The Amazon Brand Registry: What It Is and How to Use It

The Amazon Brand Registry is a program that allows brands to protect their intellectual property on

By enrolling in Amazon’s brand registry, brands can create a unique identity on Amazon, which helps to prevent hijackers, and other sellers from making their own private label products from the products of others.

Amazon Vine Program: Everything You Need to Know

Positive customer reviews boost conversion rates in any business.
Customers make purchase decisions influenced by product reviews.
Furthermore, consistent positive reviews also impact your product ranking in the A10 algorithm.
Getting reviews is challenging primarily because Amazon blocks incentivized reviews.
Besides, competitors may submit fake reviews, and the platform has no protection against them.
To address this issue, Amazon introduced the Vine Program.

How to Delete Amazon Order History (or How to Hide it)

It’s easy to forget about the purchases we make online.
We add items to our cart, click checkout, and then move on with our day.
But what happens to all those order history records? Can you delete Amazon order history?
The short answer is no; you cannot erase order history Amazon.

TACoS Amazon: What Is It and Why Should You Use it?

Measuring the statistics of your business ensures that it is likely to improve sales outcomes.
Tracking the investment return is necessary when you spend funds on an advertisement. Using advertisements effectively optimizes sales velocity by attracting consumers.

12 Easy Small Business Ideas for Teens to Start

There’s no age requirement when it comes to business success. Even simple, small business ideas for teens can go a long way.
For example, Fred DeLuca opened Subway when he was 17. By beating its 2021 sales projection by around $1.4 billion, Subway has established itself as the largest sandwich chain in the world today.