How To Become an Amazon Product Tester: A Step-by-Step Guide

how to become an amazon product tester

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Looking to learn how to become an Amazon product tester?

You’re in the right place.

You can receive free stuff or heavily discounted items by providing honest reviews.

This guide will help you become an Amazon product tester and enjoy discovering new products, shaping purchasing choices, and getting free items.

Let’s get started!

How To Become an Amazon Product Tester: 5 Tested Methods

There are various methods to become a product tester:

  1. Join Amazon Vine Voices.

  2. Join Amazon review sites.

  3. Become an Amazon Prime member.

  4. Use your blog or social media platforms.

  5. Join Facebook groups.

Note: Only the first method aligns with Amazon’s terms of service. Amazon penalizes sellers who manipulate reviews by sending products in exchange for reviews.

However, I’ll still discuss these methods in this guide.

Keep reading to learn how to become a product tester for Amazon:

1. Be a Part of Amazon Vine Voices.

amazon vine program homepage

If you want to do free product testing, Amazon has a dedicated and regulated program for you.

Amazon Vine is an invite-only program for reviewers known as Amazon Vine Voices, who test new products and leave reviews.

Note: This is distinct from being an Amazon Basics product tester, which doesn’t exist.

To become an Amazon Vine product tester, build your reputation as one of Amazon’s trusted reviewers by providing high-quality and useful feedback.

Receiving more helpful likes boosts your rankings and increases your chances of getting an invitation.

How It Works

Once you receive an invitation, you can request products from various Amazon sellers, and they’ll send them to you for free.

Test the products and write your honest review, whether it’s neutral, negative, or positive.

The platform publishes your Amazon Vine reviews alongside others, clearly labeling them with a Vine Voice badge for transparency.

vine voice example

While Amazon doesn’t pay for Vine reviews, you can test and keep the free product.

Plus, Vine members can post both negative and positive reviews without impacting their Amazon Vine Reviewer ranking.

Tips to Increase Your Chances of Receiving an Invite

  • Provide detailed, unbiased reviews for each purchase. Write your own idea instead of repeating other reviews.

  • Be concise and straight to the point. Customers find straightforward reviews more helpful.

  • Offer descriptive feedback, especially for gadgets, appliances, and expensive items. Discuss their features, performance, quality, and limitations.

  • Be specific and avoid vague or general statements like “I enjoyed the item.” These don’t provide enough detail to help other buyers understand the product’s features, benefits, and drawbacks.

  • Boost your credibility by adding photos and videos that illustrate the product.

  • Write helpful reviews to address potential buyers, not to impress the Amazon seller. Share any questions or concerns you had before buying the product in your review.

  • Include the pros and cons. This helps buyers understand what they can expect and whether the item will meet their needs.

  • Focus on a specific niche to establish your expertise.

  • Buy and review Amazon’s new releases and top products to increase your chances of catching Amazon’s attention.

Amazon generally invites reviewers with at least 100 reviews. Start writing detailed reviews as soon as possible to increase your chances of joining this invitation-only program.

2. Join Amazon Review Sites.

These are independent websites that offer discounted or free items in exchange for written reviews.

Unlike Amazon Vine, Amazon doesn’t regulate these sites, so their policies may vary.

Amazon VineAmazon Review Sites
Complies with Amazon’s terms of serviceUnregulated by Amazon
Invite-only programOpen to the public
Free products for reviewsFree or discounted products

Nevertheless, they remain popular among sellers because they provide valuable product feedback before official release, helping sellers improve their products and sales.

While many review sites offer opportunities to receive discounted or free items, you must research and choose reliable and trustworthy platforms.

Here are a few options to consider:


rebaid homepage

Rebaid is a relatively new Amazon trader review site that started in 2019.

It’s quickly gaining popularity because of its excellent service and discounts. It offers great deals for shoppers who use Shopify, Walmart, and Amazon.

Rebaid is among the most trusted platforms and has received high marks on Trustpilot. To use Rebaid, customers must provide their order number for confirmation.


vipon homepage

Vipon is a well-established Amazon review website that provides some of the best sales, offering discounts ranging from 50% to 100% through customers coupon codes.

