How To Get Free DoorDash Deliveries and Meals: The Ultimate Guide

how to get free doordash

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Do you want to know how to get free DoorDash deliveries?

You’ve come to the right place for answers.

I wrote this guide to teach you how to get food on DoorDash without paying.

Let’s begin.

How To Get Free DoorDash Food and Delivery: 10 Ways

  1. Sign up for a new DoorDash Account.

  2. Sign up for a free trial on DashPass.

  3. Get a credit card with DashPass benefits.

  4. Look out for special promotions.

  5. Refer your friends to DoorDash.

  6. Order at new restaurants.

  7. Order from restaurants with free delivery.

  8. Get a refund for wrong orders.

  9. Get free DoorDash gift cards.

  10. Pick up your order.

The easiest way to get free food from DoorDash is to take advantage of free deals, codes, coupons, and discounts.

You can also do bonus activities like recommending the app to friends and getting a referral or DoorDash promo code by signing up for giveaways.

You can get free DoorDash deliveries in more ways, which we’ll discuss in the article. Here’s an overview:

1. Sign Up for a DoorDash Account.

how to get free doordash

New DoorDash users can avail of the platform’s free delivery promotion when they sign up for an account. Orders must be above $10 to be eligible.

How To Sign Up on DoorDash

Here’s how to make a new account to get your first order delivered with no service fees.

1- Go to the DoorDash website and click Sign Up on the top right.

DoorDash Homepage

2- Choose your registration method. I recommend clicking Continue with Google for easier sign-ups and log-ins.

choose registration method to Doordash

3- Follow the onscreen instructions.

choose un account to continue to DoorDash

4- Once you’ve signed up, you can now order your food delivery.

2. Sign Up for a Free Trial on DashPass.

DashPass is a subscription service run by DoorDash that allows you to get discounted or free deliveries and reduced service fees.

It costs $9.99 if you pay monthly and $8 per month if you pay annually ($96 billed yearly).

If you’re interested, there’s a free 30-day trial for new users that you can use to get free food. You can cancel anytime before 30 days to avoid getting charged.

How To Sign Up on DashPass

how to signup to DashPass

Here’s how you can get free food through DashPass.

  1. Go to your DoorDash app.

  2. Go to the account icon on the top left area of the app.

  3. Tap the Get $0 delivery fees with DashPass button.

  4. Click Agree on the Terms and Conditions page.

  5. The next page will allow you to change your billing card from when you signed up for DoorDash. Change it if you need to.

  6. Tap the Get DashPass button.

  7. Wait for an in-app confirmation of your registration.

How To Cancel Your DashPass Subscription

If you want to cancel your DashPass subscription before the trial period ends.

Here’s how to do it.

  1. Open the DoorDash app on your phone and tap the Account icon.

  2. Tap Manage Dashpass.

  3. Tap Cancel Membership.

  4. Select from the choices your reason for cancellation.

  5. Tap Select Reason.

  6. Tap Cancel DashPass in the next window.

3. Get a Credit Card With DashPass Benefits.

Some credit card memberships get a free DashPass subscription as part of their benefit, which you can use for free food delivery service from the platform.

Here are credit cards with these perks.

Credit CardDashPass Subscription Length
Chase Sapphire Reserve12 months
Sapphire Preferred12 months
Freedom Credit Card3 months free + 9 months 50% off
World Elite Mastercard3 months

How To Claim Your Free DashPass

You must use the specific credit card as your payment method to claim these credit card perks. Here’s how:

  1. Go to the DoorDash app.

  2. Add your credit card to the list of payment methods.

  3. Look for the DoorDash banner at the top of the screen.

  4. Follow the prompts to subscribe to DoorDash.

  5. You can also enroll in your MasterCard from DoorDash.

4. Look Out for Special Promotions. 

As one of the most popular food delivery services in the US, DoorDash frequently offers various promotions and deals, sometimes in partnership with stores.

These promotions can include discounts, free items, or even entirely free deliveries.

One of the best examples includes the “Summer of DashPass” promotion, which ran for five weeks starting June 15, 2023. It featured discounted food and service fees for at least 200,000 stores nationwide.

Some participating brands in DoorDash promotions include Starbucks, Chick-fil-A, Taco Bell, and Subway. Promo code availability varies per location.

Tips on Getting Free Food Promos

Here are a few more tips for getting free food promos on DoorDash.

  • Sign up for their email list.

    By subscribing to DoorDash’s email list, you’ll receive regular updates on their latest promo codes, partnerships, and discounts.

