Everything You Need To Know About How To Get Free Gas

how to get free gas

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Are you wondering how to get free gas?

There are different ways to get free gas, like joining a gas station loyalty program and credit card rewards programs, answering surveys to earn rewards, and more.

Dealing with today’s high gas prices might seem tough. This guide discusses smart ways to handle those pricey pumps and even get free gas.

We’ve gathered clever tips, from using special credit cards and gas station rewards to entering giveaways and earning gift cards through surveys.

Find out how to fuel up your vehicle without draining your wallet.

Let’s get started.

How To Get Free Gas and Save Money

If you want to spend less on gas or even get it for free, here are some things you can try:

  • Get a gas credit card that gives you rewards and makes gas cheaper.

  • Join a gas loyalty program that gives you reward points. You can turn these points into money off your gas bill.

  • Join contests where you might win free fuel.

  • Do surveys and get free gift cards you can use to pay for gas.

  • Some apps can give you rewards when you buy gas at participating gas stations.

  • If you need to rent a car, you can ask if they can also give you free gas USA.

We’ll look closely at each option, giving you a complete guide to maximize these chances and save on gas.

No Money for Gas? 10 Ways To Get Free Gas

You might be thinking, “I need gas money right now.”

You’re in luck because I’ve got something even better. Here’s how to get gas with no money:

1- Get a Gas Station Credit Card.

image 175

Many gas stations have a credit card. These cards give you rewards and discounts on gas buys, saving money or earning points that mean free gasoline later on.

Some also have sign-up bonuses, giving you money off per gallon within a set time frame.

Note: Some free gas cards might have yearly fees, so consider the rules before applying.

2- Join a Gas Station Loyalty Program.

Joining a gas station loyalty program is one way to get gas stations free gas. Participating in the program lets you earn points for every gallon of gas you purchase.

Over time, you can accumulate enough points to redeem for free gas rewards, like discounts and gas station gift cards.

Shell Fuel Rewards

image 167

This free program lets you save at least 5 cents per gallon on every fill-up with any fuel grade at Shell. You can also earn rewards from everyday purchases and redeem your Fuel Rewards savings when refueling at Shell.

BPme Rewards

image 170

Through the BPme program, earn 5 cents per gallon back on fuel purchases at BP and Amoco gas stations. Additional rewards are available for the first month of membership.

Exxon Mobil Rewards+

image 169

Available at Exxon and Mobil gas stations, this rewards program lets you earn points for fuel and convenience store savings. Use the Exxon Mobil Rewards+ app to earn, track, and redeem points easily.

You can earn at least 3 cents per gallon points at the fuel pump and 2 cents per dollar with the Exxon Mobil Rewards+ app or your phone number.

Here’s how to get free gas at the pump: 100 points equals $1 in savings to use your accumulated points for free gas.

Speedy Rewards

image 166

Create a Speedy Rewards account and choose your monthly perk, like gas station rewards. Use your account when you checkout and Speedway will apply rewards to your account.

3- Participate in Credit Card Rewards Programs.

Many credit cards offer rewards programs or cash back on purchases, which you can redeem for free gas.

By using your credit card for everyday expenses and paying off the balance each month, you can accumulate rewards that you can eventually use towards gas purchases.

Some credit cards even offer bonus rewards specifically for gas purchases. Read the terms and conditions of the rewards program to understand how to earn and redeem your rewards.

Credit CardRewardsTry It Now
Chase Freedom Card5% cashback on up to $1,500 spent in combined quarterly bonus categories

1% cashback rate on all other purchases
Try Chase Freedom Card
Wells Fargo Autograph CardUnlimited 3x points on gas stations and 1x point on other purchasesTry Wells Fargo Autograph Card
Citi Premier Card3 points per dollar at gas stations.

(for Citi Travel portal until June 30, 2024) 10 points per dollar on hotel bookings, car rentals, and attractions (excluding air travel)
Try Citi Premier Card
PNC Cash Rewards Visa4% cashback at gas stations

3% cashback on dining

2% at grocery stores
Try PNC Cash Rewards Visa

4- Join Free Gas Sweepstakes.

