How to Open a Second Etsy Shop: The Ultimate Guide

how to open a second etsy shop

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If you’re an Etsy seller, you’ve probably dreamed about having multiple Etsy shops. Thus, you might wonder how to open a second Etsy shop.

You’ve come to the right place if you don’t know how to start a second Etsy shop.

Running multiple Etsy shops is a fantastic way to expand your business and reach new customers. If this is your goal, I can help you achieve it.

In this guide, I will discuss how to manage multiple Etsy shops. I will also provide tips on using various Etsy stores to maximize profits.

Why Sell on Etsy?

how to open a second etsy shop

Etsy is an excellent platform for selling handmade goods, offering several advantages to sellers.

It’s a user-friendly platform that makes it easy to open and manage a store—even multiple Etsy stores.

Getting started is easy. You don’t have to be a tech expert to create a professional-looking shop.

Furthermore, Etsy has a considerable buyer base looking for handmade goods, vintage items, and arts and crafts.

You can tap into Etsy’s customer base to reach a wider audience.

Etsy also provides many tools and resources to help you succeed as a seller.

A wealth of information is available on the Etsy website. You can also find helpful tips and advice from other successful Etsy sellers.

These advantages make Etsy an attractive option for starting or growing a business.

It’s still possible to be a successful seller on platforms like Amazon or eBay, but many sellers find Etsy the best fit for their business.

How Many Etsy Shops Can You Have?

How Many Etsy Shops Can You Have?

Maybe the success of one shop isn’t enough, so you’re wondering how many shops you can have on Etsy.

Don’t worry—creating multiple Etsy shops is possible, and you don’t need to close your existing Etsy shop.

First, make sure that you created your first shop based on this guide about how to start an Etsy shop properly.

Then, consider these factors if you plan on managing more than one shop.

  • Etsy prohibits duplicate shops. You cannot list the same items in different shops. Etsy considers this the same shop.
  • For each shop you open on Etsy, you must create a new account with a different email address.
  • As long as you abide by Etsy’s seller policy and terms of use, you can run unlimited Etsy shops.
  • You can use the same bank account and the same credit card information for your second Etsy store.
  • Don’t forget to include the names of both stores in your Etsy public profile.
  • You must list the names of all your other storefronts in your account profile to avoid duplication. For example, you could say, “My other shop is,”

Follow these guidelines if you plan on managing multiple Etsy storefronts.

How To Open Your Second Etsy Store

Now that you know the basics of opening a second Etsy shop, I’ll get into the nitty-gritty of creating a second Etsy shop:

1 – On Etsy, sign out of your current Etsy store.

2 – Click the Sign-in button.

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3 – Click Register from the menu that pops up.

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4 – Create a new account and use an email address that differs from the one you use for your current Etsy store.

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5 – Click Sell on Etsy after entering your username and password.

6 – Open a store on Etsy.

Why Open a Second Shop on Etsy?

Here are several reasons why you might want to another Etsy shop. These include:

You Sell Various Items.

If you make and sell various products, having only one shop may not suffice. In this case, it makes sense to open a second shop. Doing so will allow you to organize your shops and streamline the search experience for your customers.

For example, you can open two different stores if you sell jewelry and hand-painted mugs—one store for each product category.

Why Open a Second Shop on Etsy

You can use different marketing strategies to promote each shop’s items. You can also use Etsy’s search engine optimization (SEO) features to ensure shoppers see your items in Etsy’s search results.

There Are Specific Terms of Use for the Products You Sell.

You need to open a second shop if you sell items under different Etsy categories.

You’ll need to create two different stores if you sell vintage and handmade items.

Why? Because each Etsy category has specific terms of use that you must agree to before listing your items.

Some product categories also have additional requirements you need to meet to sell items in those categories.

For instance, sellers who list food items must adhere to strict labeling requirements.

Creating separate stores for each product category ensures you comply with Etsy’s rules and regulations.

You Offer Both Physical and Digital Products.

Creating two shops is helpful if you sell both digital and physical products. Physical products have shipping requirements, while digital products don’t (you can’t ship a digital item).

If you sell digital downloads on Etsy (ex., printable wall art), you can offer instant downloads to buyers. Buyers can immediately download and receive the product after paying.

If you sell physical items (mugs, t-shirts, etc.), you must pack and ship your items to your customers.

The difference in processing these two product categories is an ideal reason to have a separate shop for each.

You Want To Target Different Audiences.

You Want To Target Different Audiences.

It makes sense to open a second shop with different target audiences if you sell a wide range of items.

For example, if you sell men’s and women’s clothing, you could create individual shops for each gender.

Running separate shops allows you to implement more targeted advertising and marketing strategies. Running Etsy ads can also help increase your shop’s visibility.

Creating different shops also lets you customize the look and feel of each shop to appeal to a specific audience.

Targeting different audiences ensures that shoppers most likely to purchase your items are the ones who see them.

Drawbacks of Opening a Second Etsy Shop

Here are a few things to remember before opening a second Etsy shop.

It’s Time-Consuming.

