How To Change Country on Amazon

how to change country on amazon

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Are you planning to move to a new country? Maybe you want access to the vast selection of products available in different Amazon regions.

Whatever your reason, you’re likely wondering how to change country on Amazon.

Changing your country on Amazon can be tricky, but don’t worry. I can help you.

I wrote this guide to walk you through changing your country on Amazon. You can complete the process on the Amazon app or a web browser.

Let’s begin.

Buying Products Internationally Through Amazon

how to change country on amazon

Amazon is the best platform for purchasing international products internationally.

Amazon’s International Shopping experience meets this need and simplifies the browsing, shopping, and shipping of more than 45 million products to more than a hundred nations worldwide.

According to Amazon, the ecommerce giant works with courier services for customs clearance on behalf of the consumer. The international shopping experience displays transparent pricing, shipping costs, and import duty estimates.

How Do You Find Your Amazon Account Country?

Your Amazon account will remain in your home country even if you move to another country. Your location won’t automatically change.

Specific indicators will inform you whether the Amazon app’s country settings are in the USA or another country.

There are various ways to determine the country on your Amazon account.

The quickest option is to launch the Amazon Shopping app on your smartphone and look at the URL in the search bar at the top of the page.

word image 58346 3

The screenshot above shows, meaning the country setting is Canada.

Look at the end of the Amazon domain to identify your Amazon app country settings.

Here are a few examples.

  • – Australia
  • – Canada
  • – Egypt
  • – Germany
  • – India
  • – Japan
  • – the Netherlands
  • – Saudi Arabia
  • – Singapore
  • – Sweden
  • – the United Arab Emirates
  • – United Kingdom (UK)
  • – United States of America (USA)

The information above may change depending on your Amazon app. Before shopping, ensure you select the appropriate country.

How To Change Country Settings on the Amazon App

word image 58346 4

You can’t shop from a specific country if your Amazon account has a different country setting.

The Amazon app allows you to switch between any country where Amazon operates.

Here’s how to set up a different country on the Amazon app.

1 – Open the Amazon Shopping app on your mobile device.

word image 58346 5

2 – Log in with your account details.

3 – Click on the hamburger icon (the icon with three vertical lines) in the top-left corner of the Amazon shopping app to access the menu.

word image 58346 6

4 – Find the Settings option with the chosen country’s flag within the menu box. To continue, tap the icon and select Country & Language from the next screen.

word image 58346 7

5 – Set your preferred country by going to the Country/Region tab.

word image 58346 8

6 – Click Done to save your changes.

After making the appropriate selection, you can see the country domains for Amazon shopping for each region and buy from any country.

How To Change Country Settings on a Web Browser

word image 58346 9

Here’s how to change the country on your Amazon account via a web browser.

1 – Go to the Amazon website and log in to your account.

word image 58346 10

2 – Select Content & Devices after logging in.

word image 58346 11

3 – Select Change from the Country/Region Settings menu by clicking the Preferences tab.

word image 58346 12

4 – Input information about your new chosen country of residence.

5 – Click Update after adding the new country details.

word image 58346 13

You can view your current country choice under the Region settings if your Amazon account’s country or region has changed.

There will be delivery restrictions, and you may have to pay additional tax if you change your Amazon country from your current region. Before making purchases from another country, check the laws in your area and Amazon’s shipping policies.

How To Change the Language on Your Amazon App

word image 58346 14

English is the default language Amazon Shopping uses for most countries.

The app will still display in English if you switch the Amazon app’s country settings from the United States to the UK, for instance.

You must navigate through the options to change the app’s language.

Here’s how to change the language on Amazon.

  1. Open the Amazon app and access the menu button navigation bar.
  2. Select Country & Language under Settings.
  3. Choose a language from the new window. You can select any language that Amazon Shopping supports in your country.
  4. Save your changes.

