Remy Attalin

Rémy Attalin

The Challenge

Tout Dentaire, a well-known manufacturer in the French oral health market, was facing increased competition.

Rémy, the CEO, recognized the need to boost their Amazon listings to maintain a competitive edge.

Despite performing well in sales, there was a clear necessity to enhance their online presence to stay ahead of competitors.

Our Strategy

Understanding the importance of visual appeal and localized content for the French market, our team at OJ Digital Solutions focused on revamping Tout Dentaire’s Amazon product imagery and A+ content. We worked with the minimal quality images provided by Rémy, enhancing and transforming them into compelling visual content.

Our approach was to create a creative strategy that aligned with the brand’s identity and resonated with the French audience, ensuring the text in the images was perfectly tailored in French.

The Outcome

The transformation was impactful. Post-revamp, Tout Dentaire’s listings saw a notable increase in customer engagement and product visibility.

This visual and content overhaul led to a marked increase in sales, effectively strengthening Tout Dentaire’s position in a highly competitive market.

Customers responded positively to the enhanced listings, as evidenced by an uptick in positive reviews and feedback. Rémy Attalin reported that this strategic enhancement played a crucial role in regaining lost market share and outperforming emerging competitors on Amazon.

Client Testimonial

Very happy with the result. Response is always fast and courteous. Did modifications until I was happy. Good graphics and text optimization. Thank you again.


Scelladent Ciment Dentaire

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