Chase Bank Notary Services: Availability, Requirements, Cost, and More

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If you’re a Chase Bank account holder or client, you’ve likely needed notarial services at some point. Many financial documents, like loan applications, financial statements, and property deeds, require notarization.

If you’ve never received notarial services from a Chase Bank branch, you likely have the following questions.

  • Does Chase Bank notarize documents?

  • Do all Chase Branches provide free notary services?

  • Does Chase Bank have a notary on-site?

I wrote this guide to answer all these questions (and more). I’ll discuss all you need to know about the Chase notary public.

What Does a Notary Do?

chase bank notary services

What is a Notary, and what do they do?

A notary is a public official the state government appoints to be an impartial and certified witness when signing official documents. This official signs specific documents to make them legally binding and enforceable.

Notaries are essential because organizations and governing bodies use them to avoid fraud. Notaries witness the signing of documents and oath administrations to ensure participants follow the stipulations in the document.

How Does Notarization Work?

Notarization is straightforward.

You must provide a government-issued photo ID (ex., driver’s license, passport, etc.) to prove your identity.

Then, you present your document to a notary public and sign it in their presence. The notary typically asks if you understand the terms of your document.

After signing, the official will notarize it with an official stamp. The notary public officer must also write the date and add their signature.

How Much Does It Cost to Notarize Documents?

How Much Does It Cost to Notarize Documents?

Notarization will cost anywhere between $2.50 and $20, depending on the nature of the document and if you need to swear an oath verbally.

The cost will also depend on the notary fee schedules in your state. It’s worth noting that some states, like Alaska, Kentucky, and Louisiana, don’t have set notary fees.

Many banks and credit unions provide a free notary on-site if you need a notarized, official document.

Common Documents That Need Notarization

Common Documents That Need Notarization

Here are some of the most common documents requiring notarization.

  • Affidavit – You use this notarized sworn statement as evidence in legal matters.

  • Power of Attorney – This document grants someone legal authority to act on another person’s behalf.

  • Last Will – This document is for the legally binding distribution of assets after death.

  • Property Deeds and Real Estate Documents – You need this document for deeds, mortgages, leases, and other property-related matters.

  • Consent Letters and Medical Authorization Forms – This document provides notarized permission for minors, medical treatment, or delegated authority.

  • Loan Agreements – This notarized document confirms understanding and acceptance of loan terms.

  • Business Documents – These might include incorporation papers, agreements, or LLC articles that require notarization

  • Identity Verification – This document verifies the identity of the individual.

  • Financial Affidavits – These sworn statements provide accurate financial information in legal proceedings.

Chase Bank Notary Services

Chase Bank Notary Services

Banks often provide notarial services since they have employees who are certified notaries, making on-location document handling and signing easier.

Chase Bank is one of the many banks that offer free notary services to clients. Account holders can go to a local Chase branch for notarization.

However, the Chase Bank Notary service isn’t available at all locations.

What Do Chase Notaries Do?

A Chase Bank notary public officer notarizes official documents. As an entity, Chase Bank doesn’t perform the notarization. Instead, certified staff members provide the service.

How To Use the Chase Bank’s Notary Services

Look for the nearest or most convenient branch to get a document notarized at Chase. Contact the branch before visiting to see if the service is available since not all Chase banks have this service.

Make an appointment with the bank’s notary public office to ensure there’s a notary public on-site when you visit. Go to the branch on the day of your appointment to have your documents notarized for free.

How To Make an Appointment at the Nearest Chase Location

How To Make an Appointment at the Nearest Chase Location

Here’s how to make an appointment at a Chase branch (participating locations) to have a document signed by a notary public.

  1. Visit the Chase locator page on the bank’s official website and search for two or three branches to visit.

  2. Get the banks’ local branch contact details to ask if that branch offers notary services.

  3. When you find a bank branch that provides notarization, set an appointment.

  4. Visit the bank on your appointment date and bring your documents and proof of identification.

Requirements To Get Notarized at Chase

Can I get a document notarized at Chase Bank?

It depends.

A notary public must be impartial and willing to serve regardless of an individual’s race, background, sexual orientation, or political stand. Chase Bank’s notary public stands by the same standard.

However, the Chase notary can only notarize a document under the following conditions

  • You have the documents you need notarized (you need to sign them in the presence of the notary public)

  • Everyone who needs to sign the document is present

  • Government-issued photo ID of all signatories

How To Find Chase Bank Notary Services Near Me

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Not all Chase branches provide notarial services, so which Chase Banks have notaries?

The best way to find multiple Chase branches is to go to the bank’s branch locator page, call the nearest banks, and ask if they have notarial services.

There are Chase Bank notary service locations throughout the US, but most notaries work irregular hours. Thus, calling the bank for an appointment before visiting is best.

Chase Bank Notary Service Cost

How much does a notary cost at Chase Bank? Is there a Chase Bank notary services fee?

Chase account holders can get notarization free of charge. You won’t have to pay a notary fee if you have a Chase credit card, savings account, or checking account.

Non-Chase customers might need to pay a small fee for notarization.

Fees can vary by Chase branch, so contact your nearest branch if you’re a non-Chase customer to ask if notarization will cost you and how much.

Other Places To Get Notarization Services

Other Places To Get Notarization Services

Here are alternatives if you’re looking for another place to get notarization services besides Chase.

  • Other banks

  • Credit unions

  • Post offices

  • Hospitals

  • Universities

  • UPS stores and FedEx offices

  • Public libraries

  • Courthouses

  • Law firms

  • Real estate offices

  • Insurance agencies

  • Tax preparation offices

  • Educational institutions

  • Government offices

  • Mobile notary services

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Chase Do Notaries on Sunday?

Chase Bank notary hours depend on bank hours. Chase Banks are closed on Sundays, meaning a notary won’t be available.

Do All Banks Have Notaries?

Do All Banks Have Notaries?

It depends on the bank or branch since it’s their discretion whether to provide this service. A bank with a notary service will most likely be free to their clients only.

What Should I Do if No Notary Appointment Is Available at Chase Bank?

Getting a Chase Bank notary appointment before dropping by is the best way to ensure you don’t waste time. Call the closest Chase Bank ahead of time.

If the notary public office isn’t available on the day you plan to visit, choose a different day or look for another branch with an available slot.

Chase Bank Free Notary: Can I Have Something Notarized for Free If I’m Not a Client?

Free notary services are only available to Chase customers. I recommend checking your nearest branch since they may offer the service for free even to non-Chase clients.

Where Can I Get Free Notary Service?

Besides banks, hospitals and universities might be your best bet for free notary services. However, not all hospitals and universities will have a free notary service.

The Bottom Line

I hope my guide answered your question, “Does Chase Bank offer notary services?”

Use the info in this guide before dropping by a Chase Bank branch to avoid wasting your time.

If you have a Chase credit card, learning about credit card payment processing time is ideal.

Written by: Omar Deryan

Founder of OJ Digital Solutions

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