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everbee review
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Omar Deryan Founder of OJ Digital Solutions

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Are you an Etsy seller struggling to stand out and gain visibility?

This marketplace can be highly competitive, especially for new sellers.

Etsy beginners often struggle with keyword research and product optimization strategies, so I looked at EverBee to help them.

What is EverBee, and how can it help you achieve success?

Join me as I explore its features, from the keyword research tool to the browser extension. I’ll also discuss its pricing plans and everything else you need.

Whether you’re a new or established Etsy seller, I’ll help you discover how to use its features to expand your product offerings, optimize your product listings, and widen your reach.

Let’s begin.

A Quick Overview of EverBee

I’ll cover EverBee’s most essential features in-depth, but here’s the tool at a glance.

User InterfacePricingSEO ToolsCustomer Support
✅ The free plan is free forever.❌ Some critical data is only available on paid plans.
✅ Customer support is responsive and helpful.❌ The credit system is sometimes not enough.
✅ It lets you analyze your shop alongside competitors❌ The tool’s accuracy needs improvement.
✅ It’s intuitive and easy to use.
✅ The Etsy calculator is useful for new sellers.

What Is EverBee? How Does EverBee Work?

EverBee is an Etsy analytics tool that helps merchants make data-driven decisions by providing valuable insights about the marketplace.

word image 72681 3

EverBee is a free Chrome extension with simple features for analyzing keywords, Etsy products, and competing Etsy shops.

It gathers data from the platform to generate valuable information and insights.

Etsy doesn’t share sales data and other crucial information with anyone, including EverBee.

Thus, like other Etsy SEO tools, EverBee’s data is just an estimate. EverBee takes the publicly available information plus anything Etsy shares to make calculations.

Here are some factors affecting the estimates.

  • Views
  • Reviews
  • Favorites
  • Prices
  • Listing dates

EverBee says estimates are at least 80% accurate, but this isn’t true in all situations. Expect the estimates to vary in accuracy.

How To Use EverBee on Etsy

EverBee also connects to your existing Etsy shop to access your active listings and analyze its data. It helps improve the tool’s estimated sales algorithm to provide more accurate information.

Here are some things you can do with this product.

  1. Find top-selling products.
  2. Estimate product demand.
  3. Analyze the competition.
  4. Find high-performing related keywords.
  5. Analyze keyword performance.

I will discuss how EverBee can help you with these tasks.

EverBee Review: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Let’s dive deep into EverBee’s key features, functionalities, and user experience.


word image 72681 4

The dashboard is the first thing you’ll see after logging into the EverBee app.

It contains the following information about your Etsy shop.

  • Gross revenue
  • Average order value
  • Total orders
  • Lifetime value
  • Repeat rate

You can see all data on this page if you have multiple Etsy shops. Select the Sales Channel option, and click the + Add New button to add your other shops.

If you want a better view of your listings, you can expand the Research Tools menu and click My Listings.

The page shows your active listings and provides the following listing information from the last 30 days.

  • Average total sales
  • Average price
  • Average views
  • Average favorites
  • Average reviews
  • Average conversion rates
The dashboard has an easy-to-navigate, clean interface. It doesn’t look cluttered, even while presenting significant amounts of information. You can customize your view using intuitive sort and filter functions.

Keyword Research Tool

word image 72681 5

The keyword tool provides valuable data to help you find the best keywords for optimizing your Etsy listings. It helps you better understand high-demand keywords and tags.

When you enter a certain keyword, it provides an overview of its performance on Etsy and shows the following information.

  • Etsy Search Volume
  • Competition
  • Keyword Score
  • Trend

It will also show you the most popular tag ideas on Etsy, including the following data.

  • Keyword Search Volume

You can see how many times Etsy users searched for a particular keyword within the last 30 days. A higher search volume means a higher chance of gaining more visibility.

  • Keyword Competition

This metric shows how many listings compete for the same keyword. A high competition rate gives you lesser chances of ranking high.

  • Keyword Score

The best keywords have the right blend of search volume and competition.

EverBee makes it easier to decide by showing the keyword score with the following formula.

