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Our Case Studies

Cosmetics Brand


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Case Study 1 PPC after 2

The Challenge

A cosmetics brand was struggling with an alarmingly high ACoS and a lack of profitability, which forced them to halt their advertising efforts for an extended period.

After 2 years of no PPC and near-zero revenue, they decided that they needed a breakthrough solution, which is how they found us.

During the period when they still ran ads, they averaged a 45% ACoS on $25,000 in monthly spend, which made them stop PPC until our involvement in December of 2022.

The Solution

  1. Created 466 campaigns for the top 3 ASINs in the account.
  2. Utilized all ad types, targeting types, and match types.
  3. Switched on automated bidding with a 20% ACoS target so we could control our advertising costs.
  4. Discovered and added over 700 keywords to our campaigns
  5. Used tools to cut down on wasted spend on Broad, Phrase, and Auto campaigns.

The Results


Increased ad sales by 5X within 6 months of our work.


Decreased ACoS Down to 20% within 6 months of our partnership.


In August 2023, the brand reached $400k in monthly ad sales with a 13% ACoS

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