It’s popular with many buyers because they can request up to 20 products simultaneously, which is more than most competing sites allow.

However, sellers control who receives their products by approving buyers before purchase.

After receiving the trial products, you have two weeks to write and submit a review. You can apply for additional products to test after reviewing the trial items.


Snagshout homepage

Snagshout is another popular review site allowing testers to test a new product daily by redeeming a “snag.”

You can get up to five snags simultaneously and receive a new one every two days.

A noteworthy benefit of Snagshout is that the site issues refunds within 30 days of your Amazon purchases.

3. Become an Amazon Prime Member.

amazon prime subscription page

Being an Amazon Prime member and an Amazon product tester simultaneously has several benefits that make product testing faster and more convenient.

Prime members enjoy free and fast shipping on eligible items, letting you receive your test products quickly and at no extra cost.

Sellers providing product testing opportunities may ask you to review the items within a specific time frame, and a Prime membership helps you meet those deadlines.

Additionally, you gain access to exclusive product deals, discounts, and promotions, including daily deals, lightning deals, and limited-time-only offers.

Also, if you’re :

4. Use Your Blog or Social Media Platforms.

Leveraging social media helps you gain more visibility and credibility as a reviewer, potentially attracting more testing opportunities from and collaborations with brands.

Here are a few tips for using social media platforms or blog sites as an Amazon product tester.

Become an Influencer.

Amazon's Influencer Program homepage

Join Amazon’s Influencer Program to test Amazon products while earning a commission when your audience makes a qualifying purchase.

You can also sign up to be an Amazon Associate if you already have an established blog or social media profile.

Amazon Associates homepage

Amazon Associates is Amazon’s affiliate program that lets you earn through the traffic you drive to the platform.

Share Your Reviews.

After testing a product, share your unbiased review on your social media platforms.

Include photos, videos, and a detailed description of its quality and performance. Doing so helps your followers and readers make informed buying decisions.

Use Hashtags.

Use relevant hashtags when uploading your reviews to reach a wider audience and attract the attention of sellers and other reviewers.

Collaborate With Brands.

Connect with brands or sellers and offer to collaborate by doing a sponsored post or giveaway service. Some may simply ask you to post their products on your page.

They will provide free product use or pay compensation, which is a win-win cooperation. If you have a need for customized gifts, you can get them from

They can provide all kinds of customized gifts, such as customized stickers, customized medals, challenge coins, and customized patches, which are all good choices for your brand cooperation.

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Build a Following.

Focus on growing your followers by sharing quality content and engaging with your followers. Doing so makes you a more attractive candidate for testing opportunities.

Be Consistent.

Consistently sharing reviews and engaging with your followers can help build credibility and establish you as a reliable reviewer.

5. Join Facebook Groups.

facebook group examples

Amazon review groups on Facebook are communities where sellers offer members free or heavily discounted products in exchange for honest reviews.

By becoming a part of these groups, you can share your reviews, blogs, and experiences. This also enhances your online presence and potentially attracting more followers and readers.

These groups also offer networking opportunities with fellow product testers and Amazon sellers. You can stay informed about new products, share insights, and establish connections for future testing opportunities.

Note: These groups operate independently from Amazon, and the ecommerce giant has no control over them.

The main issue with these groups is that some members are more interested in getting free products than writing genuine reviews. Posting fake reviews can harm both sellers and buyers.

Why You Should Become an Amazon Product Tester

Is the job of an Amazon product tester legit? Yes.

Being an Amazon Product Tester is legit and has many benefits, from getting free Amazon stuff to developing new skills.

You Get Free Stuff.

Among the many benefits of becoming a trusted reviewer, receiving free and discounted products may be at the top of most people’s lists.

You’ll get to try new items before they hit the market without spending a dime.

You Help Sellers Improve Their Products.

Testing sellers’ products and providing quality reviews lets you influence their development and marketing. Your input can help shape the final product, making it better for consumers.

You Build Your Reputation.

High-quality reviews can help you build a positive reputation as a product tester. Over time, sellers may recognize your name and ask for your product opinion.

You Get Exclusive Access to Unreleased Products.

