What Does Awaiting Fulfillment Mean?

what does awaiting fulfillment mean

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Have you ever opened a shopping app to get an update on your order and seen awaiting fulfillment on your screen? You likely asked the following questions.

  • What does awaiting fulfillment mean for mean?

  • Why does my order say awaiting fulfillment?

You’ve come to the right place for answers.

I wrote this blog post to explain the order fulfillment process. I’ll also discuss other order statuses and jargon that e-commerce businesses often use.

Let’s begin.

What Does Awaiting Fulfillment Mean on an Order?

When you check your tracking information and see the “awaiting fulfillment” order status, it means the logistics or fulfillment company (fulfillment company) has already received your order but hasn’t initiated the task of fulfilling your order.

what does awaiting fulfillment mean

The fulfillment process begins when an online order reaches the awaiting fulfillment status. In this stage, the associates are ready to pick, pack, assemble, and label the item later for shipping.

If you see your order status as awaiting fulfillment, you can expect to receive your package soon.

Awaiting Fulfillment Meaning: What Is a Fulfillment Process?

Awaiting Fulfillment Meaning: What Is a Fulfillment Process?

To give a better understanding of awaiting fulfillment, learning the functions of a fulfillment center or logistics company is essential

Many ecommerce companies enlist fulfillment providers to pick, pack, and ship customers’ orders.

These providers fulfill orders on behalf of sellers and ensure that they reach your doorstep on time and intact.

By partnering with a logistics company, an online retailer can go beyond its existing warehousing capabilities and ship to a more extensive customer base.

How Long Does Awaiting Fulfillment Take?

How Long Does Awaiting Fulfillment Take?

There is no way to predict how long it will take to complete the fulfillment process because every ecommerce company handles the fulfillment and packing processes differently.

Some sellers start the fulfillment process after confirming the order details. Other ecommerce operations fulfill orders by batch, especially if they’re handling hundreds or thousands of items daily.

The location of the logistics warehouse, holidays, unforeseen delays, and other variables affect the fulfillment process, but many ecommerce companies can fulfill orders in two to three days.

How Long Does Pending Remote Fulfillment Take on Amazon?

How Long Does Pending Remote Fulfillment Take on Amazon?

Amazon is undeniably a popular ecommerce site in the US. Thus, it is necessary to discuss its fulfillment process and how long it usually takes to fulfill online orders.

Amazon generally takes 48 to 72 hours to fulfill an order.

However, Amazon doesn’t fulfill your online purchase in real-time as your invoice prints. This strategy isn’t cost-effective due to the scope and scale of the company’s operations.

Amazon fulfills orders by batch, meaning the company takes multiple invoices and fulfills them simultaneously. They repeat this streamlined process as more orders come in.

With batch-fulfill orders, Amazon can process your order on Monday but begin the fulfillment process the next day.

You’ll get a tracking notification saying “awaiting fulfillment” before packing begins.

If you see an update saying “order status awaiting fulfillment” for a day or two, the employees are ready to pick up and pack your items.

What Does Pending Fulfillment Mean?

What does pending remote fulfillment mean?

It’s the next stage after “awaiting fulfillment.”

This stage means the employees have packed and labeled your order and are waiting for the carrier to collect and ship it.

The pending fulfillment stage comes after awaiting fulfillment and before shipment.

 Awaiting Shipment Meaning

Awaiting Shipment Meaning

Instead of pending fulfillment, some operations prefer using the term awaiting shipment. Both notifications mean the same thing.

Once the seller or its fulfillment partner has fulfilled your orders, the tracking information will change to “awaiting shipment” or “pending fulfillment.”

This order status means your items are ready to ship, but the carrier has not yet picked them up.

Sometimes, the sellers or their fulfillment partners drop off the packages at their shipping company.

Once the carrier ships your order, you will receive a confirmation and tracking details.

Order Statuses Explained

To keep them informed, sellers must update their customers with the order fulfillment process. Updating them with the order progress also prevents complaints or inquiries from anxious shoppers.