[The number of searches ÷ the number of listings for a keyword]

A higher score gives you more value since it typically means you can rank higher. However, it still depends on how you incorporate this information into your strategy.

You’ll only see the analytics of up to three related keywords if you have the free version.

This information can help you understand what search terms Etsy’s audience typically uses on the platform.

Choose one of EverBee’s paid plans if you want to use it as a keyword research tool. The analytics in the free version isn’t enough to find the best keywords to help you rank better on Etsy’s search results.

Product Analytics Tool

word image 72681 6

EverBee’s Product Analytics tool provides valuable insight into other Etsy listings. You can find high-demand products and analyze their Etsy sales data to create new listings people want.

If you opt for the paid plan, the tool lets you analyze over 10,000 listings in one click. You can save any listing to your favorites, track its keywords, and calculate the estimated profit.

With data from EverBee, You can analyze other Etsy sellers’ performance and make data-driven decisions regarding product offerings and listing optimization.

However, the data available on EverBee differs between free and paid plans. To gain more insight into a product’s sales data, you must upgrade to EverBee’s Pro or Growth Plan.

Here’s an overview of the information you can view depending on your plan.

Free VersionPaid Version
PhotoEverything in the Free Version
Shop NameReviews
Product NameAverage Reviews
Monthly SalesNumber of Tags Used
Monthly RevenueShop Age
Total SalesVisibility Score
Listing AgeConversion Rate
FavoritesTotal Shop Sales

You can search by product name or shop name. The Shop Analyzer tool lets you analyze a competitor’s Etsy shop, giving you information about all their products.

word image 72681 7

You can use this data to see shops’ best-sellers and assess their strategies. It also helps you find out what you can do to optimize your own listings.

However, the metrics you’ll see will depend on your plan.

Here are some ways to maximize the information.

  • Align your product offerings with the latest trends and consumer demands.
  • Implement the best practices of successful listings into your strategy.
  • Identify the strengths and weaknesses in your offerings.
  • Determine a competitive price.
The Product Analytics tool has everything you need, whether you want to expand your offerings or improve your current products.

The downside is you can’t save the information unless you add it to your favorites. If you don’t, you’ll use another credit to see the same analytics again.

Listing Rank Tracker

This tool helps you track the performance of certain listings’ keywords.

Click the +Add New Product button, and enter the product link or ID of the listing you want to track. It will generate the keywords, but you can also enter the tags manually.

word image 72681 8

You can track up to 100 product listings for specific keywords, allowing you to monitor their search result rankings and any changes over a specific timeframe.

When you use this tool, you’ll see the Top 10, Top 50, and Top 350. These metrics refer to the number of keywords the listings rank for. The higher it is, the higher the visibility on the search results page.

word image 72681 9

You can also see your own listings’ performance or your competitors for the same keywords, letting you analyze their keyword strategy and adjust yours accordingly.

Note: The free plan doesn’t include this feature, making the paid plans worth it.

The EverBee Etsy Listing Rank Tracker is easy to use, providing up-to-date information about your listings and competitors. It provides data you can use to improve your Etsy SEO strategy and gain a competitive edge.

Trademark Monitor

word image 72681 10

This feature is still in beta, but I gave it a quick look to see how it can help you.

The Trademark Monitor feature scans your products for any word or phrase that might infringe on a trademark. It will inform you and allow you to change the title or tags in your Etsy Shop Manager.

When you use this tool, it will tell you how many listings it scanned, how many of them need attention, and the total number of trademark alerts.

It also lists your shop’s product listing individually, showing the following data.

  • When you added the listing to Etsy
  • When the trademark monitor last scanned your listing
  • The number of trademarks the listing contains

Clicking on a row will open a panel on the right side, showing more details about the alerts. It will show you the words or phrases in your listing title and tags that might have trademark protection.

EverBee will also display the serial number and registration date based on the official USPTO database.

The Trademark Monitor is useful for avoiding trademark-related issues with your listings. Etsy’s seller guidelines prohibit listing products infringing on others’ intellectual property. By using this tool, you can ensure you’re abiding by the platform’s policies.

