How To Use Safeway Digital Coupons (Step-by-Step Guide)

how to use safeway digital coupons

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If you’re looking to save money when grocery shopping, the Safeway digital app may be the right solution for you.

In this article, I’ll discuss how to use Safeway digital coupons and the Safeway mobile app. I’ll also explain how to sign up for the supermarket’s loyalty program called for U and how to redeem your rewards points.

Let’s get started.

What Is Safeway?

Safeway is one of the leading US supermarket chains and operates as a banner of Albertsons Companies, one of the largest food and drug retailers in the country. 

In 1915, S.M. Skaggs started Safeway as a small grocery store in Idaho. Over the years, the supermarket chain has continued merging and growing, with around 900 stores in the US.

What Are Safeway Digital Coupons?

One way to enjoy Safeway savings is to use their digital coupons, which are more convenient from a customer standpoint. Imagine you don’t have to clip paper coupons and bring them with you while doing your grocery shopping.

Using a digital coupon also means you won’t miss Safeway deals to enjoy additional savings and discounts.

If you tap the Clip deal button below the digital coupons, Safeway will automatically deduct them from your total.

Safeway digital coupons are available through and Safeway app. You can download them using your account and link them to your Safeway Club Card.

How To Get Safeway Digital Coupons

To redeem digital coupons at Safeway and access the best deals and special offers, you need to join the store’s free loyalty program called for U.

Follow this step-by-step guide to get Safeway Just for U digital coupons.

1 – To register online, go to or and click the for U tab on the upper left-hand of the home page.

(Note that you only need one account to enjoy special deals and discounts across all the participating Albertsons Companies grocery stores.)

how to use safeway digital coupons
how to use safeway digital coupons

2 – Sign up for the U Program by entering your name, phone number, email address, or Safeway Club Card number.

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3 – Click Create account to complete the registration process.

How To Scan Safeway Digital Coupons via Mobile App

How To Scan Safeway Digital Coupons via Mobile App

The Safeway digital coupon app allows you to browse, search, add coupons to your account, and use them for your in-store and line purchases. The mobile app is available for download on the Apple App Store and Google Play.

How Do Safeway Digital Coupons Work?

Follow this quick reference on how to use these coupons.

  1. Open your Safeway mobile app and sign into your online account.

  2. On the Safeway for U tab, browse and search all available digital coupons.

  3. Add the coupons to your account by selecting the Clip deal tab.

  4. Safeway will automatically deduct the clipped digital coupons from your order.

How To Use Safeway Digital Coupons In-Store

How To Use Safeway Digital Coupons In-Store

You don’t have to clip or print digital coupons to use them at Safeway stores.

Follow this step to use digital coupons at your local Safeway store.

  1. Go to the Safeway website or mobile app.

  2. Add the digital coupons by selecting Clip deal.

  3. View the Clippped Deals page to confirm if you successfully added a coupon before visiting your local Safeway store.

  4. At the checkout counter, enter your phone number or Safeway Club Card number associated with your account so the store can deduct the clipped digital coupons from your total.

Validity of Safeway Digital Coupons

You can only use your Safeway digital coupon one time unless it says “unlimited,” “ limit one per day,” etc. 

Occasionally, the supermarket chain offers double couponing, meaning it gives you twice the discount on whatever coupon you use. For example, your $1 coupon is worth $2 during the promotion. 

However, Safeway does not allow coupon stacking, which is the practice of applying or stacking multiple coupons to the same item in a single transaction.

If you present two coupons for the same product, the store will give the highest discount for that item. 

Other Benefits of the Safeway for U Program

This free loyalty program not only allows you to redeem digital coupons but also gives you personalized deals as it tracks your shopping history. In short, the store will offer you U coupons based on what you frequently buy.

This is the list of Safeway’s for U loyalty program:

  • Access to the store and manufacturer coupon

  • Enjoy weekly personalized deals

  • Get your annual birthday treat

  • Earn points on eligible purchases

  • Redeem rewards and discounts on gas and grocery bill

  • Receive a free item monthly

  • Pet perks

How To Use Safeway App In-Store

Make sure you have a Safeway for U account before you shop. Next, enter your registered mobile phone number or scan your membership card at the checkout counter to earn points and rewards.