Product testers can access products not yet available to the public. It’s a fun and exciting way to stay ahead of the products and try out items no one else has tried.

You Influence Others To Make Informed Decisions.

By sharing your experiences and honest feedback, you can help consumers make informed purchasing decisions.

You Get Networking Opportunities.

Becoming an Amazon product tester lets you network with sellers and other product testers. Networking with others can be a great way to make new connections and learn more about the industry.

How To Start Reviewing on Amazon: Step-by-Step

Now that you know how to become an Amazon product tester, the next step is to start reviewing products on Amazon. Here’s how.

logging into amazon page

1. Create an Amazon Account and Choose Your Niche.

Create an Amazon account with your email address and choose the niches you’re most interested in or knowledgeable about.

2. Write Concise and Unbiased Reviews on Purchased Items.

Start writing your reviews on items you’ve bought, but avoid flooding your profile with reviews.

3. Monitor New Product Launch Dates.

Check for new product launches on Amazon. When you post a review on new items, it will appear among the top five review sites other customers can vote on.

4. Share Your Experience.

Share your experience with the products, including the pros and cons, to help others decide if the item is right for them.

5. Stick to Your Niche.

Review products you’re interested in or have experience with and stick to this niche.

6. Check Existing Reviews Before Posting Your Own.

If there are too many reviews, it may be hard for others to notice yours.

Start with products with minimal to no reviews to make it easier for others to see what you have to say.

7. Optimize Your Amazon Reviewer Page.

Update and optimize your Amazon reviewer page. Check your details and list your preferred niches so sellers can easily find you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Is an Amazon Product Tester?

An Amazon product tester receives products from Amazon sellers for free or at a discounted price in exchange for testing and providing feedback.

The goal is to help sellers improve their products and make informed pricing, packaging, and marketing decisions.

Your feedback can include details on the product’s quality, design, and usability.

Some sellers may ask you to evaluate the packaging, shipping, and customer service experience. You’ll need to provide an honest and detailed review on Amazon’s website.

Can You Test Products for Amazon and Get Paid?

Do you want a job at Amazon testing products?

Amazon product testers receive free or discounted products for them, but they don’t get paid to review Amazon products. In other words, there’s no such thing as an Amazon product tester salary.

Depending on the program or campaign, product testers may sometimes receive additional incentives or prizes, like gift cards or contest entries.

However, Amazon has strict guidelines to ensure the authenticity and transparency of product reviews. Thus, the ecommerce giant doesn’t allow paid or biased reviews.

Is There an Amazon Product Tester Application?

If you want to “work” from home testing products for Amazon, you have two options:

  1. Use third-party websites and collaborate with sellers who need testers.

  2. Wait for an invite to the Amazon Vine Voice program.

Is Amazon Product Review Job Legit?

Yes. Many sellers and brands on Amazon rely on product testers to get honest feedback on their products before releasing them to the public.

However, it’s not a job per se because neither Amazon nor its sellers pay you for your reviews.

Your reviews must have a professional tone to succeed as a product tester. You must also follow Amazon’s guidelines and policies on product reviews to maintain credibility and avoid penalties.

Can You Be an Amazon Product Tester From Home?

Yes. You can be an Amazon product tester while working from home, but eligibility requirements or qualifications vary depending on your program or site.

Some may be available only to Amazon Prime members or those with a specific number of reviews or a high reviewer rank.

How Do I Receive an Invite to the Amazon Tester Program?

To be invited to the Amazon Vine program, you must have a good reputation as a reviewer on Amazon and a high number of products reviewed.

Write thoughtful, honest, and detailed reviews for products you bought.

Note: the Amazon Vine program is not a guarantee. Amazon may not even invite experienced reviewers to test Amazon products for free. 

The Bottom Line

An Amazon product reviewer job can be an excellent way to get free products and network with others. However, establishing yourself as a trustworthy and reliable reviewer requires effort, dedication, and patience.

Furthermore, being a product tester isn’t technically a job because you don’t receive a salary or commissions.

If you’re interested in more than just free or discounted products and want to earn money on Amazon, consider learning how to start an Amazon dropshipping business.

Written by: Omar Deryan

Founder of OJ Digital Solutions

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