Jade Silva

The Challenge

Jade wanted to expand his market reach across all European Union countries, but faced a significant obstacle.

The challenge was twofold: finding skilled translators who could not only accurately translate his product listings into various EU languages but also had expertise in Amazon listing SEO.

This was a complex task, requiring a unique blend of linguistic proficiency and marketing savvy, specific to each language and market.

Our Strategy

Understanding the intricacies of both linguistic accuracy and market-specific SEO, our team at OJ Digital Solutions took a comprehensive approach.

We conducted in-depth keyword research for each EU language, ensuring that we understood the search behaviors and preferences in each specific market.

Our strategy involved crafting and localizing the product listings to resonate with the target audience in every market. This process included using market-specific jargon and seamlessly integrating the most relevant and potent keywords into each listing, enhancing both visibility and appeal.

The Outcome

There was a notable increase in visibility and customer engagement across these new channels.

Feedback from the European customers highlighted the listings’ relevance and appeal, underscoring the effectiveness of our localization and SEO efforts.

This expansion led to a substantial boost in sales and market presence for First Days Maternity Store, firmly establishing it as a competitive player in the EU baby products market.

Client Testimonial

This is the second time I have used OJD for Amazon product listing work and I will use again. The content is delivered in an easy to use format and the communication is quick. I have used other companies in the past which have been disappointing but the translations and localisations are reliably accurate from OJD.

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