Etsy Calculator

word image 72681 11

EverBee is confident it has the most accurate Etsy calculator on the market. It’s a simple tool for calculating your estimated costs and earnings.

This tool helps you develop a pricing strategy that ensures you profit from every sale.

You can perform some basic calculations when you enter the following data.

  • Discounts and promotions
  • Shipping costs
  • Item price
  • Advertising costs

If you click the Advanced button, you can input more specific details, like material and labor costs.

word image 72681 12

Once you click Calculate, you can see the results in the summary view. You’ll see the following product information.

  • Total revenue
  • Total costs
  • Net profit
  • Net profit margin
word image 72681 13

You can see your expenses using this tool, giving you a better idea of how much little costs like packaging materials and listing fees can add up.

It allows you to price your products appropriately to hit your revenue goals, whether to make more money or get more sales.

Many Etsy sellers are surprised about how little they earn even with many sales. This tool helps you prevent that from happening. 

The Summary section is useful since it automatically factors in the following: 

– Etsy listing fees
– Transaction fees
– Payment processing fees

Browser Extension

word image 72681 14

The EverBee Chrome extension allows easy access to its features when browsing Etsy.

You can quickly analyze keywords, find new ideas, and gain more insight about a competitor without leaving the page.

All you have to do is visit Everbee’s Chrome extension page and click the Add to Chrome button to install it on your browser.

Visit any Etsy page to see it in action.

The tool’s accessibility and ease of use make it a winner. However, the extension is only available for Chrome (and Opera, which is Chromium-based). 

If you’re not a fan of these browsers but still want to use the EverBee extension, you have no other choice but to switch to Chrome or Opera.

Customer Support

word image 72681 15

EverBee has a Help Desk and blog containing various resources for Etsy sellers. You can learn how to use the tool more effectively and take your shop further.

If you have an issue, you should browse the Help Desk first. It likely already offers an answer, providing troubleshooting tips for the most common problems.

However, you can also contact their customer support via chat or email. The team is responsive and helpful, aiming to resolve your issues or inquiries quickly.

The comprehensive resource is a plus as it caters to new and advanced users with its step-by-step instructions, visual guides, and more. The support team is generally helpful, although there’s currently no way to contact them by phone.

EverBee Pricing and Plans

EverBee has free and paid plans.

Subscription CostFREE$7.99 monthly$29.99 monthly
Analytics Searches10 per month30 per monthUnlimited
Tags3 each listingAll tagsAll tags
Product Analytics✔️✔️✔️
Shop Analyzer✔️✔️✔️
Revenue AnalyticsLimitedLimitedUnlimited Revenue Estimates
Quick Sort Ability✔️✔️
Unlimited Favorites Folder✔️✔️
Additional Listing Insights✔️
Additional Shop Insights✔️
Search Bar Keyword Volume Insights✔️
Keyword Finder✔️
Tag Search Volume✔️
Tag Analyzer✔️

The free-forever Hobby Plan lets you understand how product analysis works for Etsy shops. The scope of its features can be enough for small-scale businesses, and it lets you try them without investing.

However, I highly recommend subscribing to the Pro or Growth plan to get more out of EverBee. You can go more in-depth in researching keywords, products, and competitors.

The plans’ pricing is pretty reasonable, considering the additional analytics and features.

word image 72681 16

Advantages and Disadvantages of EverBee

Free and paid optionsCost
Time-saving and convenientLimited features
Ease of useNo free trial for paid features
Potential for increased salesAccuracy
Customer support

EverBee Pros

  • Time-Saving

The tool streamlines your data collection, keyword research, and product research. It integrates with Etsy’s browsing experience so you can focus on analyzing and improving your strategy.

  • Free Plan

EverBee’s Hobby Plan is free forever. You don’t have to subscribe to the paid plans to use the basic features.

  • Ease of Use

EverBee has an easy-to-use interface. Navigation is intuitive, allowing non-techie Etsy sellers to find what they need easily.

  • Convenient

The Chrome browser extension is convenient for accessing EverBee’s features while browsing Etsy pages. You don’t have to switch between tabs or windows to collect and assess data.

