Adidas Product Testing: How to Become an Adidas Product Tester!

how to become an adidas product tester

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Do you want early access to some of the newest Adidas products? Join the Adidas product testing program.

Adidas launched its product testing program in 2015. The brand aimed to get legitimate customer feedback and real-life data from product testers on pre-release items.

When you become an Adidas product tester, you’ll get to test new sample products, give feedback, and influence the design of future releases!

I’ll teach you how to become an Adidas product tester (and more) in my guide.

Let’s begin.

How To Sign Up for Adidas Product Testing

Here’s how to join the program and test Adidas products.

1. Check If You Qualify.

Here are the minimum requirements to qualify for the Adidas Product Testing Program.

  • Product testers must live in the US or Europe

  • Must be of legal age (18 years or older)

  • Proficient in German or English

  • Must have internet access and a valid email address

  • Not a product tester for competitor products

  • Must Refrain from sharing information about the test product on social media, personal messaging, blog sites, etc.

2. Prepare the Requirements

Applying to be an Adidas product tester requires you to answer an online questionnaire containing the following details:

  • Division preference (Apparel or Footwear)

  • Gender

  • Sizes (Chest, bra, hip, waist, thigh, and underbust circumference)

  • Footwear sizes (Shoe size and foot width)

  • Category interests or sports that you play

  • Category interest details, including how often you play, your performance level, playing surface, amount of hours mileage per week for the test period, and more

  • Personal details include your name, address, and email address

How To Get Your Measurements

  • Prepare a measuring tape and wear minimal clothing that won’t affect the accuracy of your body measurements.

  • Stand up straight with your feet slightly apart. Relax your arms and hang them down at your sides.

  • To measure your chest, wrap the tape around the fullest part of your chest, ensuring the tape remains parallel to the ground.

  • To measure your waist, wrap the tape around the narrowest part of your torso.

  • For your hips, place the tape around the widest part of your hips and buttocks.

  • For the inseams, stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and measure from the crotch area down to your ankle.

  • Measure your height by standing against a wall with your back straight and measuring from the top of your head to your heels.

3. Sign Up on the Adidas Product Testing Platform

Here’s how to sign up for the Adidas product testing program.

1- Head to the Adidas Official Product Tester Application Page to start your application.

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2- Select your location (US or Europe).

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3- Select your preferred division (apparel, footwear, or both) and gender.

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4- Enter your sizes and body measurements.

Provide accurate information. If you supply inaccurate information, you might receive poorly-fitting products.

Use the sizing chart on the application to double-check your body measurements.

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You’ll have to provide body measurements, including:

  • Top size

  • Bottom size

  • Bra size and underbust circumference (for female applicants only)

  • Chest, hip, waist, and thigh circumference

  • Shoe size and foot width

5- Select your category interests.

I recommend choosing an activity (or activities) you frequently do to receive products applicable to your needs.

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6- Provide more details about your interests.

If you play basketball, what position do you play? What surfaces do you play on? Are you a professional athlete or a casual player?

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7- Enter your personal information, like your name, home address, and email address.

4. Wait for an Invitation.

After completing the application process, wait for an invitation to join the test period for the item.

How the Adidas Product Testing Program Works

If Adidas approves your application, they’ll add your information to their database and let you test products once available.

The Adidas Product Testing Team will match you with products that fit your size and category interests (according to the information you provided in your application).

They also choose Adidas product testers based on shoe and apparel size, demographic profile, geographic location, sport, and athletic profile.

What Do You Do as an Adidas Product Tester?

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Read the Instructions.

Once Adidas approves your tester application, you’ll receive an email inviting you to participate with a link and instructions to accept the invitation.

After accepting the invite, Adidas sends the item or items via mail.

The Adidas testers package includes instructions on the following:

  • How to use the product

  • How often (or how long) you need to wear and test it weekly

Test the Product.

Use the test product throughout the test period according to Adidas’s instructions. Test periods typically last two to four weeks.

Wearing and testing products daily isn’t a requirement. You only have to wear them for the complete duration mentioned in the instructions.

Provide Feedback.

You can provide feedback on the Adidas Product Testing website.

You must keep detailed logs on how the product fits, performs, and feels when wearing it.

Provide an honest and comprehensive product review to increase your chances of receiving more invites for product testing.

Return the Product.

After the Adidas product testing review period, you’ll have to mail the product back to them. Adidas provides a return label and covers the shipping costs.

