Michael Siegel

Michael Siegel

The Challenge

Stratton Home Decor is a large volume supplier for national retailers and E-commerce sites.

They recently faced significant retail challenges and were focused on growing their direct-to-consumer (D2C) brands.

The goal was to establish a strong presence on Amazon, but finding a partner capable of handling a large volume of product listings and understanding the nuances of Amazon’s platform was proving difficult.

Additionally, there was a need for seamless integration with their Product Information Management (PIM) software, Salsify, and a tight deadline to meet.

Our Strategy

Recognizing the scale and urgency of the project, our team at OJ Digital Solutions embarked on an extensive endeavor.

We took on the task of writing and optimizing over 1000 Amazon listings for Stratton Home Decor.

Our focus was on revamping the entire product catalog to ensure it was primed for a successful launch on Amazon.

This involved close collaboration with Michael’s team and meticulous work to upload and optimize each listing in their PIM software, Salsify.

The Outcome

The results were transformative. Stratton Home Decor experienced a significant boost in both visibility and sales across their entire catalog.

Our partnership facilitated a seamless collaboration, enabling efficient and effective work that aligned with their tight deadline.

Client Testimonial

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Giselle Solano

Operations Manager @ Stratton Home Decor
7-fig Home & Decor Brand

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