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Struggling to get views and sales on your Etsy store?

If your Etsy store lacks visibility and organic traffic, it’s time to boost your rankings in the Etsy search results.

In this comprehensive Etsy SEO guide, I’ll share with you proven strategies to get your Etsy listings on the first page, so you can start making money on autopilot.

I’ll also discuss the Etsy search engine algorithm and give you tips and tricks on how to improve Etsy SEO.

Let’s get started.

What Is Etsy SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of optimizing any website, web page, profile, or listing to improve their visibility in the search results.

SEO isn’t only for Google, although it’s more commonly associated with the search engine giant. It’s also applicable for any platform that uses a search engine, like Etsy.

Your Etsy shop’s SEO affects its visibility, which drives organic visits and sales figures.

How Does Etsy SEO Work?

How Does Etsy SEO Work?

Understanding how the Etsy algorithm works is CRUCIAL if you want to gain more visitors and sales from your Etsy shop.

Etsy gives shoppers relevant results according to the words or terms they use.

Many factors come into play here, but.

There are generally two phases to how the algorithm operates:

  1. Query matching

  2. Ranking

Let’s look at each phase individually.

Query Matching

Query matching refers to how well an Etsy user’s search term will match Etsy’s inventory listings. Etsy sorts through listings and looks at their page titles, tags, categories, attributes in each listing to find the best match.


The ranking is the process of arranging results based on ranking factors. The products appearing at the top of a search page tend to get more visitors. Your goal as an Etsy seller is to rank as high as possible.

Etsy SEO Ranking Factors

Etsy SEO Ranking Factors

Learning how to rank higher on Etsy should be everyone’s goal.

However, it isn’t that simple when you consider the millions of products and over 7.5 million Etsy sellers on the platform.

What helps you rank higher than other Etsy sellers is understanding the SEO ranking factors that come into play.

Here are the ranking factors you’ll need to consider:

1 – Relevance

Your categories, attributes, titles, and tags must closely match a user’s search term.

Creating more relevant listings increases the potential of those listings to rank higher on Etsy search results. Keywords that are an exact match to the query will appear higher on the search page ranking.

2 – Listing Quality Score

Your listing’s quality score also affects your ranking on Etsy. The number of views and sales of your listing are two top factors that affect your listing quality score.

3- Recency

Newer posts tend to get more search results and rank higher on the results page. That’s because Etsy boosts the listings to help get them in front of more potential customers.

4 –Customer and Market Experience Score

Etsy records each shop’s customer or market experience score. Factors like customer reviews, a complete About section, and negative feedback or complaints can affect your customer experience score.

5 – Shipping Price

Shipping fees are an essential factor in a buyer’s purchasing decision, which is why it’s also important for Etsy.

6 – Translations and Language

The language of your Etsy shop also affects your rankings. Ideally, you should keep your shop information in the same language you selected when creating your Etsy account.

7 – Shop Location

The location of your Etsy store also affects search ranking because Etsy shows results closer to the potential customer.

8 – Shopper Habits

Etsy tracks an individual shopper’s search and buying habits.

What products do they buy? How much do they spend?

Etsy matches the search results closest to the shopper’s buying habits.

15 Etsy SEO Tips To Boost Your Visibility and Sales

  1. Describe your primary product on your Etsy shop title.

  2. Conduct Etsy keyword research.

  3. Use descriptive long-tail keywords.

  4. Incorporate the keywords at the beginning.

  5. Optimize and write compelling product descriptions.

  6. Use high-quality, optimized images.

  7. Avoid keyword stuffing.

  8. Take advantage of all 13 tags to diversify your reach.

  9. Add relevant attributes.

  10. Update your listings regularly.

  11. Build inbound links by promoting your shop.

  12. Provide an excellent customer experience.

  13. Use Etsy’s advertising tools.

  14. Offer competitive shipping promotions.

  15. Track your SEO performance and adjust accordingly.

Now that you know how the algorithm works, let’s explore these Etsy SEO tips in more detail.

1 – Describe Your Primary Product on Your Etsy Shop Title.

