Hunting Safety Equipment Brand

Back Story:

A brand selling safety equipment for hunting was struggling with its PPC for over a year. They were doing a few hundred a month in ad spend and barely anything in revenue.

The few sales they did get mostly came from branded search and repeat customers.

They started using our services in June of 2023 and have been seeing good growth since.

Our Insights

Right after signing up, the client was connected with their account manager who was able to identify 3 main areas for improvement:

  1. Their listing content was bland, lacked strong images, and had plain, boring text. This hurt their conversion rate and their ability to rank organically.
  2. They had multiple products in their portfolio that had big market potential but weren’t being advertised properly so they were hardly selling anything.
  3. They only had auto campaigns running.

Our Approach

Based on what was uncovered during the initial audit, we made some major changes to the account:

  1. We revamped the titles, bullet points, images, and A+ content for all the listings we were going to advertise.
  2. We identified 7000 high-potential keywords and set up over 2000 campaigns for them in all match types and ad types.
  3. We enrolled the slow-moving items into the Vine program to get reviews and then started to run campaigns for them aggressively.
  4. We optimized the bids using AI to improve efficiency after getting initial traction.

The Outcome

Within 6 months of signing up, we took this brand from 50 orders per month to 7,488.

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