  • Potential for Increased Sales

EverBee helps you find best-selling products you can add to your shop and provide data you can use to optimize your existing products.

  • Customer Support

EverBee’s support team is responsive and helpful, providing answers to inquiries and helping you maximize the tool.

EverBee Cons

  • Cost

Some of its most useful metrics and features (like the listing rank tracker) are only available with paid plans.

The included features in the free plan are insufficient, especially for Etsy sellers looking for advanced metrics to grow their businesses further.

  • Limited Features

The paid plans have fewer features than other Etsy SEO tools. Considering the price, you might be able to find other market research software with more offerings and accuracy.

  • No Free Trials

If you want to see if one of the paid plans is for you, you can’t try them for free. You can only try the free plan, which might not be enough as it doesn’t have a preview of some of the paid functionalities.

  • Accuracy

EverBee claims to be 80% accurate with its data and analysis. However, not all users agree. Some say it can sometimes be wildly inaccurate and unreliable.

Is EverBee Worth It?

Yes. EverBee is worth it If you’re using the free version.

You don’t have to pay upfront. After installing it on Chrome, you can immediately analyze products on Etsy.

However, the real question is whether the paid plan is worth it. The Growth Plan gives you more data and search credits, while the Pro plan has unlimited analytics searches and revenue estimates.

While the added features and data may justify the price, it still depends on your needs and expectations.

Fortunately, you can easily determine if EverBee is right for you by trying the app. You can explore its features for free and see if they’re enough for you.

If you like the experience and want to do more with EverBee, you can upgrade to a paid plan anytime.

Although it’s relatively new, I believe it’s a well-rounded tool for Etsy sellers.

Social Proof

Check out what Etsy sellers have to say about EverBee.

Some of the top reasons I use EverBee include its detailed shop and revenue analytics, insight into competitor’s tags, product research to help me find trends and in-demand products, and the massive amount of time it saves me. EverBee gives you access to more information than you could find on your own and significantly reduces manual work. I also love that EverBee is a Chrome extension as it makes browsing Etsy and assessing potential products and competitors’ stores easy.”

– Bailey, Etsy seller and blogger

The best tool that I Have ever used. Try this once, you will get more sales.”

– Sharika, Etsy seller

Really useful. If you are just starting out on Etsy and are not sure what to sell, this is a great way to help you get started. I just started last week and had my first sale in a few days.”

– Mike, new Etsy seller

Is EverBee Right for You?

While EverBee is a powerful tool, it’s not an all-in-one solution for every Etsy seller. I recommend you try it if you are one of these types of sellers.

Aspiring and New Etsy Sellers

word image 72681 19

EverBee is especially useful for those who want to become an Etsy seller or have recently become one.

It can help you identify popular products and study the current market trends. This information lets you discover a potentially profitable niche or avoid a saturated market.

If you’ve just started on Etsy, you’ll need a lot of help with SEO to make your listings more visible. EverBee helps you by providing keyword ideas and optimization suggestions.

EverBee is a crucial tool to help you start your Etsy business on the right foot. It can save you time and stress from trying to find out how to be competitive and get your first buyers.

Established Sellers Who Want an Alternative Etsy SEO Tool

word image 72681 20

If you’re unhappy with your current Etsy SEO tool, you can use EverBee for the following tasks.

  • Identify gaps in your current SEO strategy.
  • Find untapped opportunities.
  • Look for high-performing products to add to your own store.
  • Stay updated on market dynamics, popular categories, and pricing trends.
  • Gain insight into your current shop’s performance.
  • Save time on gathering data, allowing you to focus on the other aspects of your online business.
  • Analyze competitors’ strategies.

With EverBee’s data and insights, you can remain competitive and attract more buyers. You can adapt to any changes on Etsy’s marketplace and find new ways to differentiate yourself from your competitors.

Anyone Looking for a Supplementary Tool

word image 72681 21

If you’re an Etsy seller already using other Etsy keyword research tools, EverBee can still be useful. You can use it alongside your current tool to help you compare data and verify the accuracy.

