FedEx Shipment Exception Meaning: The Ultimate Guide

fedex shipment exception meaning

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FedEx is one of the most reliable shipping carriers in the US, although it doesn’t mean they always hit their mark 100% of the time. Sometimes, customers receive a notification that says FedEx shipment exception, which implies that something has gone wrong with the shipment. 

In this article, you’ll learn about FedEx shipment exception meaning, causes, and ways to avoid delays and other issues with your shipment. 

Let’s begin. 

FedEx Shipment Exception Meaning

fedex shipment exception meaning

What does shipment exception mean with FedEx?

FedEx shipment exceptions occur when there’s an issue with your shipment. Bad weather, damaged or lost packages, or an incorrect or incomplete destination address can result in a shipment exception status. 

Most FedEx shipment exceptions take less than a week to resolve. Be patient and monitor your package using the FedEx mobile app or web tracking.

Even if a delivery exception occurs, it doesn’t always mean your package will arrive late, or there’s a delivery failure. Delivery exceptions occur occasionally due to a non-standard process or unexpected event.

Will FedEx Still Deliver My Package If It Says Delivery Exception?

Yes. FedEx will still deliver your package. However, delivery exceptions can mean late shipments due to unavoidable or unexcepted circumstances.

You can expect a late shipment to avoid disappointment, but a package can still arrive at its destination on time, even with FedEx shipment exceptions.

Common Reasons for FedEx Delivery Exceptions

Several factors cause FedEx delivery exceptions. Some are within the courier’s control, while others aren’t. Here are some of the most common reasons customers receive a delivery exception status.

Weather Delays

A FedEx shipment exception weather delay can occur due to torrential rain, hail, high wind, excessive precipitation, and other severe weather conditions.

Incorrect or Incomplete Recipient’s Address

A FedEx delivery exception sometimes happens because the sender enters invalid or incomplete details.

Mechanical Failure

Although FedEx has a modern and well-maintained fleet, trucks and vans can still break down.

Power Outage

FedEx keeps backup power generators in most of its locations. Nevertheless, power outages can still happen.

Damaged Package

While FedEx personnel handles packages with care, sometimes damage still occurs.

Flight Delay

The plane carrying the packages arrives late.

How Long Does a Shipment Exception Last?

How long FedEx can resolve a delivery exception will depend on the delay’s cause and the issue’s severity. For instance, a FedEx truck with a flat tire may only cause a delay of a few hours, but inclement weather can last much longer.

However, FedEx will often handle delivery exceptions quickly and aim to resolve issues in less than one week.

How To Contact FedEx about Delivery Exceptions

Here’s how to get a refund for delivery exceptions.

  • Request a billing adjustment online.

    1- Go to the FedEx website and log in to your account.

    2- Go to the Manage My Account page to request a billing adjustment.

    3- Select all applicable options.

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4- Click Make a New Request.

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5- Wait for FedEx’s response and resolution.

  • Call FedEx’s automated telephone invoice adjustment line.

    1. Call 1-800-622-1147

    2. Follow the automated prompts.

When requesting a refund for your delivery status shipment exception, you must be ready with your account number, shipment date, and tracking number.

Getting a Refund for FedEx Shipment Exceptions

You may qualify for a refund if a delivery exception stems from FedEx’s service failure, meaning the courier is solely responsible for the delay or delivery failure.

You must notify FedEx immediately about your request for refunds. If you don’t contact FedEx within 15 calendar days of the invoice, the courier may suspend its money-back guarantee.

How Delivery Exceptions Affect Businesses

Ecommerce businesses know the importance of finding delivery partners to ship goods timely and efficiently to customers. Surveys show that people are less likely to shop again at retailers that cannot deliver their orders on time.

Here are the effects of delivery exceptions on businesses.

Reduced Customer Satisfaction

Late deliveries can have a detrimental impact on customer satisfaction and experience. To avoid customer complaints, choose a reliable courier service provider with an excellent track record of on-time deliveries.

Lower Customer Retention Rate

If your business frequently deals with FedEx delivery exceptions, you may experience a lower customer retention rate.

Today’s consumers want faster shipping methods. A 2021 Omnitracs report shows 65% of US shoppers are willing to spend more to receive faster and more reliable delivery.

Decrease in Revenue

Shipping exceptions, like order returns and errors, can erode your revenue if they happen more frequently due to additional expenses for re-packaging and inventory.

Waste of Resources

When your customers don’t receive the package on time, expect them to bombard your customer support team with delivery questions.

If you own a small business without a dedicated support team, you could spend significant time resolving customer complaints instead of growing your business.

Negative Effect on Brand Reputation

Even though your ecommerce store is not directly responsible for the delay, most customers don’t know or don’t care. Some may even blame your business if their package doesn’t arrive, even if it’s because they entered an invalid address.

