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Are you an Etsy seller looking for opportunities to take your shop to new heights?

Finding the right tools and resources in this competitive marketplace can mean the difference between getting no sales and boosting your shop performance.

With my EtsyHunt review, I’ll help you discover if it’s the right tool for your needs. I’ll explore its various aspects, including product research functions, keyword search capabilities, and other features to help you grow your business and increase sales.

Whether you’re a new or seasoned Etsy seller, my in-depth review is for you.

Let’s begin.

A Quick Overview of EtsyHunt

I’ll cover the most important deciding factors in-depth, but here’s EtsyHunt at a glance.

User Interface

Browser Extension

Research Tools

Listing Database





  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Limited searches
  • Comprehensive data set
  • Limited data on the free plan
  • Free plan
  • Overwhelming information
  • In-depth analysis

What Is EtsyHunt?

word image 73559 3

EtsyHunt is a free analysis tool specifically designed for Etsy. It features several functions to help sellers perform product research, keyword research, and competitor analysis.

It’s an all-in-one platform you can use after setting up your shop.

With EtsyHunt features like listing optimization and follow-up reminders, you can stay ahead of the competition and improve your Etsy shop rank.

The extensive data from EtsyHunt helps you make more informed decisions for your Etsy shop, enhancing your selling strategies and optimizing your store.

How Does EtsyHunt Work?

EtsyHunt gets its data from the Etsy marketplace. It has a large database with millions of product listings, including the following information:

  • Product Title and Description
  • Price
  • Product Details
  • Estimated Sales Data
  • Seller Information
  • Reviews
  • Favorites
  • Other relevant information

The tool analyzes the data to provide insights, analytics, and rankings.

word image 73559 4

EtsyHunt processes over 5,000,000 product listings daily to update its metrics.

Note: EtsyHunt doesn’t have access to Etsy’s internal database. Data accuracy depends on the existing information on the website and may vary according to the following factors:

  • Website updates
  • Changes in product listings
  • Data availability from the Etsy API

Etsy doesn’t share internal data with third-party suppliers, so tools like EtsyHunt can only rely on estimates and platform consistency.

EtsyHunt Review: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

I tried EtsyHunt to give you an in-depth look into its functionalities.

word image 73559 5

User Interface

EtsyHunt provides a clean and intuitive user experience. Its organized layout makes for clear navigation and visually appealing design.

word image 73559 6

The menu bar at the top ensures you can find what you need without fuss. You can access the features without any confusion, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced seller.

Note: EtsyHunt has free and paid plans, which will dictate what data you can view.

Regardless of your plan, the platform lets you see all you need on one page, even an overview of the hidden data.

The chatbox is easily accessible, sitting just in the lower right corner of the screen.

I had no issues navigating the site and accessing its tools. With EtsyHunt’s clean interface, it can present various data without navigation feeling clunky.

Product Research Tool

word image 73559 7

EtsyHunt offers an extensive product research database with millions of entries, allowing you to find profitable selling ideas.

The search feature returns relevant results with the following details:

  • 7-Day Sales
  • Total Sales
  • Favorites
  • Reviews

If you click on a product, you’ll get a better view of the listing and its performance, giving you product data on tags, categories, shop information, and more.

word image 73559 8

The Etsy Product Chart shows the top rankings for bestselling and rising products within the last seven or 30 days. You can see data like sales growth, reviews, and favorites.

This information is available for free. If you opt for one of the paid plans, you can access more data, including Google Analytics and Google Ads.

EtsyHunt’s paid plans also give access to the following tools:

  • Amazon Handmade Products – for analyzing trending and top-selling products on Amazon Handmade
  • Etsy Inactive Products – for finding niche opportunities
The product research tool is valuable for new and existing sellers looking for profitable and trending ideas. The free version alone is enough to stay competitive.

Shop Analyzer Tool

word image 73559 9

With this feature, you can search for a competitor’s shop page to learn more about it. You can access their sales, reviews, favorites, and other information.

The Shop Analyzer tool also gives an overview of the seller’s individual product listings. You can use detailed information to discover new product ideas and identify market trends.

This tool also has a feature called the Shop Chart.

word image 73559 10

It gives you an overview of the current rankings, including the top Etsy sellers and rising shops within the last seven or 30 days. You can filter by country and category to find stores within your niche.

