22 Manufacturing Business Ideas: The Ultimate Guide

manufacturing business ideas

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Are you looking for manufacturing business ideas? 

I can help you start your own business today.

I want to help aspiring small business owners like yourself to start their venture on the right foot. Thus, I created this list of the best and most profitable small-scale manufacturing business ideas.

Let’s get begin.

22 Most Profitable Manufacturing Business Ideas To Start in 2022

1. Bakery

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(Source: Bakery & Snacks)

The bakery manufacturing industry is one of the most profitable food processing businesses. 

A report estimates that the bakery products market will have a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 2.6% from 2021 to 2026

The same report states that Europe is the largest market, while the fastest-growing market is the Asia Pacific. 

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Despite the presence of automated biscuit-making companies capable of producing large quantities of baked goods, many people still prefer buying fresh biscuits and other baked goods from a small bakery business in their neighborhood.

Local bakeries don’t only offer plenty of varieties, but they’re also relatively cheaper than mass-produced baked goods. 

Affordability is the main reason people buy baked products from local bakers. 

If you want to start a bakery, offer products that appeal to your target market and use the right marketing strategy. 

2. Homemade Chocolate and Cookies

If you have a knack for chocolate making, you can try to sell homemade chocolates and cookies. 

Homemade chocolates and cookies are fun and simple to make. 

Selling them is an excellent way to dip your toes in the manufacturing business industry. 

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Here’s how to start a successful business selling homemade chocolates and cookies. 

  • Find simple recipes from cookbooks and websites.
  • Use only high-quality ingredients for the best-tasting results.
  • Invest in the best equipment you can afford to streamline your baking process.

3. Palm Oil Processing

A survey shows that palm oil makes up one-third of the world’s edible oils.

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There is a clear demand for palm oil, making palm oil processing a profitable business opportunity.

Prepare a substantial capital investment if you want a prosperous palm oil business. 

Processing palm oil is capital-intensive because you must invest in machinery to extract the oil from the palm fruit. 

4. Potato Powder Making

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Potato powder’s demand is increasing because it’s an accessible ingredient for businesses in the food processing industry.

Manufacturing potato powder isn’t as financially demanding as palm oil processing, making it an attractive business opportunity if you have limited capital. 

The location is the key to a potato powder manufacturing business’s success. Ideally, your business location should be close to your source of raw potatoes.

Here are the types of potatoes most suitable for potato powder processing: 

  • Kufri Chipsona
  • Kufri Jyoti
  • Chandramukhi

5. Ice Cream Cones

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(Source: PROMF.com)

The ice cream cone market projects a CAGR of 2% from 2021 to 2026

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The actual market growth may exceed projections since the demand for ice cream cones gradually increases yearly. 

Ice cream cones come in various forms and flavors. 

If you manufacture ice cream cones, stick with the classic sugar cone. 

This cone suits any ice cream flavor, meaning you can attract plenty of ice cream makers. 

6. Candle Making

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Candle-making is straightforward because you don’t need any special equipment. 

The candle-making business is ideal if you’re a new entrepreneur since the required raw materials are affordable.

The general cost to make one candle is between $2.00 and $5.00. 

Your initial cost may increase depending on the container and the fragrance oil you use. 

Avoid using expensive fragrance oils that can cut into your profits. It can start as a small business but become a large-scale manufacturing business. 

7. Garments

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(Source: CGS)

You can start a successful garment manufacturing business with two things:

  • A big budget
  • Experience in the fashion industry

First, you need to source raw materials like fabrics from a textile manufacturing company. 

Once you have the fabric, you need to cut and sew them to make garments.

Here’s how to achieve success in the garment manufacturing process.

  • Carefully choose your base products.
  • Purchase the necessary equipment.
  • Establish your company’s authority in the industry.
  • Promote your products effectively.

8. Herbal Remedy Production

The herbal medicine market expects a CAGR of 8.1% from 2022 to 2026.

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You can produce and sell herbal remedies if you fancy yourself a herbalist.

