47 Best Dog-Friendly Stores in the US

dog friendly stores

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Your pets are more than just animals; they’re treasured members of your family. Bringing them along on your outings can add an extra layer of joy to our daily routines.

The question is: Which stores in the US allow dogs?

You’ve come to the right place for answers.

I developed a list of the best dog-friendly stores in the US. I did extensive research to find stores with dog-friendly policies and help you determine where you can bring your beloved furry companion.

Let’s explore some of the most accommodating dog-friendly stores in your area!

5 Dog-Friendly Stores: Pet Supplies

If you’re wondering, “Where can I take my dog with me?” You can take your dog on your next pet supply store run!

While many pet supply stores are pet-friendly, here’s a list of stores that specifically allow you to bring your dogs.

Note: I’ve strived to provide accurate and up-to-date information, but it’s still a good practice to double-check the policies of each store before you visit to ensure a smooth experience for you and your pet.

1. Petco

petco homepage

At Petco, you can shop for dog supplies with your furry friends if they’re well-behaved and on a leash. To ensure everyone’s safety, Petco requires that your dogs are licensed and vaccinated before bringing them into the store.

2. Petsmart

petsmart homepage

Are dogs allowed in PetSmart? Yes.

You can bring some pets to PetSmart if they are on a leash or safely enclosed and have the proper vaccinations.

PetSmart allows the following pets.

  • Dogs and cats that live with you

  • Birds

  • Small animals and reptiles that PetSmart sells, like hamsters, guinea pigs, or certain reptiles

  • Ferrets

  • Rabbits

  • Sugar gliders

  • Pot-bellied pigs

For all other pets, they are not usually allowed in PetSmart stores. PetSmart recommends asking one of their staff members if you’re unsure if your pet fits the criteria above.

Pets that aren’t dogs or cats and aren’t service animals can only come in if they meet these conditions:

  • PetSmart sells the same kind of pet.

  • The pet can be adopted from an in-store adoption group.

  • PetSmart has supplies for that type of pet.

  • The pet is getting treatment at the in-store vet.

Remember, PetSmart can change these rules anytime and say no to any pet for any reason.

3. Pet Supplies Plus

pet supplies plus homepage

Can I bring my dog into Pet Supplies Plus?

You are welcome to bring your dog to Pet Supplies Plus. They have a pet-friendly policy, and they allow pets in their stores. However, there are a few rules to follow:

  • Your dog should be domesticated.

  • Your dog must be licensed.

  • Your dog must be vaccinated.

While inside the store, your dog should be on a leash, in a carrier, or in a travel habitat to ensure a safe and pleasant shopping experience.

4. Woof Gang Bakery and Grooming

Woof Gang Bakery and Grooming homepage

Woof Gang Bakery & Grooming is one of the many places that allow dogs. It’s a dog-friendly pet store that welcomes dogs of all breeds and sizes. They also offer a variety of natural and healthy pet foods.

If you plan to visit Woof Gang Bakery and Grooming, here are a few things to remember.

Before using their grooming services, their policy states that your pet should have up-to-date vaccinations. You should also tell them if your dog has a history of biting or being aggressive towards people, other pets, or staff.

5. Hollywood Feed

Hollywood Feed homepage

Hollywood Feed aims to create a pet-friendly environment, welcoming dogs into their stores.

They encourage customers to bring their dogs into their stores so employees and other customers can engage with the animal, developing a friendly relationship.

Beauty and Cosmetics Stores 

Here are some of the beauty and cosmetic stores that allow dogs:

6. LUSH Cosmetics

LUSH Cosmetics homepages

Bring your furry friends along when you shop at Lush Cosmetics. This store embraces dogs and aligns with your love for animals in every product they offer.

Their unwavering commitment to a no-animal testing policy means you can shop confidently, knowing that no animals suffer for the products you buy.

7. Sephora

sephora homepage

While Sephora doesn’t have an official nationwide pet policy, many customers have reported taking their dogs shopping at Sephora.

The store’s pet policy varies by location and local regulations. Some sources suggest that most Sephora stores in the US generally allow dogs, including emotional support animals and pets.

It’s still a good idea to confirm the pet policy with the specific Sephora store you plan to visit because many Sephora locations are inside malls, which may have their own pet policies.

Fashion Retailers 

Here are some of the biggest fashion retailers that allow dogs:

8. Nordstrom

nordstrom homepage

You can bring your dog to Nordstrom. A 2012 Twitter thread between Nordstrom Seattle and a potential customer confirms that Nordstrom has no issues with dogs if they’re on a leash, well-behaved, and not left unattended.