They will inspect and evaluate the product to determine if it could use more improvements before selling it.

What Adidas Products Are You Going To Review?

Adidas asks you to choose between footwear or apparel programs (or both) during the application process.

If you choose footwear, you’ll receive sneakers, lace-up trainers, running shoes, basketball shoes, sports shoes, sandals, or other Adidas footwear.

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If you selected a particular sport during the signup phase, such as trail running or skateboarding, you’ll likely receive a related item to test out.

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If you choose apparel, you’ll get Adidas sportswear, including jackets, shirts, sweaters, and sweatpants.

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The items you receive are still in their testing phase, meaning they’re not yet available to the public.

Note: The brand doesn’t include cosmetic products in the product testing (Adidas).

Is the Adidas Product Testing Program Worth It?

Let’s say you get the Adidas tester job.

Does Adidas pay money to product testers? What are the perks and drawbacks of being an Adidas shoe tester (or Adidas clothing tester)?

Decide whether the Adidas testing program is worth it with my list of pros and cons.

Exclusive first lookBody measurements are mandatory
Own quality products for a limited timeNo guarantee of acceptance into the program
Wear unreleased Nike productsReturning the free stuff you test is mandatory
Product return shipping is freeNo earning potential
Influence the design of future Nike itemsCan’t pick specific products to test
Can’t share information related to your product testing to anyone


  • Exclusive first look – You enjoy an exclusive first look at Adidas prototype products.

  • Free apparel (for a limited time) You can test premium quality sportswear for free.

  • Access to unreleased products –You can wear unreleased Adidas products for up to four weeks.

  • Free product return shipping – You don’t need to pay anything to return the product to Adidas.

  • Influence on future releases – Your feedback and review can help influence the design of future Adidas products.


  • Body measurement requirement – You have to provide body measurements.

  • No guarantee of acceptance – Adidas doesn’t guarantee your acceptance into the program.

  • Returning the product – You don’t get to keep the product you tested.

  • No earning potential – Adidas doesn’t pay you to test products.

  • No options – You don’t get to pick a specific product you want to test.

  • Non-disclosure agreement – You can’t share information related to the test product on vlogs, blogs, or social media (personal messaging on social media included).

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Adidas Product Testing Legit?

Yes. The Adidas Product Testing Program is a legitimate program aiming to get authentic user feedback for unreleased products.

How Do You Become an Adidas Product Tester?

Here’s how to join Adidas product testing.

  1. You need internet access and a valid email address.

  2. Complete the online application and provide the necessary information.

  3. If you qualify, you will receive an email inviting you to participate.

  4. If you decide to participate, Adidas will send the complimentary test gear and instructions to you by mail.

  5. Wear and test the product as instructed for the Adidas shoe testing period. This usually lasts two to four weeks.

  6. Keep detailed logs of your day-to-day activities while testing Adidas products.

  7. After completing the testing period, mail the product back to Adidas.

  8. You can provide your feedback about the product on the Adidas online product review site.

Note: You can’t be an Adidas product tester if you also test competitor products.

Can I Keep the Free Products I Tested?

No. That’s not how Adidas product testing works.

You can’t keep the product you tested. You’ll have to send it back to Adidas after the testing period.

If you’re looking forward to getting free samples, receiving free Adidas shoes, or making extra cash, the Adidas tester program is not for you.

However, there may be rare circumstances where they let you keep the product or give you free Adidas products.

Do You Get Paid for Adidas Product Testing?

No. Adidas does not pay wear testers. Adidas product testing salary and Adidas product testing payment don’t exist.

Why Should I Become a Product Tester?

As a product tester, you get to wear and test out pre-release Adidas shoes and sportswear that are still in product development.

Also, your valuable feedback can be used to improve a prototype’s appearance and performance.

What Are Other Product Testing Programs?

Aside from the Adidas brand, other companies have similar programs for product testers, such as:

  1. Nike Product Testing

  2. Under Armour Product Testing

  3. New Balance Wear Testing Program

All these programs have requirements, including creating an online account and filling out a simple online questionnaire to check your eligibility.

The Bottom Line

Becoming an Adidas product tester can be a rewarding experience for athletes and consumers like you.

Even though there’s little to no chance of getting free shoes for you to keep, you get to try out the latest gear before they hit the market, and you can even help shape the development of future Adidas products.

I hope my guide showed you how the Adidas product testing program works.

If you’re interested in other testing programs, consider becoming an Amazon product tester.

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