for the image design. Check out our Amazon Listing Copywriting Service here or contact us for a custom offer.

The upload is not included in the Amazon image design package but it is available as an add-on.

Yes! Please contact us, and we’ll work on a custom package for you.

Yes, we provide the text that goes on the images as well.

Markets covered: US, Canada, Mexico, and all the EU markets (UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Sweden, Poland).

We can handle a very large number of listings, but if you have a big or complex project, please Contact us.

Listings with basic variations such as color/size are considered as ONE product. You can only order once for a listing that has simple variations. For an accurate quote, please contact us first as we may be able to offer you a special price depending on the similarities of the listings.

We mainly just need:
– Product name (what it is) + Amazon link if the listing is live
– Brand name
– Logo
– Product photos with white background from various angles
– 2/3 reference images or listings that you like
– The main difference between yours and the competitors (if any)


You will need to provide your product photos from various angles on a clear background. Make sure your product photos are well lit.

The standard delivery time is around 4- 5 days only. If you need it earlier, kindly let us know and we’ll inform you if it’s possible.

You can forward us supplier-provided product images or you can take photos of the product from your cell-phone camera on a clear background with ample lighting.

Final deliverables will be in jpeg format and in compliance with all Amazon requirements. Source files are available.

Unfortunately, we don’t. We can design images by combining the product photos you send us with stock images that we purchase.

As of now, sellers can add up to 9 images to a single product listing. 1 main image + 8 additional images.

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