Is Mercari Legit? A Comprehensive Review

is mercari legit

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Is Mercari legit and reliable? Is it safe to shop on Mercari? And Is Mercari trustworthy and worth using?

These are likely some of the questions on your mind if you’re considering using Mercari for the first time.

Fortunately, you’ve come to the right place for answers. I wrote this Mercari review to discuss the platform’s legitimacy. I’ll also discuss how to find trustworthy sellers on Mercari.

Let’s begin.

Is Mercari Legit?

Mercari is a well-known and legitimate online platform. Like most trusted e-commerce sites, it allows you to buy and sell various items in various categories. However, there isn’t a verification process for who is buying or selling, so always be careful of potential scams, and don’t fall for things that seem too good!

My best tip is to stay alert and learn to identify the warning signs of scams.

Verify the identity of the buyer and Mercari seller before discussing terms with them.

Here’s my review of Mercari at a glance:

Product PriceProduct QualityReturn and Refund PolicyCustomer Support
✅ Extensive selection of products from different sellers❌ Inconsistent product quality
✅ Product price negotiations with sellers❌ Slower sales, unlike other marketplaces
✅ The option to rate and review sellers, which promotes accountability.❌ Complicated return process that some buyers may abuse.

What Is Mercari?

is mercari legit

Mercari is a Tokyo-based Japanese ecommerce platform founded by Shintaro Yamada in 2013.

Like other online marketplaces, Mercari has fantastic deals and marketplace guidelines to attract potential buyers and create a good seller reputation.

Mercari became popular in Japan mere months after its launch, with millions of users downloading the Mercari app to sell retail price items.

Mercari continues to sell and make thousands of listings daily and has new features like Mercari Now for same-day delivery and Mercari Authenticate for verifying luxury items.

Is Mercari a legit site? Yes, it is. I’ll discuss this aspect of Mercari in detail later.

How does Mercari make money when it’s just a place to buy and sell things online?

How Mercari Makes Money

How Mercari Makes Money

Mercari earns its money primarily through transaction fees.

Seller Fees

Mercari takes a minimum 10% commission for every item that sells on the platform.

This commission covers the cost of selling on Mercari, customer support, and safe environment transactions.

Transaction and Payment Processing Fees

Mercari also charges transaction fees.

  • Payment Processing Fee

    Mercari charges a 2.9% + $0.50 payment processing fee based on the sale price plus shipping price of the item.

    Note: Mercari only charges this fee on completed sales, not declined or canceled transactions.

  • Direct Deposit Transfer Fee

    Mercari charges $2 for each direct deposit transfer below the $10 minimum.

  • Direct Deposit Transfer Rejection Fee

    Mercari charges $2 for each direct deposit transfer that your bank rejects and returns to your Mercari balance.

  • Instant Pay Transfer Fee

    Mercari charges $3 for each completed transfer via Instant Pay

Here are other ways how Mercari makes money.

  • Shipping Labels

    You can use Mercari’s prepaid shipping label option. If you use Mercari’s prepaid label and cover the shipping cost instead of passing it to the buyer, the platform deducts the shipping fees from your sales profits.

  • Mercari Pack and Ship

    As a seller, you can let Mercari handle the packing and shipping process for convenience. Mercari handles these tasks on your behalf and charges you a fee.

  • Mercari Authenticate

    Is Mercari authentication legit? Yes. It helps sellers reassure buyers the product they’re purchasing is authentic.

Mercari Features

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Here are Mercari’s features.

AI Listing Recognition

Mercari makes buying and selling anything on the platform fun and easy. The platform uses AI technology to help you list items, search images, and more.

Here’s how Mercari’s improved listing experience works.

  1. Visit Mercari and log in to your account to list an item.

  2. Upload 12 images for your listings.

  3. If Mercari recognizes your item, you can pick a match, and it will fill the fields automatically.

  4. Tweak the item’s details, set your price, and arrange to ship.

  5. Click List to make your listing public.

Note: If Mercari doesn’t spot your item, you must type in the item details yourself.

New Design System Update

The Mercari team created a new design system and integrated it into their platform using Compose, making testing and adding new features easier.

They updated over 130 screens in Mercari’s marketplace and made the appearance of their elements more modern.

Is It Safe To Buy From Mercari?

Is It Safe To Buy From Mercari?

As a popular selling platform, Mercari offers a safe environment for purchasing and selling items.

It has safety measures, including a rating system for negative and positive reviews and an option to report suspicious activities.

Does Mercari Have Buyer Protection?

Does Mercari Have Buyer Protection?

Is Mercari a trusted website? Yes. It even has a robust buyer protection policy.

When you purchase on Mercari, the platform secures your payment until you confirm that you’ve received the item in the condition the seller described.

If you receive an incorrect, poor condition, or the wrong item, you can file a return and compensation within three days of delivery.

How To Protect Yourself as a Buyer

Here’s how you can protect yourself as a buyer from scams in Mercari.

Read the Product Descriptions.

Always read the product description of the items you’re viewing. Items with poorly-written, inaccurate, or incomprehensible descriptions are likely scams.

When in Doubt, Ask Questions.

Always ask the seller before buying if you have questions about the product. Getting all the information you need from the seller will help you avoid buyer’s remorse.

Read Mercari Reviews.

Read Mercari Reviews.

Check out the Mercari reviews on the seller’s profile.

A Mercari seller with no reviews is suspicious.

However, don’t read only one Mercari review. Read as many reviews as possible, and look for sellers with a history of positive reviews.