You need to invest a significant amount of time in setting up your second shop, and you will also need to spend time managing both shops. Doing so can be a lot of work, especially if you run both shops alone.

It Can Be Expensive.

Running an Etsy shop means paying fees that can add up quickly if you have two shops.

You must pay two sets of listing fees and maintain a separate inventory for each shop.

It Can Be Tedious To Organize.

Organizing two Etsy shops can be overwhelming because you have to track two different inventories, orders, and sets of customers.

It Can Be Difficult To Promote Both Shops.

You will need to promote both shops to drive traffic to them.

Promoting two shops can be challenging, especially if you run both shops alone.

You Need To Offer Unique Products.

If you sell items that are almost similar in both shops, it can be challenging to differentiate your shops.

It can also be difficult for customers to find the items they want.

The Challenges of Running Multiple Etsy Shops

Here are some challenges you might encounter when running multiple Etsy shops.

Multiple Shop Management

Managing multiple shops with various products in various locations is demanding. You may spend a significant portion of your time managing and updating each shop instead of focusing on increasing your conversions on Etsy.

Potential for Mismanagement

Mismanagement of your inventory, orders, and shipments can happen when running multiple stores. You need excellent management skills to run multiple accounts on Etsy successfully.

Manual Uploads

Multiple accounts require multiple product uploads when using a manual upload. You might need to list many product details and descriptions on each account.

Human Error

Mistakes are likely when multi-tasking. If you’re not thorough, an error could result in the loss of a customer.

How To Run Multiple Etsy Shops

Here are some strategies to handle the difficulties of managing multiple Etsy shops.


Hire an individual or team to look after the second store. Doing so will help you focus on your first Etsy shop while maintaining your new Etsy store.


Consider outsourcing some of your business tasks. Doing so is an excellent way to free up some time you can use to focus on increasing sales.


Automating your systems is an effective way of managing multiple Etsy shops. Automation will help you keep track of your inventory, orders, and customers for both shops.

How To Succeed on Etsy

How To Succeed on Etsy

Now that you know how to open multiple stores, it’s time to focus on succeeding with all your storefronts. Here are some tips I can share.

  • Create unique and stylish product listings.

Product listings are one of the most critical aspects of your store. Make sure your listings are eye-catching and stylish.

  • Use high-quality images.

Use high-quality images in your listings to help your products stand out and attract buyers.

  • Promote your shop.

Promote your new Etsy shop. Use social media, email marketing, and other strategies to spread the word.

  • Provide excellent customer service.

Offer an exceptional customer experience to buyers to build a good reputation, foster loyalty, and increase sales.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can You Have More Than One Etsy Shop?

Yes. Opening multiple Etsy stores is possible and can significantly increase your sales and help you reach a wider audience.

Prepare yourself for challenges, such as keeping track of each shop’s inventory, orders, and customers, promoting each shop, and thinking of unique products to offer.

Note: You must register a unique email address for each Etsy shop you open.

Can You Have Two Shops on the Same Etsy Account?

No, you cannot have two Etsy shops on the same account. Each Etsy shop must have a unique email address. You will need to create a new account if you want to open a second Etsy shop.

Is It Better To Open a Second Etsy Shop?

There is no easy answer to this question. One store may be enough for some sellers, while others may need two or more.

It depends on several factors, such as what type of products you sell, how much time you must dedicate to managing multiple shops, and whether you have a team to help you run them.

If you do decide to open one more shop, there are a few things you need to keep in mind, such as the challenges of managing multiple shops and the importance of promoting your new shop.

Can I Use the Same PayPal Account for Two Etsy accounts?

Yes. You can use the same PayPal account for multiple Etsy accounts. You must set up a unique email address for your second Etsy account.

You also need to add your PayPal email address to each shop. Etsy will then send payment notifications to your PayPal account.

Is Shopify Similar to Etsy?

Shopify is a platform that allows you to create an online store. It offers features similar to Etsy, such as the ability to list and sell products, manage orders, and accept payments.

Shopify provides additional features, like allowing you to create a custom website and use your own domain name.

Shopify charges monthly fees, while Etsy charges listing and transaction fees. Deciding which platform to use ultimately depends on your needs and preferences.

How Do I Manage Multiple Shops on Etsy?

There are a few different ways you can manage multiple shops on Etsy.

You can designate someone to manage your brand-new shop, outsource some of the tasks associated with maintaining your second Etsy shop, or use an automated system.

An efficient way to manage multiple Etsy shops is to use an automated system that will help you keep track of each shop’s inventory, orders, and customers.

You can also use Etsy’s multi-shop tools to manage your shops.

There’s no single best way to manage multiple Etsy shops. The key is to find a system that works for you and your team.

The Bottom Line

I hope my article has helped you understand how to open a second Etsy shop.

Opening a second can be an excellent way to expand your business, reach new customers, and make more money on Etsy.

If you think opening multiple Etsy shops is the right decision, the tips I discussed can help you succeed.

Written by: Omar Deryan

Founder of OJ Digital Solutions

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