Does AutoZone Price Match? Competitors, Rules, and More

does autozone price match

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Does AutoZone price match?

Yes, AutoZone price matches products, but with a few exceptions.

Suppose you’re looking for auto parts shops that price match, AutoZone should be one of your top options. This helps you get a lower price on some of your much-needed auto products.

However, there are a few important questions you might have.

What is AutoZone stores’ price match policy? What stores do they price match?

I’ll answer these and more in this comprehensive guide.

Let’s begin.

Does AutoZone Price Match?

AutoZone is one of the most popular places to get auto parts, accessories, replacements, and more. They currently have stores in all fifty US states and districts like Columbia, Puerto Rico, Mexico, and Brazil.

It’s a leading retailer with fair pricing, but does AutoZone match prices of major competitors?

Yes, they do, but only if the terms fall under the conditions of their price match policy.

AutoZone’s Price Match Policy

The AutoZone price match policy is quite straightforward. Check out their items in-store and compare them with prices from other businesses selling the same product. If the price of their competitor is lower, they’ll match it.

However, AutoZone won’t always approve your price match request. You need to meet these conditions:

  • You must provide a price match proof of the lower price, such as a photo of an ad or the price tag.

  • The competitor’s price must be current and verifiable.

  • The product must also match the features like those found at AutoZone.

AutoZone Price Match Exclusions

does autozone price match

There are some cases where AutoZone will not honor a price match request. Some of those scenarios include:

  • The lower price is from a business not included in AutoZone’s list of competitors.

  • You don’t have any proof of lower prices, or if the store managers cannot verify that the price shown on your proof is authentic.

Does AutoZone Price Match Online Competitors?

No, AutoZone doesn’t price match online purchases from other online retailers.

When does AutoZone price match an online competitor?

Sometimes, you’ll spot competitive prices online. In that case, check if the prices also apply to the competitor’s physical stores.

If yes, you can get the item price matched by AutoZone if it fulfills the above-mentioned conditions.

Does AutoZone Provide Price Adjustment?

If you’re asking if there’s an AutoZone price adjustment policy, the answer is a clear no. AutoZone doesn’t offer price adjustments on prior purchases.

Is it different from price matching?

Yes. In this scenario, you would ask for a refund for the price difference if you find a lower price for the item you bought at AutoZone.

Many other companies that offer price matching have this policy, but AutoZone doesn’t. For example, Walmart stores have price matching services and offer price adjustment within seven days.

Check the AutoZone price list and compare prices before your shop to get the lowest prices.

How To Price Match at AutoZone

How To Price Match at AutoZone

To avail of the AutoZone price match guarantee, follow these steps:

  1. Note your desired product’s specific variation and features.

    Ensure the product you want to price match has features similar to the one available at AutoZone.

  2. Look at the other stores’ prices to identify the lowest price.

    Gather evidence like an advertisement, receipt, or photo showing the lower price for the product.

  3. Check product availability.

    Confirm that the product is in stock at AutoZone’s local store.

  4. Verify competitor’s eligibility.

    Ensure the competitor offering the lower price is within AutoZone’s accepted geographic range.

  5. Visit AutoZone.

    Present proof of the lower price and request AutoZone to match the price you found.

How You Benefit From a Price Match

How You Benefit From a Price Match

There are many ways that a price match could work to your benefit. Here are some of the most common pros:

  • Cost savings from the low prices – Price matching at AutoZone allows its customers to take advantage of competitive pricing.

  • Increased purchasing power – You can stretch your budget and afford additional products or accessories. More purchasing power is always good if you need a few more items.

  • Shopping flexibility – Price matching allows you to choose where to purchase. You can shop at the retailer you’re most comfortable with.

Considerations When Price Matching

Remember that AutoZone can refuse to adjust prices if you don’t meet some requirements.

When you’re trying to get a price match on an item, remember these considerations for a smoother process:

  • Follow all eligibility criteria, including features, availability, and geographical limitations.

  • Ensure you have adequate proof that you found a lower price. If you’re presenting an image, it has to show the date of the image to show that it’s a recent price.

  • Remember that AutoZone won’t offer a price match for online prices, so you must verify that the price applies in-store.

