The 5 Best AI Chatbots To Automate Your Sales and Marketing

With Tidio, companies can interact with clients in real-time with features like automated greetings, programmable chat widgets, and platform integration.
This AI chatbot is simple to use and doesn’t require any coding knowledge. It supports various use cases, including customer care, lead generation, and ecommerce.
Freshchat’s robust artificial intelligence engine lets it comprehend and reply to consumer inquiries.
Imperson is a conversational artificial intelligence chatbot for various business requirements, including customer care and sales automation.
Meya AI enables the quick construction, implementation, and administration of AI-powered chatbots for lead generation, customer care, and online sales.

What Are the 5 Best AI Chatbot Platforms?

Here are the best AI chatbots for your sales and marketing.

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Omar's Take

Tidio is my pick for the best AI chatbot and email marketing automation tool. With Tidio, you can gain valuable customer data about your users’ browsing habits, making it the perfect chatbot for enterprises that want to understand their customers.

Best For:
Businesses that want to automate sales
Annual Billing:
Free plan

Tidio helps companies to increase customer satisfaction, boost conversions, and lower bounce rates.

This conversational Ai tool’s email marketing function enables businesses to send customized messages to particular audience segments, improving the customer experience.

Tidio is at the top of the list of chatbots that make it simple for companies, thanks to its user-friendly design and integration with well-known platforms like WordPress, Shopify, and Facebook Messenger.

Tidio is a top AI chatbot tool enabling businesses to increase their online presence and boost client interaction.



These are the features of Tidio.

E-commerce Business Development

With the help of Tidio's live chat function, customers and online merchants may communicate in real-time, and the chatbot can respond to questions about goods or services. This feature helps lower bounce rates and boost conversions.

Thanks to the email marketing automation tool, businesses can send targeted campaigns to particular audiences, such as clients who abandoned their shopping carts.

Streamlines Service-based Businesses

Service-based companies can use this tool to engage with website visitors and learn more about their requirements, including consulting firms, legal firms, and marketing organizations.

This chatbot helps businesses by detecting new leads and improving customer interaction.

Blog-friendly Integration

Blogging platforms and websites that focus on content can utilize Tidio to interact with their audience and get reader feedback.

Businesses may use this process to improve their content and increase internet traffic.

Shopify and WordPress Integrations

Tidio is a simple-to-use chatbot that works well with well-known applications like Shopify and WordPress. It is a superb tool for small businesses to get client information.

One of the top AI chatbots on the market, this chatbot is an affordable option for small business owners who want to increase their online visibility and client interaction.


Tidio’s primary downside is its lack of advanced functionality and customization choices compared to other platforms.

Organizations with more complicated demands may want to consider alternative chatbot solution companies to satisfy their unique needs.


tidio pricing plan

Here are Tidio’s pricing plans.

  • Starter Pack – $32.50 monthly
  • Team Pack – $65.83 monthly
  • Scale Pack – $332.50 monthly
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Omar's Take

ProProfs Chatbot is a powerful AI chatbot platform with natural language comprehension and machine learning (ML) capabilities. This AI chatbot application comprehends and answers consumer inquiries in real time.

Best For:
Conversational artificial intelligence
$29.99 monthly
Annual Billing:
$239.88 ($19.99 monthly)
Free trial

Businesses can increase client interaction, cut expenses, and boost productivity with the help of ProProfs Chatbot, which is an affordable and adaptable solution.

This tool is one of the best AI chatbot solutions for Android that has natural language comprehension and machine-learning capabilities.

ProProfs can automate conversations while providing a human-like conversational experience. It makes conversations sound more like human conversations, making it seem like you’re chatting with human agents.

This intelligent chatbot also uses natural language understanding to perform sentiment analysis on automated conversations.

This conversational marketing platform helps enhance lead generation, customer support, and customer service.



Here are ProProf’s features.

Customer Service Automation

This AI chatbot software makes it easy to automate monotonous operations like responding to frequently asked queries and referring consumers to the appropriate department.