  • Follow their social media pages.

    DoorDash frequently posts exclusive promotions on their social media platforms, so following them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other networks can give you access to these limited-time offers.

  • Follow social media groups.

    There are social media groups where members can help each other by posting new promo codes for any of DoorDash’s partner merchants.

  • Check the DoorDash promotions page.

    DoorDash maintains a dedicated promotions page filled with DoorDash promo codes, free gift cards, and special offers. Visit it regularly to learn about ongoing promotions.

  • Opt for group orders.

    Some promotions on DoorDash are specifically designed for group orders. Organize a collective order for friends or family to take advantage of these deals.

5. Refer Your Friends to DoorDash.

Do you want to know how to get free DoorDash credits?

One of the best ways is to use rewards programs like DoorDash’s referral program.

With this program, you can invite your friends to join DoorDash using your referral link or code. You’ll then earn credits to apply towards future orders the first time your referrals use DoorDash to deliver food.

I’ve personally invited several of my friends to DoorDash as new customers. Thanks to them and the DoorDash referral program, I got discounted food without breaking a sweat.

How To Get Your Referral Link

You first need to find your referral code if you want to send it to your friends. Here’s how.

  1. Go to your DoorDash account.

  2. Press the Account icon.

  3. Look for the area where you can find your referral code.

  4. Copy that and send it to the friends you’re inviting to join.

6. Order at New Restaurants.

Ordering from new restaurants is one of the smartest ways to get free DoorDash deliveries even without DashPass.

Many new restaurants on DoorDash often launch promotional offers to attract customers. Promotions can include free deliveries, food discounts, or even complimentary items.

Explore the New or Recently Added section on the DoorDash website or app to leverage this method effectively. This section showcases the latest restaurants in your area that have just joined the platform.

You can also look for new local restaurants that recently advertised an opening on social media. They’re likely to join the DoorDash platform and offer DoorDash deals.

7. Pick-Up Your Order If It’s Convenient.

There are no delivery or service fees if you choose to go and collect your food yourself.

Pick a convenient time, like when you’re already running errands.

This way, you won’t need to have food delivered and can save the delivery fee instead.

8. Order From Restaurants With Free Delivery. 

Some restaurants regularly offer free delivery deals to existing users.

To find restaurants with free DoorDash offers, use the platform’s filter options. Look for the Free Delivery filter and select it. This will narrow down your choices to restaurants that offer this cost-saving perk.

9. Received the Wrong Order? Get a Refund.

If you received the wrong order on DoorDash, you can easily seek a refund through DoorDash’s self-help feature. You can then use this to order again.

DoorDash is pretty reliable with refund requests. They’ll accept refunds for wrong orders, missing items, or low-quality food. After receiving undercooked chicken, I once had to go through this process, and they refunded me promptly.

However, you shouldn’t use this method to get free food. Only do it when you receive the wrong order.

How To Get a Refund on DoorDash

Here’s how you can access their feature.

  1. On the app, go to the Account button.

  2. Tap Delivery Support.

  3. Select the order that you have issues with.

  4. Tap the Help button on the top right corner.

  5. Under Order Issues, select whether you experienced Missing items, Items made incorrectly, or Poor food quality.

  6. Follow the onscreen prompts.

10. Get Free DoorDash Gift Cards.

You can also get Doordash coupons and gift cards to enjoy discounts on your delivery fee. Some can even give you a free order or two.

Survey and Reward Sites

Wondering how to get free food with no money on DoorDash?

Survey and reward sites offer simple ways to earn DoorDash gift cards that you can use for free food.

These websites have rewards programs that reward you with points if you accomplish a task, including taking surveys and watching videos. You can then use these points to redeem gift cards or discounts for DoorDash.

Here are some reputable survey and reward websites.

  • Swagbucks

    Swagbucks offers numerous earning opportunities, from surveys to online shopping. You can exchange your points for gift cards, with amounts starting at around $10.

  • Freecash

    Freecash is popular for its straightforward tasks to exchange for discount codes. Depending on your accumulated points, these can range from $5 to $25.

  • MyPoints

    MyPoints rewards you for online shopping, surveys, and more. You can redeem points for free DoorDash gift cards, usually ranging from $10 to $25.

  • Branded Surveys

    Branded Surveys provides various survey opportunities, and you can exchange your earnings for a free DoorDash gift card. The cards start at $10.

  • InboxDollars

    InboxDollars offers diverse ways to earn money. You can redeem your earnings for a DoorDash coupon code or gift card, usually with values starting at $10.