It’s been over a decade since this Twitter thread, so check your local Nordstrom store before bringing your dog along.

9. Bloomingdale’s

Bloomingdale's homepage

You’re welcome to bring your furry friend to Bloomingdale’s, provided they’re on a leash and well-behaved.

Their dog-friendly policy applies to the flagship store on 59th Street in New York City and Bloomingdale’s locations in major cities like Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, and more nationwide.

10. Macy’s

macys homepage

Macy’s is one of the many pet-friendly stores that allow you to shop with your dogs.

However, while pets are generally allowed, pet rules might differ from one Macy’s store to another. This is especially true for branches in shopping malls since mall rules might affect their pet policy.

To be sure, check in with your local Macy’s before you bring your dog along to shop.

11. Madewell

madewell homepage

You can usually bring your dog to Madewell stores if they’re leashed and well-behaved. However, Madewell pet policies may vary, so contact your local Madewell store in advance to confirm.

12. TJ Maxx

TJ maxx homepage

You can bring your dog to most TJ Maxx locations, but this may not be true for other branches.

The decision usually depends on local regulations and the store manager’s discretion. Some TJ Maxx stores may have restrictions on allowing pets other than service dogs.

13. Marshalls

marshalls homepage

Marshalls‘ dog policy can vary by location, and there’s some conflicting information. Some sources indicate that only service dogs are allowed, while others suggest that all dogs might be welcome.

This could be due to differences in store policies, state regulations, or management decisions. In locations that permit dogs, they typically expect them to be well-behaved and on a leash.

Call your local Marshalls store beforehand to avoid confusion and ensure a pleasant shopping trip with your dog.

14. HomeSense

homesense homepage

HomeSense stores may allow well-behaved dogs and emotional support animals depending on the specific store location, state laws, and store management decisions.

Dogs should be well-mannered and responsive to commands, especially since HomeSense stores are crowded and filled with breakable items. Visiting pets should also be appropriately restrained on a leash, tether, carrier, or travel habitat.

15. Barnes & Noble

Barnes & Noble homepage

As per the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), service animals are welcome at Barnes & Noble stores. The policy for non-service animals may differ based on local health codes at each store’s location, but most Barnes & Noble locations are generally dog-friendly.

To know more about bringing dogs or other non-service animals, contact your local Barnes & Noble store.

16. Banana Republic

banana republic homepage

Banana Republic is famous for its stylish office wear, and since Gap and Old Navy own Banana Republic, they’re typically dog-friendly. Give your local store a quick call to double-check.

17. Orvis

orvis homepage

Orvis is a pet-friendly store that welcomes dogs, as the Orvis News website mentions. They even have a special We Love Dogs program, offering free treats when you bring your dog to any of their retail stores during August.

They also feature a randomly selected roundup of Orvis Cover Dog submissions. Orvis is also a dog-friendly workplace, providing tips, guidelines, and tools for bringing their dogs to work.

The company also offers valuable resources for traveling with dogs, including advice on traveling comfortably and finding dog-friendly stops on the road. Orvis also provides information on the most dog-friendly national parks where you can take your dog.

18. Victoria’s Secret

Victoria's Secret homepage

At Victoria’s Secret, you can enjoy both fashion and the company of your furry friends, all thanks to their dog-friendly policy. Their stores welcome well-behaved dogs on leashes, ensuring you can shop in style with your canine companion.

Victoria’s Secret stores are busy, so consider using a carrier for smaller dogs or going for a more comfortable experience during quieter shopping.

19. Anthropologie

Anthropologie homepage

Anthropologie is a dog-friendly store, and they welcome well-behaved dogs on a leash. They understand that many consider their pets part of their family and want to include them in their shopping experiences.

20. Lululemon

Lululemon homepage

Lululemon is a pet-friendly store with some stores located in pet-friendly malls. While dogs are generally allowed, they must be well-behaved and on a leash at all times for the safety of other customers and their pets.

Call your local Lululemon and ask about the store’s own rules and regulations, as some locations may have specific guidelines.

21. Ann Taylor

Ann Taylor homepage

Ann Taylor is generally a pet-friendly store, welcoming well-behaved dogs in most locations. Customers should properly restrain their pets with a leash, tether, carrier, or travel habitat.

Ann Taylor has confirmed that pets and service animals are welcome in their stores under owners’ supervision. Based on their best judgment, store management can decide which pets are suitable for entry.