More than just a basic chatbot, this AI companion gives customer support agents more time to concentrate on complex problems.

Advanced Customer Engagement Tools

Leveraging chatbots like ProProf gives you smoother experiences integrating ProProfs into websites, mobile applications, and messaging apps like Facebook Messenger.

The AI chatbot solution from ProProfs is one of the best AI chatbots if you need automated chatbots fitting the identity and voice of your company.

Moreover, you can teach the chatbot to comprehend terms unique to your organization and industry. This feature allows the bot to provide accurate, personalized responses, improving customer satisfaction and engagement.

Advanced Lead Generation

Tools for lead generation can include artificial intelligence chatbots like ProProfs.

This conversational AI chatbot can ask qualifying questions to gather information from website visitors and qualify leads.

Accurate Analytics

With the chatbot's robust analytics and reporting capability, businesses can analyze consumer interactions, assess the chatbot's success, and more.


The chatbot tool can’t comprehend or respond to inputs or inquiries outside of its preprogrammed knowledge base or comprehension.

Users could become frustrated, restricting the chatbot's usefulness.


proprofs pricing plan

Here are ProProf’s pricing plans.

  • Monthly Plan – $29.99 monthly (per operator, monthly)
  • Annual Plan – $19.99 monthly (per operator, monthly)
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Omar's Take

This artificial intelligence chatbot has pre-built templates, natural language processing, and machine learning capabilities. This cutting-edge messaging technology allows businesses to interact with consumers in real-time through various platforms.

Best For:
Beginners with no prior coding experience
Annual Billing:
Starts at $180
Free plan

This platform’s primary advantage is superb customer contact and support automation anyone can use, even if you’re new to automation.

The natural language processing (NLP), natural language understanding, and machine learning (ML) capabilities of Freshchat's chatbot allow it to comprehend and answer in real-time to customer questions.

Businesses can teach Freshchat to understand specific language and industry-specific vocabulary, helping to provide clients with individualized and correct replies.

Companies can give clients customized experiences by easily integrating Freshchat's AI bot with websites, mobile apps, and messaging apps like Facebook Messenger.

You can also alter the chatbot's voice and tone to fit your brand.

Freshchat's AI bot can answer frequently asked queries and connect consumers to the relevant department. This feature allows customer support agents to focus on more complex issues by automating repetitive activities.

This sophisticated conversational AI's natural language processing and machine learning capabilities ensure individualized answers to consumer inquiries.

The Freshchat AI chatbot has many features, including real-time statistics, discussion transcripts, and consumer segmentation.

This conversational AI tool has robust analytics and reporting. These tools help businesses monitor consumer interactions, assess the chatbot's effectiveness, and pinpoint improvement areas.



Here are Freshchat AI’s features.


Freshchat responds to common ecommerce concerns, including order monitoring, product information, and refunds.

This feature improves overall customer happiness and enriches the entire customer experience.

Service-based Business Integration

Businesses can respond to inquiries and support requests in an automated and customized manner. This feature lightens the strain on customer care agents and enhances the overall customer experience.

Lead Generation for Sales

The chatbot platform from Freshchat enables companies to have automated, tailored discussions with potential clients. You can improve the whole process by helping to discover and nurture leads.

B2B Integration

This integration can help a company with its B2B sales and marketing efforts, like integration to Apple Business chat.

This feature can improve client happiness and the whole shopping experience.

Tailored for small and medium-sized businesses:

Freshchat is ideal for small and medium-sized organizations that want to improve their customer interaction approach.

This AI chatbot’s adaptable characteristics let you tailor the bot to your company's unique requirements and offer customer service without extra personnel or resources.


Customization restrictions for the Freshchat AI chatbot may be a drawback for companies with unique needs and use cases.

Although Freshchat has many capabilities and integrations, it might not be as adaptable as other chatbot options.


freshchat pricing plan

Here are FreshChats’ pricing plans.