The Amazon app will not support all languages in every location. Before modifying the language settings on the Amazon Shopping app, select the appropriate country.

Why Change the Default Country and Language on Amazon?

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You can switch the country in the Amazon app on your phone if you want to access content in a different language or receive discounts from other regional Amazon vendors.

You can buy from regional Amazon vendors if they have great discounts and ship overseas.

However, there are occasional delivery restrictions, and you may have to pay more for taxes and shipping.

What Happens When You Change Country Settings on Amazon?

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Switching your Amazon account to another country will transfer your digital content to the new version. You can also buy items from the Kindle Store using money from your own country.

As long as you still have a valid billing address in the previous nation or region, you can transfer your account there whenever you like.

Amazon won’t share purchases between the accounts if you open a new account instead of transferring the one you already have. Each account will require a different set of login information.

How To Transfer Your Amazon Account From Your Existing Country to Another

Follow these easy steps to switch your Amazon account from your current country to another.

  1. Click Preferences under Manage Your Content & Devices.
  2. Click Change under Country Settings.
  3. Click Update after choosing or entering your address.
  4. You can learn more about what will happen if you transfer your Amazon account by following the on-screen prompts if you are qualified to buy digital content from another nation.
  5. Choose to transfer your account to finish the process.

Reversing the steps above will allow you to cancel your transfer.

What’s Transferred When You Change Your Amazon Account Country Settings?

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After moving your Amazon account, your Kindle content, apps and games, and digital music will be accessible on the Manage Your Content and Devices page.

The next time you wirelessly connect your device, Amazon will update the Kindle Store on your Fire Tablet or Kindle devices linked to your account. Your compatible content will be accessible from the Cloud.

What You Can Transfer

  • Kindle Books
  • Audible Audiobooks
  • Amazon Drive Files
  • Amazon Music
  • Amazon Prime Account Membership and Prime Video, Amazon Music, and Appstore Subscriptions

Your purchased or free trial memberships or subscriptions will remain active for their remaining duration on your Amazon account in the new country as long as Amazon supports the membership or service in the transferred nation.

Note: Amazon Music availability, pricing, and renewal periods may vary by location.

What You Can’t Transfer

  • One-click payment methods and billing information
    • On the Manage Your Content and Devices or Your Account page, you must input your billing address and 1-Click payment method again.
  • Rented or purchased Amazon Prime Video titles
  • Appstore games and apps
    • After moving your account, you won’t be able to access titles you’ve already bought.
  • Books borrowed through Prime Reading
    • Amazon will not deduct your credits when you automatically return books borrowed through Amazon Prime.
  • Kindle Unlimited
    • Amazon will terminate your Kindle Unlimited subscription and automatically return all books and magazines borrowed through the service.
  • Amazon Kids or Amazon Kids+
    • Amazon will terminate your Amazon Kids+ membership immediately.
  • Newsstand and Magazine Subscriptions from the Kindle Store
    • When you transfer your account, Amazon will cancel all active newsstand and magazine subscriptions. You will receive a prorated refund for unused but fully-paid months or issues.
    • If your subscription is still active in the relocated country, it will immediately re-activate with a 14-day free trial.
    • You won’t be able to access previous issues after switching your account.
  • Amazon Household and Family Library Profiles
    • You will lose access to your Amazon Household and Family Library profiles, and you won’t be eligible to join any household for 180 days.
  • Amazon Gift Card or Promotional Balances
    • If you choose to transfer your account back, you won’t be able to transfer the balances on your promotional cards and Amazon Gift Cards. The remaining funds are still accessible on your initial or previous Amazon marketplace account.

The Bottom Line

Switching your country to the Amazon app and browser is a valuable tip, especially for people abroad. You can now search Amazon in your preferred language.

I hope my article has provided you with all the information you need about changing your country on the Amazon App and Browser.

Your country isn’t the only thing you can change on Amazon. Did you know you can also change the email address on your Amazon account?

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