DHgate Review: Is DHgate Legit, or Should You Run for the Hills?

is dhgate legit
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Is DHgate legit, or is it a scam? There are many stories about DHgate’s products and their poor quality. It’s natural for you to ask whether it’s a legitimate website.

Fortunately, you’ve come to the right place.

I wrote this review to discuss everything you need to know about DHGate so you can decide whether you want to try shopping on DHGate.

What is DHgate, and is it reliable? Should I try buying items on DHgate or avoid the website altogether?

After reading my article, you should know significantly more about the DHgate platform, why it can be an excellent place to shop, and how to avoid scams and issues when shopping on the DHgate website.

What Is DHgate and What Does It Do?

is dhgate legit

DHgate is a wholesale website where manufacturers and businesses sell products in bulk to people who want to earn money through retail arbitrage. It’s a legitimate website but has issues like any other online business.

We’ll cover the most important deciding factors in-depth, but to start, here’s DHgate at a glance:

Product PriceProduct QualityReturn and Refund PolicyCustomer Support
✅ DHgate is cheap❌ There are many scammers on DHgate
✅ Most sellers don’t have a minimum order❌ DHGate has a bad reputation for quality
✅ You have a wide range of product categories❌ There are fake reviews on DHgate

How Does DHgate Work?

DHgate works much like any marketplace. The primary difference with DHgate is that you mostly deal with suppliers in China. DHgate is one of the closest competitors of AliExpress, another site that sells wholesale products. In fact, I’ve listed it as one of the top AliExpress alternatives.

How Does DHgate Work?

Like any third-party marketplace, DHgate is only a site that facilitates your transaction. The site doesn’t own the products you buy—other individual sellers do.

Most items on DHgate don’t have a minimum order, making it an excellent marketplace for sourcing cheap items without risking a massive inventory.

Many sellers on DHgate sell some of the cheapest items you can find online.

If you’re an ecommerce business or an online store owner looking for items to sell at a competitive price, check out DHgate.

DHgate’s History

Founder Diane Wang launched DHgate in 2005. She started the project in Beijing in August 2004 and launched it less than a year after.

The “DH” refers to Dunhuang (敦煌), a Chinese city in the Gansu province that was a strategic route on the Silk Road. This town linked China to the known world in ancient times.

Diane launched DHgate as a “silk road” connecting Chinese businesses to the rest of the world.

Where Is DHgate’s Location?

DHGate’s headquarters is in Beijing, China.

The site features Chinese manufacturers who act as DHgate sellers.

Is DHGate Legit? Why Is DHgate So Cheap?

Yes, DHGate is legit and produces over 9 figures in annual revenue by linking Chinese sellers with individuals and ecommerce entrepreneurs globally. When you make a purchase on DHGate, you will certainly get your items.

When looking at products on DHgate, you’ll quickly notice the cheap price point of products.

Here are some reasons those products are extremely cheap.

  • You often deal directly with manufacturers, meaning there aren’t any intermediary-related costs.

  • Most of the products on DHgate are fake.

  • Production costs and labor in China are cheaper than in developed countries like the US.

  • China has lower taxes and duties.

Is DHGate Legit? Why Is DHgate So Cheap?

Who Can Benefit From DHgate?

DHgate is an excellent website if you’re looking for cheap products to sell in your online store for a profit. It might not be the best option if you sell branded items because DHgate mostly sells counterfeit products.

DHgate is also an excellent place to buy affordable items to give as gifts and prizes. Most sellers on the website can sell at low to no minimum orders, letting you get a suitable quantity at low prices.

DHgate Review: Everything You Need To Know

I’ll discuss specific aspects to help you evaluate whether you should use DHgate.

Product Price

Product Price

The prices are the most compelling aspect of DHgate.

Products on the website are some of the cheapest you can find online.

You can also easily compare the prices of competing sellers on DHgate, ensuring that you find the best deal possible.

Product Quality

Product Quality

Product quality is one of DHgate’s weakest points. Most sellers on DHgate sell low-quality and counterfeit products, meaning the site won’t be the best source if you want high-quality products.