Always Pay Within the Platform.

Never do a direct deposit transfer when paying a seller. Your transactions must go through the platform if you want Mercari’s buyer protection.

Purchase Insurance.

Whenever possible, consider buying insurance for your goods. It can help you protect yourself from unexpected events. You can get separate shipping insurance via the post office or other vendors.

Can You Dispute Mercari?

Yes. If you receive an item that’s not as described, you can file a dispute and may receive a full refund.

The process is simple: within three days of receiving the item, go to the order status page and select Request Return.

Mercari will review your request and typically respond within 48 hours.

Cancelation Policy for Buyers

The Mercari counterfeit policy can protect you as a buyer.

You can still cancel an order if the seller hasn’t shipped the item yet. Once the item is marked as shipped, cancelation is often impossible.

How To Find a Seller on Mercari That’s Legit and Trustworthy

Here’s how to find legitimate sellers on Mercari.

Inspect Seller Details.

Always check the Mercari accounts of sellers.

Consider how long the seller account has been active and the number of successful transactions with previous customers.

Check the Product Images and Description Quality.

When viewing any listing on Mercari, look for the following elements.

  • An accurate title that isn’t misleading

  • An accurate and detailed description of the item

  • Clear, high-resolution photos that show the actual item on the listing.

Sellers who take the time to create clear, high-quality photos and detailed descriptions of their items are likelier to demonstrate professionalism and reliability.

Check for Price Consistency.

Check for Price Consistency.

Prices consistently at par with the market value indicate the seller understands the item’s value.

Avoid Quick Shippers

Do not transact with sellers who pressure you to complete a transaction quickly or outside Mercari’s platform.

How To Avoid Scams on Mercari

Here’s how you can avoid scams on the platform.

Examine the Product Closely.

Scammers give vague or incomplete descriptions. Look for detailed descriptions and avoid listings that lack specifications.

Check the Shipping Details.

Scammers usually have fake accounts with incorrect shipping information. Always ensure the seller provides accurate and trackable shipping details, including a valid tracking number.

Never Share Personal Information.

Never Share Personal Information

A legitimate seller will never ask for personal details or direct payment information. All transactions should go through Mercari’s secure payment system.

Beware of New or Sealed High-Value Items.

If a seller offers many brand-new, high-value items at a low price, it’s likely a scam.

Are Items on Mercari Authentic?

Are Items on Mercari Authentic?

Most items on Mercari are authentic. However, like any online marketplace, there are exceptions.

Mercari has rules against selling counterfeit items, and sellers can face penalties if they’re proven to sell fakes.

Mercari Policies You Should Know

Be aware of the following Mercari policies

  • Transaction Policy

    Mercari uses Escrow as the transaction tool for the platform. All transactions must be on Mercari for seller and buyer protection.

  • Return PolicyRegarding buyer requests, you have three days after receiving an item to request a return if the seller shipped an item that was not as described in the listing.

  • Prohibited Items Policy

    Some items, including counterfeit and illegal items, are not ideal for selling on Mercari.

  • Rating System

    Mercari reviews help users make informed buying or selling decisions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Mercari a Scam?

No. Mercari is not a scam. It’s a legitimate online marketplace where you can buy and sell items.

Is Mercari Reputable?

Yes. You can consider Mercari trustworthy. It has several policies and protections to help you release payment and have a positive customer experience.

Can You Get Scammed on Mercari?

Yes. You can get scammed on Mercari. While it is a legitimate platform, scams can occur on any online marketplace.

Does Mercari Guarantee Authenticity?

Mercari has policies to prevent fraudulent listings and fake items. However, the marketplace doesn’t explicitly guarantee the authenticity of every item on its platform.

Is Mercari App Scam or Legit?

Like the website, the Mercari app is a legitimate way to buy and sell items via your mobile device.

How Can You Save Money by Shopping on Mercari?

You can save money on Mercari by watching for deals and discounts offered by sellers.

Is Mercari Better Than eBay?

It depends on your personal preference. Each platform has its strengths. Mercari is more user-friendly and has simpler fee structures.

Is Mercari Used Items?

You can buy or sell both new and used in Mercari and still attract buyers. However, sellers should clearly state the condition of each item in the listing description.

Is Mercari Safe for Sellers?

Yes. With millions of downloads and generated listings, Mercari is safe.

Is Mercari Safe for Buyers?

Yes, but it isn’t 100% risk-free. As a buyer, you must do your due diligence before dealing with sellers and buying items you like on the platform.

Is It Safe To Use Your Credit Card on Mercari?

Yes. Using your credit card on Mercari is safe; Mercari uses secure, encrypted payment processing systems with credit card companies to handle transactions.

Does Mercari Sell Fake Items?

No. Most common items suspected to be replicas, imitations, or in any way not authentic are not listed on Mercari.

However, Mercari doesn’t explicitly guarantee the authenticity of every item.

Can I Buy on Mercari Without an Account?

No. All buyers and sellers need to create accounts to transact on Mercari. To create a Mercari account, you must also be at least 18 years old.

The Bottom Line

I hope my Mercari review gave you valuable insight into the platform and whether it’s safe for both the seller and the buyer.

If you plan on shopping on Mercari, Remember to check the seller’s ratings, ask questions if you’re unsure, and always follow Mercari’s policies. Doing so lets you have a safer and more enjoyable shopping experience.

If you want more affordable products and a Mercari alternative, consider shopping on AliExpress.

Written by: Omar Deryan

Founder of OJ Digital Solutions

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