  • Growth Plan – $18 monthly
  • Pro Plan – $47 monthly
  • Enterprise Plan – $83 monthly
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Omar's Take

Imperson offers automatic and pre-programmed replies, just like other AI chatbots, doing away with the need for human involvement. It’s one of the better platforms for enterprise-level companies with complex AI needs.

Best For:
Enterpise-level companies
Custom pricing
Annual Billing:

One crucial benefit of using one of the finest AI chatbots is it can handle several inquiries simultaneously. This capability lessens the strain on customer support agents and improves the customer experience.

Businesses can provide a smooth customer engagement experience by connecting Imperson chatbots with various tools and platforms, including email, Facebook Messenger, and CRM.

Companies may customize this chatbot's language, branding, and functionality to meet their needs.

Many industries, including ecommerce, service-based organizations, sales-focused firms, B2B enterprises, lead generation, and medium- to large-sized corporations, can profit from Imperson chatbots.

These intelligent chatbots are easy to set up and use. Their analytics function lets companies track and analyze their performance to continuously improve and optimize their operations.

Imperson chatbots are a low-cost way to increase revenue, lead creation, and customer engagement. Without needing human assistance, they also assist in reducing the workload of customer support professionals.



Here are Imperson’s best features.

Easy E-commerce Integration

Imperson chatbots are excellent at precisely and quickly responding to frequent questions like monitoring purchases, giving product information, and managing refunds.

Ideal for Service-based Businesses

Imperson chatbots can give pre-set, automated replies to particular questions and support requests, relieving the workload of customer care agents and improving the overall customer experience.

Lead Generation and Prospecting

Imperson chatbots can have tailored, automated dialogues with potential clients, assisting in developing leads and boosting the entire sales process.

B2B Communication

Imperson chatbots can quickly and effectively respond to frequently requested consumer questions about product specifications, costs, and support needs.


Imperson AI chatbots can imitate human speech but may not be as good as humans at sensitive or sophisticated dialogue.

Although the answer bot can mimic human interaction, it could not be as intelligent or flexible as a person. The chatbot can have trouble understanding some questions or phrases, resulting in inadequate answers.


Imperson offers custom pricing depending on your needs.

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Omar's Take

Meya AI is one of the most intelligent answer bot options for organizations looking to improve customer engagement and manage processes.

Best For:
Internet-based companies
Starts at $99 monthly
Annual Billing:
Starts at $9,588 ($799 monthly)
Free 14-day trial

Meya AI chatbots are the best option for organizations looking to streamline operations and improve customer engagement since they have the latest natural language processing (NLP) technology.

The chatbot’s natural language processing technology can comprehend and react to customer data with high accuracy and human-like engagement resulting from this technology, resulting in smooth customer support.

As one of the most advanced chatbots, Meya can easily interact with various communication channels, including internet chat, SMS, and Facebook Messenger, offering clients round-the-clock support.

Customers now have access to the information and help they need whenever they need it.

Artificial intelligence chatbots automate mundane tasks, allowing customer support crews to concentrate on more complex and urgent issues.

Meya AI chatbots can handle various consumer inquiries, including answering commonly asked questions, processing orders, and making product suggestions.

As a result, there is an uptick in revenue and consumer satisfaction.

Moreover, Meya AI chatbots are highly customizable to meet the particular needs of any sector.

Meya AI offers an intelligent chatbot tailored to the requirements of each organization, regardless of whether it works in e-commerce, banking, healthcare, or another industry.

The company acknowledges that every organization is different. Its expert team works with customers to fully understand their objectives and provide top-notch AI chatbots.


Here are Meya AI’s features.

Great for E-commerce

Online shops can use the best online chatbots to process orders, respond to questions about products on platforms like Facebook Messenger, and offer quick customer service.

Healthcare Focused-Capabilities

Healthcare professionals may use an AI chatbot to inform patients about their symptoms, available treatments, and appointment scheduling.

Ideal for Financial Institutions

Financial companies can use chatbots to help clients with recurring tasks like account inquiries and balance checks.

Travel Company Integration

Travel agencies can use Meya AI to assist consumers with bookings, collecting flight information, and handling typical queries.

