How to Grow Your Business Branding

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Building a solid brand is crucial in the rapidly changing ecommerce landscape, where thousands of businesses compete for customer attention.

However, contrary to what most people believe, branding goes beyond a catchy logo and tagline.

Modern-day branding involves establishing connections and building customer trust. Well-done branding makes it easy for customers to recognize your business in the crowd.

Below are a few tips on how to brand your ecommerce business.

1. Define your Brand Identity

The first step to growing your business brand is defining brand identity.

This particularly revolves around defining your mission and values, target audience, and unique selling proposition. To begin, mission and values help shape your brand personality.

On the other hand, a unique selling proposition is what differentiates your business from other ecommerce stores.

As for the target audience, you should understand who your ideal customer is.

Most ecommerce business owners think that everyone with a web connection is their customer. While you should be optimistic, generalization isn’t good for your business.

Knowing your target audience’s preferences, pain points, shopping behaviors, and demographics can guide your branding efforts.

2. Create a Memorable Visual Identity

Working on your visual identity should be your second step.

In the current digital world, this primarily focuses on website design. Like physical stores, web design can make or break potential customers’ first impressions.

While you can design your ecommerce website, you should work with professionals for better results.

Professional web designers from Connective Web Design Agency can handle your web design needs.

Important elements of visual identity include the logo and color scheme, typography, imagery, video, and branded packaging.

Your logo is the first thing prospects and returning customers associate with your brand. You should choose an eye-catching and memorable logo. It should have a perfect blend of colors to reinforce brand recognition.

Typography essentially involves choosing fonts that align with your ecommerce brand’s tone. This influences how you convey marketing messages to your target audience. Imagery and videos are also crucial for visual identity.

Make sure that you invest in quality photography and videography. Visually appealing pictures and videos leave lasting impressions.

Lastly, how you package your products also influences visual identity. The packaging should not only protect your client’s products, but also reinforce your brand in their minds.

3. Share your Company Story

Sharing your company story adds an extra layer to your branding efforts.

Compelling stories give life and personality to your ecommerce store. You should have the right stories to include in your messaging. You should have a narrative that introduces your business, what it does, and how it differs from other ecommerce businesses. This motivates new and repeat customers to take action.

Most new ecommerce stores are often scrutinized and compared to giants in the industry like eBay, Amazon, and Ali Baba.

You should have a compelling story that can convince consumers to purchase from your store instead of these established brands.


Solid branding is crucial for ecommerce businesses for various reasons. For starters, a strong brand cultivates customer loyalty.

A well-defined brand also makes it easier to connect with customers and deliver a consistent customer experience. Doing this consistently increases brand awareness, sales, and revenue over time.

Written by: Omar Deryan

Founder of OJ Digital Solutions

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