Herbal remedies are becoming more popular every year, meaning you won’t find a shortage of buyers. 

You can even sell your herbal remedy products to gift shops, pharmacies, health food stores, farmers’ markets, and salons. 

If you want maximum profit, you can grow your own herbs. 

You can buy herbs from suppliers if you want more product variety. 

9. Hair and Beauty Products

The hair and beauty industry expects a CAGR of 5.3% from 2021 to 2027

Assuming this projection is accurate, the hair and beauty industry will be worth $463.5 billion by the end of 2027.

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You can make good money selling these hair and beauty products if you have the capital and know the latest trends.

Listing your hair and beauty products on Amazon is an excellent idea. 

Check out my guide on how to get approval to sell beauty products on Amazon.

10. Rubber Bands

People can use rubber bands in many ways, and manufacturing them requires only a low investment. 

Rubber band production is one of the most accessible small-scale manufacturing business ideas. 

11. Detergent Powder

Research predicts the soap and detergent market will have a value of $207 billion by 2025, equivalent to a CAGR of 8.83% from 2015 to 2025

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You can launch a detergent powder manufacturing business, regardless of your experience.

By simply investing in a unit of blue detergent powder, you can offer your product to consumers by investing in a unit of blue detergent powder. 

12. Liquid Soap Making

Making and selling liquid soap is one of the cheapest and easiest manufacturing business ideas. 

You can produce different types of soap, including body soap, hand wash, face wash, and liquid detergent. 

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You can also choose among these ways to make liquid soap.

  • Liquid soap from bar soap
  • Liquid soap from soap base
  • Liquid soap from scratch

13. Tannery or Leather Processing Unit

Consider launching a leather tanning business if you have connections to leather products manufacturing companies.

A tannery or leather processing unit is in demand since data suggests the global leather market will be an $11 billion industry by 2027. 

Even if a leather manufacturing company is in a different country, the leather tanning industry has a good export market. 

Therefore, shipping your products will be relatively simple. 

14. Leather Bags

(Source: Softline Brand Partners)

Consider leather bag manufacturing a lucrative business idea if you have the skills and creativity to make leather bags. 

Since you only need basic tools and equipment, you can start a leather bag manufacturing business from home. 

Here are the types of tools you need to make a leather bag: 

  • Cutting aids
  • Cuttings tools
  • Pressing tools
  • Stitching substitutes
  • Adhesives
  • Finishing touches

Use premium materials to produce quality finished leathers and increase your chances of business success.

15. Environmentally Friendly Bag Manufacturing

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The demand for eco-friendly bags has increased exponentially now that more and more people are becoming environmentally conscious.

Making bags from sustainable raw materials is a profitable small manufacturing business idea you can start at home. 

Big companies may even make you their supplier of eco-friendly bags, meaning the eco-friendly bag manufacturing business has excellent potential for scalability.  

16. Paper Bag Making

With more states and countries banning plastic carry bags, paper bag making is becoming one of the most profitable business ideas today. 

The global paper bag packaging industry projects a CAGR of more than 4% until 2023.

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If you want to start a paper bag manufacturing business, here are the types of paper bags you can produce.

  • Brown craft paper
  • Shopping bags
  • Paper gift bags
  • Customized gift bags

As the owner of a paper bag-making company, you can market your bags to eco-friendly companies, shopping malls, and showrooms. 

17. Canvas Sewing

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Canvas sewing involves manufacturing canvas products and selling them to outdoor industries. This industry involves making awnings for RVs, sails for boats, and tents for campers. 

You can also sell your canvas products to homeowners looking for window awnings, pool gazebos, and deck covers. 

Businesses that need outdoor banner signs for trade shows are also potential customers.

Partner with artists and print their designs on your product to make your canvas stand out from the competition. 

Decorative canvases are perfect for wall hangings for people to decorate their homes and offices. 

18. Pollution Mask Manufacturing

You’re no stranger to pollution if you live in an urban area. 

People wear masks whenever they’re outside to help fight the effects of pollution.