22. Loft

loft homepage

Your four-legged friends are allowed in Loft stores. Bark Post contacted the store, and they confirmed that Loft welcomes pets and service animals as long as their owners are responsible for them.

23. Saks Fifth Avenue

Saks Fifth Avenue homepage

Saks Fifth Avenue stores welcome your furry friends as long as they’re well-behaved and kept under control. They should also be on a leash or carrier for everyone’s comfort and safety.

24. Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters is one of the many businesses that allow dogs. They’re notably pet-friendly, with pet-friendly locations reported in Boston, MA, and Austin, TX, as noted by BringFido and GoPetFriendly.

Urban Outfitters stores are famous for their industrial-style layouts and spaciousness, so it’s the ideal shopping environment for those with dogs. The company also allowed employees to bring their dogs to work since 2008, as reported by Sit Means Sit.

Home Goods, Hardware, and Auto Shops

What stores allow dogs? Here’s another list of hardware and auto shops that accept dogs

25. Home Depot

home depot homepage

You can bring your dog to Home Depot, provided that they’re well-behaved and you put them on a leash. They even go the extra mile by offering free water bowls for visiting pets.

Individual store policies vary, so check with your local Home Depot before bringing your furry friend.

26. Lowe’s

lowe's homepage

Are dogs allowed in Lowe’s? Yes. Your four-legged friends are welcome at Lowe’s. However, staff members only allow leashed dogs to enter.

27. Ace Hardware

Ace Hardware homepage

Your dogs can shop in Ace Hardware stores with you. They have a pet-friendly policy that allows well-behaved and leashed dogs to enter, preventing them from posing a safety risk to other customers or their pets.

28. Tractor Supply Co.

Tractor Supply Co. homepage

Tractor Supply has a clear pet policy that welcomes pets in their stores if they’re leashed or inside a pet carrier. Your furry friends should be on their best behavior and not disrupt other customers’ experience.

They also confirm this with an Instagram caption stating, “We welcome all friendly and leashed pets.”

29. Harbor Freight Tools

According to their corporate policy, all dogs are welcome in Harbor Freight Tools stores. They allow domesticated, vaccinated, and licensed companion animals to accompany their owners while shopping.

Your dogs should be on a leash or carrier when shopping at Harbor Freight for everyone’s comfort and safety.

However, store managers have discretion, and local ordinances may apply, so call the store beforehand. 

30. Cabela’s

cabela's homepage

Cabela’s stores are generally pet-friendly unless specific state or local laws prohibit it. However, service animals are always welcome and exempt from any legal restrictions.

A few Cabela’s locations have limited indoor or outdoor kennels that customers can use. One of the staff members can help you set up a kennel so you can leave your pet there while you shop.

31. Restoration Hardware

Restoration Hardware homepage

Restoration Hardware isn’t just about selling stylish furniture; they also welcome your furry friends! Just remember to keep your dog on a leash or in a carrier, and be mindful that if any items get damaged, you’ll be responsible for covering the costs.

32. O’Reilly Auto Parts

O'Reilly Auto Parts homepage

Based on their Facebook caption from 2020, O’Reilly Auto Parts is happy to welcome your four-legged pets into the store! But as responsible dog owners, ensure your dogs are well-behaved and on a leash while shopping.

33. Pottery Barn

Feel free to bring your well-behaved and leashed dogs to Pottery Barn while you shop for expertly crafted furniture and home décor.

34. Bed Bath & Beyond

Bed Bath & Beyond homepage

Dogs are usually welcome in Bed Bath & Beyond stores. While it may not be the official corporate policy, most locations are dog-friendly and allow you to shop with your dog inside. Just ensure your dog is always on a leash and under your control.

Some stores even offer special dog carts to make your shopping experience more convenient and enjoyable for you and your dog. Unless your local store has a specific no-dogs policy, you should be able to bring your furry friend with you to Bed Bath & Beyond.

35. Everlane

Everlane generally maintains pet-friendly policies, allowing you to bring your dog to many stores. Verify the specific pet policy with your local Everlane store, as it may vary by location.

36. JOANN Fabrics

JOANN Fabrics homepage

JOANN understands the joy and inspiration pets bring, so you’re welcome to shop with your furry friend as long as you follow their guidelines. Here are some simple rules to follow:

  • Your pets should be well-behaved.

  • Keep them up-to-date on vaccinations.

  • Use a leash or a carrier to contain your pets.

  • Clean up after them if necessary.

  • Be considerate of other shoppers.