If you want to get free gas money online, you can check these websites for ongoing sweepstakes to get free gas:

  • SweepstakesBible

    SweepstakesBible provides information on various sweepstakes, including those that offer free gas as a prize.
  • Sweepstakes Advantage

    Sweepstakes Advantage lets you enter sweepstakes for a chance to win “free gas near me,” along with other prizes.
  • Prizestakes

    Prizestakes lets you enter for a chance to win prizes like free gas for life, gas for a year, or gift cards.

5- Look for Emergency Financial Assistance.

Gas assistance programs and organizations actively support individuals and families in need.

Consider these options if you need gasoline help:

Salvation Army

Your local Salvation Army center offers assistance programs, including free gas vouchers or cards. They provide this aid to qualifying individuals who require travel for work, medical treatment, or other essential reasons.

Catholic Charities

Catholic Charities, a faith-based organization, extends bill assistance to needy families and individuals. They distribute free gas cards or vouchers to low-income households and other services like rent and utility support, clothing assistance, and immigration aid.

211 Program

The 211 program operates a helpline that connects individuals with vital community services. They provide information about various assistance programs, including free gas vouchers for low-income individuals.

Local Churches and Charities

Numerous local churches and non-profit charities collaborate with organizations like the United Way to help those in need.

Some organizations supply free gas vouchers, prioritizing groups like the following:

  • Low-income individuals

  • Seniors with medical appointments

  • Single mothers

  • Families with children who require gas cards for employment

Government Assistance

Government agencies may, in specific cases, provide limited financial assistance for utility bills, including gas services. Programs such as Dollar Energy and CAP (Customer Assistance Programs) might offer aid for gas bill payments.

Remember that program availability and eligibility criteria can vary based on location. Contact your local organization or program to inquire about their current offerings and requirements.

6- Answer Surveys and Get Rewards.

If you’re thinking, “I need gas money and have no money.”

Here are some examples of websites that offer paid surveys with incentives:

WebsitesTasksTry It Now
SwagbucksEarn rewards by:
– shopping in-store or online
– watching videos
– playing games
– browsing the web
– taking surveys
Try Swagbucks
InboxDollarsEarn rewards by:
– taking surveys
– reading emails
– watching videos
– playing games
– shopping online
Try InboxDollars
MyPointsEarn rewards by:
– shopping online
– taking surveys
– watching videos
– playing games
– reading emails
Try MyPoints
PrizestakesParticipate in:
– Sweepstakes
– giveaways
Try Prizestakes
QmeeEarn rewards by:
– shopping online
– taking surveys
– browsing the web
Try Qmee
InstaGCEarn rewards by:
– shopping online
– watching videos
– taking surveys
– browsing the web
Try InstaGC
PrizeRebelEarn rewards by:
– shopping online
– watching videos
– playing games
– taking surveys
– browsing the web
– referring friends
Try PrizeRebel

7- Use Gas Apps for Rewards.

Another strategy for on how to get gas money is using gas apps for rewards.

These apps lets you redeem free gas cards online or, at the least, give you access to discounted gas cards.

Here are some you can check out:


image 173

Upside, formerly GetUpside, is a user-friendly gas rewards application that can help you save as much as 65 cents per gallon each time you fill up your gas tank.

You can get started by downloading the Upside app and finding the best deals available in your area.

When buying gas and paying with credit or debit card at the pump, simply follow the app’s instructions (either by uploading a receipt or checking in).

You’ll earn cashback on gas through points in the gas app. If you refer a friend, you can even receive cashback on their gas purchases.

Cash out your earnings whenever you like, and choose from options like PayPal, your bank account, or a digital gift card.

Download Upside on iOS or Android.


image 178

If you’re wondering how to get free gas cards, Gas Buddy hands them out at no cost.

When filling up your tank, pay at the pump using the GasBuddy fuel card to save up to 25 cents per gallon.

You can also track your driving habits, report current fuel prices, log your fill-ups, receive gas rewards,  and receive alerts about important car recalls in the app.

You can also win a free gas voucher and earn points when you join challenges in the app. Enter the daily prize draw to win $100 free gas card.

Download GasBuddy on iOS or Android.


image 168

Trunow offers savings on all your gasoline purchases.

You only need to snap a photo of your receipt and upload it to the app to earn cashback on every gas purchase. You even get a bonus if you refer your friends to sign up.

