Jeffrey Steinberg

Jeffrey Steinberg

The Challenge

Jeffrey Steinberg was struggling to make his basic pocket chart stand out in a highly competitive Amazon marketplace.

With over 40,000 listings in the same category, his product was lost among numerous similar offerings, failing to rank within the top 20 pages.

Our Strategy

Recognizing the need for a strategic approach, we conducted thorough keyword research, delving into the terms used by Jeffrey’s competitors and identifying what potential customers were likely to search for.

Our goal was to create a product listing that not only appealed directly to the consumer’s needs but also integrated the most effective keywords to boost visibility and sales potential.

The Outcome

The impact of our optimized listing was immediate and remarkable. Jeffrey’s pocket chart skyrocketed to the first page on Amazon shortly after the updated listing went live, selling two units within the first hour.

The momentum continued, and within just 24 hours, Jeffrey had sold 10% of his total inventory, catapulting his product to a bestseller status in its category.

Client Testimonial

I am so happy with the results I have achieved by using the services of OJ Digital Solutions! Prior to working with OJ Digital, I was having a hard time getting my basic pocket chart to rank on the top 20 pages on Amazon. This is a very competitive market, with 40,000 listings, and not many differences between one pocket chart after the next. After working with Jessica to enhance my copy with keyword rich content, I immediately ranked on the first page on Amazon, selling 2 units in the first hour after posting the revised copy into my listing. After 24 hours, I had sold 10% of my entire inventory. Thank you so much for all of your help!!! I will certainly be using your services time and time again!!!

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