Analyzing successful shops lets you understand what differentiates them and identify effective strategies. You can study their approach to product listings, pricing, customer engagement, and more.

This feature makes performing in-depth shop analysis on your competitors easier. The free version alone is a powerful tool, making EtsyHunt a must-have for Etsy sellers looking to stay ahead of the competition.

Keyword Research Tool

word image 73559 11

EtsyHunt’s keyword tool provides valuable insight into keyword performance.

Here are ways to utilize it.

  • Discover trending product tags.
  • Find popular keywords related to your niche.
  • Analyze keywords.
  • Assess competition levels.

The available information is different between the free and paid plans.

Here’s a general overview:

  • Google Keyword Analysis
  • All the data in the free version
  • Countries
  • Google Monthly Search
  • Suggested Keywords
  • Google Ads Competition
  • Keyword Information (Views, Favorites, Competition, and Sales)
  • Keyword-Related Categories & Products Analysis
  • Hot Word Cloud
  • Top 100 Best-Selling Products Analysis (including shipping time, cost, and price distribution)
  • Related Products

With this data, you can identify high-demand keywords and find suggestions to incorporate into your Etsy listings. Leveraging this feature will help you improve your search visibility and drive targeted traffic to your Etsy store.

It’s one of the most comprehensive keyword research tools I’ve used. While the free version is already useful, I suggest getting at least the Basic plan for the additional information.

EtsyHunt Chrome Extension

EtsyHunt has two free browser extensions.

  1. Etsy Rank Tool for Etsy Hunt (Chrome and Microsoft Edge)
  2. Etsy Tags Tool for Etsy SEO (Chrome)

When you install either EtsyHunt extension on your browser, you get instant access to EtsyHunt’s features without leaving the webpage you’re browsing.

With the Etsy Tags tool, you can visit a specific product listing page and get a detailed analysis of its tags.

word image 73559 12

The Etsy Rank Analysis tool lets you easily access information while browsing. You can see data like the views and competition for a particular keyword using the search bar.

You’ll also see additional information on the search results page at the bottom of the image, including the number of sales, listing date, and views.

word image 73559 13
I like that you have two options and only pick what you need for your shop. Although you can use other browser extensions, I recommend getting these if you use EtsyHunt to streamline your research process.

Listing Optimization

word image 73559 14

Optimizing your product listings is one of the foundations of Etsy SEO. Doing so improves your visibility on Etsy search results, lets you attract more potential customers, and boosts your sales.

The Listing Optimization tool helps you with this essential task by analyzing your listings and providing recommendations for improving them. It makes data-driven suggestions for optimizing the following listing elements:

  • Product title
  • Product description
  • Tags
  • Attributes
  • Category
  • Images
  • Shipping

It also gives valuable insight into the following metrics:

  • Number of views
  • Sales
  • Conversion rate

With this feature, you can identify high-performing listings and those that need improvement.

This feature is one of EtsyHunt’s best. Its suggestions are accurate and have built-in tips to help you understand what makes a well-rounded listing.

You can’t access this feature in the free plan, but I recommend getting one of the paid plans just for it.

EtsyGPT Listing Optimizer

word image 73559 15

EtsyGPT uses OpenAI’s GPT-3 language model to help you write compelling copy for your product listings. Think of it like ChatGPT for Etsy listing titles and descriptions.

Writing copy for Etsy can be challenging, especially if you’re not a natural writer.

Optimized, well-written copy can convert visitors into buyers. Thus, easy access to ChatGPT without figuring out what prompts to use can help you develop optimized and converting listings.

The AI automatically generates unique and creative copywriting based on a reference copy and the keywords you want to include. It also helps you search keywords and provide recommendations on the same page.

However, artificial intelligence can’t replace your understanding of what you’re selling.

It only aims to give you inspiration and ideas, but it won’t be 100% accurate. You can use it as a starting point, but you’ll still need to tailor it to match your brand voice and specific product.

The AI-generated suggestions are good starting points. With slight tweaking, I can create optimized copy for Etsy products. 

Avoid using the suggestions as is.

You know your brand, product, and target audience best. While AI can inspire creativity and streamline your copywriting process, it’s not enough to deliver an authentic and unique experience.