  • PaidViewpoint

    PaidViewpoint pays you for participating in surveys. You can cash your earnings for a DoorDash discount code or gift card.

Social Media Giveaways

Brands and influencers often host promotions, contests, and giveaways on social media platforms to advertise their accounts.

Some may offer a chance to win gift cards or credits that you can use to get free or cheap DoorDash food.

To spot social media giveaways, watch for posts or tweets that announce contests or promotions.

These posts will often include specific instructions on entering, which may involve liking, sharing, tagging friends, or using a designated hashtag.

How To Save Money on DoorDash: Other Tips and Tricks

If you want a free meal, stack up your savings from the DoorDash offers and tricks I’ll list below.

Here’s an overview:

  1. Take advantage of the student discount for DashPass.

  2. Start a group order.

  3. Look for the best promo code for you.

  4. Buy discounted gift cards.

  5. Check out the Offers for You tab on the app.

  6. Bundle your orders.

Take Advantage of the Student Discount for DashPass.

Dashpass for students

Enrolling in DashPass with a student discount can help you save money on DoorDash.

This promo is only available to existing customers enrolled in universities or post-secondary schools in the US, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. You’ll also have to pass a verification process.

If you pass, you’ll enjoy a discounted rate of $4.99 monthly or $48 annually instead of the regular $9.99 monthly and $96 yearly rates.

The DashPass subscription offers reduced and free service fees on eligible orders.

Start a Group Order.

Group orders on DoorDash are a great way to reduce the price each person will have to pay.

Pooling orders with friends or family allows you to split the service fee per person. You can also unlock discounts or promotions for larger orders.

Look for Promo Codes.

Do you wonder how to get free money on DoorDash?

Consider looking for codes from your favorite restaurants. You can typically find them by checking the restaurant’s social media posts or website articles. Sometimes, DoorDash will feature codes on the platform.

These codes can provide discounts or even free meals. Here’s how to get a free DoorDash order with promotional codes.

How To Use Promo Codes on the Website and App

The process for promo codes is the same whether you’re using DoorDash’s website or app.

  1. Choose food that you like and add them to your cart.

  2. Click the shopping cart icon to check out.

  3. Tap Promo Code.

  4. Enter your code or click on the available deal.

  5. Finalize your order by clicking Check out.

Buy Discounted DoorDash Gift Cards.

Buy Discounted DoorDash Gift Cards.

(Source: Gift Card Wiki)

Purchasing discounted gift cards will save you money on orders and fees. You can find these cards at a reduced price at various retailers, such as Gift Card Wiki.

Check Out the Offers for You Tab on the DoorDash App.

The Offers for You tab on the app is a treasure trove of discounts and promotions tailored to your preferences.

Here’s how to check.

  1. Go to your DoorDash home.

  2. Scroll down to see the Offers for You tab.

  3. Look for offers you can use.

Bundle Your Orders.

Combining multiple orders into one delivery using the DoubleDash feature can also help you save money.

With this feature, you can order from nearby convenience and grocery stores after placing a restaurant order. When checking out, look for the DoubleDash option on the map and add what you want to your order.

There’s no additional service fee. However, the order will likely take longer, and availability depends on participating merchants near your main order.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How To Get Free Food on DoorDash without Paying?

You can get DoorDash free food by using codes, discounts, or deals that you can find on the app or website.

Is DoorDash Free the First Time?

New DoorDash users have a 30-day trial of DashPass, a subscription that gives you free or discounted deliveries. You can cancel this trial version before it ends to avoid charges.

What’s the DoorDash Glitch?

The DoorDash glitch is a system-wide malfunction on July 7, 2022. During this time, users were not charged for any orders that went through DoorDash.

Do Dashers Get Free Delivery?

Becoming a DoorDash driver can get you free delivery through the discounted DashPass subscription that’s part of their employee benefits. As of this writing, only select Active Dashers are eligible for this benefit.

Is DoorDash a Good Way To Make Money?

Yes. DoorDash is a good way to earn if you’re considering driving apps to make money. DoorDash drivers earn a base rate for any deliveries, but they get to keep 100% of the tips they make.

The Bottom Line

I hope my guide helped you understand how to get free DoorDash delivery and meals.

The tips and tricks I discussed are easy and don’t require significant time or effort, so don’t hesitate to do any of them if you want free or cheap food.

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Written by: Omar Deryan

Founder of OJ Digital Solutions

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