Describe Your Primary Product on Your Etsy Shop Title.

Your Etsy shop name is one of the first things buyers look at when browsing the marketplace.

It’s an opportunity to let potential buyers know what products you sell at a glance. Your shop title must describe and convey a clear idea of what your Etsy store offers. 

For example, a store selling handmade jewelry can use the name Mandala Handmade Jewelry or Zen Handmade Jewelry.

Spell the words correctly in your shop title. Instead of using Paintingz, use Paintings – just like how shoppers would spell it.

At the same time, make the shop title short to ensure it’s readable on any device.

A page title can have up to 55 characters. When you create or edit your shop name, you can preview how it looks on Google search results.

2 – Conduct Etsy Keyword Research.

Conduct Etsy Keyword Research

Keyword research is the foundation of your Etsy Search Engine Optimization strategy.

The goal is to identify which keywords would lead your target customer to your product listings. Create a list of keywords and phrases relevant to your offerings, including variations, synonyms, and specific attributes.

If a user searches for a flannel scarf, the algorithm will start looking for all relevant product listings matching both flannel and scarf. It will then rank and display the results according to the factors mentioned earlier in the article.

One of the best keyword strategies is reverse engineering your target customer’s search process. Put yourself in their shoes when choosing the best keywords for your Etsy listings.

What words would shoppers type into the Etsy search bar when looking for your product? What phrases would they use?

Here are some techniques to find the best keywords for your Etsy shop.

  • Use Etsy’s Search Bar.
    When you type a keyword in the search bar, Etsy will display a drop-down menu with the top Etsy searches. This is an easy way of learning what keywords customers are using.
  • Check Out the Competitors.
    Find out what your successful competitors use in their product titles, descriptions, and tags. Identify common themes and see which ones apply to your products.
  • Assess the Competition Level.
    The most relevant keywords have high competition, which makes it harder to rank higher. Low-competition keywords may make it easier to outrank your competitors, but your target audience may not use them often. Your SEO strategy should feature a mix of the two to increase your chances of ranking well.
  • Use SEO Tools. (Time Saver)
    If you need Etsy SEO help, use third-party software and tools like Etsyhunt. These can help you find high-ranking keywords and provide valuable data, including search volume, Etsy trending searches, and competition. You can check out my Etsyhunt review guide for a more in-depth look at what tools like this one can do for your business.

3 – Use Descriptive Long-Tail Keywords.

Use Descriptive Long-Tail Keywords.

Long-tail keywords are phrases that specifically describe your product and give more information about your offer. They’re usually less competitive keywords because not many Etsy sellers are targeting them.

Many sellers use a product’s physical attributes when considering keywords for a listing description and title, including the item’s size or color. This results in keywords like red flannel scarf.

Pro tip: avoid being like other Etsy shop owners; there are more creative ways to add search terms to your products, such as:

  • Occasion
    Try using keywords like bucks party, anniversary, birthday, Halloween, or Christmas, among many other occasions that Etsy users might type on the search bar.

  • Style
    Buyers often look for a specific type of artwork, handicraft, or other handmade items. Use terms like vintage, rustic, minimalistic, or modern, depending on what fits your product’s style.

  • Use Case
    Include keywords for how a customer might use your product. Good examples include desktop wallpapers or planners for couples.

  • Recipient
    Who is the product for? On Etsy, people search for gifts often, so use that to your advantage. Target keywords like flannel scarf for men or gifts for new moms.

  • Solution
    Do you want to know how to get seen on Etsy? Cater to the solution they’re looking for. An example is kitchen organization labels for messy kitchens or renter-friendly wall art for landlord-approved decorations.

4 – Incorporate the Keywords at the Beginning.

Incorporate the Keywords at the Beginning.

Both Etsy’s algorithm and buyers favor titles that begin with the keyword. These listings often rank higher, especially when you place them organically.

The first few words help Etsy assign the correct categories and attributes.