  • Be professional and polite when asking for a price match at AutoZone. Be respectful towards their staff.

AutoZone’s Price Match Competitors

Does AutoZone Price Match?

Advanced Auto Parts
O’Reilly Auto Parts
Napa Auto Parts

Who does AutoZone price match?

We’ll look at some common frequently asked questions about the retailer’s popular competitors.

Does AutoZone Price Match Walmart?

Does AutoZone Price Match Walmart?

Yes, AutoZone will price match Walmart products as long as they’re in-store prices and within the same geographical coverage of AutoZone.

Does AutoZone Price Match Advanced Auto?

Does AutoZone Price Match Advanced Auto?

Yes, AutoZone will price-match items at Advanced Auto Parts if they meet eligibility requirements.

Does AutoZone Price Match Amazon?

Does AutoZone Price Match Amazon?

AutoZone will only price-match products from a physical store. Since Amazon is an online store, they’re not part of the list of competitors AutoZone will price match with.

Does AutoZone Price Match RockAuto?


RockAuto is an online retailer, and AutoZone doesn’t price match online stores.

Does AutoZone Price Match O’Reilly Auto Parts?

Does AutoZone Price Match O'Reilly Auto Parts?

Yes, AutoZone will match O’Reilly’s prices if you meet the requirements.

Does AutoZone Price Match eBay?

Does AutoZone Price Match eBay?

No, because eBay is an online marketplace, and AutoZone doesn’t price match online retailers.

Will AutoZone Price Match Napa Auto Parts?

Will AutoZone Price Match Napa Auto Parts?

Yes, AutoZone will price-match Napa if you meet the requirements.

Is AutoZone Price Matching Worth the Effort?

Comparing prices can be a little taxing if you have to cross-check every single item. Are the savings worth the extra effort?

Price matching makes sense when you want to purchase auto parts slightly out of your budget. Who knows, you could find a significant price difference and save money.

Otherwise, most people wouldn’t mind paying a few cents or dollars more just to get the item and move forward with other more pressing matters.

Other Ways You Can Save at AutoZone

Other Ways You Can Save at AutoZone

Price matching isn’t the only way to save a nickel at AutoZone. They have many other specials and offers that you can take advantage of, including:

  • Picking up a coupon from their online store.

  • Watching out for ads on their social media channels, like Facebook.

  • Sign up for AutoZone’s email list and get a discount on your next purchase.

  • Check out AutoZone’s clearance section.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can You Use a Coupon When Requesting a Price Match at AutoZone?

You can’t use a coupon alongside a price match. They only allow you to use one or the other. Check to see which offer will give you the better price.

Does AutoZone Allow Coupon Stacking?

Some people might use multiple coupons for an even better price on in-store purchases. However, an AutoZone store doesn’t allow coupon stacking. You can only use one coupon at a time.

Does AutoZone Allow Coupon Stacking?

Does AutoZone Accept Competitor Coupons?

AutoZone does not accept competitor coupons. They will only honor those that they provide.

How Does AutoZone Price Match Stores?

You can use AutoZone’s price-matching services by doing the following steps:

  1. Prepare proof of the lower price, ensuring it’s not from an online retailer.

  2. Confirm the retailer is eligible for AutoZone’s price match policy.

  3. Walk into the store and present your proof of lower pricing.

  4. Let the staff verify the lower pricing.

Does AutoZone Test Cars?

Part of AutoZone’s offer is providing free car testing. Some things they will check for you include your battery, starter, alternator, and others.

Some stores might have a long queue for this service, so try to come at an off time.

Does AutoZone Offer Discounts?

Absolutely. You’ll have many options for discounts when you visit AutoZone. You can check out their offers on holidays and major events, like Black Friday, the Christmas season, etc.

AutoZone also provides some of the best prices when they make clearance sales. You should check out the clearance section when you visit a local AutoZone shop.

The Bottom Line

That’s all you need to know about AutoZone’s price match policy.

Not all stores offer the same price match policy, so don’t expect AutoZone to have the same rules as Walmart stores or any other retailer.

Are you planning to shop at AutoZone anytime soon? Before you do, check out other stores and see if you can get a price match!

Written by: Omar Deryan

Founder of OJ Digital Solutions

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