Follow-Up Reminder Tool

word image 73559 16

You’ll see the importance of getting Etsy reviews when promoting your Etsy shop. It builds credibility, provides social proof, and boosts your Etsy shop’s ranking.

EtsyHunt’s Follow-Up Reminder is an excellent tool for this task. It tracks orders and helps you get customer feedback with the following features:

  • You can create a Request Review template that you can edit per order.
  • You can filter the orders according to the historical product rating.
  • You can send a request using this platform with a single click.
  • You can analyze the effectiveness of your request.
  • See your product’s performance by checking the ratings you get.
This feature is unique since it’s unavailable in some alternatives. Now that I’ve tried it, I recommend considering EtsyHunt for overall listing optimization.

Data Tracking

word image 73559 17

When you upgrade to the Pro Plan, you can access the Data Tracking feature and track the following:

  • Products
  • Shops
  • Keywords

It’s an incredibly powerful tool that helps you stay updated on market trends. It helps you monitor what your competitors are doing and find underutilized opportunities.

Here’s an overview of what data you can track.

  • Sales
  • Sales
  • Product Rank
  • Favorites
  • Favorites
  • Views
  • Reviews
  • Reviews
  • Favorites
  • Price and Discount
  • Active Listings
  • Competition
  • Revenue
  • National Sales Ranking
  • Sales
  • Keyword Ranking
  • New Products
  • Average Price
  • Listing Changes
  • Inactive Products
  • Top 10 Products

EtsyHunt frequently updates this information, whether daily or weekly (depending on the data type).

Note: The platform gets its data directly from the Etsy marketplace. However, many of these are estimates.

This feature is one of the best reasons to get the Pro plan. The comprehensive data helps you track the latest trends in the market and competitors, allowing you to optimize your shop and product offerings.

EtsyHunt Tool Kit

EtsyHunt also provides access to the following free tools.

  • Ecommerce Plugins

You can browse extensions for messaging, ecommerce platforms, and other general tools to help you streamline your research and business process.

  • ChatGPT Plugins

You can use artificial intelligence to send messages to customers and analyze customer reviews. EtsyHunt also has ChatGPT-powered suggestions for other online marketplaces.

  • Etsy Fee Calculator

The Etsy pricing calculator gives you a more accurate look at Etsy fees and product costs, allowing you to develop a more feasible pricing strategy to earn profits with every sale.

word image 73559 18

These tools aim to simplify your research process further and help you manage your Etsy business operations.

Note: These are standalone services you can use whether or not you have an EtsyHunt subscription.

I like that EtsyHunt suggests other powerful tools that complement with its platform. Although you can use them separately, you can maximize them better by using them together.

EtsyHunt Pricing

word image 73559 19

EtsyHunt has a free plan and three paid plans. Here are their differences.

UserOneOneOneUp to five
Product Search10 dailyUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Shop Search10 dailyUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Keyword Search10 daily100 daily200 daily1200 daily
Available DataPartial600 data entries2,000 data entries2,000 data entries
FavoritesUp to 100Up to 1,000Up to 2,500Up to 2,500
EtsyGPT5 daily10 dailyUnlimitedUnlimited
Listing Optimization50 daily100 daily100 daily per shop
Follow-Up Reminder150 daily500 daily500 daily per shop
Amazon Handmade✔️✔️
Inactive Products✔️✔️
Data Tracking✔️✔️
Multi-Store Binding10 shops10 shops per person

You don’t need the Team plan if you only have one Etsy shop. However, it’s available whenever you’re ready to scale your online business.

You can save more with the yearly plan, but it’s only available for the Pro plan. Instead of paying $19.99 monthly, you must only pay $189 for the whole year. If you calculate, it’s only $16 monthly, saving you $50.88 annually.

I recommend the free plan for trying the platform and testing its functionalities. You can also use it to do light research for your shop without an upfront investment.

However, if you want a deeper analysis, I suggest using the Basic or Pro plan because the free version has limited functions.

Pros and Cons of EtsyHunt

✅Competitive analysis❌Limited searches on the free plan
✅Easy to use❌Limited features on the free plan
✅With a free plan❌Overwhelming information for new users
✅Chrome extensions

EtsyHunt Pros

  • Competitive Analysis

EtsyHunt’s features provide a detailed look at the marketplace, letting you assess the market accurately. With extensive information, you can make data-driven decisions to refine your business plan and implement marketing strategies.

