Where To Find Envelope-Stuffing Jobs From Home and Avoid Scams

envelope stuffing jobs from home

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Are you looking for envelope-stuffing jobs from home? Finding legitimate envelope-stuffing jobs isn’t as straightforward as it seems nowadays, especially with all the scams promising high pay.

As a fellow freelancer who has struggled to find work in the past, I want to help you avoid the pitfalls I encountered.

I developed this list to provide the best places to find envelope-stuffing work. I’ll also teach you how to spot an envelope-stuffing scam.

If you’re ready, let’s start with the list.

3 Places To Find Envelope Stuffing Jobs From Home

  1. Online job boards.

  2. Virtual assistant and admin roles

  3. Local print and packaging companies.

Envelope stuffing involves preparing mailings for a company. You fold the contents, apply postage, and place them in an envelope for mailing.

People looking to earn money like this option because you can do it at your own home, and it involves little direct supervision from your employer.

Do you want to learn how to get a job stuffing envelopes from home? Here’s a deep dive into each option:

Online Job Boards

If you want to become an envelope stuffer and avoid illegitimate companies, the first place you should check out is reputable online job boards.

This option is the easiest to access. You can find letter stuffer jobs that offer long-term employment or operate on a project-by-project basis.

Here are some legitimate job boards where envelope stuffers find their jobs:


This site has a streamlined search experience that helps connect job seekers with diverse opportunities. There are envelope-stuffing roles in there from time to time.

Indeed job finder


This site specializes in remote and flexible job listings. It’s the go-to platform for modern work-life balance seekers.

FlexJobs homepage


The site has provided transparent insights into workplace cultures and employee experiences so you can check if the hiring company is legit.

Glassdoor homepage


Both a social media platform and job site in one, LinkedIn is one of the best places to find all kinds of jobs, including envelope-stuffing openings.

LinkedIn homepage

FoundIt (formerly Monster)

This established platform has built a reputation for connecting talent with companies.

FoundIt homepage

Virtual Assistant and Admin Roles

Most legitimate work-from-home jobs of a clerical nature fall under the broader category of virtual assistance.

Virtual assistants carry out administrative tasks, like typing, managing someone’s emails, research, managing a website or online store, and other clerical tasks you can do remotely.

Envelope stuffing is also one of those clerical tasks, meaning you’ll likely find an envelope-stuffing job by seeking virtual assistant jobs.

You can find virtual assistant jobs on the job sites I mentioned previously.

Local Print and Packaging Companies

Some local print or packaging companies in your area occasionally post envelope-stuffing jobs. Most require you to come into the office, but others offer remote work opportunities.

Watch out for those job openings, or contact these local businesses directly to inquire about any job openings.

Alternatively, you can do a quick search. Google search “envelope stuffing jobs from home near me” to see if anything turns up.

Is Stuffing Envelopes a Real Job? Watch Out for these Red Flags and Scams

Even with mass mailings overriding manual envelope-related work, some companies still prefer hiring manual envelope stuffers.

However, not every job opportunity you run into will be legitimate.

Can you work from home stuffing envelopes? Yes, but you should look for these red flags before taking envelope-stuffing jobs.

  • Multiple negative reviews

  • No clear contact details

  • Vague job descriptions

  • Postings promising high earnings for little work or effort

  • People or postings that pressure you to make hasty decisions when applying

  • Unsolicited hiring offers

  • Frequent spelling and grammar mistakes

  • Interviews done via messaging apps or social media sites

  • Emails with free standard domains like Yahoo or Gmail

  • Jobs that ask for upfront payment for “training materials” and so on

  • Jobs asking for personal information like bank or SSN details

When looking for legitimate mail-stuffing jobs, it’s always best to verify openings with accrediting organizations first. Check with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) or the US Postal Inspection Service (USPS) to verify or report fraud.

You can also watch out for direct warning announcements from the US Postal Service or Federal Trade Commission.


Legitimate Work-From-Home Jobs: 8 Alternatives

Envelope-stuffing jobs aren’t as abundant as they once were. Still, there are other ways to earn money from home.

Here are some common alternatives to envelope-stuffing jobs.

  1. Virtual Assistant

  2. Data Entry Clerk

  3. Content Writer and Editor

  4. Transcriptionist

  5. Translator

  6. Customer Service Representative

  7. Graphic Designer

  8. Online Tutoring

Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistance is a very broad category. You can handle all sorts of tasks aside from stuffing mail. Some other tasks you can start getting paid to do include the following:

  • Checking and managing emails

  • Organizing and scheduling appointments

  • Managing social media platforms

  • Managing e-commerce websites or inventory

  • Researching

  • Creating content like blog posts, newsletters, or social media posts

  • Making travel arrangements

  • Handling personal tasks like ordering gifts, paying bills, or tracking expenses

Consider other jobs where you get paid to type if being a virtual assistant doesn’t fit your skillset or career goals.

