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You’ve already determined what product to sell. Everything seems to be all set—from suppliers, sample testing, logistics, and the creation of your product listing.Your product is finally live!But as days and weeks pass, you notice a heartbreaking reality—you’re not making any money…This outcome is a punch in the gut for any Amazon seller. And it’s not your product’s fault. The marketplace, despite its usefulness, is a space filled with noise and clutter.Each product has a story to tell. And no matter what type of product you sell, this won’t change the fact that the consumers’ average attention span is now 8 seconds – 1 second less than a goldfish! 🐠You are point A, and your customer is point B. Bridging the gap between these two points is tricky since eCommerce is not a linear landscape.Even big companies struggle with the never-ending battle to get your target market’s attention. And what makes it even more challenging is when a customer deems a product unworthy, all it takes is one swipe or click, and you’re out of the game—perhaps forever!With over 12 million products sold on Amazon all at the same time, competition is more cutthroat than ever.Whether you’re a seasoned expert or a beginner wanting to introduce a groundbreaking product, to hire Amazon experts to guide you to success will make your life so much easier!

Why hiring an Amazon copywriter specialized in product listing optimization is a must?

Amazon copywriters are not your average wordsmiths.They stretch the boundaries of a customer’s shopping experience by appealing to their logical and emotional side.In an age where “content” reigns supreme, telling a genuine story moves people to act.But even the most captivating story won’t be of any use if your audience can’t see it.Amazon copywriting is both an art and science.A professional amazon listing optimization service manages the intricate and fickle process of selecting the right keywords, comparing your product against competitors, and making sure that you’re maximizing amazon listing tools to your advantage.In turn, amazon copywriters must touch all the foundations of compelling writing. Does your listing speak the same language of your target market? Are the title, product description, and bullet points grammatically sound? Are your headlines and call-to-actions enticing?If you only hire an amazon seo service without the writing skills, your listing might have all the right keywords. But the final output will look like a blob of words devoid of thought.Similarly, a well-written listing without the right keywords has little to no chance of getting seen by your target audience.Here are the three main reasons why you should hire an amazon copywriter:

1. Focus your time and energy on growing your business

You can’t put a price tag on time.Why would you waste a couple of hours writing and optimizing a product listing if you can outsource it to someone else who has much more experience and can get you better results ?or maybe you’re unsure how Amazon listing tools and SEO work, but despite that you choose the DIY route by buying all these paid tools, spending hours learning how to use them effectively…In the competitive world of listing creation, misinformed decisions put your business in grave risk.Amazon copywriters know the ins and outs of the Amazon A9 algorithm. They are trained to weave high-yielding keywords in your listing in the most seamless way possible, which in return will drastically improve your conversion rates and organic traffic.And it’s not just about integrating the most high-yielding keywords in your product listing.An Amazon listing expert combines the right keywords with the right copy, addressing your audience’s key pain points while positioning your product as the solution to their problem.Whether you’re good or bad at writing seo optimized amazon product descriptions, outsourcing this part of your business can free up a whooole lot of your time so you can focus on growing and improving other aspects of your business.

2. Position your product on Amazon the right way

Your brand’s messaging and identity should be consistent between your website, email sequences, product packaging, social media and e-commerce platforms.Amazon copywriters carefully study how you present your brand and your product’s unique selling proposition (USP), to create a unique yet relatable voice that resonates with your customers.

3. Invest once, reap the results for a long time

By getting an amazon product listing service to write and optimize your product descriptions, you will get your listings done right from the start, thus reaping the benefits for a long time.

Let’s look at the benefits of a fully optimized product listing.

Coincidentally, these are the end-results you should expect from your Amazon copywriter.

1. Increased Organic Traffic

How can you maximize your sales if you barely get traffic on your product page?After all, the copy can’t work its magic if no one sees it!Increasing organic traffic is only possible with extensive keyword research integrated into your product’s copy and backend. Your Amazon copywriter should be strategic in placing these keywords.At OJDS, We conduct an extensive keyword research and select the most strategic ones ensuring you are ranked higher in the search results.

2. Boost Conversion rates:

You now have a product listing with competitive and high-yielding keywords.You start noticing a jump in the number of visitors coming to your Amazon product page.The next challenge is to convert these visitors into customers.Amazon copywriters can shift the perspective of your customers with the power of words.Most buyers spend less than a minute on your page.If your title doesn’t resonate with their needs and wants, or your product description’s formatting looks like a heaping mess, they won’t hesitate to move forward and click away.A professional listing made by an Amazon expert who’s also a seasoned copywriter can keep the audience hooked until they read the very last line of your listing. Remember, there’s no substitute for incredible writing.

3. Increase in Sales

More visitors = More conversions = More money.A professional listing will make you money 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. A worthwhile investment.The more people visit your page, the more chances you’ll have to convert them to sales.Again, a well-written listing attracts a significant number of potential customers.With over 4,000 Amazon listings written on virtually every product category under the sun, we at OJ Digital Solutions have been part of our hundreds of clients’ successes.From Enhanced Branded Content and listing images to extensive keyword research, we’ve made business owners’ lives a lot easier.They now have a professional listing running 24/7, reaching thousands of customers each day.Plus, their product launches and PPC campaigns are a lot more profitable.