Additionally, remember that not all stores can allow dogs, especially those located in malls with no dog policies.

37. L.L.Bean

L.L.Bean stores are pet-friendly and welcome dogs, including emotional support animals and pet dogs, in all their dog-friendly locations across the United States.

Ensure your dog is on a leash and under your control while in the store. L.L.Bean does not permit disruptive dogs or pose a danger to others.

38. HomeGoods

Homegoods homepage

HomeGoods is a pet-friendly store, meaning dogs are typically welcome at most locations. You can usually bring your dog along when you shop there.

However, call your specific store in advance to confirm their dog policy, as it may differ from one location to another. If your dog is allowed in HomeGoods stores, ensure they are well-behaved and on a leash.

Hobby and Specialty Stores

Here’s a list of hobby and specialty stores that allow dogs.

39. Bass Pro Shops

Bass Pro Shops homepage

You’re welcome to bring your four-legged friends to Bass Pro Shops. They have a pet-friendly policy, allowing pets in the store unless state or local laws prohibit it. But other than that, you can enjoy shopping with your dogs.

40. Hobby Lobby

Hobby Lobby homepage

While Hobby Lobby stores don’t have an official policy about dogs, they are generally pet-friendly. It ultimately depends on the individual store owners to decide whether to allow dogs inside their stores.

Visiting pups should be well-behaved and on a leash to respect other shoppers. If your dog is a service animal, Hobby Lobby must allow them inside the store.

Check the Hobby Lobby hours to know when to go.

41. Ross

Ross homepage

You can bring your dog to most Ross department stores. They’re pet-friendly and permit leashed and potty-trained dogs inside. However, the final decision can vary depending on the store manager’s discretion at each location.

42. Michaels

Michaels homepage

Even though there’s no official policy, Michael’s is a dog-friendly store, as you can see on their Instagram account. They usually permit well-behaved dogs that are under your direct control.

43. Half Price Books

Half Price Books homepage

You’re welcome to bring your dog to Half Price Books. They have a Pets Welcome policy that allows leashed pets inside the store. Your furry friend can enjoy dog treats and head pats from their pup-loving staff.

44. Apple Store

apple store homepage

While Apple doesn’t provide its pet policy online, customer experiences suggest that dogs are generally welcome at most locations.

But remember that Apple stores can become crowded, especially during the holiday season. If your dog gets overwhelmed in overcrowded spaces, it might be a good idea to leave them at home during your visit.

45. Camping World

You’re welcome to bring your dog to Camping World. Most locations are dog-friendly and permit well-behaved dogs on a leash inside the store. They’re also open to other pets, like cats.

46. Warby Parker

Warby Parker homepage

Feel free to bring your dog to Warby Parker! They’re widely recognized for welcoming dogs and being dog lovers in most locations. They go to the extent of featuring dogs trying on their eyeglass frames on their Instagram account.

They’re so dog-friendly that they even have a separate Instagram account dedicated solely to dogs, aptly named Warby Barker.

47. Academy Sports + Outdoors

Academy Sports + Outdoors homepage

Lastly, you can bring your dogs to Academy Sports + Outdoors! Based on a caption on their official Instagram account, all Academy Sports + Outdoors stores are dog-friendly, but make sure they’re on a leash and well-behaved.

Do Pharmacies Allow Dogs?

Pet policies regarding dogs in pharmacies can vary and are often at the discretion of the local store manager. Check directly with the store to find out if the pharmacy you’re going to allows dogs.

These policies may differ from one pharmacy location to another, so be sure to ask in advance if you can bring along your dog.

Do Big-Box Retailers and Grocery Stores Allow Dogs?

Unfortunately, if you search for pet-friendly grocery stores near me, you will find that the following stores don’t allow dogs:

  • Walmart

  • Target

  • Costco

  • Ikea

  • Sam’s Club

  • BJ’s Wholesale Club

Note: Walmart doesn’t allow you to bring your dog unless it’s a service animal.

Is Your Dog Ready To Go With You?

As a fur parent, assessing if your dog is ready for the outdoors is a task only you can do. You’re the one who knows your dog best and can watch their behavior and health to make the right call.

But here’s a table to help you decide:

[Insert a table here with these columns]

  • Column 1: Bring your dogs if…

  • Column 2: Don’t bring your dogs if…

Column 1

  • You are sure the store allows dogs.

  • They have complete vaccinations.

  • They are potty-trained.

  • They are well-behaved.

  • They are comfortable in crowded and noisy environments.