As more and more people rely on pollution masks, industry pundits predict the sale of pollution masks to continue rising until 2027. 

Start a pollution mask business if you want a manufacturing business idea with significant growth potential. 

19. Ice Block Manufacturing

Ice block manufacturing is another very good business idea.

You need a moderate capital investment since you’ll have to invest in machinery and an appropriately sized warehouse to store your ice blocks. 

20. Furniture Making

The furniture industry earned over $243 billion in revenue in 2023.

If you have woodworking skills and a penchant for creating high-quality furniture, consider joining the furniture industry.

As a furniture maker, you can create custom furniture for residential and commercial use.

Here are examples of furniture you can make.

  • Tables (dining tables, bedside tables, living room tables, etc.)
  • Chairs (dining chairs, desk chairs, etc.)
  • Bed frames
  • Dressers
  • Cabinets (Kitchen cabinets, bedroom cabinets, etc.)

The great thing about furniture making is that it doesn’t have to be a large-scale manufacturing business, at least not initially.

You can start a small-scale business and have the entire production process at home in your garage or backyard.

You can scale your furniture manufacturing small business and ramp up production once you get more clients.

21. Promotional Wood Products

Consider manufacturing promotional wood products if furniture-making isn’t up your alley. 

This industry involves creating multiple small wooden items for companies that use the items to promote their goods or services. 

Manufacturing promotional wood products is a lucrative business model due to its recurring revenue potential. 

You can produce the same wooden design for different businesses.

Here are the popular types of promotional wood products you can sell. 

  • Wooden ball massage rollers
  • Board games
  • Cutting boards
  • Award frames
  • Bottle openers

22. Brewery

The number of craft breweries in the US continues to increase in 2023, with over 9,500 craft breweries operating by the end of 2022.

This number includes over 2,000 microbreweries.

A microbrewery is a small, independent beer manufacturer producing only small quantities and selling to consumers directly.

The good thing about a small-scale beer manufacturing business is you can start and operate it from home. You can sell your beer to neighbors and other people in your area.

Consider opening a brewery if you’re passionate about craft beers. You can craft beers according to your tastes and share them with like-minded customers while making a profit.

4 Tips for A Profitable Manufacturing Business Idea

Expect the manufacturing industry to become more competitive in the coming years.

Here are tips to help you gain a competitive edge.

1. Research the Market.

Before entering any industry, you need to research its customers and market. By conducting proper research, you can draft a solid business plan that can help you avoid making unnecessary and costly mistakes. 

Determine whether a business idea will be profitable by asking yourself the following questions: 

  • Who is your target audience?
    What are the interests of your target audience? 
  • What is the average selling price of similar products? 
  • Who are your competitors? 
  • Do you need high or low capital investment to start a manufacturing business? 

2. Establish a Good Network.

A solid network of contacts is crucial for success in the manufacturing business. 

Connecting with the right people and companies will allow you to set up an invaluable support system. 

For example, maintaining a good relationship with your supplier can lead to discounts that allow you to reduce business expenses. 

3. Execute Effective Marketing Campaigns.

A marketing campaign is effective if it creates awareness about your company and helps prospects realize why they should choose your brand. 

An effective marketing campaign also helps your small manufacturing business reach more customers, increasing sales. 

4. Keep Employees Happy.

Employee morale plays a significant role in improving a manufacturing company’s efficiency. 

Multiple studies show that companies that keep their employees happy have higher outputs than those that don’t. Strategies to boost employee morale include offering free training, incentives, and bonuses. 

The Bottom Line

Hopefully, reading about 21 types of manufacturing businesses has given you a clear idea of which business is ideal for you.

Before starting a business in any industry, assess your skills and experience to determine if it fits the particular industry you want to enter.

Depending on the industry, you may need to invest in the right equipment to streamline your production process.

Even small manufacturing business ideas can bring you hefty returns if you do your research, assess your experience, and make the right investments.

If you’re looking for more business ideas outside manufacturing, consider learning how to start a landscaping business.

Written by: Omar Deryan

Founder of OJ Digital Solutions

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