How Businesses Should Handle a FedEx Shipment Exception

The ideal response will depend on the cause of a delivery exception. Here’s what you can do if you receive a FedEx shipment exception notification.

Contact FedEx.

Navigate to FedEx’s website to track the shipment and know the reason for the delivery exception by entering the tracking number. 

You can also share the tracking number with your customers if you want them to know the exact location of their packages with FedEx in transit shipment exception.

Contact Your Customer.

Contact Your Customer.

If “FedEx Delivery Exception: Incorrect Address” is the cause of late shipment, contact your customers immediately. Or if the reason for the delay is bad weather or natural calamity, you still need to apologize and thank them for their patience. 

Resend the Package or Issue a Refund 

If the package is damaged or lost, contact your customers and assure them you’ll issue a refund or resend their orders. 

How To Combat Delivery Exceptions

Instead of asking yourself, “How do I fix a FedEx delivery exception?” a more cost-effective way is to prevent or reduce the likelihood of delayed shipment and damaged packages in the first place. 

Consider the following steps.

  • If you consistently experience issues with damaged packages in transit, reevaluate your packaging solutions. 

  • Use a program that validates your customers’ addresses on the front end to fix incorrect details before submitting the order.

  • Consider popular regional celebrations, weather events, and national holidays when quoting shipping times to your customers. Each courier has a holiday schedule, which you can obtain from its website or sale representative. 

FedEx Status Codes and Their Meanings

The courier uses ten shipping exception codes. Some imply a non-standard process occurrence, while others mean a serious issue (e.g., delay or complete delivery failure).

Codes Related to Non-Standard Process

  • Prerouted Meter Package

    A customer’s automated shipping has processed the package.

  • Pickup Exception

    The courier sent the package to the wrong location because it made multiple pickups.

  • Received From/Released to an ODA Agent

    The agent has received the package and will deliver it to a location outside the primary delivery area.

  • Commodity/Dutiable Received at Port of Entry

    Your shipment of a commodity or dutiable item has reached the port of entry in the destination country.

  • Release Signature on File

    The recipient or sender authorizes the delivery of a package with a release signature that the courier has on file.

  • Commitment Not Due/Not Attempted

    FedEx already has the package but will wait until the commitment time to deliver.

  • Transfer of Custodial Control

    The shipment has changed hands internally among FedEx personnel, which doesn’t necessarily imply late shipment.

Codes for Delay and Delivery Failure

  • PMX

    The courier returned the package to the delivery station for the night because of incorrect address information or because the recipient was unavailable. In most cases, they will re-attempt the delivery the next day.

  • Recipient Not In/Business Closed

    The courier attempted delivery, but no one was available at the location to receive the package.

  • Regulatory Agency Clearance or Customs Delays

    The destination country’s customs authority delays the shipment to process the package.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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What Does Shipment Exception Weather Delay Mean?

Your package will arrive late due to a typhoon, flooding, hailstorm, or other inclement weather event.

Should I Email My Customers If I Receive a Shipment Exception Emergency Delay in Transit Alert?

Yes. Ensure you include an apology in your email and thank them for their patience. You must also tell them the reason for the delay to alleviate any of their concerns.

What Do I Do If My Package Has a Delivery Exception?

The first thing you must do is to contact the courier. For a quicker transaction, make sure you have your tracking number.

Once you have the necessary information, contact the customer and possibly issue a refund or change the delivery date.  

Why Is My Package on the Way, but There’s No Delivery Date?

Suppose your package is still on the way, but a delivery date is unavailable right now. In that case, it usually means there is no scheduled delivery or the courier doesn’t have a delivery estimate.

What Happens If FedEx Loses Your Package?

FedEx allows senders and recipients to file a claim for any lost, damaged, or incomplete packages. You need your tracking number and other supporting document to submit a claim online. 

You must file a claim within nine months of the shipment date.

How Do I Contact FedEx for Delivery Exceptions?

You can go to the FedEx website and check out its FAQ Hub.

If you still have questions, contact FedEx customer service at 1-800-463-3339 (1-800-GOFEDEX) to know the reason for your package’s FedEx shipping exception.

How Many Times Does FedEx Attempt to Delivery?

The delivery driver typically makes three attempts if the package requires a signature. The courier will also not leave a parcel if they think the area is unsafe. 

The Bottom Line

I hope my guide answered your question, “What does delivery exception mean?” and helped you resolve the issue with your package.

Remember, a shipping exception isn’t a cause for alarm and doesn’t necessarily mean the package will arrive late.

If you are looking for other shipping options, USPS First Class and Priority Mail are excellent options, depending on your needs and budget.

Written by: Omar Deryan

Founder of OJ Digital Solutions

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