Download the app on your iPhone or Android device and opt-in to share your location. Once you set that up, find nearby gas stations with the lowest gas prices.

Checkout 51

check out

When you need gas, open the app and add the best offer from nearby gas stations competing for your business.

Pay for fuel using a regular credit or debit card and take a photo of the entire receipt. You’ll receive the cashback in your Checkout 51 account within 10 business days.

Download Checkout 51 on iOS or Android.


image 177

Whether you’re filling up your gas tank, shopping online, or making other purchases, be sure to keep those receipts when using Fetch. Scan your receipts and receive a percentage back in savings.

The extra savings come as gift cards to your preferred retailers, restaurants, qualified fuel stations, and other frequented places.

Download Fetch on iOS or Android.

8- Negotiate Free Gas From Car Rentals.

Consider negotiating free gas for car rentals. Some rental car companies might offer the option to include free gas as part of the rental deal.

Not all rental companies provide this option, but it doesn’t hurt to ask if you want to reduce fuel expenses.

9- Cash-in Grocery Store Gas Points.

These are just a few point programs available. To find the best program, compare the different programs and see which offers the best rewards for your spending habits.


image 165

As a Safeway for U member, you’ll enjoy tailor-made weekly deals, the ability to accumulate points on eligible purchases, and the convenience of redeeming your accrued rewards for gas discounts.

When you spend $100 on groceries, you automatically save 10 cents per gallon on gas at participating Shell stations. This means your regular shopping habits can lead to substantial savings on fuel costs.


image 171

As a Kroger’s fuel points program member, you can earn 1 fuel point for every $1 spent on groceries (with exceptions) at any Kroger store. You’ll also earn 2 points per dollar spent on most gift card purchases.

You need to use your Kroger Shopper’s Card to earn fuel points. For every 100 points you earn, translate to a 10-cents-per-gallon discount on gas at Kroger fuel centers and participating Shell gas stations.


image 176

Albertsons’ for U rewards program lets members earn points on eligible purchases and use them for gas and grocery discounts. You’ll earn 1 point for every $1 spent on groceries and 2 points for every $1 spent on qualifying gift cards.

You can redeem your points for gas discounts at participating Exxon and Mobil gas stations. Every 100 points earned translates to a 10-cent-per-gallon discount on gas.

Harris Teeter

image 172

Collect Fuel Points to save up to $1 per gallon on fuel purchases at Harris Teeter Fuel Centers and participating BP and Amoco stations.

You can use up to 1,000 fuel points in one fill-up, getting 10 cents off per gallon for every 100 points redeemed at Harris Teeter or BP and Amoco stations.

You can earn as many Fuel Points as you want with each purchase and enjoy your discount on a single fuel transaction of up to 35 gallons.

Remember that the Fuel Points you earn in a month expire by the end of the following month – no rolling over. If you have less than 100 fuel points at month-end, they won’t be eligible for a discount.

10- Look at Hotels with Gas Rewards.

Some hotels may have partnerships or programs that provide guests with gas rewards or discounts on fuel purchases.

When planning your stay, inquire about any gas-related perks that the hotel might offer. While not all hotels provide gas rewards, it doesn’t hurt to ask.

Be sure to gather all the details about the rewards program, including how it works, any eligibility criteria, and how to redeem the rewards.

Top 10 Tips and Tricks To Save on Gas

Here are other ways how to pay for gas without money:

1. Increase Fuel Efficiency.

Improving your fuel efficiency involves adopting driving habits that optimize your mileage. Gentle acceleration, smooth braking, and consistent speed can go a long way in conserving fuel.

Using cruise control on highways and avoiding rapid accelerations help to achieve better gas mileage. Another aspect to consider is reducing air resistance by keeping your windows closed when driving at high speeds.

2. Maintain Your Car.

While owning a more fuel efficient vehicle is a great option, you can still improve the efficiency of your current car with regular maintenance.

Clean filters, properly inflated tires, and a tuned-up engine can improve gas mileage.

Check manufacturer recommendations for oil changes and use the suggested grade of motor oil. Regular maintenance not only boosts fuel efficiency but also extends the lifespan of your vehicle.

