7 Profitable Digital Products to Sell Online

Profitable Digital Products to Sell Online

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Do you have a computer, an internet connection, and at least some creativity? Then you can start selling many profitable digital products online.

But let’s face it—finding a lucrative online niche can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. That’s where this article comes in.

We’ve put together a curated list of 7 profitable digital products to sell online that either have proven to be successful in the online marketplace or have a huge potential to be.

To make things even more actionable for you, we’re not just listing the products; we’re also detailing the specific skills you’ll need to bring each one to life. Of course, you can always outsource the skills you don’t have.

Ready to find out what these lucrative digital products are?

Let’s get started!

1. Electronic Books (eBooks)

Skills required: Writing proficiency, research ability, topic expertise, editing skills, graphic design (for covers and layout)

Ever since Amazon launched its eBook publishing platform, Kindle Direct Publishing, in November 2007, the barriers to entry for writers have been lower than ever, while the demand for them has been thriving. From romance novels to how-to guides, from science fiction epics to in-depth academic texts, the scope for self-publishing is broad and incredibly diverse.

Whether you’re an expert in vegan cooking, a seasoned traveler with tips to share, or a storyteller with a world to unveil, there’s a place for you in the self-publishing universe.

Andy Weir's blockbuster novel The Martian was originally self-published on Amazon.

Because just about anyone who has something to say can publish an electronic book these days on various platforms to sell digital products (not just Amazon), the competition is stiffer than ever.

In fact, the number of self-published books has increased by 264% in the last five years, so finishing an eBook is really just the first half of the battle.

Successfully marketing your work is the second, often more challenging, phase. But don’t let that deter you. The potential profits for those who do manage to stand out are significant, especially when you consider that regular eBooks can be easily turned into audiobooks.

Relevant online communities and websites:

2. Digital Art

Skills required: Artistic talent, mastery of digital art software (e.g., Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop)

Artists no longer have to limit themselves to traditional galleries and local art fairs. If you’re an artist who pours days or even weeks into a single piece, you’ve got a whole world of opportunities at your fingertips—literally.

Thanks to online platforms like Etsy and Redbubble, you can sell your digital art and prints to a global audience without leaving your home studio.

A collection of digital art pieces available on Etsy.

When it comes to selling digital art on marketplaces to sell digital products with 0 commission and elsewhere, you generally have two viable options: selling original work or taking on commissions.

Selling original work provides the creative liberty to craft pieces without any client specifications, and these works can be sold multiple times. For instance, you could create and sell digital products on Shopify.

On the other hand, commissions involve creating personalized art based on client needs, which can often command higher prices but may limit artistic freedom.

Relevant online communities and websites:

3. Online Courses

Skills required: Subject matter expertise, instructional design, video production and editing, scriptwriting

Whether you’re a certified expert or a self-taught pro, the internet offers a global classroom where you can share your knowledge and earn some money at the same time.

According to a report published by Facts & Factors, The global e-learning market is expected to surpass $848.12 billion by 2030, up from $210.1 billion in 2021.

This astonishing growth can be attributed in no small part to popular online course platforms like Udemy and Coursera, which have democratized education by handling the nitty-gritty of course hosting, payment processing, and customer service.

A popular Python course on Udemy that has been seen by almost 2 million students from around the world.

The most popular online courses are taught by instructors who don’t just bring a wealth of information to the table, but also a charismatic presentation style that makes the material engaging and easy to consume.

If you’ve got the knowledge and the personality to light up a virtual room, your course could very well be the next big hit. If not, then you can always team up with someone who complements your skill set.

Relevant online communities and websites:

4. Stock Photos and Videos

Skills required: Photography skills, image editing, understanding of licensing

Everyone from content creators to marketing departments has an insatiable thirst for high-quality visuals to help them complement their content and get their message across.

The same people don’t have the time, skills, and resources to create these images themselves, which is why they look for them on stock websites like Shutterstock and Depositphotos, which are open to anyone with good-looking pictures and videos to share—both pros and completely amateurs.

A collection of water-themed images available on Depositphotos.

There are already millions upon millions of stock photos and videos out there, making the market both saturated and highly competitive.

So, how do you make a splash in a sea of imagery?

The key is staying ahead of or at least catching up with trends, whether it’s the latest social movements, seasonal themes, or burgeoning tech. Also, you should get your photos and videos in front as many potential buyers as possible, which is something platforms like Wirestock can help you with.

Relevant online communities and websites:

5. AI-Generated Images

Skills required: Understanding of AI and machine learning, creativity for input prompts, basic digital editing skills

The rise of generative AI technologies like Midjourney and DALL-E 2 has revolutionized the field of digital art and imagery. Now you can create everything from vector-like illustrations to photorealistic pictures, all initiated by a text prompt.

Sites like Adobe Stock and Dreamstime have even started to accept AI-generated content, opening up a wealth of opportunities for digital artists and tech enthusiasts alike.

AI-generated stock images on Dreamstime, an online royalty-free microstock provider.

The legal landscape surrounding AI-generated images is still evolving, but that shouldn’t put you off. In fact, if this niche seems attractive to you, now’s the time to do it.

As companies like Dreamstime embrace AI-generated content and shape new rules to govern its use, the market with AI-generated content is guaranteed to become saturated incredibly quickly.

So, if you’ve got the know-how and the creative spark, don’t sit and wait—just do it!

Relevant online communities and websites:

6. AI Prompts

Skills required: Deep understanding of AI language models, creativity, keen visual sensibility

In the realm of AI-generated content, there’s more to profit from than just the end product. Believe it or not, AI prompts themselves have become a digital commodity.

Websites like PromptBase and Promptrr offer marketplaces where you can sell your ingenious prompts that can generate everything from illustrations for children’s books to compelling social media posts.

The main page of PropmtBase, the most popular prompt marketplace today.

This niche is particularly great for those who already have an established online following because your audience already trusts your expertise, making it far easier to market these AI prompts directly to them.

The biggest downside is that the world of AI is evolving at breakneck speed, staying relevant means constantly adapting and keeping tabs on the latest trends and updates in AI technology.

Relevant online communities and websites:

7. Subscription Newsletters

Skills required: Writing prowess, subject expertise, email marketing, SEO optimization

The web is increasingly cluttered with clickbait and shallow takes, with high-quality content becoming a rare gem.

That’s why more and more people are willing to spend their hard-earned money on subscription newsletters that deliver real value, such as those delivering industry insights, specialized knowledge, or deeply researched opinions.

Noahpinion is a popular subscription newsletter published by Noah Smith, a former Bloomberg Opinion columnist

Platforms like Substack have made it possible to launch and monetize a subscription-based newsletter with relative ease by removing the need to code or handle complex payment gateways just to set things up.

However, a subscription newsletter can become successful not only when it’s written well but also when it’s effectively marketed, and that’s where SEO optimization and email marketing come into play.

Relevant online communities and websites:


The opportunities for online entrepreneurship are vast and varied in today’s digital day and age. While the market in many of these areas is competitive, the tools and platforms available make it easier than ever to get started and reach a global audience.

Hopefully, the most profitable digital products described in this article have given you valuable insights into which niches might be worth exploring for your own entrepreneurial journey.

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