How To Track Amazon Package (Amazon Map Tracking)

how to track amazon package

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Did you google “how to track Amazon package” because you wondered if you could monitor your package while it’s in transit?

Amazon gives an estimated delivery date when you order an item, but you can track your package with the Amazon live tracking map once the seller ships your item.

You can track your Amazon package on the Amazon website or app.

Don’t know how? I’ll teach you.

I wrote this guide to explain how you can track your Amazon package in real-time on the Amazon app or website.

Let’s begin.

How To Track Amazon Package on Your Mobile Phone

Whether you’re using an iOS device or an Android phone, the steps to track your Amazon package are the same.

how to track amazon package
  1. Download the Amazon app from the App Store or the Google Play Store.

  2. Sign in with your Amazon account information.

  3. Navigate to your profile.

  4. Tap Your Orders.

  5. Go to your recent order history to see the estimated arrival date for pending orders and the delivered Amazon packages.

  6. Tap the order you want to track.

  7. Tap See all updates to start the Amazon orders track process.

How To Track Amazon Order on Your Computer

Here’s how to track your Amazon package on your desktop or laptop.

How To Track Amazon Order on Your Computer
  1. Open your preferred browser on your Mac or PC and visit the Amazon website.

  2. Log in to your Amazon account.

  3. Click Returns & Orders in the upper-right corner of the screen.

  4. Check your order history.

  5. Select Track package next to the order you wish to track.

  6. Check the status updates, estimated arrival date, and tracking ID.

Note: Amazon packages sometimes do not arrive after the estimated delivery date. If the tracking information has not changed, wait one to two days for the shipment.

How To Use Amazon Live Tracking Map

You can use the Amazon map tracking feature if the company utilizes its proprietary delivery service in your area.

Here’s how to use Amazon map tracking feature to check Amazon order and track Amazon package live.

  1. On your Amazon account, click Track Package from Your Orders menu.

  2. You can also see the Track Package button when you click the shipment confirmation email from Amazon.

  3. Wondering how to track Amazon driver or how to track Amazon truck? Check the real-time location of the delivery driver on Amazon map tracking.

Note: You can sign up for delivery alerts using the Amazon mobile app. You can receive notifications about the tracking details and location.

 Amazon Live Tracking Using Third-Party Apps

While Amazon has its own delivery service, it relies on third-party couriers like FedEx, UPS, and Bluedart for standard international shipments and local deliveries unreachable by Amazon Logistics.

If Amazon Logistics does not serve your area, you won’t be able to use the Amazon tracking app. In this scenario, you must download a third-party package tracking app from Amazon’s courier partner.

Major courier companies like UPS and FedEx have their own delivery map services to help you with package tracking.

Amazon Live Tracking Using Third-Party Apps

Another option is to use Parcel, a third-party app that provides tracking information for Amazon packages and parcels from over 300 regional and international shipping companies.

You can use the Parcel app for free. However, you have to pay an annual subscription fee of $5 to unlock all features, like getting the provide tracking information of more than three parcels simultaneously.

Tracking Amazon Package With a Third-Party Website

Third-party websites such as SHIP24 offer Amazon real-time tracking features you can use when you enter your tracking number.

You can get your Amazon tracking number or ID by checking your account.

Copy and paste it onto the third-party website to get your parcel’s latest tracking and order details.

Where To Get the Tracking Number of Your Amazon Order

You now know how to track Amazon package with tracking ID.

Where you can get this 10-digit unique identifier assigned to each order.

You can find the Amazon tracking number on the receipt you’ll receive after completing an order. You can also get this information through email.

How To Track Amazon Orders Without Tracking Numbers

If you place Amazon orders and can’t see a unique tracking number attached to your receipt, there are several ways to get them.

You can go to your Amazon account and click Returns & Orders to check your order history and see the status updates of your Amazon orders.

Another option is to contact customer service to ask for the tracking number or unique identifier assigned to your parcel.

Why Tracking Information Is Sometimes Not Available on Amazon

Sometimes, you’ll notice that your receipt does not include any tracking information.

Here are possible reasons.

  1. The first order scan doesn’t happen until delivery and is common with a large shipping volume. Until the first scan, the courier may not acknowledge receipt of the parcel.

