How To Cancel fuboTV in 6 Easy Ways

how to cancel fubotv

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Do you want to cancel your fuboTV subscription but don’t know how?

The good news is it’s easy—and I can help you.

I wrote this guide to teach you how to cancel fuboTV in six simple ways.

Let’s do it!

How To Cancel fuboTV Subscription: 6 Easy Ways

How you cancel your fuboTV subscription online depends on how you signed up.

To help you cover all your bases, I’ll show you six easy methods for canceling your fuboTV subscription.

1. How To Cancel Your fuboTV Subscription on the FuboTV Website

You can find the cancelation option under My Account if you subscribed via the fuboTV website.

Here’s how to cancel your fuboTV subscription directly on the fubo website.

1. Open a web browser and go to the fuboTV website. Sign in to your fuboTV account and select your profile if your account has multiple users.

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2. Click your profile name on the upper right corner of the page. Choose My Account from the drop-down menu.

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3. Select Subscription & Billing Under Account.

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4. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Cancel Subscription.

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5. You’ll see two buttons: Complete cancellation and Pause Subscription, which pauses your service for up to 3 months. Click Complete Cancellation to cancel your account.

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6. A confirmation screen will show you successfully canceled your fuboTV subscription.

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2. How To Cancel Your fuboTV Subscription on Roku’s Website

1. Go to the Roku website and sign in to your Roku account.

2. Move your cursor over your user avatar on the home page and click My Account. Scroll down and click Manage Your Subscriptions.

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3. Find your fuboTV subscription under your active subscriptions, and Click Unsubscribe.

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4. Click the Yes, unsubscribe button to confirm your decision.

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5. The button to the right of your subscription will say Renew if cancellation is successful.

3. How To Cancel fuboTV on Roku TV

1. Turn on your TV. On the remote of your Roku device, press the Home button.

2. Scroll to the right and navigate to the fuboTV app. Don’t click it; just hover over the icon.

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3. Press the Star button or asterisk (*) button on your Roku remote to open a new menu.

4. Select Manage subscription from the available options.

5. Select Cancel subscription. You can see the last day you’ll have access to your Fubo TV subscription.

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6. A confirmation page will appear. Select Cancel subscription again below the confirmation message to finalize your cancelation.

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7. Select Done and close the window.

4. How To Cancel Fubo Subscription on Apple TV

Here’s how to cancel your fuboTV subscription if you subscribed via your Apple account on Apple TV.

1. Press the Home button on your Apple TV remote.

2. Navigate to Settings by swiping down on the remote.

3. Go to Users and Accounts, and choose your account.

4. Select Subscriptions, then Manage Subscriptions to see all your active plans, including your fuboTV account.

5. Choose fuboTV and select Cancel Subscription. The button should be right on top of “About Subscriptions and Privacy” at the bottom of the page.

6. Your device will prompt you to confirm your cancelation. You’ll also see the date you’ll lose access to fubo. Tap Confirm.

5. How To Cancel Fubo on iPhone (or iPad)

1. Go to the Settings app on your iOS device and click your User Account.

2. Select Subscriptions to view all the plans linked to your Apple ID.

3. Choose fubo, then select Cancel Subscription. It’ll be in red and easy to spot.

4. A pop-up prompt will appear, asking you to confirm your cancelation. Select Confirm.

6. How To Cancel fuboTV Subscription on Android

1. Open the Google Play Store on your Android device.

Tap your profile icon in the top right corner of the page and sign in with the account you used to purchase Fubo.

2. Tap Payments & subscriptions from the drop-down menu, then tap Subscriptions.

3. Select fuboTV from your list of active plans and tap Cancel Subscription.

4. You’ll receive confirmation that you are no longer subscribed to Fubo.

Fubo Cancellation Policy

Content Access

Paid subscribers retain full access until the end of the current billing cycle after canceling fubo.

If you signed up for a free trial through their website or a sales rep, you’ll lose access as soon as you cancel.

However, if you signed up through Roku, your access will terminate at the end of the seven-day free trial.

Billing Cycle

Fubo bills subscribers monthly, quarterly, or annually. Ensure you cancel before the next billing period to avoid automatic charges.

If you’re unsure when your billing cycle starts, go to the fuboTV website and select Subscription & Billing. The date should be under Current Plan.


Fubo TV doesn’t provide refunds for prepaid or partial months, meaning you won’t get your money back for the days or weeks left in your subscription after you cancel.

Cancellation Fees

Fubo’s cancellation process is quick and easy and has no cancellation fees.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can You Cancel Fubo Anytime?

Yes. Fubo allows you to cancel at any time.

Can I Cancel fuboTV Without Calling?

Yes. You don’t need to call customer service to cancel your fuboTV subscription. You can take advantage of the cancel subscription option by following any of the six methods I described above.

Can I Pause My Fubo TV Subscription?

Yes. You can pause your Fubo subscription for up to 3 months.

Can I Change My fuboTV Subscription Plan?

Yes, you can. Just navigate over to Current Plan and click Manage. You should be able to review and swap plans from there.

How To Remove Credit Card From fuboTV?

You can manage your billing information by going to your account’s Subscription & Billing section.

Is It Easy To Cancel fubo Free Trial?

Yes. Canceling your fuboTV free trial takes only a few seconds.

How To Cancel Fubo 7-Day Trial?

Cancelation is the same for a paid subscription or free trial. Just follow the steps I discussed above.

Fubo Won’t Let Me Cancel. Why?

You may be trying to cancel on the wrong platform. Ensure you’re canceling on the same platform or app you used to subscribe to Fubo.

How To Delete Fubo Account or App?

If you’re on an Android TV or phone, navigate to fuboTV from the Apps menu and select Uninstall.

Meanwhile, iOS and Apple TV users must highlight the app by pressing the remote’s icon or touch surface. Press X to erase the app.

The Bottom Line

Fubo is an excellent streaming service for sports fans that makes canceling easy if you no longer want to subscribe. However, ensure you cancel using the platform you used to sign up to fuboTV and that you do so before your next billing cycle.

If you want to cancel your other streaming services, you’ll be happy to know canceling Netflix and dropping Hulu are also easy.

Written by: Omar Deryan

Founder of OJ Digital Solutions

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