Basim Qadri

The Challenge

Basim approached us at a critical time for his business, Pawliz. Despite offering quality pet products, Pawliz was struggling with low sales and poor visibility on Amazon. In an extremely competitive niche, the challenge was to make Pawliz’s offerings stand out and captivate the interest of pet owners.

Our Strategy

To address this, our team at OJ Digital Solutions took on the task of overhauling Pawliz’s Amazon presence.

This involved a complete revamp of the gallery images and A+ content. Our focus was on creating visually appealing and informative content that would not only attract but also engage potential customers.

The goal was to showcase Pawliz’s products in a way that highlighted their unique features and benefits, making them more appealing in a crowded market.

The Outcome

The impact of our strategy was evident shortly after the updated listing went live.

Basim started noticing a significant uptick in sales, a clear indicator of the enhanced appeal of Pawliz’s products. Additionally, there was a noticeable increase in positive customer testimonials, reflecting greater customer satisfaction.

This transformation marked the beginning of Pawliz’s journey towards establishing itself as a competitive brand in the pet products category on Amazon.

Client Testimonial

It was pleasure working with Omar. The communication through out was great. He went out of the way to help even before i decided to work with him. I must say that this service provider was extremely professional through out the process and that was really impressive as it saved a lot of time. I got multiple revisions done according to my liking and he was always ready to satisfy me. The end result is literally AMAZING. He is my go-to guy for all design work from now on. Highly recommended if you want peace of mind!!

PAWLIZ Pet Ramp Project

Amazon Product Images

A+ Content

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