Here are some Etsy title examples that use this tip:

  • Personalized tumbler with straw instead of High-quality steel tumbler with customization options

  • Custom pet portrait, Chicago-based instead of Chicago-based artist for painting pet portraits

  • Balloon dog sculpture, 6 inches, metal home decor instead of 6-inch, metal balloon dog sculpture for home decor

By using the keywords at the beginning, you can improve your visibility and catch the attention of busy shoppers with just a glance.

5 – Optimize and Write Compelling Product Descriptions.

Optimize and Write Compelling Product Descriptions.

Optimize your product description by using a mix of short- and long-tail keywords.

However, don’t forget to write for the audience. Keyword-stuffed product descriptions that don’t make sense can negatively impact the shopping experience and your Etsy ranking.

Make sure the description is compelling, informative, and accurate. Mention the dimensions, variations, materials, and any unique features.

Writing a detailed product description helps you incorporate keywords naturally and organically. At the same time, it attracts potential customers and increases your Etsy conversion rate.

6 – Use High-Quality, Optimized Images.

Use High-Quality, Optimized Images.

When mastering how to optimize Etsy listings, you’ll learn to use high-quality images only.

These images enhance the appeal of your Etsy store products. They also help customers get a clearer idea of what they’re getting.

How do you get high-quality photos?

  • Use natural lighting or a bright light to illuminate your product evenly.

  • Include close-ups of unique features.

  • Showcase your product from varying angles.

  • Demonstrate the product in use (e.g. a portrait on the wall or a bag when worn).

  • Use good equipment to capture clear and crisp images.

How about for the search engines?

Optimizing images also means incorporating keywords in the alt text. Also called alt tag or alt description, it’s a written copy that helps the search engine understand the content of the image. 

It won’t appear alongside the image, unlike a caption. However, it will appear in place of the image when the webpage fails to load properly.

To further enhance your Etsy SEO strategy, use the appropriate file names.

7 – Avoid Keyword Stuffing.

Avoid Keyword Stuffing

You might think that using all the keywords and placing them everywhere will help your ranking. On the contrary, it’s a counter-intuitive technique that will produce the opposite result.

Keyword stuffing refers to the excessive use of keywords in the title, description, and tags. The unnatural placements aim to manipulate the search ranking, but it doesn’t work today.

Search algorithms have become sophisticated, and now they penalize this practice.

Overusing words can also ruin the customer and market experience.

Remember how Etsy search works – it ranks listings that provide the most relevant results to their users. Your listing won’t cater to the customer’s needs if it doesn’t make sense.

Etsy’s search results also follow a de-clumping structure, avoiding the overuse of the same primary keyword. By bombarding Etsy search with the exact keywords, you’ll compete against yourself in the results.

8 – Take Advantage of All 13 Tags To Diversify Your Reach.

Take Advantage of All 13 Tags To Diversify Your Reach.

Etsy allows sellers to use up to 13 tags in their product listings. Think of these as Etsy hashtags.

Tags aren’t mandatory, but you can increase your reach and improve your ranking by using them.

Each tag gives you the opportunity to match a shopper’s keyword. It can be up to 20 characters long, so you can also use phrases.

Here’s an Etsy tip: Use a phrase as one tag instead of separating individual words.

Example: you can use the phrase flannel scarf as one tag instead of using two tags flannel and scarf. This lets you use more keywords, such as:

  • Regional variations (e.g. thong sandals and flip-flops to target Australian customers)

  • Synonyms that your shoppers might also use

  • Long-tail keywords

You don’t need to use the Etsy category and attribute as a tag. You can maximize the 13 tags by diversifying the keywords you use.

9 – Add Relevant Attributes.

Add Relevant Attributes

The Attributes field is another area where you can add strategic keywords.

You can add specific details about your products, such as:

  • Color

  • Size

  • Material

  • Style

  • Capacity

  • Sustainability

Include all the relevant attributes for your products, providing crucial information for the search algorithm. This helps refine the search results and list your products in the appropriate filters and categories.

10 – Update Your Listings Regularly.

Update Your Listings Regularly

Etsy considers a listing’s activity when ranking search results. When you renew your listings, you signal to the algorithm that you’re active and engaged. 

Etsy tends to temporarily boost new listings to favor more recent products over older ones.