  • Easy To Use

The interface is intuitive and easy to use. You don’t need special technical knowledge or expertise to navigate and utilize all its features. However, getting used to it can take time because of all the helpful tools.

  • Free Plan

The free plan allows you to access valuable data for light market research tasks. You can also use it to test the tool and see if it’s right for you without making any upfront investment.

  • Chrome Extension

The EtsyHunt browser extension is a handy tool for analyzing Etsy shops and gathering information while browsing the marketplace. You don’t need to switch between tabs or windows to collect data seamlessly.

EtsyHunt Cons

  • Limited Searches

The free plan is useful but only has limited searches. It’s not enough for an in-depth marketplace analysis to grow your business.

  • Limited Features

You can’t access EtsyHunt’s most useful aspects unless you pay since many advanced functionalities are only available through one of the paid plans.

  • Overwhelming Information

Extensive data is good but can sometimes overwhelm new users. If you’re looking for specific data, you must navigate and filter to find the exact information you need.

Is EtsyHunt Worth It?

EtsyHunt is incredibly useful for ensuring you stay competitive. I give EtsyHunt a positive vote overall.

However, whether it’s worth it depends on your needs and business goals.

The free plan helps new sellers understand the current market landscape. The in-depth data analysis provides a deeper look into Etsy so that you can more accurately assess products, keywords, and competitors.

EtsyHunt’s value depends on each seller and whether you can maximize its features for growing your business.

I highly recommend signing up for the free account to properly assess the platform and see if it aligns with your needs.

EtsyHunt Reviews: What Real Users Say About EtsyHunt

The Etsyhunt features packed into the chrome extension along with the low price, make this a great tool to replace or work alongside Erank or Marmalead to improve your Etsy shop rank and visibility.

It’s clear that the people behind Etsyhunt want to build tools that make Etsy SEO and selling on Etsy easier. With the tools they have provided I believe they have done exactly that.”

  • Chris M. Jackson, Etsy seller and store builder

EtsyHunt is an excellent tool whether you want to perform keyword research, competitor research, market research, optimize a current product listing or utilize product data to help you uncover a new niche or product line.”

  • Etsy Marketer

Is EtsyHunt Right for You?

While EtsyHunt is a powerful Etsy research tool, it may not be ideal for everyone.

After navigating the platform and reviewing its features, I recommend EtsyHunt to the following groups:

  • New Etsy sellers researching the market
  • Existing Etsy sellers who want to scale their business
  • Etsy SEO professionals

New Etsy Sellers

EtsyHunt provides valuable insights into the market, including the following data:

  • Trending products
  • Competition level
  • Popular keywords

As a new seller, you can discover winning products to offer and find ways to promote your new shop. You can also analyze successful Etsy stores to get ideas on their strategies to increase sales.

Existing Etsy Sellers

If you’re an existing Etsy seller who wants to scale your business, EtsyHunt is for you.

With this tool, you can find new products and assess your competitors. It also gives you access to data you can use to optimize your listings, improve your visibility, and stay on top of the market.

If you’re adding employees, EtsyHunt can scale with you. The Team plan helps you and your team stay on the same page.

Etsy SEO Professionals

Are you offering Etsy SEO services to sellers? EtsyHunt is a must-have in your toolkit.

Although you will likely use several other tools, EtsyHunt is a valuable addition to its in-depth data analysis. With the large EtsyHunt product database, you can cross-check the information for a more accurate market view.

You can use it to identify keywords and improve shop rankings, helping you provide a comprehensive SEO solution to your clients.

EtsyHunt Alternatives

If you want to explore other options, I’ve found some services similar to EtsyHunt.

Note: You can also use the following tools in conjunction with EtsyHunt. Doing so lets you verify data and develop a more rounded strategy.

Free Plan✔️✔️✔️Free trial only
Paid PlanStarts at $3.99 monthlyStarts at $5.99 monthlyStarts at $19.99 monthly$19 monthly
Browser Extension✔️✔️

EtsyHunt vs. eRank

word image 73559 20

eRank is a popular Etsy SEO tool offering a comprehensive suite of features to help you with the following tasks:

  • Analyze competitors.
  • Find relevant keywords.
  • Track your performance.
  • Optimize your listings.

