Mercedes Potosme

The Challenge

Mercedes faced a common yet daunting problem: her products were struggling to stand out in the crowded Amazon marketplace. Despite the quality of her offerings, capturing customer attention and climbing the sales ranks was a real struggle.

Our Strategy

Initially skeptical about outsourcing her content, Mercedes decided to test our services with just one product listing.

Our team at OJ Digital Solutions embarked on an in-depth analysis, focusing on organizing keywords not only by relevance but also by their search volume.

We crafted the product listing with a strategic approach, integrating these keywords seamlessly to maximize visibility and appeal.

The Outcome

The product listing we revamped for Mercedes experienced a dramatic surge in sales rank almost overnight, leading to a significant boost in sales.

Mercedes entrusted us with rewriting her entire catalog. Our approach, which she described as having a ‘magical keyword weaving machine’, transformed her brand’s presence on Amazon. 

This comprehensive overhaul not only elevated her individual product listings but also strengthened the overall brand’s visibility and appeal in the highly competitive health and beauty sector.

Client Testimonial

This team of copywriters are AMAZING! I’m the owner of a health and beauty brand and very hesitant to hire new writers. Initially, I only ordered one product listing to test them out – I was blown away at their laser like focus of organizing the keywords (relevance and volume) from top to bottom. It’s as if they have a magical keyword weaving machine that yields golden eggs! I say this because, that original product listing I had them create, jumped in sales rank nearly overnight and catapulted my sales. Upon, witnessing this explosive growth, I had them rewrite my entire catalog! I will never use anyone else to write my product listings and I highly recommend this team!

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