You can find virtual assistant jobs with reputable VA agencies like:

Data Entry Clerk

A data entry clerk handles data entry, updating, and checking for clients. It’s a great alternative to envelope stuffing if you pay attention to detail.

Some data entry clerks handle financial data and process accounts receivables, invoices, company expenses, and other company information. Most companies will hire remote workers for this role since you can do it anywhere.

You can find data entry jobs on legitimate job websites or most virtual assistant agencies mentioned above since data entry often overlaps with virtual assistance.

Content Writer and Editor

Many people make good money writing or editing content for different clients. You can take on as many writing jobs or projects as long as you can maintain the quality.

You can get paid to write different forms of content, including:

  • Blogs

  • Social media captions

  • Email newsletters

  • Sales pages

  • Video scripts

  • Presentations

  • Proposals

  • Business plans

  • Marketing plans

  • and more

Most writers get paid per word, but some online writing gigs pay per hour. According to Salary.com, the average hourly rate of a writer in the US is between $23 and $30.


Transcribing is a preferred side hustle because it requires little technical knowledge. You just have to type quickly and accurately.

Most transcription jobs require good hearing and concentration as you transcribe video and audio files. These files can be anything, from meeting recordings, training materials, podcasts, and YouTube videos.


You could get paid to translate content if you know any other language besides English. Online translator jobs involve listening or reading content in a certain language and translating it.

With all the available translation tools, you must be highly proficient in two or more languages to be valuable as an online translator.

A person hiring for this role will need professional translators to give accurate translations that tools like Google Translate can’t provide.

You can take on translator jobs part-time, full-time, or even per-project.

Customer Service Representative

Customer service representatives handle customer support issues for online businesses. You can work as a voice, email, or chat support representative.

Customer support positions are often part-time or full-time, and you must work fixed shifts throughout the day.

You can find customer service jobs on any job posting sites mentioned above.

Graphic Designer

Graphic design could be a promising career if you have a good eye for stunning visuals. Many graphic designers make good money creating ads, websites, posters, logos, merchandise design, etc.

Companies are willing to pay a lot of money for quality designers. That’s because visual appearances and user experience are crucial in building a brand or improving conversion rates.

That means you need to learn how to create designs that sell. Graphic designers don’t just create visuals to appeal to viewers. They need to drive people to take action, like buying a product, booking a call, availing of a service, or attending an event.

Fiverr is a highly popular platform for finding graphic design work. However, there are also tons of Upwork and Fiverr alternatives to find graphic design and other freelance work.

Online Tutoring

Teaching people is an ideal work-from-home job for someone who wants to set their schedule and earn a steady income.

Hourly rates are competitive for online tutors, often ranging from $15 to $35 an hour, depending on your level of expertise and the types of clients you get.

You can teach various subjects, including language, science, business, math, and technology, among many other topics.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Is an Envelope Stuffing Job?

An envelope-stuffing job involves stuffing envelopes with promotional materials, flyers, or letters and adding the postage stamps necessary.

The employer provides the mailing materials, which one can take home and send back once done. Stuffing envelopes at home for money is not as popular as it once was before, so some people are turning to alternative ways to earn extra money from home.

Are There Any Legit Envelope-Stuffing Jobs From Home?

With mass mailing systems becoming the norm, envelope-stuffing jobs are becoming rarer. However, some companies still like to hire manual envelope stuffers.

If you’re having difficulty finding envelope-stuffing jobs from home, you can check out other alternatives to envelope-stuffing above.

Can You Get Paid To Stuff Envelopes From Home for Free?

You can still find jobs stuffing envelopes from home, but they’re rare nowadays. Most storage and delivery companies now depend on automation to stuff envelopes.

You should never take an envelope-stuffing job that requires you to pay a fee. If they ask you to send money, that job posting is likely a scam.

Is Stuffing Envelopes a Scam?

Envelope-stuffing jobs per se are not a scam, but many pyramid schemes and scammers use these jobs as a front to scam people.

Watch out for the red flags I mentioned above to avoid these scams.

How Much Can You Make Stuffing Envelopes?

Envelope stuffing jobs pay between $10 to $35 an hour, depending on the company and your work experience. The average hourly rate today in the US for an envelope-stuffing job is $17.

How Do I Know if a Job is Scamming Me?

The most common sign that someone is scamming you online is if they ask for sensitive information or a form of payment to apply for a job. Avoid job postings that don’t have clear contact information, as well.

When taking envelope stuffing jobs from home, no fees should be required from you. Applying for any job should always be free; companies should pay for training or workshops when hiring you.

The Bottom Line 

That’s all you need to know about finding legitimate envelope-stuffing jobs from home. Hopefully, this helps you avoid unwanted scams and earn money from home.

Alternatively, you can try out the alternatives to envelope stuffing I mentioned in this article.

There’s no harm in trying an envelope-stuffing job, but be wary of malicious people who will try and take advantage of you.

Besides envelope-stuffing, consider doing fun and easy side hustles that pay weekly to earn a steady income while looking for a full-time job.

Written by: Omar Deryan

Founder of OJ Digital Solutions

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