  • You have the time to supervise them closely and keep them under control at all times.

  • You are prepared to clean up after them.

  • You are willing to leave if your dog is causing any issues.

Column 2

  • They are anxious, fearful, and easily startled.

  • They are reactive.

  • It is not too hot or cold for your dog to be outside.

  • They are not well-socialized.

  • They are sick or injured.

  • They are not up-to-date on their vaccinations.

  • You are not prepared to handle them in an emergency.

6 Tips for Bringing Your Dog With You

Here are some tips if you’re planning on bringing your dog with you while you shop:

1. Find Out if a Store Is Dog-Friendly.

If you plan a trip with your dog, check if they’re dog-friendly. This saves you time and disappointment and ensures a happy outing for you and your furry best friend.

Here are some simple tips to find out if a store welcomes dogs:

  • Use apps like BringFido.com.

  • Check the store’s social media.

  • Contact customer service.

  • Visit the store’s website.

  • Search online reviews.

  • Visit local directories or forums.

Look up dog-friendly stores near me, pet-friendly stores near me, or dog businesses near me on Google.

2. Carry a Leash or Carrier.

Bring a leash or carrier when bringing your dog to any store. Most stores need dogs on a leash or carrier to keep everyone safe and comfortable. This helps you manage your dog and avoid accidents or disturbances easily.

Some stores may even insist on dogs being in carriers, so always check their policy first.

3. Let Your Pup Relieve Themselves First.

Before going inside, ensure your pup has had the chance to relieve themselves. This simple step can significantly reduce the risk of accidents during your visit.

4. Be Prepared To Clean Up After Your Pet.

While your dog ideally should be potty trained, accidents can still happen. Responsible pet owners should always carry poop bags or cleaning supplies for swift cleanup.

Opt for disposable bags designed for dog waste. These bags are usually biodegradable and available at most pet supply stores. Make sure to dispose of the waste properly in a trash bin.

5. Bring the Necessities.

When you take your dog to a store, ensure you’re well-prepared. Bring essentials like a water bowl, treats, and vaccination records.

The water bowl keeps your dog hydrated, while treats can reward good behavior or keep them occupied. Vaccination records are crucial, especially if the store asks for proof of vaccinations.

These records help ensure the safety of everyone in the store, including other pets and their owners.

6. Have a Plan B.

Always have a backup plan in case a store doesn’t allow dogs. For instance, you should bring another person who can stay outside with your dog while quickly shopping in a dog-restricted store.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is It Legal To Bring a Dog Into a Grocery Store?

Yes. Bringing your dog into a grocery store is allowed, provided it’s a service animal. The Food and Drug Administration’s Food Guide prohibits live animals, including dogs, from entering supermarkets and other food establishments.

While there might be some exceptions at certain places for well-behaved dogs or in pet-friendly stores, taking your dog into a grocery store where it’s not allowed could lead to being asked to leave or even facing trespassing charges.

What grocery stores allow dogs? Unless your dog is a service animal, leaving your furry best friend at home when you go grocery shopping is best.

Are Dogs Allowed in Rural King?

Yes. You can usually bring your dog to Rural King stores. While there isn’t an official Rural King pet policy on their website, many sources and people who’ve been there say that dogs on leashes are welcome in Rural King stores.

Are Dogs Allowed in Fred Meyer?

In Fred Meyer stores, regular pet dogs are generally not allowed, but they make an exception for service dogs. This rule is the same in all Fred Meyer locations to ensure food safety and hygiene.

While some stores might permit service dogs, ordinary pet dogs can’t come inside. This policy is in place to maintain a safe shopping environment for everyone because having pets in grocery stores can be risky for health reasons.

If you have a service dog, you can usually bring them in, but it’s a good idea to check with your local Fred Meyer to know if there are any particular rules or needs for service animals.

Are Dogs Allowed in Walmart?

No. Dogs are not allowed in Walmart unless they are service animals as defined by the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act). Walmart recognizes the important role of service animals in the lives of their customers and welcomes them in their stores.

Walmart’s policy is in place for food safety concerns and to comply with federal regulations regarding service animals.

The Bottom Line 

The store’s dog policy depends on the store and its manager. Rules can change without notice, and some locations might have their unique restrictions even if the chain allows dogs.

I hope my list makes finding the nearest pet-friendly stores in your area easier.

To ensure a hassle-free shopping experience with your pup, always call the store ahead of time to confirm their current policies.

Written by: Omar Deryan

Founder of OJ Digital Solutions

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