Bashar Katou / BJK University

The Challenge

Bashar Katou is the founder of the famous BJK university. He teaches entrepreneurs how to launch profitable brands on Amazon.

His students need a high quality and reliable service provider that can help them with product listing copywriting and optimization.

Our Strategy

We have implemented a system to help with his students seamlessly.

Students book our service, fill out the form and we work on their product listings without wasting any time back and forth.

The Outcome

Bashar Bashar feels way better having a reliable partner by his side that can offer his students high quality product listings that will increase the success chances of the product launches of his students, which in turn will increase course satisfaction, and will help him get more students into his program.

Client Testimonial

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Bashar Katou

Founder of BJK University
Amazon Mentor to 13,000+ Students

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