With no need for extra employees, this may improve a travel client’s experience and offer round-the-clock assistance.


The cost of Meya AI is the platform’s primary disadvantage, hindering it from competing with other top AI chatbots.

Although a robust and flexible chatbot platform, it may be too expensive for smaller firms or groups with tighter budgets. Meya AI’s cost can restrict its availability and use in the market.

Pricing pricing plan

Here are Meya AI’s pricing plans.

  • Developer Plan: $99 monthly
  • Pro Plan: $999 monthly
  • Partner Plan: $3,000 monthly

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Does an AI Chatbot Platform Help With Sales Automation?

Chatbot apps and platforms can help with all sorts of sales processes. Here are some examples.

  • Engage with website visitors to understand their needs.
  • Qualify leads for sales representatives.
  • Answer customer queries about products, pricing, shipping, and returns.
  • Help customers place orders and make payments.
  • Recommend additional products or services based on customer behavior.
  • 24/7 availability to handle urgent inquiries and capture leads and sales outside regular business hours.
  • Provide personalized recommendations and offers using machine learning algorithms.
  • Build stronger customer relationships and increase loyalty to the brand.

Can AI Chatbot Platforms Integrate With My Existing CRM System?

Can AI Chatbot Platforms Integrate With My Existing CRM System?

Most chatbot platforms integrate well with well-known CRM systems, including Salesforce, Hubspot, Pipedrive, Zoho, and Copper.

Integrations allow chatbots and CRMs to communicate and share data without any problems.

What Are the Pricing Options for an AI Chatbot?

AI chatbot systems vary in price depending on the degree of features and capabilities the business requires.

Some provide monthly or yearly memberships with extra features, while others offer free plans with a few functions.

Many systems provide customized pricing according to the customer’s individual needs.

Do I Need Any Coding Skills To Use Chatbot Platforms?

Do I Need Any Coding Skills To Use Chatbot Platforms?

The finest AI chatbots often include a drag-and-drop interface and a user-friendly user system. That said, most don’t require any coding knowledge to use.

They frequently have pre-built templates you can quickly modify and use on various platforms, including Facebook Messenger.

Can AI Chatbot Software Handle Multiple Languages?

The best AI chatbots can handle dozens of languages, enabling businesses to contact clients who speak different languages and serve a wider audience.

Can I Personalize the Chatbot’s Conversation With My Customers?

Some enterprise chatbots have tools to develop unique scripts and replies depending on specific consumer interactions, making it possible to customize the chatbot’s dialogue with customers.

Personalization features help businesses customize and deploy chatbots to meet particular client requirements.

How Can I Measure the Performance of My AI Chatbot?

How Can I Measure the Performance of My AI Chatbot?

Many chatbot platforms have advanced analytics dashboards and reporting tools. These features let companies measure several metrics, including conversation volume, customer happiness, and conversion rates.

The data from AI chatbot technology and AI assistants pinpoints areas for improvement and enhances a chatbot’s functionality in various settings, including Facebook Messenger, SMS, and website chat.

Can I Test My Chatbot Before Launching It to Customers?

The best AI chatbot platforms include a testing or simulation capability that enables organizations to engage with the chatbot and make any tweaks before making it live.

Testing an AI chatbot before introducing it to clients is conceivable.

Can I Integrate AI-Powered Chatbots With Other Third-party Tools?


The top chatbot systems for AI offer alternatives for integration with external programs, including analytics, communication, and payment gateways.

You can integrate the best AI chatbots with programs like Facebook messenger, Shopify, and WordPress. Integrations allow people to access your chatbot technology from your front-facing online platforms.

With the help of these connections, it’s simpler to improve client satisfaction and optimize your sales process.

The Bottom Line

The five options on my list are the best AI chatbot platforms available today. However, there are many other AI-powered chatbots that you can check out.

I hope my list helps you determine the best chatbot tool for your business needs and budget. Use the things you’ve learned to make a well-informed decision.

If you run a small ecommerce business, you should know more about the best ecommerce platforms for small businesses.

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