EverBee provides additional perspectives and data points that complement other tools’ information. It can provide a broader range of keyword suggestions, validate market dynamics, and present diverse insights.

Even the Hobby Plan is useful if you just want a free tool that can help you quickly to generate keyword and product ideas. You can then develop them further using your trusted Etsy tool.

The free Chrome extension alone is a worthwhile addition to your research strategy.

Using EverBee with your existing Etsy research tool, you can better understand the market and develop a well-rounded strategy.

EverBee Alternatives

You can use other tools if you don’t think EverBee is right for you.

Consider these alternatives and how they compare to EverBee.

EverBee vs. Alura

word image 72681 22

Both are helpful tools with different specializations.

EverBee offers valuable data on keywords, products, listings, and competitors. Alura focuses on product assessment and comparisons.

However, they also have overlapping features, like keyword research and listing optimization.

EverBee vs. eRank

word image 72681 23

EverBee is a browser extension providing easy access to keywords and product analytics. It can be a powerful Etsy tool for sellers.

On the other hand, eRank is more robust and has the following tools.

  • Bulk rank checker
  • Keyword explorer
  • Evaluating all the tags
  • Tracking updates to your strategy

Like EverBee, eRank has a free and premium plan with varying features and prices.

EverBee vs. Sale Samurai

word image 72681 24

Sale Samurai is another Etsy tool with a browser extension for a more streamlined research process. When you enter a keyword into the Etsy search bar, it will automatically display related tags and the search volume.

It has similar tools as EverBee, such as the fees calculator, shop analyzer, and keyword research tool.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does EverBee Keyword Research Suite Have a Free Trial?

No. EverBee’s keyword research suite and other paid features don’t offer a free trial. You can sign up for the free Hobby Plan to get an overview of its features.

Do I Need a Credit Card To Sign Up on EverBee?

No. You only need to provide basic information, like your email address. Install the free Chrome extension, and you can immediately use the free features without entering your credit card details.

How Much Does EverBee Cost?

Besides the free Hobby plan, EverBee has two paid plans:

  • Pro Plan – starts at $7.99 monthly
  • Growth Plan – starts at $29.99 monthly

The paid plans offer more data and features, which are a must if you’re an Etsy seller who wants to gain a competitive edge.

Is EverBee Free?

EverBree isn’t strictly free but does offer a free plan.

EverBee’s free Etsy market research tool helps has Keyword Research, Product Analyzer, and Shop Analyzer features with limited functionalities and data.

The paid plans give you access to more data and functionalities.

Should I Use EverBee?

It depends on your goals and needs as an Etsy seller. In general, EverBee can help you with the following tasks.

  • Market research
  • Competitor analysis
  • Data-driven decisions
  • Keyword research
  • Cost and revenue calculations

Try EverBee if these functions align with your needs. Sign up for the free plan to assess the tool without making any investment.

Where Does EverBee Get Its Data?

EverBee uses an algorithm that factors in views, favorites, prices, and more. It estimates based on available Etsy data.

However, EverBee data isn’t 100% accurate because Etsy doesn’t disclose most of its information to anyone.

Can You Use EverBee on iPhone and iPad?

Yes. You can use EverBee on any mobile device by using a mobile browser and going to the EverBee website.

How To Connect EverBee to Etsy?

Follow these steps to learn how to use EverBee with Etsy.

1- Log into your Etsy account.

2- Go to app.everbee.io.

word image 72681 25

3- Select Sales Channel on the sidebar, and click + Add New.

word image 72681 26

4- Select Connect under Connect your Etsy shop.

You can now use EverBee to analyze keywords, products, and competitors as you browse Etsy.

The Bottom Line

So is Everbee worth it?

The answer is yes.

EverBee is an excellent, useful, and powerful Etsy tool for new and experienced sellers who want to improve their shops, do market research, and be more competitive in the marketplace.

However, its functionalities are lacking compared to other Etsy market research tools.

Furthermore, the tool’s occasional accuracy issues mean you must do deeper research before making any data-driven decision. Verify data on EverBee or use it in conjunction with other Etsy tools.

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