Where To Use Just for U Coupons

If you register for this loyalty program, you can also enjoy the same benefits when shopping at other banner stores under Albertsons Companies, including Albertsons, Vons, Tom Thumb, United Supermarkets, etc.

How To Redeem Your for U Reward Points

Once you have a For U account, enter your registered phone number or scan your Safeway Member Card every time you check out at any Albertsons Companies stores to redeem your reward points. 

The same instruction applies when using the Safeway mobile app for your grocery shopping. 

Note that any unused points under 100 and unused Grocery or Gas Rewards will expire at the end of each month. Simply put, the leftover points under 100 from the past months will not roll over into the coming months.

How To Claim the Birthday Freebie

To claim Safeway’s birthday treat, simply add your birthday to your account. In that way, the store can give you a birthday treat (up to $10 value) that you can use at the beginning of your birthday month. 

How To Get Free Groceries

Safeway offers Saturday Samplers most Saturdays, although the freebies sometimes show up on Fridays. To take advantage of these offers, you need a member card and a For U account.

The freebies are usually food items under the store brand, but sometimes they are personal care or cleaning products. 

It’s easy to find these freebies in your account online. Just navigate to the Saturday Sampler tab both on the website and in the app, ideally in the early morning hours on Saturday. 

Where To Find Personalized Coupons

One of the best things about For U is it provides personalized coupons based on your shopping history. For this reason, it wouldn’t take long to find discounts and deals on your favorite items.

All you have to do is add the coupons by tapping the Clip deal tab. In that way, the store will automatically apply your savings upon purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


What Is Digital Coupon?

A digital coupon is any discount, promotion, or offer you can redeem in a digital environment. Think of it as a more convenient alternative to paper coupons.

Do Digital Coupons Download Instantly to My Loyalty Account?

Yes. When you add digital coupons to your For U account, they go directly to your Shopper’s Card, allowing you to redeem the savings when purchasing eligible items.

What Is Safeway Club Card?

Safeway Club Card, also called the Safeway discount card, allows you to collect points every time you shop at any Safeway location. Shoppers get one point for every dollar they spend on grocery products and health and beauty items.

The card also lets you earn points when you use it to purchase gas at Safeway stations. You can use these points to redeem gift cards, coupons, free items, and other prizes or to get discounts for future purchases.

Every time you make a purchase, Safeway scans your card’s barcode to track how much you spend.

Can You Use Coupons with Safeway Delivery?

You cannot use paper coupons for grocery delivery or curbside pickup order. However, you can use digital coupons when you electronically load them to your Safeway Club Card that you use for your order.

Do You Need Multiple Just for U Accounts?

Not necessarily. Using the same for U account, you can access deals and earn points across all participating Albertsons Companies grocery stores (e.g., Albertsons, Tom Thumb, Star Market, Safeway, Vons, Randalls, etc.).

Select a store location on the website or mobile app to redeem your coupons and rewards.

Can You Have Two for U Accounts on Safeway and Albertsons?

Yes. But do note that if you set up a Just for U account with Safeway, you can use it and earn reward points at participating Albertsons Companies stores like Albertsons, Vons, Tom Thumbs, and Balducci’s, among others.

Additionally, you can link multiple Safeway for U accounts to create a household. In essence, you combine all your points and rewards and enjoy the same discounts and other offers.

How Can I Confirm the Digital Coupons Worked?

Simply look at your receipt which displays the savings from Safeway digital coupons.

Does Everyone Have the Same Safeway/Albertsons Digital Coupons?

Not really. Both grocery chains offer digital coupons based on your shopping history. With personalized deals and discounts, you can enjoy more savings.

How Do You Remove a Coupon from Your Safeway/Albertsons List?

Once added, you can not remove a digital coupon unless you also take off the item attached to it from your Safeway/Albertsons shopping list.

To remove an item, click the carrot icon on the top right next to Account and select My List and then Remove.

The Bottom Line

Safeway’s for U loyalty program is a great way to save money on groceries. Just make sure you always check out your account for weekly special deals and digital coupons.

There is really no downside when you sign up for Safeway’s loyalty program because it’s free.

Nevertheless, signing up for a paid subscription-based program like Walmart Plus has its merit, especially if you want free access to streaming services, free shipping, and same-day delivery on eligible items.

Written by: Omar Deryan

Founder of OJ Digital Solutions

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