Here are the main components of a fully optimized listing :

1. SEO Amazon Title

First impressions last.As for your Amazon product title, it can only make an impression if it includes the right keywords written strategically to look compelling.Crafting the title can be tricky.In most cases, you will be competing with other products that have the exact same or similar features as yours.You can only get ahead if you put yourself in your customers’ shoes. Keep in mind that customers are more responsive to benefits than features.Also, the keywords in the title hold the most weight in terms of SEO. One misplaced word or phrase can mess up the product’s ranking.If done correctly, the Amazon product title should enhance your product’s discoverability and ranking while improving your CTR.

2. Five Benefit-Oriented Amazon Bullet Points

The prime focus of your bullet points is to provide your visitors with all the information they need to make a quick purchase decision.Some business owners simply list their product’s features in the bullet points while others stuff them with keywords, thinking that it will profoundly affect their product’s rank ( which won’t!)At OJDS, we place high priority in showcasing your product’s main benefits and features, all while strategically integrating the right keywords.We’re only given five bullet points, and we always make them count.

3. Product Description

Non registered brands rely on the HTML description as a way to provide extra information about the product while writing in a storytelling and persuasive way.To make your product description presentable and readable, using HTML codes is a must.WIthout them, the description will appear as a giant unreadable blob of text.Amazon copywriters include codes for bold, italicized, and underlined text to highlight critical information, making sure they’re the first ones seen.Most Amazon sellers take the Amazon product description field for granted. Some don’t even place any text (Yikes!).But for us, this portion of the listing is our last chance to bring home the bacon.Even the subtlest and the gentlest nudge can make your customer press the “Add to Cart” button.

4. A+ Enhanced Content (Only for Registered Brands)

Registered Amazon brands can benefit from the “Enhanced Brand Content” feature that enables them to have an extra section on the product page that they can customize using high quality lifestyle images, infographics, FAQs, extra information about their product and brand – resulting in higher conversion rates, increased traffic and sales.Some brands even reported that their conversion rate has increased by 427% when they applied the EBC feature! That’s huge!Customers are highly visual, and the EBC section gives you the chance to paint a picture of your product’s benefits and stories—literally!It is also a great way to explain the benefits and features of a complex product. You can answer questions like, how to use it, what is it made of, how to clean it, where can it be used, what are the main benefits etc.Unlike the HTML description, there’s no need for code writing.Our copywriters love writing EBC sections because it provides them with endless possibilities to differentiate your product from its competitors.

5. Amazon Back End Keywords

In film, the majority of hard work happens behind the camera.It’s the same with product listings.Amazon’s backend keywords can be compared to a movie’s production team.The audience can’t see it, but it plays an integral part in the final output.All relevant keywords that were not added in your product listing, are added to the back end keywords field. These may include spanish keywords ( if you are selling on Amazon US), misspellings, synonyms and more!

6. Subject Matter Fields

A fully optimized product listing won’t be complete without the five subject matter fields.Similar to the search terms, this part of your page cannot be seen by your customers, but it also plays a role in your product rank.The words and phrases in this field contribute to your ranking and how many phrases are indexed. Some sellers don’t even fill them out, resulting in poor numbers of organic traffic.

7. Keyword Research Sheet

The Keyword Research Excel File can be used to perform any product launch or to create successful PPC campaigns.We only use the latest keyword research tools and softwares to perform broad and strategic keyword research.You’ll find a list of all the high-yielding keywords and their respective search monthly search volume in the keyword research sheet.————————————————Our Amazon copywriters understand every facet of a successful and profitable product listing. And with more than 6,000 optimized listings under our belt, it’s only appropriate to expect fine-tuned outputs.

Care to take a closer look at our process?

1. Competitor Research & Listing Analysis

The first step is knowing what we’re up against. We perform rigorous research to get to know your brand, product, audience, and competition. What are your client’s buyers saying in the reviews? How can we improve your messaging, and what other techniques are still uncharted?You cannot persuade someone you barely know.Our Amazon copywriters are trained to put themselves in the customer’s shoes. We always look for ways to incorporate emotional triggers in our copy, which in return motivate the customers to click on ‘add to cart’

2. Extensive Keyword Research

Our SEO experts use optimization tools such as Helium 10 and Jungle Scout to perform in-depth keyword research.If you want to launch one product in different marketplaces, we perform an individual keyword research in each marketplace’s native language.Every market gives a different set of keywords. The ones we need to make your product rank higher differ from one marketplace to another. There is no keyword translation.

3. Copywriting & SEO

Once your keyword list is completed, our team gets to work on writing your listing and optimizing it with competitive keywords.If you order the EU package, each listing is also localized in order to better connect with your target customers and adapt your messaging to local-specific expectations.

4. Receive Your Listing

Your listing will undergo proofreading and will be sent to your email along with your keyword/PPC list. The only step left in the launch is deploying your product listing live.With more than 4,000 delighted amazon sellers, we pride ourselves on our responsive customer service. Hit us up with your queries, and we’ll get back to you with eager ears before, during, and after your project’s completion.

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