Return and Refund Policy

Return and Refund Policy

The DHgate return policy isn’t easy to navigate and depends on the seller’s individual return policy.

You must start by filing a dispute with DHgate. Returns and refunds only apply if the seller permits them.

This process is more complex than the Amazon return policy. You can return the product to Amazon when shopping on the site, and customer service will deal with the seller for you.

On DHgate, you must return the item to the seller after opening a dispute.

Customer Support

Customer Support

There are concerns with DHgate’s customer support. Some buyers have complained about slow responses and resolutions.

Many DHgate reviews on websites like Trustpilot bring up these concerns.

  • Long wait times for refunds

  • Little to no support for buyers who run into scammers

  • Delayed shipments

  • Damaged products upon arrival

Is DHgate a Legit Site?

DHgate is a legit ecommerce marketplace that many overseas buyers use. Nonetheless, the site has many unscrupulous sellers.

Is DHgate authentic? It is, but not all sellers on DHgate are legitimate.

Is DHGate a Safe Service?

Is DHgate safe to buy from? The answer will depend on the sellers you do business with.

Is DHGate a Safe Service?

Most of the negative reviews for DHgate involve these three things.

  1. The abundance of scammers on the website
  2. Poor customer support
  3. Shipping and delivery delays

Have People Gotten Scammed on DHgate?

There have been many reports on DHgate scams.

Here are common scams on DHgate.

  • Knowingly selling defective or damaged items

  • Selling counterfeit items

  • Sellers giving fake tracking numbers

  • Bait-and-switch strategies (promoting one product and sending something else)

  • Fake DHgate reviews for sellers

How To Avoid Scams on DHgate

How To Avoid Scams on DHgate

Is DHgate a scam? No.

DHgate is a reliable website, but there are many scammers on DHgate.

You’ll need to learn how to avoid these scammers to get amazing deals on the website. Here’s how to buy from DHgate while avoiding scams.

1 – Check the Seller’s Profile.

The first thing you should check before buying from a DHgate seller is the seller’s profile.

DHgate has what’s called Top Merchants or Premium Merchant badges. Only sellers with an excellent reputation have these badges. Working with sellers with these badges is best.

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Wondering how to tell if a DHgate seller is legit through their seller profile?

Look out for these four things:

  • Feedback score (must be 90% or higher)

  • Review score (must be 90% or higher)

  • Service score (must be 90% or higher)

  • Number of years in business (order from sellers who have been around for at least a year)

2 – Check for Fake Reviews.

Check for Fake Reviews.

Seeing reviews on a seller’s account isn’t enough on DHgate. You must check the authenticity of reviews. Verify if the reviews are repetitive and shallow. If most of them are, they’re probably fake.

Match reviews with the feedback scores on a seller’s profile. If most reviews are positive, but the seller has low service and feedback scores, those reviews might not be legitimate.

3 – Make a Small Order First.

There’s still a chance that your DHgate order might not be what you expect. Try ordering a small batch before committing to a massive order. Your next order can be bigger than the first if the seller and their products are legit.

You can continue working with your seller once you have a trusted relationship with them. You only need a handful of legitimate suppliers to get good products.

4 – Watch Out for Misleading Descriptions.

Some descriptions might mislead you into thinking that a product is authentic or high-quality when it isn’t. Try to avoid descriptions that push too hard or seem overly salesy.

Check retail prices of certain products in other stores. If the products on DHgate are much lower, it could be a red flag.

5 – Don’t Transact With a Seller Outside the DHgate Platform.

Some scammers will try to lead you away from the DHgate platform so you can send money that you can’t trace back. Never agree.

Always transact within the DHgate platform so that you’re covered by their buyer protection policy and refund guarantee.

Tips To Find Reliable Sellers on DHgate

Tips To Find Reliable Sellers on DHgate

Finding reliable sellers on DHgate can take a while if you’re new to the platform. However, there are ways to find reliable sellers and quickly buy from reputable businesses.