Like EtsyHunt, eRank has free and paid versions. You can choose the level of functionality to suit your needs and budget.

EtsyHunt vs. Alura

word image 73559 21

Alura also has similar features, allowing you to do product research, keyword research, and optimize your listings.

Alura also has a browser extension to validate product ideas without leaving Etsy. However, it lacks the following features:

  • Quick view
  • Search bar
  • Tags analyzer

A unique feature is its email sender, which helps you streamline your Etsy email marketing strategy.

EtsyHunt vs. Marmalead

word image 73559 22

Marmalead is another tool designed to help Etsy sellers find product ideas and get keyword suggestions for optimizing their listings.

Where Marmalead stands out is the keyword forecast. It can predict how keywords will perform for the next three months, including how many unique visits they can generate in the next 30 days.

Marmalead also uses powerful machine learning to generate long-tail keywords. However, it doesn’t have a free plan or browser extension.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is EtsyHunt Free?

EtsyHunt offers a free plan that allows you to perform limited searches per day. It also gives you access to valuable data that helps you kickstart your research process.

However, EtsyHunt also offers paid plans with additional features and information. They’re best for those who need more advanced functionalities and a deeper look into the market.

Why Should I Pay for EtsyHunt’s Plans?

You should upgrade from a free EtsyHunt account to a paid plan if your needs surpass the free features. Consider the paid plans if you want more advanced functionalities, like data tracking, follow-up reminders, and competitor analysis.

Is There an EtsyHunt Coupon Code I Can Use?

If you want to use the EtsyHunt Basic or Pro plan, I’ll tell you how to get them for free.

You can recommend EtsyHunt to your friends, family, and followers on social media to get perks depending on the number of views.

  • 7-Day Basic Plan – 50+ views
  • 14-Day Basic Plan – 150+ views
  • 10-Day Pro Plan – 300+ views
  • 30-Day Pro Plan – 1,500+ views

You can send a screenshot as proof to EtsyHunt’s online customer service to get your free plan.

Can EtsyHunt Help Improve My Shop Rank?

Yes. EtsyHunt can provide valuable insights into keywords, successful shops, and bestsellers. It can also suggest some improvements you can make to optimize your listings.

However, It still depends on maximizing each tool and applying the data effectively.

How Can EtsyHunt Help Me Find Products To Sell?

EtsyHunt has a product research tool for analyzing listings currently on Etsy. It provides sales, revenue, and other data to help you assess which products are selling well and what you can add to your Etsy shop.

How Can EtsyHunt Help My Etsy Store?

With EtsyHunt, you can perform the following tasks:

  • Find profitable and trending product ideas.
  • Search the right keywords for improved visibility.
  • Analyze your competitors and the top-performing shops.
  • Make data-driven decisions in your operations and marketing strategies.

While EtsyHunt provides a comprehensive set of tools and different data types, it’s up to you to maximize them to grow your shop.

Etsyunt vs. eRank: Which Is Better?

EtsyHunt and eRank are popular Etsy SEO tools, and the right choice depends on your specific needs and preferences. Consider the pricing, features, and user interface to see which suits your budget and preferences.

The good news is that both have free plans, so you try them before investing in one of their paid plans.

Does EtsyHunt Offer Chrome Extension?

Yes. EtsyHunt has browser extensions for Chrome and Microsoft Edge that let you access EtsyHunt’s features while browsing Etsy. It provides convenient access to product analysis, tag suggestions, competitor data, and other relevant information.

The Bottom Line

EtsyHunt is a must-have for Etsy sellers, especially those looking to gain a competitive edge. After exploring everything it offers, I still haven’t exhausted all the ways I can use it to improve different aspects of selling on Etsy.

Overall, EtsyHunt is a valuable resource for every type of seller, whether you’re using it on its own or as a supplementary tool for another Etsy research platform.

The free version is a capable tool that provides access to EtsyHunt’s large database. Although it has limited features, it can help you find keywords, analyze competitors, and study product demand.

The only issue I’ve found is that the barrage of data can be too complex for new sellers, but that’s what the free plan is for.

If you have more advanced needs, I recommend upgrading to at least the Basic version for the added functionalities and more in-depth research.

EtsyHunt is an amazing tool that I recommend to any seller who wants to make better decisions for their Etsy shop.

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