Renew your listings to get the same boost, albeit less potent. Depending on the listing’s search query volume, it can last from a few hours to a few days.

However, if you’re asking how to get your Etsy listing on the first page by renewing it, don’t bother.

It won’t instantly boost your ranking, but it helps move things further.

Moreover, renewing your listings allows you to incorporate new keywords. You can also adjust your SEO strategy to comply with a recent Etsy algorithm change.

Note: Etsy cautions against consistently renewing or relisting items, so it’s not a long-term SEO strategy.

Renewing your existing Etsy listings also incurs a $0.20 fee, which is the same as creating a new listing on Etsy.

11 – Build Inbound Links by Promoting Your Shop.

Build Inbound Links by Promoting Your Shop.

Link building is another effective SEO strategy for getting more Etsy organic traffic. It’s also a great way to increase search engine confidence. 

Inbound links come from external sources, directing visitors to your online business or Etsy listing.

Here’s how to get more traffic on Etsy: 

Look for opportunities to promote your Etsy shop and listings on platforms such as:

  • Social media (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.)

  • Your blog

  • Your own landing page

  • Other blogs and websites that can promote your product

  • Quora forums

  • Other marketplaces

The number of links also plays a role in Google’s search rankings. However, search engines prioritize quality links.

What are quality inbound links?

These come from relevant and high-authority websites with a strong online presence. Think of respected influencers and industry publications in your niche.

You can also create an affiliate program, which allows influencers and other online personalities to promote your shop for a small percentage of the total sale.

You can join the ranks of the other 73% of merchants who are satisfied with the results of their affiliate marketing strategy.

12 – Provide an Excellent Customer Experience.

Provide an Excellent Customer Experience

If you want to know how to get Etsy listing on first page, turn to your customers.

Customer feedback and reviews play a crucial role in your Etsy search ranking. The more positive feedback you receive, the more visibility you get.

Provide excellent customer service to ensure your store gets positive feedback. Exceed expectations, so they’ll have a reason to leave a positive review.

Some of the things you should do to improve your customer service include:

  • Answer customer queries promptly.

  • Be polite with your responses.

  • Resolve any issues effectively.

  • Process returns and exchanges as quickly as possible.

  • Provide updates on issues such as delayed shipping.

  • Reply to negative feedback and use that feedback to improve your store.

13 – Use Etsy’s Advertising Tools.

Use Etsy's Advertising Tools

Etsy offers many seller advertising tools, including Promoted Listings and Etsy Ads.

Here’s how to get your Etsy shop seen using these tools:

  • Promoted Listings.
    You can pay for increased visibility in the search results by selecting the keywords you want to target. Choose the best keywords that align with your audience’s search habits to maximize this feature.

  • Etsy Ads.
    This feature allows you to create ads that Etsy displays on external websites, including search engines and social media. You can reach a wider audience and drive more traffic from various sources.

Note: These search engine optimization Etsy strategies require payment. Invest in your market and keyword research before spending money to ensure a healthy return on investment.

14 – Offer Competitive Shipping Promotions.

Offer Competitive Shipping Promotions

Etsy considers the shipping price when ranking listings. It prioritizes those that offer free shipping to the U.S. in the search placements.

If you don’t have free shipping to the U.S., offering the same promotion in your country also helps you increase your search ranking.

Moreover, a competitive shipping strategy also helps you boost your sales. According to 9 out of 10 shoppers, free shipping is the best incentive.

15 – Track Your SEO Performance and Adjust Accordingly.

Track Your SEO Performance and Adjust Accordingly.

Whatever strategy on how to get more traffic on Etsy you employ, make sure you monitor and evaluate its performance.

Use the platform’s built-in analytics or other SEO tools to track important data, including:

  • Clicks

  • Impressions

  • Visits

  • Views

  • Conversion rates

  • Sales

Analyze your data to see which strategy is working and which needs improving. Identify trends to discover what keywords are effectively driving traffic and sales.

Optimize your SEO strategy accordingly to ensure you stay competitive. Use the data to improve your business decisions and increase your chance of success. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How To Do SEO Optimization on Etsy?