Here are some tips when looking for reliable sellers on DHgate:

Look for sellers with high ratings and positive feedback from previous buyers.

  • Read reviews from other customers to gauge their experiences with the seller.

  • Research sellers’ histories and reputations by checking their performance and track record on DHgate.

  • Choose sellers who have been on DHGate for longer since they have more experience and credibility.

  • Pay attention to the accuracy and quality of product descriptions and images.

  • Contact the seller directly to ask questions or clarify concerns about products, shipping, or return policies.

  • Compare prices and shipping options among different sellers to ensure you are getting a fair deal and reasonable shipping terms.

  • Observe how quickly the seller responds to your inquiries. A responsive seller is a positive indication of their commitment to customer service.

  • Assess the clarity and professionalism of the seller’s communication to ensure effective and reliable correspondence throughout the transaction.

  • Ask other experienced buyers which sellers they do business with. You can join a Reddit forum, Quora forum, or Facebook Group.

What Is DHgate Buyer Protection, and How Do You Use It?

What Is DHgate Buyer Protection, and How Do You Use It?

DHgate’s buyer protection program acts as escrow for your online purchase. When you purchase a product on DHgate, the marketplace doesn’t immediately send the money to your seller.

DHgate holds the payment until you receive the order. Once you have confirmed delivery and are happy with your order’s quality and physical safety, DHgate will release the payment to the seller.

DHgate’s buyer protection policy helps you avoid fraud. It also increases the likelihood of getting your money back if your seller turns out to be a scammer.

Payment Methods on DHGate

Payment Methods on DHGate

There are four ways to pay for your orders on DHgate:

  • PayPal – This option is excellent if you want more buyer protection because PayPal covers up to $10,000.

  • Credit Card – This method works through PayPal’s credit card payments service

  • Bank-to-bank wire transfers – When using this payment option, you’ll pay directly to DHgate’s HSBC bank account.

  • Western Union – This money-sending platform lets you send money to DHgate directly. Visit the Western Union website to make payments and track them.

Is DHgate safe for debit cards? You can try to use a debit card to make a wire transfer or PayPal payment for your DHgate order. In these instances, your card details are safe because you’re going through secure channels.

However, don’t make a debit card payment if a seller asks you to transact outside DHgate’s platform. Doing so could compromise your card and money’s safety.

How To Cancel an Order on DHGate

How To Cancel an Order on DHGate

If you need to cancel an order on DHgate, you can do so before the seller ships it.

Here’s how to cancel an order on DHgate before shipping.

  • Go to the Customer Service Center on DHgate’s website.

  • Go to Cancel Order under the Order Related column.

  • Log in to your account if you haven’t yet.

  • Select the orders you want to cancel on the dashboard and click Request to Cancel.

  • Submit the request and wait for DHgate to confirm via email if the site has canceled your order.

DHGate Shipping

DHGate Shipping

When buying products on DHgate, know the shipping arrangements.

This section discusses DHgate shipping, including shipping methods, costs, delivery times, and tracking.

DHgate Shipping Methods and Cost

What shipping method can you use when ordering on DHgate? DHgate commonly uses these courier companies.

The shipping cost of DHgate orders is approximately 3% of your order amount. However, many sellers offer free shipping occasionally or if you reach a certain order basket size.

Estimated Delivery Time of DHgate Orders

Estimated Delivery Time of DHgate Orders

How long does DHgate take to ship to a customer? It will depend on factors like your location or the processing time of your order.

Generally, you can expect your DHgate order in 3 to 15 working days.

Special orders, like bulk or fragile products, might take longer to ship. If your products ship out from a storage warehouse or processing center, reaching you could take longer.

For more in-depth info, check my guide about how long DHGate takes to ship.

Does DHgate Provide a Tracking Number?

Yes. Your orders have a corresponding tracking number that you can use to check your Order’s location and status.

Here’s how to get your tracking number.