  2. Standard international shipments are not trackable.

  3. Sometimes, marketplace sellers don’t provide Amazon with tracking information for their orders.

How Long Does It Take To Deliver Your Amazon Order

How Long Does It Take To Deliver Your Amazon Order

Wondering how long the delivery time is for your order? It depends on the shipping method.

Standard domestic shipments can take five to eight business days, while international shipments can take up to two weeks.

How To Know When Your Amazon Package Will Arrive

Want to know how to see how many stops away Amazon is from your address?

The Amazon delivery map lets you see the driver approaching the delivery location. If you agree to receive text messages from Amazon Shipment Updates, you’ll also receive text notifications.

How To Track the Status of an International Return or Refund From Amazon

You can track the status of your international return or refund using your Amazon account. Here’s how.

  1. Navigate to the Orders page.

  2. Click the order you wish to check.

  3. Click the Contact Seller button to submit a request or question about the return or refund.

Note: You can check the request status on the Your Orders page.

Frequently Asked Questions (Frequently)

Can I Track the Exact Location of My Amazon Package?

Yes. The Amazon Map Tracking feature (Amazon truck tracking) lets you know your package’s real-time location.

How Do I Track a Package Sent from Amazon?

Wondering how to track Amazon package on map?

Tracking Amazon order is possible with the Amazon website or mobile app.

Click Track Package from Your Orders. You can also see the Track Package link from the delivery confirmation you’ll receive via email.

Can You Track Amazon Trucks?

Yes. With Amazon parcel tracker, you can see the driver getting close to your shipping address on the delivery day.

Can You Track Amazon Trucks?

What Happens if I Am Not at Home During Amazon’s Delivery?

If no one is at home at the delivery time, the delivery driver will leave the package in a secure location.

If there’s no secure delivery location, Amazon will not leave your package unless someone receives it. The company will make three attempts on three consecutive days.

After several failed delivery attempts, Amazon (or its third-party courier) will return the package to its warehouse facility for a refund.

If the tracking details show your package has arrived, but you haven’t received it, check with your receptionist or neighbor.

You can plan and avoid missing deliveries by learning Amazon’s delivery times.

How Do I Track My Order on Amazon Without Signing In?

In April 2021, Amazon started requiring customers to sign in to their accounts for status updates.

To continue tracking your parcel, use the Amazon app’s import feature. Tap Keep me signed in when logging in to receive get order updates.

Does Amazon Always Update Tracking?

Mostly, yes.

Your tracking status will update each time Amazon scans the barcode on your package, which happens every time it reaches a new facility or is out for delivery.

Can I Track a TBA Tracking Number?

Yes. If you see an Amazon tracking id or a number starting with TBA, your parcel is on its way. Once the company ships your package, you can use the Amazon map tracking feature.

Why Can’t I See Amazon Tracking Map?

If Amazon delivers a parcel to a confidential address (e.g., a wish list or gift address), the company disables its map tracking feature to protect the recipient’s privacy.

You will also not see a tracking map if a carrier doesn’t use one.

What Time of Day Will My Amazon Package Arrive?

You can always expect to receive your Amazon deliveries between 6 am and 10 pm. The company will not disturb customers outside of regular waking hours. 

What Time of Day Will My Amazon Package Arrive?

What if My Amazon Package Tracking Says It’s Been Delivered, but I Can’t Find It?

Sometimes, there’s a delay in Amazon’s tracking system.

If you can’t find your parcel but the system says it has already arrived, it’s likely still on its way and will reach you in the next few hours.

However, contact Amazon customer service after one day if you still can’t find your package even though the tracking system says it’s already been delivered. The company will help you track your parcel.

Does Amazon Logistics Deliver on Sunday?

Amazon Logistics delivers on Sundays but with some restrictions. For instance, you cannot choose same-day or one-day shipping on Sundays.

Will I Get a Refund if My Amazon Parcel Is Delayed?

Amazon doesn’t often give refunds for delayed packages. If the delay is significant, it may offer compensation or a refund for any shipping costs.

How Much Does Amazon Give You for Late Delivery?

Some customers have reported receiving a $5 to $20 gift certificate, a small discount on Amazon Prime membership, and other perks.

The Bottom Line

Knowing how to track Amazon packages will let you schedule your day or ask someone to receive your parcel. Remember, Amazon drivers won’t leave a package if they can’t find a secure location.

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Written by: Omar Deryan

Founder of OJ Digital Solutions

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