  1. Conduct keyword research and use the relevant keywords in your titles, Etsy tags, and product descriptions.

  2. Optimize your Etsy listing by using alt text on high-quality images and providing an informative product description.

  3. Offer exceptional customer service and encourage them to leave reviews.

  4. Regularly upload renewed listings with fresh content.

How Do You Get a High Rank on Etsy?

Optimizing your listings is the key to getting a high rank on Etsy. Keep track of the Etsy search trends to find the right keywords for your title, description, and tags. Your product listing must contain detailed information and high-quality images.

What Is the Etsy Algorithm?

Etsy’s search algorithm works by considering the listing quality, customer experience, performance history, and relevancy to the buyer’s search query. It’s a complex system aiming to provide customers with the most relevant and engaging results, displaying listings that score high on their undisclosed standards.

How Do I Increase My Visibility on Etsy?

Improving your visibility on the platform requires optimizing your listings, promoting your shop, and creating an excellent customer experience. Learning product SEO techniques can help you reach a wider audience.

How Long Does It Take for Etsy SEO To Work?

Etsy SEO takes varying times to work. Some updates to your strategy may have immediate noticeable results, while others can take weeks or months to fully manifest. Monitor your metrics and performance insights regularly to gauge your strategy’s effectiveness.

How Do I Know if Etsy SEO Is Working?

You can track your progress by analyzing various metrics. Etsy has a built-in analytics feature that shows you important data, such as your shop’s traffic, sales, and views. Compare the data and trends to see if your new SEO strategy is working, particularly the keyword performance and conversion rates.

Does Etsy Shop Name Affect SEO?

No, your shop name doesn’t directly affect SEO because Etsy’s search algorithm doesn’t use it. However, it affects your branding and customer recognition. A name that aligns with your niche and products can improve your Etsy rankings indirectly.

Does Etsy Description Matter for SEO?

Yes. It provides an opportunity to use Etsy SEO keywords, especially long-tail keywords. Optimize product listings by creating compelling and informative descriptions while incorporating the keywords organically.

Does Keyword Stuffing Work on Etsy?

Excessive and unnatural use of keywords isn’t only ineffective but also harmful. It can negatively impact your ranking. If you want to optimize your listings, focus on providing value to the audience by using the keywords. Use them naturally to improve the discoverability of your product listings.

How Do I Find the Right Keywords for SEO on Etsy?

You can find the best Etsy SEO keywords via thorough research and analysis. Find keywords by using the search bar to see the popular search terms, or examine your competitor’s listings and check what keywords they use. Many Etsy SEO tools will also help you find the right keywords.

Does Alt Text Help SEO on Etsy?

Yes, adding a text alternative or alt text to your images will help your product get found on Etsy. More than that, it also helps blind and low-vision individuals to understand the context of the images.

Etsy Views vs. Visits: What’s the Difference?

Views refer to the number of times people looked at your listings. On the other hand, Etsy describes visits as the number of people who looked at your listings. For example, you can have four views and only one visit. This means one person looked at your listing page four times.

How To Get More Views on Etsy?

  1. Optimize your listings for Etsy’s search engine.

  2. Promote your shop with Etsy’s tools or leverage other digital channels.

  3. Collaborate with influencers or bloggers to reach a wide audience.

  4. Offer competitive pricing and discounts.

  5. Monitor your Etsy analytics to adjust your strategy if needed.

Can I Add Google Analytics to My Etsy Shop?

Yes. If you have a Google Analytics account, you can add it to your own Etsy shop by logging into your Etsy account. Then, head to Shop Manager, then Settings. In the Options page, select the Web Analytics tab. Add your Google Analytics tracking ID in the Web Property ID field and you’re good to go.

The Bottom Line

Hopefully, my ultimate guide to Etsy SEO has made it easier for you to implement an SEO strategy that brings you more organic traffic and $$$.

Improve your Etsy store’s performance by using the tips I outlined in this guide.

If you need help with Etsy marketing and SEO, check out the best Etsy SEO tools on the market today.

Written by: Omar Deryan

Founder of OJ Digital Solutions

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