3. Use Alternative Modes of Transportation.

Whenever possible, consider using alternative transportation modes for short trips.

Walking, biking, or using public transportation saves gas, promotes a healthier lifestyle, and reduces traffic congestion. Using these alternatives could be quicker and more enjoyable than driving if your destination is nearby.

4. Carpool with Friends and Colleagues.

Carpooling involves sharing rides with others who have similar commuting routes. By coordinating rides with friends, family, or colleagues, you can significantly cut down on your gas expenses.

Carpooling saves money and reduces the number of vehicles on the road, which can help alleviate traffic congestion and lower carbon emissions.

5. Buy Discounted Gas Gift Cards.

Look for opportunities to buy gift cards for gas at a lower cost than their actual value. Many stores and online platforms offer deals where you can purchase gas gift cards at a discount.

You can use these discounted gift cards to pay for your fuel, effectively helping you save on gas expenses. So, keep an eye out for special promotions or offers from retailers.

6. Check the Pumps.

Before pumping gas, take a moment to inspect the gas pumps before fueling up. There might be a problem if you notice any signs of a faulty pump or if the numbers aren’t changing correctly as you pump the gas.

Report the issue to the attendant. They might be able to address it by offering a refund or providing additional gas to make sure you’re getting what you paid for.

7. Wait Before You Remove the Dispenser.

After filling up your tank, don’t be in a hurry to remove the gas pump nozzle from your vehicle. Even after you’ve stopped pumping, a little more gas might be left in the nozzle or hose that can flow into your tank.

Gently shake the nozzle or hose to make sure you’re getting the most out of your fill-up. While this won’t give you a full tank, it’s a simple way to ensure you get every last drop of fuel.

8. Get Paid From Drivertising.

Consider turning your car into a moving billboard with drivertising. Some companies pay drivers to display advertisements on their vehicles.

This could help offset your gas costs as you drive around. Make sure to research reputable drivertising programs that suit your needs.

You can also try using driving apps to make money.

9. Join a Wholesale Membership Club.

image 174

Wholesale clubs like Sam’s Club and Costco offer more than bulk shopping. They often have gas stations with discounted fuel prices for members.

If you’re a member, take advantage of these savings to reduce fuel expenses.

10. Learn Where You Can Get the Cheapest Gas Prices.

Stay informed about cheap gas in your area. Use apps, websites, or local listings to locate local gas stations that consistently offer lower prices.

Knowing where your favorite gas stations are helps you plan your refueling stops strategically, ensuring you pay less for fuel. This helps you smart choices for your fuel budget.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Can I Get Free Gas Right Now?

If you’re thinking, “I need gas money to get to work.” Here are a few options to consider:

  • Keep an eye out for promotions and giveaways by gas stations, brands, or local businesses. These events can help you earn free gas cards or vouchers as prizes.

  • Enroll in loyalty and fuel rewards programs by gas stations or grocery stores. These help you accumulate points or discounts that can eventually lead to free gas.

  • Cashback apps offer rewards for everyday purchases, including gas, and you can redeem the cashback for free gas.

  • Some credit cards also provide rewards or cashback specifically for gas purchases, so it’s worth checking if your credit card offers this benefit.

  • Lastly, look for local community events, contests, or surveys that offer gas gift cards as prizes.

Is The Government Giving Out Gas Vouchers?

Yes. The government and other organizations offer free gas vouchers or gas cards to low-income families, the unemployed, veterans, single moms, or people in crisis.

However, remember that specific eligibility requirements and card or voucher availability may vary depending on the organization or program.

It’s best to review the official rules and guidelines of your local government agencies and organizations before applying.

How Do You Win Gas Cards?

You can win gas cards by entering free gas sweepstakes, joining gas rewards programs, completing online tasks using sites like Swagbucks, using credit card rewards, and using gas apps for rewards.

The Bottom Line

The next time you’re thinking, “I need gas and have no money,” refer to this guide. Using my tips, you can save money on gas and even get free gas.

Keep an eye out for promotions, loyalty programs, and cashback apps that offer gas-related rewards.

Combining several methods and staying informed about opportunities minimizes your expenses and lets you enjoy the benefits of free or discounted fuel.

Written by: Omar Deryan

Founder of OJ Digital Solutions

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