Here are common order status terms.

Submitted for Fulfillment

 The “submitted for fulfillment” message usually shows up before the “awaiting fulfillment” update to inform ecommerce customers that the fulfillment department has already received their invoices.

The invoice includes the actual order form and details about the orders.

This update confirms the sellers have already accepted the customers’ payment. Thus, the orders are ready for the actual fulfillment process.

 Awaiting or Pending Fulfillment Meaning

What does pending fulfillment mean? It’s similar to awaiting fulfillment. Some operations use these terms interchangeably.

When you see this update, it means the fulfillment or packing department has started fulfilling your orders but hasn’t finished the picking and packing process.

Smaller operations run their fulfillment process as quickly as possible. Others may take longer because they fulfill orders by batch for better operational efficiency.


The “shipped” message means the shipping process has already begun.

Some operations prefer “out for delivery” or “in transit.” All these terms have the same meaning: your order is coming.

Shipping companies like DHL, FedEx, USPS, and UPS provide an estimated delivery time to help customers track their packages and work around their schedule so they’re home to receive them.

Sometimes, you’ll receive an update that says “partially shipped,” which means some of the items in your order are on their way, while the rest may be out of stock. Thus, the fulfillment department has to send them in split shipments.

Delivery Exception

You’ll get a “delivery exception” update if the carrier fails to deliver your package.

For example, a snowstorm might prevent the delivery truck from reaching your location on time.

Here are other common reasons why the shipping process is not successful:

  • Truck breakdown

  • No one at home to sign a delivery package that requires a signature

  • No secure location to leave the package

  • Unplowed or flooded streets

  • Carrier had run out of time in the day

  • Damaged or incorrect labels

  • Los or damaged package

Order Delivered

You’ll get the “order delivered” message right after receiving your order or if your package is outside your house or garage.

You may occasionally receive a “delivered” update even though your package has not yet arrived at your doorstep. In this case, reach out to the seller and report the issue.

Despite best efforts from delivery service carriers, the packages sometimes don’t reach their destinations because of unexpected serious weather conditions, customs holdups, or damaged labels.

 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Is Awaiting Fulfillment on an Order?

Awaiting fulfillment means the ecommerce company has confirmed your order and is preparing it for the fulfillment process.

What Does Awaiting Processing Mean?

Awaiting processing means your order is picked, packed, and prepared for shipping.

What’s the Difference Between Awaiting Fulfillment and Pending Fulfillment?

In the ecommerce business, awaiting fulfillment is the same as pending fulfillment. Companies use these terms interchangeably.

What’s the Difference Between Awaiting Fulfillment and Awaiting Shipment?

Awaiting shipment means the fulfillment team has packed and prepared your order for shipment, but the carrier hasn’t picked it up.

Awaiting fulfillment means the fulfillment department has not initiated the order fulfillment process.

Does Fulfillment Status Mean Delivered?

No. The fulfillment status means the logistics company has not yet initiated the order fulfillment process or delivered your package, although it has already confirmed the order.

 How Long Does Awaiting Fulfillment Take?

Several variables affect the fulfillment process, but it generally takes two to three days.

Big companies like Amazon can fulfill orders in two to three days.

Major retailers have excellent control over their inventory, and they have fulfillment centers near their customers. Thus, their fulfillment and shipping processes are fast and efficient.

What Does It Mean If My Order Is Awaiting Fulfillment for Over a Week?

If the “awaiting fulfillment” status doesn’t change for over a week, the sellers are likely having a problem with your order. In such cases, contacting the customer care department to ask about the status of your order is ideal.

The Bottom Line

I hope my guide helped you understand the awaiting fulfillment order status, especially if you always order from Amazon.

Now that you know the different order statuses and their meanings, you may want to learn how to track your Amazon package using Amazon Map Tracking.

Amazon’s live tracking map lets you track your package using the Amazon website or app after the seller ships your order.

Written by: Omar Deryan

Founder of OJ Digital Solutions

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