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Meet OJ

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Hey we’re Omar and Jessica, co-owners of OJDS.

Raised in a country where even the simplest necessities are not guaranteed (like electricity), we had to find a way to secure our financial future or be forever at the mercy of circumstances beyond our control.

With persistence, we managed to achieve financial independence before age 30.

Today, we’re fortunate enough to live between the vibrant cities of Dubai, Istanbul, and Beirut.

We’ve also been smart with our resources.

Our philosophy has always been about creating a balance – increasing revenue, cutting costs, and spending wisely.

But enough about us…

We’re here because of you, and for you.

We aim to empower you by sharing ways to grow your income, save more, and make smarter shopping decisions, helping you get the most out of every $ you make.

Let’s make something amazing together 🙂