  1. Log in to your DHgate account.

  2. Go to My Orders.

  3. Choose the Order your want to track and click on the order details.

  4. You’ll see your tracking number and the courier sending your Order to you. Head to your courier’s website and enter the tracking number in their tracker.

Is DHgate Right for You?

Is DHgate Right for You?

Determining whether DHgate suits you depends on various factors. It’s your decision whether to try DHgate.

However, the site is an excellent place to get cheap products.

Remember, there will be some risk when buying from DHgate. If you’re willing to risk getting a faulty product and go through the ordeal of filing a dispute, you should try DHgate.

To work with a reliable seller and not worry about scammers, consider alternatives that sell vetted products through verified wholesalers.

Is DHgate Good for Buying Branded Items?

I wouldn’t recommend DHgate for branded items since most products on the site are brandless or counterfeit. Branded items don’t sell for the price points that most DHgate sellers offer.

It’s not impossible to find branded items in DHgate, but it’s unlikely and riskier. It could be a scam if anyone offers you a branded product at an extremely low price point.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is DHgate Legitimate?

Is DHGate real and legitimate? Yes. Technically, DHgate is a legitimate website.

However, the site has many scammers.

Tread carefully when shopping on DHgate.

Is DHgate Legal?

Is DHgate Legal?

Yes. DHgate is a legal company registered and headquartered in Beijing, China.

Is DHgate Reliable?

DHgate has a somewhat reliable customer support system and an excellent buyer protection program. However, you may occasionally end up dealing with an unreliable seller.

If you’re unhappy with the product, you can put in a dispute or refund request, but getting your money back may take a while.

Does DHgate Sell Fake Items?

Does DHgate Sell Fake Items?

Does DHgate sell real stuff, or Does DHgate sell fake stuff? It depends on the seller. Most sellers on DHgate sell unbranded or counterfeit products.

Why Have Some Buyers Called DHgate a Scam Site?

This claim is most likely because of the many experiences that buyers have had with scammers on DHgate.

The marketplace is legitimate, but many sellers on it are not.

Is It Legal To Buy Items on DHgate?

Yes. Buying items on DHgate is legal if you’re not buying prohibited items in your area or country.

What Is the Safest Way To Buy on DHgate?

The safest way to buy on DHgate is through their buyer protection program. When using their payment methods, you automatically receive coverage from this program.

Only mark the transaction as complete once you see the product and confirm its good condition. Otherwise, file a dispute to prevent DHgate from releasing the money to the seller and get a full or partial refund.

Is DHgate in the US?

Is DHgate in the US?

No. DHgate’s headquarters are in China. The main office is in Beijing, and their sellers are from different parts of the country.

What Are Other Ways To Buy Products From China Aside from DHGate?

Here are other websites you should check if you want to buy products from China.

Is DHGate Legit for Shoes?

Is DHGate Legit for Shoes?

Does DHgate sell fake shoes, or does DHgate sell real shoes? Is DHgate legit for Jordans, Nike, Adidas, or other well-known shoe brands?

DHgate is notorious for being a marketplace for fake items, meaning it’s unlikely that you’ll find authentic branded shoes on this site.

How Do I Get a Refund on DHgate?

If you’re unhappy with your DHgate purchase, you can request a refund.

Here’s how.

  1. Go to the DHgate website and log in.

  2. Select My DHgate in the top right-hand corner of the page.

  3. Go to My Orders.

  4. Enter the product order number you want a refund for in the Search My Order tab.

  5. If the status of your order is Item Being Processed, Click on Request Refund.

  6. If the Order says Pending Delivery Confirmation, you must file a dispute.

  7. If the Order says Buyer Accepted Goods/Payment Released, you must file for an after-sale dispute tab.

You can often ask for a full refund if you have a legitimate reason, like damaged items, or if the seller sent you an item other than advertised. Otherwise, you can file for a partial refund.

The Bottom Line

I hope my review helps you decide when and how to use DHgate.

Use the information in my review to determine if DHgate suits your needs, preferences, and budget.

If you’re looking for DHgate alternatives, consider learning more about Alibaba.

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